Swasan- Unexpected Love (Part 2)


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Here is the second part-

Swara’s POV
“Swara, you know right! We will think a thousand times before taking any decision of your life”, said my mom.

“Honey! It’s not a compulsion… You have to understand it…You have all the rights to reject it” , said my dad.

“Dad! I understand! But how can I marry a guy who I don’t know even a little about…. I guess I need some time to take my decision”, I said my parents in a confused tone.
“Better your answer be positive”, warned my mom.

Omg! That’s mean!!

“Never force her to take her life’s important decision according to your choices” , my dad replied staring at my mom.

Thank god!
Then they left the room.

I, Swara Gadodia, 24, the only daughter of Mr.Shekhar Gadodia. My dad is the CEO of Swara group of companies which is named after me (I usually feel kinda proud about it). This is also the reason for not rejecting the marriage proposal that they were talking about earlier because I know that this marriage will give them peace.

Omg! Why am I struck in this kinda sh*t!

Yeah! My parents were asking me to marry the son of their friends (whom I prefer to call unknown). This talk is started by his mom and as soon as the news reached my mom’s ears, she readily accepted it. (What the hell did she think?) My dad also liked the idea of getting me married to his friend’s son so that he can stay at peace thinking that he gave me in the right hands.

My mom came this morning to explain me about how important this marriage proposal is, but ended up commanding me to accept the marriage. According to her, if I marry this unknown guy, then both of our companies can be merged and so the problem of economic recession will no longer bother both the families. And I know this will give my father some inner peace as his BP is above normal from the starting of recession.

But how can I marry a guy whom I know nothing about! I always wanted to marry a guy who loves me to the core, knew every detail about me and who makes me fall head over heels in love with him! *sigh*

I had always been a daddy’s girl. My dad is my hero. I will do anything to make him happy.

So, I took my decision. If sacrificing my dream to marry this stranger will give happiness to my dad, then I will do it for him. Even this deed can’t equal his love for me.

” Dad! I’m ready for the marriage” , I told my parents as I entered their room and rushed out in a hush stopping the tears that made its way to my cheek.

Episode ends.

Do tell me how was this part. 🙂

Credit to: Reva

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  2. superb.bt itna short

  3. Thank you for liking this ff but I’m sorry to say that I’m taking off this story..
    I was posting on behalf of my frnd but now she met with an accident and she is very critical now. :'(
    Plz pray for her and sorry for the inconvenience.

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