Swasan – Unconditional Love (SS – Ch 7)


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Swasan – Unconditional Love (Ch 7)

Sanskar is shocked to see Laksh and his burnt face. He is feeling bad for his state.

Sanskar, “Why did you send the warning letter? Who will harm Swara?”

Lakshs lifts his eyes and looks at him. Sanskar, “I…Mean…Shravani”.

Lakshs smiles and says, “Let it be Swara only and that will be good for her. I am her brother Laksh Shravan”.

Sanskar is now atmost shocked hearing he is Swara’s brother. Suraj also gets shocked and looks confused. At the Raginie time Sahil also comes there and joins with them.

Sanskar, “Laksh…can u pls tell us exactly what happen to you..your..face…i am sorry for asking this”.

Laksh keeps silence.

Sanskar,”Laksh…its very important to know about Swara’s past, then only we have to plan to save her from the danger. What kind of danger she has. I really can’t understand anything”.

Laksh, “I will tell you her past”.

Sanskar,Suraj & Sahil looks at him.

Lakshs starts telling about their flash back.

FB starts,

Shravani who is a bubbly and charming college going girl. She always interferes in others matters and try to find solution for their problem. Till now that character gives her a very good name and good type of friends for her and sometimes she used to get scoldings too. But she never cares about the negative and always listens her heart and do as per that. She is not aware that this habit itself will lead her into a problem not only for but for her family too.

Laksh is her only lovely brother. Their parents passed away in their school time and from that time they both gained the confidence and decided not to get any help from any of their relatives and started living their own life. Laksh is 2 years senior to her but still they both are like a friends.

Laksh is in love with Ragini who is Swara’s classmate and best friend. Swara also knows it and she supports him. Ragini also loves him dearly and is ready to spend her lifetime with her two best buddies. These 3 are enjoying their life to the fullest till Swara peeps her nose into a problem.

One fine day, its little late in the night..Swara drives in her scooty to her home. she stopped hearing a scream and try to find it where it is coming. She stops her scooty and parks it somewhere in the hidden area and finds a mini maruthi van standing at the corner. She got to know the screaming is coming from there only. She gets panic hearing the girl’s pleading and decides to help the girl. She looks for help but since it is a one way and outskirts she couldn’t find anyone. Suddenly she takes her mobile and gets the horn piece which used to attach in the autos. She starts palying the police siren sound from her mobile and keeps the horn on top if it and it starts giving loud noise and it seems like police vehicle is coming. she hides near the bunch of trees and watches it.

Suddenly the door is opened and 2 persons comes out and throws her on the road and drives away. While they are doing this, she takes a picture of them and the car number plate. The van drives off and she comes out from the bush and runs to the girl. She finds her brutally harmed by them. She takes her in her lap and gives water to her and makes sure that nothing has happened to her.

She called Laksh and asks him to come. Laksh and Ragini takes the car and reaches the place where Swara told. They put the girl in car and Rads & Ragini goes in the car and Laksh follows them in her scooty.

At hospital, the doctor praises Swara to get that girl admitted in the hospital at right time. The doctors informs her to file a complaint becoz the girl is brutally harmed before they try to rape her. Swara felt very bad for her and rushes to police station with Laksh to file a complaint. Ragini stays in hospital to take care of her.

At police station, Swara and Laksh storms into it and urges them to register an FIR on rape attempt. The ACP who is in charge of that station, calms them down and gets the complete information.

ACP, “Calm down madam. I will register an FIR but what is the proof for this. Without proof i cannot take any action.”

Rads, “Sir please…don’t talk like a normal person. That girl is the main proof and she will give statement and more over i am the eyewitness. I saw them throwing her out from the car and they drove away. What proof you want more than this?”

ACP, “I can take her statement but i cannot take yours..anyone from anywhere can say that i saw the incident and all we need is a solid proofs. For now i will take the statement from that girl. Come with me to the hospital”.

Three of them reaches hospital and goes to the ward where she gets admitted. Ragini is inside the room with her and doctors are treating her wounds. ACP comes and asks permission from the doctors to have enquiry with the victim.

He records the statement from the victim and informs Swara and Laksh that anytime they can be called for the enquiry. They agreed to come at anytime.

After few hours she gets a call from the police station and asks her to come. Laksh & Shravani reached station and sees ACP enquiring two guys. Shravani gets angry seeing them and rushes to them. She holds the collar of one person and starts slapping him left and right. He stares her angrily and rubs his cheeks.

Shravani, “ACP sir…these are the 2 persons who harmed her. I am sure. These are the two persons”.

ACP, “Madam…pls calm down. I am asking them and i will assure you that the culprits will be punished.” He turns to them and threatens them to accept the truth.

(Guys, iam gonna mention Shravani as Swara itself just for my comfortable purpose)

One guys is started shivering seeing his angry and another one is still staring Swara. ACP notices this and gives a hard slap to his face which shocks him and gets more furious.

He tells the constables to put them in the cell and files the FIR. He then gives the copy of FIR to Swara also. Swara thanks him and goes with Laksh. ACP stares her and smiles at her saying, “Brave girl”.

All the way Laksh is advising her to reduce her anger and not to involve in this kind of serious matters. Swara got angry and replied, “If i was in that place what would you do? Do you also try to run from the problem?”

Laksh kept quiet and after he did not utter a single word. They both reached hospital and stays there whole night. Next day is saturday and they are not in pressure of their college and all. They 3 decided to go home alternatively instead of going together. To their surprise, they see ACP in the hospital in mufty. All are surprised to see him and wishes him.

ACP, “Hello Hello…stop it. I came here not as a police officer..as a normal person. And my name is not ACP… I am Prakash”.

He greets everyone and when he greets Swara, he becomes more pleased and that is find by Ragini & Laksh and they sign to each other.

Swara did not notice all this.

Swara decided to go home and come back. Since 4 ppl are here, she decided to take Ragini with her. But Prakash interrupts saying he will drop her. Initially she refuses it but later Laksh convinces her that is safety also to go with him. She accepts it and goes with him.

All the way they both had a nice talks and now he is much more impressed on her character. Coz she told him all her list of bravery actions, Few makes him to laugh and few makes him to appreciate her. He drops her and tells her that he will wait outside for her. She also gets a good impression on him. After few mins she comes back and gets into his jeep. They spent a nice time with each other till they reaches hospital.

@Police station, Suddenly more than 10 people starts entering into the police station and goes to the cell and one person calls out a name, “Rajat beta”. The guy who got slap comes infront with red eyes and stares him angrily and says, “Now only u remember me is it?”

Person, “No beta…i came today morning only and once i get the news i am coming here directly. what happened?”

Rajat, “Dont’ ask me anything. And do what i want”.

Person, “Tell me what you want?”

Rajat, “I like one girl and i want to marry her”.

Person, “Who is that girl tell me ,i will talk to her and i will see who will reject my son?”

Rajat smirks and says, “Definitely she will reject me coz she is the reason, where i am standing now”

The person is shocked.

FB is paused…..

Laksh is breathing heavily and feels suffocating. Sahil comes to him and calms him down. Soon he fainted and Sanskar, Suraj and Sahil looks each other. They get some idea and for now they plan to take him to hospital.

After the first aid, Laksh becomes normal. Sanskar decides to take him to his home and Laksh will feel good to see his sister. Everyone agrees for it.

Sanskar and Laksh reaches his home and they enter inside. He gets shocked seeing his Mom Anjali with Swara and more than that is they are talking nicely to each other. AP looks at Sanskar and raises her eyebrows as if asking as “what is this?”

Sanskar is numb and speechless seeing them. Swara also feels awkward seeing a new person with Sanskar.

Precap: Anjali treats Swara nicely and tells what is Sanskar’s likes and dislikes and about his childhood incidents. Swara laughs heartfully hearing all these. Laksh hides himself and gets happy seeing her sister.

Guys, how is this episode and i hope you find it interesting. Pls let me know if you like it or not and provide your valuable comments. You can imagine the persons for ACP character and for Rajat characters. My choice is Suraj from Udaan is for ACP Prakash (I like him a lot and he is fit for police char…you can choose your fav actors for this…enjoy reading it

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