Swasan – Unconditional Love (Ch 12)


Thank you guys…so much tension build up right…Where is Prakash? You will know about Ragini in this episode and you all will see sad Sanskar here but am sorry i have to make him sad and soon he will realize his love on her. Pls continue your support till the end

Swasan – Unconditional Love (Ch 12)

Swasan & Sahil is going in their car. Swara sits at the back seat and Sanskar is driving the car & Sahil sit beside him. Sanskar sees Swara crying and praying for Ragini. He felt bad seeing her but at the same time, he is getting some unknown pain thinking about memory back. Suraj is following them in his police jeep with Rajat.

They reached a place where Ragini is kept, Swara immediately gets down from the car and looks at the board of the place and gets shocked. She reads in low voice “MENTAL ASYLUM”. Everybody is shocked and gets worried about Ragini. They 3 rushes inside the asylum and there they finds lot many people who are abandoned by their parents, relatives. some people are starring somewhere and some are blabbering something and some are shouting like anything. Swara gets fear seeing them and gets tensed thinking about Ragini. A guy who is treating some one, Sanskar calls him and enquires about Ragini, he looks at them and denied saying the details and says he is instructed not to say anything to outsiders.

Suraj comes infront and says, “If police ask also, you will not say anything is it?”

The guy gets scared and shows them a room which is at the last corner. Swara runs towards the room and others follow her.

Swara pushes the door and peeps into the room and gets numb seeing Ragini there who is sitting on the floor folding her legs and digs her face in her legs. Swara calls, “Ragini”.

She slowly raises her head, only her eyes are shown and it gives so much reactions which only Swara could understand. It shows the pain, love, helpless, fear and finally happiness seeing her beloved one now infront of her…The eyes prays it should be real. Then she slowly raises her face completely and tears are flowing down her cheeks continously. She tries to get up but struggling to stand straight. Swara runs to support her and holds her hand. She makes her stand straight and cups her face and says, “Ragini”. Ragini looks at Swara and calls in stammering voice, “SWARA”. That’s it, both girls hugs each other tightly and cries vigourously. Ragini hugs her tightly and repeats the same word to her, “save me Swara…pls save me swara.. am scared here….they are torturing me…pls take me out…pls take me out”

Swara cups her face and calms her down, “Ssshhhhh….Ragini..i am here na. I came for you. Nothing will happen to you. Don’t cry pls…Ragini..don’t cry”

Meanwhile, Sanskar , Sahil & Suraj already came inside the room and they too get tears seeing them like this. They take Ragini with them and Suraj starts enquiring the staffs there and about the license for that asylum. He calls to someone and gets the order for seizing this asylum. After sometime, a bunch of ambulance comes there and takes the people admitted there and sends them to government hospital. Sahil takes Ragini to the hospital and gives treatment for her wounds. Swara stays with her, while Sanskar and Sahil comes out from the room by giving some time to them.
Ragini puts her head in Swara’s lap and holds it tightly like a small kid who is fearing of losing her mom. Suddenly she thought of something and gets up asks, “Swara, Laksh?”

Swara also looks at her once and thinks for a while and says, “Even i don’t know”

By that time suraj comes inside to have a small enquiry from Ragini, Sanskar also joins with him. Swara looks at him and asks, “Laksh?”

Sanskar gives a plain reaction to her and says, “He is fine. I will take you to him in sometime”

Ragini, “I want to see him now..pls take me to him”

Suraj, “Ragini…don’t worry he is perfectly fine. Now can you pls tell me what exactly happened on that day after you make Swara escaped from there”


From Ragini’s POV :

I hit Rajat at his head and make Swara escaped from that place. Rajat tells his goons to chase her. I tried to stop them but i couldn’t. I beaten Rajat again but he hold the rod and slaps me repeatedly and i fell on the floor. Rajat is about to hit me by the rod but Laksh came in between, holds his hands and kicks him. Then he came to me and helps me to get up and compose me, but i was feeling dizzy and couldn’t response him properly. Somehow i managed and we both look for ACP Prakash.

He is still struggling with some goons and Laksh goes to free him from them. But in the meanwhile, Rajat again comes back and tries to stab Laksh with knife…i was shocked and i shouts Laksh but he didnt hear me, i ran to him and held Rajat’s hand and he slaps me again and pushed me…i fell on something, got wound in my head and after that i don’t know what happened there.

Once i woke up i was kept in a dark room, no lights and i was screaming like hell. Suddenly someone opens the door and a shadow comes inside. i got scared and backs off. But he is moving close to me, i was going back continuously and at once i stopped when i hit the wall. I was crying for help, i was shouting for Laksh’s name.
He says, “No use of shouting now. No one can come to save you”. i recognised it is Rajat’s voice. I tried to get him and finally i got his collar and held it and starts hitting him but he folded my hands at the back and whispers in my ears, “Because of your so called lover and friend, now you are going to suffer for your life time. I feel so sorry for you”.

I felt chillness in my body it is because of fear. My body is started shivering and i was hell scared seeing him. He pushed me to the wall and went out. I still cried like anything thinking about my fate. After sometime, the door is completely opened and some 3 to 4 members came inside and tied me with chains and dragged me outside. I saw an ambulance and they put me in that and took me somewhere. Finally we reached and that was the mental asylum. They took me inside forcefully and started giving me injections continuously. I don’t know what happen after that. Whenever i used to wake up, i was tied in chains and laid in bed. Daily they used to give me electric shock, it was like hell….i felt even hell will not be this much bad…I cried my heart out but no one was there to hear my screams. I lost my hope and thought to kill myself but i couldn’t do that also…they came and saved me but i don’t know why they saved me…after that again they tortured me like hell…often Rajat used to come there and gave some instructions to them, according to his order only they tortured me. This was going till you all came and saved me.

Ragini finishes her statement and cries hardly, after hearing her painful flashback, Swara hugs her and cries her heart out. She thinks,”Because of my habit, i made my loved ones suffer a lot”. She consoles Ragini and gives her water to drink. Sanskar, Sahil and Suraj felt bad seeing Ragini in worse condition. Sahil suggests her to take a good sleep. He gives her an injection and it makes her to sleep peacefully.

They take Swara outside the room and gets her to Laksh’s room. There she meets Anjali who is caring Laksh. She couldn’t identify her but gives her a smile. Anjali is about to ask something, but Sanskar signs her to come out. Swara slowly moves to Laksh and holds his hands and says, “Laksh”

Laksh is awake already and says, “Swara”. Swara nodded no and says, “Shravani”. Laksh is surprised and looks at Sanskar who is standing little far and nods him positively. Laksh holds her hand tightly and calls, “Shravu…my baby”. Swara also happily nodded her head and holds his hands tightly.

After having a normal talk, Sahil suggest Laksh to avoid taking stress. So they all came out and sits cheat. Anjali is still in shock seeing Swara regained her memory, but she did not miss notice Sanskar’s reaction. He looks so upset, his happiness, smile did not reach his eyes. She is tensed inside but did not show it out.

Sahil left Sanskar with Swara and goes to his cabin for some medical discussion. After a long hesitation, Sanskar goes to her and says, “Swara…do you want to have something”

Swara looks at him and says, “My name is Shravani. And no thanks. I am not feeling to have anything”. She leans on the chair and closes her eyes. Sanskar felt bad seeing her maintaining some distance. He also goes on opposite side and sits in the chair looking at her.

Anjali looks at them and feels bad for Sanskar. She is able to understand what his heart is going through. He is not able to control his feelings and he is fighting with his emotions. She prays god to give the happiness to her son.

After a while, Swara wakes up and sees Sanskar also leaning on the chair. She gets confused and some odd feelings seeing him. She gets up and goes out. After few mins, Sanskar also wake up and gets shocked of not seeing Swara. he goes inside Laksh’s room and there also he did not see her. Then he runs to Ragini’s ward, but not finding her there also. He gets worried about Swara and tries dialling Suraj but stops seeing Swara is coming towards him holding 2 tea cups in her hand. She comes to him smiling and hands over one to him. He gets relaxed seeing her but asks her, “Where you went? You know right, it is not safe for you to go alone anywhere”

Swara smiles at him and says, “It’s ok. I saw you were sleeping and thought of not disturbing you. Don’t worry i am alright”.

Sanskar thanks her for the tea and thinks what to talk, now he realizes that there is nothing to talk between them.

Swara has one sip and she asks, “Who are you? And btw sorry i don’t remember your name?”

Sanskar’s heart is paining but still he smiles at her and says, “I am Sanskar. I met you on that day you were running and fell on my car. I admitted you here and got you treated”.

Swara, “Oh…thank you so much Sanskar. That’s a great help you did”

Sanskar always like his name comes out from his Swara’s mouth but today somehow he feels there is no feelings when she spells his name.

Swara, “Sanskar..if you don’t mind…can you tell me what happened exactly after that accident”

Sanskar is speechless and thinks how to explain her that she stayed with him as his wife. He hesitates to start but soon Sahil comes and says, “We got an info about Prakash”. Swara gets up from her seat and asks, “Where is he? Is he safe or any problem?”

Sanskar looks at her worry about ACP and feels bad. He did not answer anything to Sahil but simply stands like a statue starring Swara sadly.

Precap: Prakash’s whereabouts. Swara gets to know about Sanskar & her relation. Swara makes friendship with Sanskar.

How is the episode guys. guys… in next episode we will get to know about prakash and will have a month leap. after we all can see a Recovered Laksh with his complete cute face. In these one month Swasan relation gets in a better shape but still she will keep herself away from him and Sanskar now who completely surrendered himself to her and thinks to propose her.

So pls do wait for the next updates and don’t forget to give comments for this. c u soon.

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