Swasan : undercover cop love by Chaitu (part-2)

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Sanskar car halted near a small house and entered in house his lips curved into small smile the house was well maintained his childhood came in front of him how they use to play his uncle Charlie’s training everything he entered small room which is pink in color His smile grew wide seeing the toys teddies small story books etc he caressed them he took one doll and caressed it he heard a voice (sansku before touching my baby wash your hands with detol) he laughed listening that he kissed the doll and kept it in back in shelf he sat on a bed which is having the mickey bedsheet voice (sansku I love this mickey bedsheet shall I take it plzz. Sansku) he saw garden from the window he went their and stands near the mango tree he remembered something

Sanskar wan planting the mango tree plant
Swara : sansku which tree is this
Sanskar : this is not tree shona after growing it becomes tree a mango tree now it is still plant
Swara : but why are you planting this
Sanskar : because today morning I saw one uncle he was plucking mango from neighbour house tree but that aunty saw him and started to chase him he came running to our gate I asked why he plucked the mangoes he said his wife is pregnant so she wants to eat it seems since your my wife you will also get pregnant na so instead of greting beatings from neighbour aunty I will pluck mangoes from here only
Flashback ends

Sanskar wiped his loan tear I miss you swara where are you plz come to your sansku he is waiting to hear your voice to take you in embrace your sanskar is not strong to bare this separation more plz come to me swara he landed on his knees and started to cry
While going home he got a call from officer
San : not again badi mushkil se we will get holidays but he is behind my holidays only
At that time Laksh called him
Sanskar : haan.. Patha he in he wants my holidays taklu kahi kii you and Ragu come to office directly then we will sacrifice our holidays

In office
Officer : I’m sorry guys but I want you guys to handle this case he kept his hands on sanskar shoulder I know sanskar after a long time u guys got free and specially you need a break but what to do this weapons dealing is spreading like a weeds all over the world and now we should protect our country right I hope u guys understand
Sanskar : no worry sir iam ready for this mission more than my love my country needs us trio saluting to him we are ready for this mission after all our mentor also taught us this only
Officer handed them a case details
Officer : these are the details of the case we got information that they are in a small village in forest area and their group head is sahil. Mafia king Rajat brother he is handling here no one has seen them only their names are known no any details no any information is available for us so this is challenging thing for us and their group has scorpion symbol at their back each member of their group has this symbol
Since u guys have a good record and to help you I recommended u guys for this case though this u can catch Charlie’s death culprits
Laksh : yes sir we understand that and we want to handle every mission so that we can find the culprits of our uncle and death
Sanskar : and you are giving this case which is handled by uncle because of them only we lost our closed ones our mentor my shona we lost ourselves because of them I lost my life sir and to find my life I want to handle this mission
Ragini : to find my sister and my dads death revenge game starts now gettong closr to your brother means getting close to your death mafia king rajat your death is coming get ready to face that
Officer : all the best guys we are there to support you after all even we want our seniors death culprits
Sanlakrag: saluted yes sir

Note : guys today is short update because the real story stars from next episode so…I know it’s not up to mark sorry and yes guys I have written is on heva or vahe it is there journey in swaragini and becomes life partners I have written long back just 2 days before I got my diary i was written in that if u want I can give tomorrow tell me
Now chaitu signing off bye take care guys

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