Swasan undercover cop love by Chaitu

(Guys important official deals are done in hotels or any private places)

In hotel

Three person entered hotel looking all dashing two entered the secret cabin one dropped out of the cabin only two of them saluted to commissnor waiting for their arrival
Officer : well done my CHARLIE HUNTERS iam proud of you guys because of you only we resuced our country from terrorist attack shaking hands with them congratulations laksh and ragini
Raglak : thankyou sir
Officer : where is our sher he didn’t come
Raglak turned around but he is not there
Laksh : sir i thinkhe is on call let me bring him he said and went out

Outside the cabin
A man holding a girl hand
He : hi beauty what’s your name
Girl : Ria
He : are u free now let’s go out
Ria clinging on him Sure handsome
Laksh : even I’m free let me join you guys
He : boring peoples are not allowed
Laksh holding him : abbey salli we came here for work not to flirt he dragged him to the cabin
He (shouting) : I’ll be back darling

In cabin
He saluted to officer
Officer : congratulations to you too sanskar
Sanskar : thankyou sir
Officer : so Charlie hunters your work is over for now but if we get any other mission we need you guys
Sanlakrag : sure sir
They departed three of them came out
Sanskar : thank god now I’m free for some days come on guys let’s celebrate our freedom from this boring missions again that ria came and took sanskar to dance floor even raglak went behind them after sometime three of them were sitting at the corner enjoying their drink that ria came again
Sanskar : seeing her not again yaar raglak controlled their laugh
Sanskar : sorry ria I can’t cheat my fiance
Ria (shocked) : what you are engaged then where is your ring
Sanky removed his chain and showed a small ring in chain wearing as a pendant it is smaller in size ria was about to say something but ragini stopped her
Ragini : I think its not good to cling on engaged man
Ria went stamping her foot whereas sanlak rag laughed
Ragini : still you are wearing this ring
Sanskar : its my lifeline only a ray of hope for my existence
Laksh : you are not a child sanky we all accepted the truth that she is no more she is dead it’s better for you if you accept the truth and move on ragini was crying laksh took her out to console her
Sanskar : rolled his eyes why don’t they understand untill I’m breathing that proof is enough for me that my shona is still alive he saw towards them and went away

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