swasan – a unique story [pt3]


as continues
And he moves back and says I am sorry
Swara say is ok……sometimes in angry it happens
Again sanskaar keeps on asking why why why why?
Swara gets feed up of this and says
Because I LOVE U
Sanskaar gets shocked
Swara gets to know what she told gets shy
Sanskaar holds her closer and says I LOVE U TOO and hugs
Laksh from behind comes and says congratulations sanskaar bhaiii
Friends to lovers…..wow u have got your love bhai
Then what about me swara
U left me alone how can u think I left u swara?
Whatever u did not become mine atleast u got true love congralations
U thought I will say just mine and shoots sanskaar
Die happily as your love told I love right rest in peace
Swara shouts sanskaaaar
She comes running to him and says sanskaar get up get up please I cant leave without u pls and says laksh what did u do I will not spare u I hate u mr.laksh maheswari
And takes sanskar to hospital

Precap:-swara calls the maheswari and gaddio family to hospital and informs everthing ;everyone comes to hospital and console swara;dp slaps laksh and how could u do this he is your brother;doctor comes and tells his condition is very critical and until 6 hours we cant say anything

Credit to: akshita

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  1. Akshita it was good… But laksh has no hope of escaping from law ….

  2. Well its good but there are some spelling mistakes…

  3. Nice dear! Upload next part soon

  4. Very nice…loved it 🙂

  5. It’s nice.plz make it longer..waiting for next episode…

  6. update the next part soon

  7. akshita make swalak together in the nx epi

  8. Nice but plzzz keep it swasan

  9. Plz make it long dear. It’s just frustrating to find an ff which is perfectly interesting so short. Otherwise awesome story.??????just luv it…..

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