Swasan – Unconditional Love (SS – Ch 3)


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Swasan – Unconditional Love (Episode 3)

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Sanskar gets Swara to his home and makes her feel comfortable. Swara turns to him and asks, “When we got married?”

Sanskar is shocked by this sudden question and stammers, “Actually, we eloped and married..that too 3 days before only…after our marriage we were coming here and in between you met the accident and injured badly.” somehow he maintains the continuity and looks at her confused face.

Swara, “Eloped? but why?”

Sanskar, “What question is this? Why people will elope and marry? Our parents did not accept for our marriage so we fought with them for a while and finally we eloped”.

Swara is half convinced but still confused and looks at him, “You mean to say, ours is a love marriage is it?”

Sanskar is shaked by her question and looks at her lovingly and says, “Yes..it is a love marriage. Love at first sight”.

Swara smiles lightly and blush seeing him staring her.Soon Sanskar realises what he was saying and composes himself.

He takes her to his room and She silently follows him & feels happy seeing his concern for her.

He makes her sit in the bed and excuses himself to get freshen up.

Swara looks around the room and goes near the picture which is the full frame of Sanskar’s photo, he is really looking cute in his mesmerising smile.

Sanskar comes out from his wash room and looks at her watching his picture lovingly. He seems to be happy but something is stopping him to move close to her.

Swara hears a sound and looks at Sanskar and asks, “Sanskar, do we have our marriage picture?”

Now Sanskar don’t know what to answer. He is searching for words and looks at her blankly and she is waiting for his answer. Finally he composes him and goes to her and hold her by her shoulder and takes her to bed and makes her sit.

He holds her hand and says, “Swara…you have got your life back after that worst accident and i don’t want you to stress more and gets ill. You just came here na..first take rest and slowly i will get you everything what you wanted ok. Now you go and refresh yourself, will go out for shopping..since you don’t have your cloths here.” she nods and goes to get refresh. Sanskar gives a sigh relief.

Both gets ready and Swara is ready in the same dress which she got in hospital a normal Salwar. Both leaves from there and Sanskar gets her into the big shop where he is selecting n number of dresses for her. Swara is surprised to see his care and affection but still she tries to stop him but he did not and still choosing the dresses. Swara is now still tired of just seeing him choosing the dresses. She goes to him and drags him from that section and tells him, “Sanskar..enough. I am very tired now and i am hungry too”. She makes a pout face which makes him accept her. They paid the bill and goes out from the shop.

Once they comes out, he takes her to the nearby chat stall and gets the chat which she likes. They both are enjoying each other company and forget their surroundings and chatting happily. Swara feels something that she is happy after a long time. SHe could feel that and thinks why she is feeling like that though she married him by love.

Sanskar feels that some one is watching them, he looks at his surroundings and finds something is wierd. After having the chat they both headed to their car where they parked. While walking also he felts that someone is following them, he turns back and look at the people walking, standing & talking. He looks at everyone but he ignored and goes with her.

They reached home after having a nice time. He puts his body in the sofa in the living hall where in Swara goes to the room and tries changing into her maxi which she got newly. She changes her dress and comes down and sees Sanskar slept in the sofa itself. She comes to him & sits on her knees and rubs his hair softly and says,
“Everything looks new to me Sanskar. i don’t remember anything of my past. It looks like a new life i got and i feel happy when you are with me and i pray god that i need the rest of my life to be with you like this”. she plays a soft kiss on his forehead and goes to kitchen to prepare something for dinner.

Sanskar wakes up after sometime and hears the noise in kitchen, he also goes there and becomes statue seeing Swara in maxi which gives a hot look to her and it makes him stun, he looks at her from top to bottom and losing himself. But soon comes out from his world by hearing her words. She tells him that dinner is ready and asks him to get changed.

Sanskar simply nods and goes to his room and changes into night suite and comes down to the dining hall where he finds her arranging the plates and foods for them. He is mesmerised seeing her as his wife and slowly he is forgetting that she is off someone else’s.

They both sit and have dinner together and in between they are having a very nice talks. He appreciates her cooking and thinks how she made it since she is not aware of herself but he did not ask her and he jokes on her and makes her smile continuously. He loves her smile and thinks himself that, “I want you to smile like this forever Swara. I don’t know about your past but i want this moment to be freezed and i want you to be with me forever”.

He shakes his head and realises his mistake what he was thinking about her. He couldn’t eat anything after that and gives some excuse to her and finishes his dinner.He goes to his room and stands at the balcony and inhaling the cool breeze.

He feels relax and thinks, “Am i doing it right? I should not take advantage of her weakness. I should keep myself away from her. It is not even a single day i am with her but it looks like i have been living with her for my 7 births. No i should not feel weak and i should control my feelings towards her. It is no way goal. Sahil was saying correct. I shouldn’t have taken this step.” his thoughts are interrupted by Swara who comes and joins with him in the balcony.

He is shocked and asks, “Don’t you feel tired?”

Swara, “No..why?”

Sanskar, “No, simply i asked”.

Swara, “Sanskar, shall i ask you one thing?”

Sanskar, “Ha..yeah”

Swara, “you told that ours is a love marriage na? so when we met first? And how we fallen in love with each other?”

Now he is gone. He literally becomes numb & dumb after hearing her question. His mind is stopped working and thinks how to convince her now. She wraps her hands around his hand and leans on his shoulder and says, “Sanskar, i did not remember any of our past, so i want to re-live in that each and every moment of our life. I want to know how i met you and how we fallen for each other”.

Sanskar is spell bound now and tries to touch her head but he closed his fist tightly and control his emotions and says, “yeah sure..but not now…still you are not well completely…you should not think about your..i mean…our past. okay?. Now come..you go and sleep..you will be tired for sure and don’t say no”.

She smiles at him and simply follows him. He makes her lie in the bed and covers with the blanket and sits beside her and rubs her head gently. Soon she falls asleep and Sanskar tries to get up from the but stops seeing her hand in his. slowly he removes his hand from hers and moves to the couch opposite to the bed. He falls on it and lost into deep thoughts.

Her questions is echoing in his ears and he slowly closing her eyes and he sees a girl walking towards him and slowly her face is revealing. He gets jerked off and gets up immediately and looks at Swara who is sleeping peacefully. Because he saw the girl in his dream is none other than Swara. He again remembers the dream and the same sequence comes to him again and unknowingly he smiles seeing her.

Precap: Sanskar starts telling her the past of their relation and tells the past Day by day. Day 1 – He tells her that how they met first.

So how is this episode. I hope i gave a satisfied episode. Pls let me know your comments..waiting eagerly for that.. ?

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