Swasan – Unconditional Love (Ch 8)

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Yep Swara is toooooooooooo goood na. Even Sanskar too and i am sure you gonna love Sanskar more in this. And guys, here Sanky is a lovey dovey character and no negativities here.

Swasan – Unconditional Love (Ch 8)

Sanskar and Laksh enters home and Sanskar gets shocked seeing his mom Anjali with Swara. Anjali looks at Sanskar and raises her eyebrows as if asking as “what is this?”

Sanskar is numb and speechless seeing them. Swara also feels awkward seeing a new person with Sanskar. Sanskar hesitates and goes to his mom and says, “Mom..you here?”

Anjali, “Why i should not come here is it?”

Sanskar, “No..actually..” he stops and looks at Swara and continues, “I thought telling you all this before you come here but you gave me a surprise”.

Anjali, “You too gave me a surprise”, she tells him by pointing Swara.

Swara smiles at their conversation and her sight moves to Laksh who is still stands there and starring Swara. She goes to him and asks him to come inside.

Laksh looks at her emotionally and tears drops down in his cheeks. Swara feels some pain but she did not know what is it. Sanskar comes to him and whispers him to control his emotion and takes him inside.

Laksh greets Anjali and she too reciprocates it. Sanskar introduces Laksh as his friend and explained them that his face got burnt in one accident. Swara gets a wierd feeling about Laksh and stares him.

Sanskar takes Laksh with him and gives him a room and tells, “Laksh, i can understand your feeling towards Swara..but it is not right time to tell her everything.

Gradually we have to make her remember everything.” Laksh nods and gets upset and says, “My doll is infront of me but i am not able to tell her that i am her brother..Sanskar i don’t have anyone in my life except her.i want her to be safe and happy whereever she is..i am ready to anything for that.”

Sanskar consoles him and comes down to talk to Anjali but he did not find her in hall and hears her laughing from kitchen. He goes there and gets surprised seeing Swara and Anjali talking with each other nicely. They both are preparing food and anjali is telling her about Sanskar’s childhood naughtiness and Swara laughs hardly.

He stares her lovingly and comes to kitchen by adjusting his throat, both of them stops laughing and looks at him.

Swara comes to him and asks, “Sanskar, you told we eloped and married but aunty is not aware of all this it seems, infact she did not even know that we both were in love. Didn’t you tell her about us?”

Sanskar blinks and looks at Anjali who signs him to tell her and smiles at him by looking at his helpless. Anjali comes forward and says, “It’s ok Swara, even if he told also i would have not agree at that time but now after seeing you i think his choice is best.” she hugs Swara and shows thumbs up to Sanskar. Sanskar looks at them blankly and goes from there. Anjali’s words are echoing in his mind and he stares Swara lovingly.

He goes to garden and walks here & there , his face shows that he is in confusion. Anjali comes there and pats his shoulder. Sanskar hugs her and says, “Mom…actually what you are seeing now is not truth. I wanted to tell you but before that only you got to know everything.”

Anjali, “Sanky, i know something is wrong but i don’t want to create an unecessary problem and that’s y i waited for you. Tell me what happened?”

Sanskar tells her everything from the day he met her and how he got her here and what is the problem she is facing. Anjali felt bad for her and tells him that, “Don’t worry Sanky…everything will be set alright. You are with her na..then i am sure that my son will set everything right”.

Sanskar, “But i am scared ma”.

Anjali, “For what?”

Sanskar holds her hand and says, “But maa…i am afraid whether i fall in love with her”.

Anjali looks at his eyes and says, “Don’t get afraid Sanky..you have already fallen in love with her”.

Sanskar is shocked and blinks at her, Anjali continues, “but you are not yet realised it”

Sanskar, “No ma…you are mistaken. I am helping her to get her past life”.

Anjali, “Sanky…if Swara remembers her past, then she will forget you. Have you thought about it?”

Sanskar shows the pain in his eyes and try to hide it from anjali but she notices it. Sanskar lost in her thoughts and goes from there. Anjali prays god to give all the happiness for her son.

Sanskar goes to his room but stops seeing Swara standing at the doorstep of Laksh’s room. He comes to her and pats her shoulder. She turns and looks at him confusingly.

He looks at her worried face and makes her sit in the couch and asks, “What is itching in ur mind?”

Rads, “Sanskar, did i see him before?”

Sanskar looks lil shocked and asks, “Why are you asking like that?”

Swara, “Don’t know but his face and his presence looks familiar to me and i am getting some wierd feeling when i see him. Something is paining in my heart..something is burdening me”. She cries and tears drops down from her eyes. Sanskar consoles her and gives her a warm hug. Laksh who listens their conversations cries silently seeing her.

@ Night,

Sahil calls Sanskar and says, “Sanskar, i spoke to one of my senior surgeon who is specialist in plastic surgery. we can show Laksh to him and i am sure there is much more probablility of curing his face.”

Sanskar, “That’s a great news Sahil..thank you so much. I will get him to ur hospital tomorrow”

Sahil, “Shall i ask you onething?”


Sahil, “You are doing this much for Laksh and Swara…what if she gets her memory back”

Sanskar gets sad but hides and says, “It will be good na.. if she gets her memory back…what is the problem in that?”

Sahil, “It will be good for her but what about you? She will forget you Sanskar”

Sanskar now gets irritated and says, “I am feeling sleepy… i will meet you tomorrow in ur hospital. Bye..good night”.

Sahil looks at his phone and says, “I know Sanskar, you are in love with her and you get afraid of leaving her”

Sanskar goes to lawn and sits on the bench and gets disturbed in Swara’s thoughts. He gets disturbed by Swara, “what are you thinking so seriously?”

Sanskar smiles at her and says, “Nothing seriously…i was just disturbed due to my business tension”.

Swara, “Hmm..ok leave that now. Spend time with me”. She joined her hand with his hand and leans on his shoulder. Sanskar felt uncomfortable but at the same time he feels happy inside.

Swara continues, “Sanskar tell me when we confessed our love to each other”

Sanskar gets jerked off and says, “Now you want to know?”

Swara, “YES”.

Sanskar smiles at her act and starts telling her the flashback.

Sanskar’s imagination-

After their second meeting, they exchanged their phone numbers and starts messaging to each other. This builds up their relation more strong. They started liking each other but did not confess their feelings and expecting a best day for that. And that day comes, Swara’s friend birthday party. She invited him also for that party.

Initially he refused but she compelled him and makes him accept it.

Swara tells him to pick her up for the party. Sanskar gets ready in slim fit Velvet blazer suit jacket with white V-shaped neck shirt with blue Denim Jeans.


Sanskar reaches Swara’s place and gives her a call. She comes out running and Sanskar becomes awestruck seeing her. His eyes are not blinking at all for a sec after seeing in a White saree with golden color border. The white stones in the border are shining like a diamond and becoz of that Swara is shining like a start. Sanskar is mesmerised seeing her beauty. She leaves her hair freely and wear a white stone long earrings.


Swara smiles seeing him become statue and waves her hands infront of him. Sanskar comes into his senses and gives her a wide smile and says, “You are looking stunning. It looks its your birthday today”.

Swara gets blushing and tells him to start. They get into the car and he drives off. Both are looking at each other and simply smiles.

Sanskar’s POV:

Sanskar..control yourself. You love her and today is the best day to propose her. Don’t miss this chance Sanskar. She looks gorgeous today and makes her more beautiful today by telling your love.

Swara’s POV:

Oh My Sanskar…he looks so handsome today something special? At any cost i have to tell him my love. I cannot keep it in my heart for more.”

They both reached the party venue. The party already started and she hands over the gift to her friend and introduces Sanskar to all her other friends. Sanskar also mingles with them well. So many girls keeps eye on him and starring at his physique. Swara feels proud of having him with her. The music starts and the couples started dancing. One girl comes forward and asks Sanskar’s hand to dance with him but he is refusing her continuously and she is trying to get him.

Swara sees this and comes to them and move that girl away and says, “Only i have this right”. She then extends her hand to him and he smiles and holds her hands. They both move towards the dance floor and dances for the melody song Janam Janam Saath Phar.

He holds her face and tuckles her hair behind her ears and starts singing the song. He still cups her face and turns her opposite by keeping his hands on her shoulder from front side and buries his face in her hairs and smells her fragrance which makes her shiver. He then keeps his hands on her shoulders and slowly rubs it and rolls it down till it reaches her palms and tuckles his hands between hers tightly and lifts her in the air and circles the stage. Then slowly he puts her down and makes her face him. He puts his hands on her waist and touches her waist sensously which makes her closes her eyes and breathes heavily. She immediately moves away but he holds her one hand and starts rotating her continuously and finally pulls her into his embrace and makes her lean halfway. He covers her with his hands on her back and she keeps her hands by encircling his neck. The song gets over but they both lost in to each other’s closeness and gets into an eyelock. They both comes to a sense by hearing a loud applause. He helps her stands straight and everyone claps heartfully. They both gets seperated and looks into each other’s eyes lovingly.

The stage gets silence and they both together says “I LOVE YOU” to each other. The whole audience gets shocked and surprised and her friends cheers them up and claps happily for their confess. They hugs each other tightly and he kisses her forehead.

Sanskar’s imagination ends

Sanskar looks at her Swara and she emotionally looks at him. He realises it is very late so he asks her to go and sleep. She obliges and goes with him to his room.
Once they enters the room, Swara hugs him and says, “I LOVE YOU Sanskar. I did not remember anything but whatever you told, it makes me to believe you in all the way. I don’t know how i will be if you are not with me. I will be lifeless without you. Promise me Sanskar…that you never ever leave me”.

Sanskar is shell shocked and he tries his maximum level to control his flooding emotions. He makes her look at him and says, ” I will never leave you. Now go and sleep. It is already late”. He makes her sleep and he comes out and lost himself in her thoughts.

Precap: Laksh is getting operated and Swara takes care of him. She gets flashes of hers and Laksh scenes. Vaibhav sees Swara with Sanskar in hospital and gets jealous seeing her close with Sanskar.

So how was this episode guys. Hope you al like it. Pls give me ur comments for the same. Thank you ?

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