SwaSan- His unconditional love by Samaria! (Part 1)

Hey guys.. Samaira here!! With my second two shot.. If u haven’t read my first one shot yet so read the plzz..OK so before I get some unwanted comments that it’s copied and all let me clear u few things..
Firstly half credit goes to me as half credit goes to the movie rab ne bana di jodi!!.. I was watching this yesterday and this idea popped into my mind.. OK so but this is quite different.. With many twist and turns.. Hope u will like it..

Let’s start:-
A beautiful marriage set up was shown..
It was looking really classy and beautiful..
As we peep in we see a marriage going on..
The bride and the groom were sitting.. And their family members were present too..
But something unusual was happening there..
The bride was looking really unhappy.. Actually her face was very stern no emotions.. Not even the groom was able to understand what was happening..
The groom is really looking good happy.. And it seems that he loves his would be wife unconditionally!!
Groom s parents come forward..
Mom-sanskar Beta make swara wear the magalsutra..
He nods happily.. And makes swara wear the pious thread..
Everyone were really happy..
Slowly he took a pinch of sindoor and traced it on her forehead..
Finally marking Mrs swara bose his!!
A sad line tear escaped swara s eyes..
Which was gone totally unnoticed my Sanskar..
SwaSan gets up and takes blessing from their family..
Shekhar sumi..parents of swara.. And sujata rp parents of sanskar..
All left towards the car..
Sumi-sanskar Beta.. Plzz keep my daughter.. Happy u know her since childhood right.. She maybe kinda childish.. But don’t take it seriously..
Sanskar- Sumi maa.. Plzz don’t say this.. We know each other since childhood right.. And I know swara.. So don’t take tension..

For a second swara looked a sanskar and then turned her face..
Sujata-haan Sumi sanskar is right don’t need to be formal.. We r family frnds since their childhood.. So please..
Shemish( sumi+Shekhar) nods happily..
Finally our newly weds sits in the car..
Rp and sujata comes in other car..

Car :_
Our newly weds were sitting in the car..
Swara s face was turned towards the window..
Sanskar was just sitting silently..
He was feeling restless.. Thinking that His love Swara was in some trouble or something like that..
Noticing Swara s behavior he was more tensed.. As Swara is quite very rare.
He shuhses his heart saying tht it’d normal as she just got married!!
Leaving the thoughts aside he was busy admiring his lady love!!
But our heroine was facing a storm inside her heart!..

Maheshwari mansion:-
Finally they reached the home..
Sujata Rp went first and brought swasan with rituals..
Swara came inside..
A different feeling araised her heart..
She almost everyday visits this home.. But today the relations changed.. Her childhood home where she spent with her bestie..was now changed!!
Suddenly every damn thing changed in her life!!

Swasan room:-
Swara was standing near the window…leaning towards it..
Her eyes became red.. As she was trying to stop her tears..
Swara s pov:_
Y God y me?! What did I do.. Tht I’m not getting any happiness..i know I know.. I’m sorry I agree u gave me every happiness.. I got a wonderful family.. A gud frnd Sanskar.. And everything perfect.. But I didn’t get the most important thing in my life..
MY First and Last LOVE!!
She cries badly and sits down with a thud!!

Bose mansion:_
A mehandi ritual.. Was going on..
Our heroine was sitting in the mehandi and applying mehandi.. He smile was not leaving her lips only..
Mehandi was done..
Mehandi girl was going to write the letter s as Sanskar s name starts with s..
Swara notices this..
Swara- Laila (mehandi girl) what r u doing?!
She looks at her confused..
Swara-my husband s name starts with L not with s… Get it..
Mehandi girl – but di Sanskar s bhayya s name toh starts with letter s right..
Swara fumes a little-u right what I say.. Plz..
Mehandi girl quietly writes L..
Just then a phone comes on Swara s cell..
She smiles wholeheartedly..
She excused herself and runs to her room..
Laksh-hi Jaan.. How’s ur mehandi going on.. (teasingly) so finally going to get married to ur childhood beastie..
Swara(fumes) huhh r u mad or what Laksh..here I’m ready to run away from marriage and ur taunting me..
Laksh-sorry Jaan.. He says guilt fully..
Swara nods..
Laksh-k now sharp 10 at night.. At then u and me finally we will become one..
Swara nods happily..
She cuts the call and twirls around..

Night 10pm..
Swara checking tht everyone slept.. Writes a letter to her parents and finally runs out of the house..
After getting out she sees Laksh standing there.. With his bike..
Swara runs and hugs him..
Laksh hugs her back tightly..
Swara sits beside Laksh..
Both were dreaming abt the future like of theirs..
Laksg-shona..r we doing right.. I mean Sanskar what will go in him.. He loves u a lott right..
Swara-laksh u don’t worry.. He understand me.. OK..
Laksh just nods..

After a few minutes as they were abt to cross the city..
Swa-lak screamed each other s name…
Their bike had hit a truck!!
Laksh rolled down and was lying in a pool of blood!!
Swara was saved as she was wearing helmet also..
Swara didn’t get the much hurt and was conscious..
Laksh was loosing his conscious..
Swara fastly went towards him.. Hugging him tightly..
Laksh smiled sadly..
Swara-laksh plzz open ur eyes.. Plzz Laksh.. She said while the tears were flowing through her eyes..
Laksg-shona please.. U know very well I.. I.. Won’t be saved now..
Swara gets angry-shut up Laksh dare u say that..
Laksg-shona plzz ur my brave girl right.. I love u a lot.. Just fulfill my last wish go back to ur home and marry Sanskar.. He loves u a lot..
Plzz shona..
Swara nods In no cryingly..
Laksh-i love u a lot.. Move on.. Plzz
Saying this he left the world forever!!
Swara broke down completely..
Swara-laksh plzz Laksh..pllzzz open ur eyes..

She was sitting there talking to Laksh pleading him to get up..
She was there for more than 4 hours..
And then she too felt unconscious..

Just then some police who were there saw this..
Luckily one of them knew Shekhar.. As he was quite famous..
Taking swara with them finally they reached home..

Swara became conscious..
It was just like a bad dream for her.. But unluckily it was a bitter truth of her life..
She was crying bitterly…

Finally swara married Sanskar..due to her family..
Flashback ends..

Swara remembering this breaks down.. She was caressing a locket which was in her neck..
The last sign of Laksh…
She smiled sadly..
Swara-i love u only Laksh.. And will love only u till the end of my life!!

Just then sending someone is coming in she fastly composes herself and stands up..
She finds sujata coming there..
Sujata-chori.. Sanskar had to urgently go for some work.. So plzz u take care ok.. And pack ur clothes by tomorrow as u have to go to Mumbai na..
Swara nods..

Next day:_
Swara remembers everything.. Still the tears marks were seen freshly flowing through her eyes..
Changing her clothes.. She finally packs her clothes..

The clothes of swasan were packed as they were leaving for Mumbai..
Rp and sujata were standing there..
Rp-i just don’t understand y do u need to go to Mumbai and live..u have everything here then..
Sanskar-dad u know right my aim is to become a successful man by myself.. So plzz dad..
Rp nods still unconvinced..
Sujata sighs seeing this..
SwaSan finally leaves towards the airport with t family..
After talking and all.. They finally leave to Mumbai…

SwaSan reaches there with sujata and Rp..
They came here for a day and after setting everything.. Sujata Rp would leave back to Kolkata..
Whole day swasan didn’t talk as they were busy in cleaning up the house..
This house was small but comfortable for 2persons to live..

Night swasan room:-
The room was decorated.. As swasan were going to spent their first night today!!
Rp and sujata went to Hall for sleeping and giving privacy to the newly weds..
Swara was just standing near the window..
Sanskar sensed tht something was literally wrong..
He went towards her – swara.. He called..
And then went and kept his hand on her shoulder..
Getting something which he very expected.. Never in his dreams!!
Swara jerked his hand..
Swara-(pointing her finger) stay away from me.. Sanskar.. Don’t u dare touch..
Sanskar was very shocked and was not able to get what was happening..
He didn’t came close to her to make her his or something like that..
He just came to know what was happening with her.. As she was really disturbed since few days!!..
Swara(with tears) just go away from my life!! Plzz.. U knew right I love Laksh.. Then y.. Y.. U did this with me.. I love only Laksh.. And will love will love him till my last breath..
Swara holded her mangalsutra and removed it from her neck.. And threw it on the floor!!..
This fell like a bomb for Sanskar..
He never expected this.. Never in his dreams he thought tht his love.. His childhood frnd.. Teenage love would say like this..

Other thing was he never knew tht she loves Laksh.. The trio were gud friends in collage but he never expected this..
Swara directly went towards the bed and slept..
Tears were flowing through her eyes also..
But presently the most affected was Sanskar…
He didn’t knew how to react..
Silently he went out of the house..
He drove the car and went and sat on a bridge..
Sanskar s eyes were deep red.. Crying uncontrollably..
Sanskar-what is happening.. With me.. If I knew swara loved Laksh.. I would never come between them.. Y God.. Y u did this with me..
He sobed badly.. His eyes became puffy.. His condition was in the worst situation that anyone could imagine..
He left from there just as the sun rise took place..
He directly went to home and freshes up.. Still remembering last night words of swara.. Which pierced his heart!!

It was morning Sanskar and swara went standing outside..
Dropping Rp and sujata as they were leaving back..
SwaSan then came inside..
Before entering swara was quite surprised..
The name place was written outside their door..
Swara Sanskar home..
Sanskar smiled while she maintained a stern face back again…
The day passed again with their arrangement and adjustment.. Sanskar was also quite busy as he had to join office back tomorrow..

SwaSan were little nervous..
As how would they face each other again..
Sanskar went to their room.. Swara was just lying on bed..
Sanskar silently took a pillow and a bed sheet and moved towards the hall..
Swara saw this.. But didn’t react..
Sanskar laid on the hall couch..
He kept his one hand under his head..
He was smilingly remembering their wedding.. When two souls became one..
But the words of swara.. We’re really hurtful!!
His pov:_
I can’t blame swara.. It was my mistake too.. I felt tht something was hurting her..and she seemed quite uncomfortable.. But I didn’t ask her only.. I should have asked her before marriage..
A lone tear escapes his eyes..
I will try my best to save this marriage.. I love her.. And I can’t let her go like this..
I will give my 100%..i just hope I get my old bubbly swara back!!
His pov ends..
Soon remembering their sweet memories he slept..

Swara s side:_
Swara s condition was no less.. She lost her first love..then she was married to Sanskar.. Whom she always thought just a mere frnd..
She was also crying at her fate..
Soon sleep took over her too..

Sanskar woke up.. Praying to god to keep his family and his swara happy and blessed!!
He went to their washroom and got ready..
In a blue shirt back jeans.. And his specs.. Like Shahid Kapoor in jab we met..
He was the most sincere and decent guy and girl could ever get..
He saw swara lying on the bed..
He slowly went near her and caressed her hair..
Swara smiled in sleep..
Sanskar s heart fluttered seeing this!..
He went to the kitchen.. And made some sandwiches as breakfast..
He made coffee for swara also..
Just then our heroine wakes up..
She sees her surroundings and remembers the Sanskar slept in the hall..
She directly went to the hall..
She saw Sanskar preparing sandwiches..
Sanskar saw her and smiled..
Sanskar-swara I ate my breakfast..i prepared coffee and sandwiches for u..i will leave for office now..
Swara just nodded..

Sanskar reached his office.. All the time he was just thinking if ways to keep swara happy.. And bring his swara back..

Swara was completely lost in Laksh s memories..
She was broke.. Totally broken..she kept his given locket near her heart..

Finally swara took a major decision.. Which was going to change everyone s life!!

Sanskar went to a flower shop to being swara s favorite flowers..
Just as he took it happily..
He got swara s call.. Making him smile like an idiot!
Sanskae-hello swara..
Hearing swara s reply.. His body stiffened.. The flowers were lying in the ground and a car crushed it under the tires just like His hopes were crushed badly..

SwaSan were standing.. Swara was facing her back to Sanskar..
He was actually tensed..
While swara maintained a cool face..
Sanskar-swara plzz think once again DIVORCE is a very big thing.. It will affect mine yours and our family s life too.. Plzz think once again..
Swara gets irritated and turns..
Swara- and what abt me Haan Sanskar..i don’t belive this marriage.. As I love Laksh..
Sanskar s heart pinched hearing this..
Swara-so plzz I need divorce thts it..
Sanskar sighs..
Sanskar-if u want then OK.. My find sahil is lawyer we I’ll go tomorrow..
Swara silently leaves from there..
Sanskar just gets frustrated.. And few tears drop from his eyes.. Which he wipes fast..

Swara s side:_
Swara was lying on bed.. Thinking abt the recent incidents.. Her movie was just like a movie.. But her hero already died..swara chuckled at her own thought..
She didn’t knew what was going in her life.. She just wanted to go with flow..
Soon sleep took over her and she slept..

Sanskar s side:-
Sanskar was also lying on his couch.. Laughing at his own fate..
His pov’-
I just want my swara s happiness.. If she is happy then I’m also happy..

Controlling his emotions he tries to sleep..

Next day:_
Swasan got up.. It was a big day for them.. After 2 days of marriage only they were getting divorced..
Swasan got ready..
Both left for office in their car..
Swasan were silent sitting in the car..
They were just thinking abt their life incidents..
How different would it be if they would be again frnds..
But now everything is changed and nothing could be fine…
The finally got down..

Lawyer s office:_
Sanskar came inside and greeted sahil..
Sahil and Sanskar were very close friedns..
Sahil knew everything abt Sanskar.. His unconditional love for swara too!!…
Sahil-hi bhabhi..
The trio settled themselves..
Sahil was totally shocked that they going to get divorced.. Listening the reason he felt really bad for them..
Especially Sanskar.. He knew his love for swara..
He knew how much Sanskar loved swara.. Not from now but since his teenage..
Sahil-guys I don’t want to interfere…but still asking R u sure for this divorce..
Sanskar-hmm we r sure.. He says controlling his emotions..
Sahil turned towards swara asking her..
But Sanskar Interuppted…
Sanskar- i said back sure..
Sahil sighed..
Sahil-ok then sign this..
SwaSan signed the divorce papers..
Sahil-but don’t forget u have to live with each other at least for 6 months.. Till tht time ur divorce would get approved..
SwaSan were Lil shocked..
Sanskar was tensed tht swara doesn’t get upset..
Swara just nods.. – hmm it’s OK..
Swara gets up from the chair-sanskar u will be waiting down..
Sanskar nods..
Swara goes down..
Sahil-bhai r u sure?! U shouldn’t have done this..
Sanskar-(smiled sadly) sahil nothing could be done now… It’s my fault only.. I should have confessed her vrfore only.. This day wouldn’t come..
Sahil was also really upset seeing his best friend s condition..

Sanskar also leaves and comes down…
Sanskar comes and sits in the car.. Swara looks at him..
Swara-umm.. Sanskar..
Sanskar looks at her..
Swara-can we have lunch at a restaurant.. Im feeling little hungry..
Sanskar nods happily-OK chalo..
Sanskar was very happy.. As swara finally talked to him something..

Our swasan reached the restaurant..
SwaSan walked in..
Swara was quite impressed.. The restaurant was looking so amazing..
Sanskar smiled at her..
Both were walking together..
Youngsters present there were really jealous of SwaSan and wished to be in their place..
SwaSan paying no heeds left and sat.. Opposite to each other..
Swara was quite happy feeling the new environment..
Just then the waiter came to take the order..
Waiter-order plzz..
Sanskar-a butter chicken naan for mam.. And just bring a fried rice..
Swara was surprised as he still remember her favorite.. Unknowingly her heart felt so Gud..
Waiter then took the order and finally brought it..
Swara was happy to eat this.. It was really tasty..
For the first time after their marriage there was no awkwardness between our SwaSan they were just talking normally..
After paying the bill they left..

Swara-sanskar we will come here again OK..
Sanskar chuckled seeing her behavior.. She was shoo happy.. Just eating her favorite food.. His kiddo.. He thought..
Sanskar-swara I will bring the car u wait here..
Swara nodded..
Sanskar went to bring the car..
Swara was standing there.. She was actually alone as it was noon time.. And it was a weekday so very few number of people would be there.. Others would be in office.. School collages..
Swara was just standing.. When two eve teasers came there..
They silently went toward Swara.. And moved their hand on her shoulder which was naked and left from there whistling..
Swara was highly uncomfortable and felt really bad by their touch…

A pair of eyes saw this with blood shot eyes..
He directly went towards then and started punching them badly..
Guy-how dare u touch my wife Haan how dare u..
The goons were getting g beaten very badly..
Swara was shocked seeing this..
Swara-sanskar wait.. Sanskar plzz..
(obviously guys I know u might get guys already but still informing.. He is one and only Swara s husband.. And a dream boy of girls.. Mr Sanskar maheshwari!!)
Sanskar was not ready to stop only.. How can someone touch his property his wife..
Finally our heroine was able to release them..

A full serious scene was going on.. Our hero was sitting obediently like a small child..
While our heroine was bandaging his hands..
Swara felt really bad..
While our hero was just praying to be get hurt more..
Swara-is it paining! U shouldnt Have done this sanskar..
Sanskar-if it was in my hands I would have killed them.. He said while fishing his hands..
Swara-(angry) u don’t have to do this for me Sanskar..
Sanskar felt a Lil bad..
Sanskar-swara.. If someone would be there in place of u I would have done the same.. And u r toh my wife…
He realizes what he said and stops..
Swaralooks at him for a second then again keeps bandaging…
Sanskar was now actually quite frustrated..
Sanskar-swara whatever happened on tht day.. Was not right..
Swara looks at him..
Sanskar-u shouldn’t have done to me like this.. (realize) sorry it’s my fault only.. I should have asked u before.. All my fault..
He just moves from there..
Swara was taken a back by his confession…

SwaSan didn’t talk to each other..
Swara was standing in kitchen and cooking something for the first time after coming from Mumbai.. Or else it was always Sanskar would prepare for them..
Sanskar comes out of his room and sees Swara cooking.. He gets Lil surprised..
Swara sees him..
Swara-sanskar don’t u get bored always eating ur cooked food..
Sanskar nod..
Swara-sanskar I’m making bitter gourd u like it right..
Sanskar nods happily but..
Sanskar-swara u don’t need to do this for me.. Please or else again I’m going to get habitual to it.
Swara feels guilty.
Swara-till I’m here I will only cook it’s final..
Sanskar sighed.. He knew how much stubborn his Swara is..
Sanskar- I will help u..
Swara nods..
Both get busy in cooking..
Swara-sanskar one more thing.. Whatever happend its not ur fault.. It’s just my destiny…
Sanskar nodded..
After cooking was done both eat happily..
Sanskar was happy and Swara was getting a little free with him..

After a few days:-
A few days passes…our swasan were getting a Lil close with with each other.. Slowly slowly…. Swara s rude Stern behavior was changing.. She was getting attracted to Sanskar..
Sanskar was actually scared of losing her every passing day..
His love would go far away from him.. What could be more painful to him.. But he wanted only her happiness..

Next day:-
SwaSan were ready.. It looks like they e going to a party..
Sanskar- Swara get ready fast.. Or else we will get late for sahil s engagement..
Swara comes out wearing a black backless sareee.. With diamond jewelry.. Looking divine..
Sanskar was wearing a black suite.. Looking just like a prince!!
Our love birds got busy admiring each other..
They were complementing each other in their hearts..
The both left to the engagement..

Engagement :_
Swasan reach there hand in hand.. ????..
Looking so amazing..
Anyone looking at them could say just one thing..
Made for each other!!
SwaSan went and greeted sahil and Kavita.. (sahil s finance)
SwaSan and kavhil met one time before.. And we’re comfortable with each other..
SwaSan went towards them..
Sahil-huhh bhai engagement is mine and ur looking dashing more than me..
Kavita – leave the even Swara id looking more prettier than me..
SwaSan smiles listening them..
Swara-kavita no one can looking more better than a bride.. No one..
Kavhil smiles listening her beautiful thought.. Even Sanskar was adoring her..
The party was on full swing they were enjoying alot..
SwaSan first time didn’t remember their griefs and were really happy..
After everything was done..
Swara was with Kavita..
While sansah went out..
Kavita – Swara u know right Sanskar loves u a lot..
Swara looks at her surprisingly..
Kavita – (keeps her hand on hers) Swara.. I know about ur first live and everything..
Swara was just looking at her..
Kavita-swara I just want to tell one thing.. I was madly in love with kabir my ex husband.. Who was my first love.. And somewhere I guess I live him now also.. But u know.. I never felt so special with sahil.. He lives me a lot… First love will always be special.. But tht doesn’t mean that our life would stop..
Swara just nods understandingly..
Kavita-swara I just want to say.. U won’t get no one better than Sanskar.. And Sanskar won’t get anyone better than u.. U both r perfect for each other..

Don’t know how her words touched swara s heart.. She just nodded..

Sanskar sahil came back..
And finally our hero heroine left back..

Leap of a month:_
So many things changed in swasan s lives..
Sanskar stopped caring and future. He was just busy in making memories with his lady love..he knew if they don’t live with each other also.. The memories would always be tight them..
Swara s life started to change slowly slowly..
So many things changed.. Swara started to love Sanskar.. Back.. Unknown to her..
Kavita s words made a great impact on her..
She was really happy with Sanskar.
He truly made her feel special..
Swara when talking with sumi realized that not everyone get such life partner like sanskar..
Sumi would be saying at the cases wives face from their husband’s..
She felt blessed to have sanskar by her side..

SwaSan were just having their breakfast.. When sanskar s phone rang..
Sanskae-hello maa
Sujata-haan chore how is swara.. And how r u?
Sanskar-we both r fine maa..
Sujata-hmm God bless u both.. I just called u to inform tht we r in the way and will be reaching Mumbai!!
Sanskar gets shocked..
And they end call..
Swara-sanskar what happened..
Sanskar-swara mom dad r coming..
Swara just nods..

Swasan goes to the airport and bring ramta to home..

Swara just as she came back she wore the sindoor and mangalsutra which she wasn’t wearing since the. Start.. She wore cause of ramata coming.. Unknown to the happiness which sanskar felt..
SwaSan brought ramta they spend their whole day with each other..
Swara was very happy.. As she shared a great bond with them since childhood..
Ramta were the most happiest.. As during the wedding and on the first day.. They felt so much awkwardness and some big problem between swasan.. But they were really happy seeing swasan happy..
SwaSan were also happy..

After a few days:-
In these few days ramta and swara s bond grew more stronger..
They visited whole Mumbai and enjoyed..
Now something unusual was going to happen in our SwaSan s life..
Night :-
Swasan nd everyone were planning to sleep..
Sanskar-dad u and me will sleep here.. And let mom and swara sleep in the room..
Rp-arey y u both sleep don’t worry we will adjust..
Sujata nodded in agreement..
Now this was a big shock and tension moment for our Swasan.. They never slept with each other.. On the same bed.. Sanskar-dad always slept on the couch..

SwaSan room:-
Swara silently went and slept aside the side of bed..
Sanskar slept on the other side..
They were silently trying to sleep..
Swara s sleep took over her..
Sanskar was still awake not able to sleep..
Swara slowly slowly came towards Sanskar.. And laid on his chest.. While sleeping..
Sanskar smiled wholeheartedly.. His heart beat raised in the jet speed.. Feeling his lady love so close to his heart..
Just as he was about to caresses her hair..
All the thoughts of what she said raised in his mind..
How she said that he Does not have any right on her.. And she loves Laksh..
His heart pinched..he composed himself and removed his hand..
Slowly sleep took over him too..

Our heavenly couple were sleeping in each other s embrace..
Swara was the one to wake up first..
Swara slowly woke up and was Lil shocked seeing Sanskar so close to her..
She slowly tried to get up..
But before she could her mamgalsutra got stuck ed in Sanskar s button..
She was first time so close to sake..
Her heart beat raised.. To the rocket speed..
She was soo happy.. Being close to him.. She herself didn’t knew y was she feeling that..
She removed it slowly and went to fresh b up…

SwaSan and ramtha were having breakfast..
After having swara was in kitchen while Sanskar took his office bag..
Just as he was going..
He saw ramtha standing there very damn angry at him..
He looked confused at them..
They just showed the divorce paper.. Which he hired..
Sanskar was fully shocked..
Rp-what is this Sanskar.. Explain.
Sanskar-dad me and swara wants to get divorced..
This was big shock for ramtha they never felt that this was happening in their children s life..
Sujats-samskar plz
Sanskar-maa plz it’d my last decision .. I don’t want any discussion..
Taking all the blame on himself..
Rp-ok then I will take my daughter with me..
Sanskar nodded sadly.. – OK take..
Ramtha were in gr8shock..
Swara s eyes were having tears.. It was her decision.. But still..
Sanskar saw swara..
Sanskar-bye swara.. Hope we meet soon..
He fast went before the tears fell from his eyes..
Swara was numb standing there.. She didn’t knew how to react..
She felt really bad..
Ramtha came and consoled her and told her that they will take her back to Kolkata and take her responsibility..
Swara s clothes were being packed..
She was really upset.. And feeling guilty for her decision.. And that too Sanskar was also suffering. My is parents were really annoyed with him just cause of her..
Swara first time noticed her mamgalsutra.. She was soo happy wearing it..
Seeing the locket given by Laksh..
Leabing her feelings aside.. She just removed it and kept it in a box locking it..

Sanskar came back.. All broken he knew that this day would come but didn’t knew it would pain this much…
But he was happy as Swara would be happy now..
He just went inside sadly..
And sat..
Just seeing the divorce papers which were infront of him..
Swara-sanskar u want to sit like this only.. Or what…u don’t want to have lunch.. Said Swara throwing tantrums as usual..
Sanskar jumped from his place hearing her voice..
He got up and was shocked to see swara..
Sanskae-(tears in his eyes) swara.. U.. U.. Didn’t.. Go.. He said while the words were not coming from his mouth..
Swara-i couldn’t go only.. She also said while being in tears..
Sanskae came near her..
Sanskar-u couldn’t go mean..
Swara-i couldnt go.. Means.. I want to live with u..
Sanskar was not able to believe it was just a dream for him..
Sanskae- swara.. Mom.. Mom dad..
Swara-i told them to go.. I have decided I want to live with u only..
Sanskar was just numb..he was not able to understand anything..
Sanskar-r.. R.. U.. Sure.. Swara.. Don’t.. Come.. In.. Any pressure.. I will talk to our family..
Swara just directly jumps on him and hugs him tightly..
Swara-(crying) plz Sanskar.. Don’t say like this.. I’m sorry for my rude behavior. I lovee.. U I really do..
Tjis was like a bomb for Sanskar.. Tears were flowing from his eyes.. Uncontrollably.. Like a river..
He hugged her back tightly..
Swara-i love u I really do..
Sanskar- I love u too!!
They both felt so heavenly in each other s embrace..
Sanskar broke the hug and cupped her face.. Kissing her forehead.. Swara closed her eyes touching her forehead..
Again they hugged each other.. Promising to be with each other life long..

The book was finally closed by a handsome cute guy..
He smiled seeing the cover page.. His unconditional love..
Just then a girl came and hugged him from back..
The guy brought her infront and hugged her..
Girl-veer ur mom dad s love story was really gr8 na..
Veer-haan devanshi just like ours..
Veer and devanshi again created a best example of lovers and an unexpected lobe story…just like veer a parents swasan..
#sorry for boring kind of story I know it’s quite long.. Sorry.. Take care.. No bashings plzz

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  1. Samaira_khan

    Guys it’s an os.. I don’t know y it came like part 1

  2. Beautiful..

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    Fabulous fantastic just loved it ?????????
    Very beautifully written and described. Swasan are as always heavenly?????
    Awesome one dear
    Take care????

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      Thanks so much marsuuuu yep swara are always heavenly thanks a lottt for ur comment!!.. Take care..

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    sweet long :p n lovely….

  9. Just too good.write more on our swasan.

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    Awesome….loved ending lil more, the way u connected Veer-Devanshi in Swasan’s life

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