Swasan- Unexpected Love (Part 1)

Hey…this is Reva..
I’m a silent reader. I never commented on any post but I want to say that you all are doing awesome job. Kudos to all the writers! 🙂

Coming to the story..it’s about Swasan..how they were forced to marry despite the fact that they hate each other and how they gradually fell in love with each other.
Characters are same as in serial except Laksh and Ragini are best friends of Sanskar and Swara respectively.

Here is the first part-

Sanskar’s POV
“You must be kidding?!” I yelled at my dad in my horror stricken voice.
God! let him tell me that he was kidding, I was praying hard.
“No Sanskar! I’m serious. But the choice is yours. You have all the rights to decide your life” , said my dad and left without another word.

I, Sanskar Maheshwari, 24, the only son of my billionaire father, Mr.Ram Prasad Maheswari. Everyone of us will have some specific dream from our childhood which haunt us and tempts us to pursue it. I have one too… It’s , becoming the CEO of my dad’s company, “Karma group of companies pvt. ltd.”

People might think its too easy. But its the most difficult task in my case at this moment.

I seriously have no idea on whom should I blame about this. Should I blame the economic recession or my parents or that unknown ‘so called nice girl’ of my parents’ billionaire friend.

Yes! My parents saw her at some party and gained a instant liking towards her. Because of the recession that is taking place in India, our company is suffering badly. My parents were talking about this to their friends (Yes!, The parents of that so-called nice girl). That is when someone of the four came with the idea of marrying me and that girl, so that both the companies can be merged and thus the economic recession problem will stop bothering both the companies (I want to know who the hell gave this idea… and once I knew, I will beat them to death).

So here are my parents blackmailing me to marry her or else I may not be the CEO of my dad’s company.

As you people think, my parents are not so cruel. This is the reaction to what I did all these years. All the girls I dated till today are cheepos. My typical Indian parents wants me to marry a nice girl, preferably the one they chooses.

Now the decision is mine. Should I marry a unknown girl and spoil my freedom (You got it right! I was always a bad boy….Be it school or college) but get my dream fulfilled or turn this proposal off and also lose my opportunity to live my dream?
I thought hard and took this hard decision. I decided to get married.
I went to the living room where my parents are seated. ” I’m getting married” , I said plainly with a heavy heart. I cared not to see their expression, but went straight to my room.

First part ends.

Do tell me shall I continue or not. 🙂

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