Swasan undercover cop love by Chaitu (part-1)

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Here Charlie is a officer swara ragini are his daughters sablak are DP’ S sons since dp is Charlie’s best friend he is buisness man he is dead so Charlie took care of them he want them to be a officers so he used to train them at young age only swara is apple for everyone sanskar is her best friend mother etc. Sanlak treats Charlie as their uncle he is their role model now sanlakrag being a undercover cop they handle buiseness also

Next day

San got up and kissed his ring pendent he took the small girl photo from the side table
Sanskar : another day without you 12 years passed but you are no where to be found everyone says that you are dead but I know your are alive (teary eyes) he kept it on his heart I miss u shona the most important thing because of which I am still breathing the ray of hope of my life is you please come to your sansku I need u I want to hear u voice shona plzzz…come back to me ……and my sweet line for you as always
seeing his small ring you know shona in childhood we use to play home home game I always used to be your husband

Small Swara came to small sanskar room holding her doll being sad sanskar was doing his homework he saw her standing near the door he called her she came and sat on his lap sanskar kissed her soft cheeks
Sanskar : why my shona is sad today
Swara :my friends did not allow me to play home home game with them
Sanskar : why
Swara : because I don’t have husband
Sanskar : so u want husband swara nodded yes shall I be your husband
Swara’s eyes shined she started to jump by clapping her hands
swara kissed his cheeks thankyou sansku they started playing game
Once their relative engagement was their so they attended while coming back sanskar asked Charlie
Sanskar : uncle why they made ware ring to each other
Charlie : caresing his hair because they are agreed to become husband and wife it is a symbol that they are meant for each other no body can separate them (sorry I can’t able to describe that)sanskar started thinking something
Next day swasan were playing home home sanskar was not playing he was sitting silently
Swara : sansku why are you not playing are you getting bored
Sanskar : no swara still iam not your husband and you are not my wife
Swara teary eyes : then you will also not play with me
Sanskar : wipping her tears no shona I will play iam only your husband saying this he took out his ring and made her wear that swara was confused he smiled seeing her confused face you know swara uncle said after wearing ring we will be meant for each other only no one will separate us so I made you weare that now your are only mine my wife OK
Swara smiled and made him Ware her ring now you are my only husband nobody can separate us you are mine now
They said everyone that they are husband and wife but being a children everyone ignored them
Flashback ends

No swara today you are not with me they separated us and if today you would have been with me na I would have wearing this ring in my finger and welcomed this sunrays in your embrace dreaming our future together but he gave a faint smile and said now iam feeling so lonely shona though I have everything but I don’t have you which is everything for me but challo Koi baath nahi the hope of u being with me is enough for me but I know I’ll meet u one day and then I will never let u go of me we will be together forever bounded with a sacred relationship iam feeling that day is not so far now he kissed the photo l Love U Shona

In hall
After getting ready he came down where raglak were fighting
Ragini : laksh why did you prepare maagi I said to prepare briyani
Laksh : baby plzz this time you adjust with this next time after surfing in net I’ll prepare plzz….
Sanskar : this is the uniqueness of of our house husband cooks food wife orders him
Laksh : when you will get married na then you will come to know what is wife’s rajyabar
Ragini glared him after breakfast raglak went to shopping sanskar went some where.

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