swasan – a unique story [pt2]

Recap-swara asks why are u doing like this sanskaar,sanskaar angrily breaks swara’s bangles
Next day
Sanskaar-calls swara and says come with me
Swara says why sanskaar?
Sanskaar-I have a surprise for u if u see that u will jump with joy and forever u will be free
Sanskkar and swara come downstairs and sanskaar asks everyone to come with me in their respective cars
And everyone get ready and go to court
Swara asks sanskaar why we have come here?
Sanskaar-to sign the divorce papers
Sanskkar-so u can marry laksh
Before listening to swara only he takes her inside
The lawyer gives the divorce papers to swasan and sanskaar signs on it and gives his pen to swara
Swara thinks of the swasan moments and throws the pen and says I don’t want to sign them
Sanskaar asks why?
Swara says I just don’t want to sign the papers and says it’s better to go home and talk about it sanskaar it is not right here we shall go home
And Durga Prasad says take swara home she is right it is not correct to talk here and we And will go to office as we have some imp. Work
Sanskaar says ok bade papa and takes swara with him
Sansakaar stops his car and gets down even swara gets down and says why u have stopped here sanskaar?
Sanskaar asks why u don’t want to sign the papers swara?
Swara says leave about it we will go home and talk about it sanskaar again asks swara why u don’t want to sign the papers swara?
Swara repeats the same answer
Sanskaar holds her hand and says I am doing this for your happiness only right swara and holds her hand even harder and her bangles break

precap-swara sys because i love u;laksh comes from back and says if u are not mine u cant become any ours andn shoots swara

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  1. Wooh..precap is scaring

  2. Jaldi se real story main bhi aisa kuch ho jae

  3. nice but too short

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