SWASAN: an unconditional love story episode 1

Hello guys I am back with the first episode of my ff. hope u guys like it too. Thank u for ur encouraging comments.

Episode 1
We see a boy is been taking to the hospital. His condition was being worse. The people who helped him thought to tell this to his family. So they take the phone from his pocket and make call to his parents.

Scene 2
We see a girl crying miserably as she was beaten up by her own father she remembers all the moments she spent with the boy. The girl father came back with a plate in his hands in which food was there he throws it on the floor and asks her to eat it and says to the girl don’t u dare to go to that boy again swara. ( yes the girl was swara and her father was shekhar shocked right)

Scene 3
Here the boy family reaches to the hospital after listening about the boy’s condition they start crying miserably after seeing his condition they take him to ICU. After some hours the doctor comes and says he is out of danger soon he will get conscious. The family members become happy after listening this. After few hours they go to see him the boy’s mom sit behind and says.
Ap: sanskar beta get well soon we don’t know that this much happened with we are guilty for ur condition beta please once get up and see us. (Yes the boy was sanskar again shocked right lol )
They see sanskar slowly opening his eyes and he moves his hand soon he gets up and says to his mom that u are not responsible for my condition I should have only be careful while driving a truck came with fast speed and hitted my car. He remembers the moments he spent with the girl and a smile appears on his face thinking about the girl.
Screen freezes on sanskar smiling face

Precap: – revelation of the girl and boy whom swasan are thinking about.

So guys who is the girl and boy whom swasan where thinking about?
Why shekhar was warning not to go to that boy again?
What is the reason for which swara was beaten up by her own father?
Is shekhar is the villain or due to some reason he behaved like this with swara?
So guys how was the chappy. Let me know through ur comments. not to forget I am swasanian. Well I want to mention a few favourite writers of me:
Nisha (anu)
Sree harini


Love u all
Keep smiling always

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