Swasan- An Unbreakable Alliance ( few Shots) shot1

Hiii everyone this is my nw story- Swasan- An unbreakable alliance ……… Rabia api this is ur surprise..this is specially fr u bcoz after reading ur ff nd ss i gain some confidence to write ff….so this is fr u…….

So coming to the story…….what is an alliance.. U all know very well about it…..but do u knw when an alliance come fr someone how they feel… yes, my story is about alliance, when an alliance come fr someone how they feel…what’s the situation of their heart….nd how they handle it… This story is a journey of alliance to marriage……
I knw its a boring concept… U r free to tell me ….i will drop this idea ….so enough of my bla..bla..
Here is shot1………

A girl is shown sleeping on her bed in her room, which has a beautiful interior of pink nd white. A lady of mid 40’s come inside nd try to wake her….

Sumi- shona,…bacha wake up see its so late nw,wake up

Swara-mom, plz let me sleep..

Sumi- shona, its so late now wake up( nd opens the curtains to allow the sun rays fr disturb swara’s sleep

Swara- mom( iirritate by sun rays)

Sumi- swara, wake up nw nd come fr breakfast ur baba is waiting for u

Swara- baba…..okk i m coming
Nd she left to washroom

Sumi come to shekar….
Sumi – shekar mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai

Shekar- haa bolo na misty, kya baat hai,

Sumi- shekhar, don’t u think swara should be married nw

Shekhar- (after thinking)yess i think u r fight her studies is also completed..

Sumi- so, do u knw any good boy..

Shekar- noo.. mein dekta huin koi acha rishta milta hai toh

(Swara hears thier conversation while coming downstair)

Swara’s pov.
Oh,god,mom- dad fir shuru ho gaye …oh god dekho na itni choti bachi ki shaddi kara rahe hai..that’s nt fair na.,…..swara isse pehle mom tujhe dekhe aur fir shuru ho….nikal yaha se

( swara silently goes towards the door without making noise)

Sumi- swara,come here nd do ur breakfast first, i will nt start marriage topic,come….

Swara- (in mind) ooh! God mom ko kaise pata chala ……mom, i m getting late,Ragu is waiting fr me byeee

Sumi- this girl is crazy..

#In Restaurant

Ragini- swara,u r late…i am waiting here from half an hour nd u r coming nw ( with a fake anger)

Swara- sry,ragu….first i wake up late then this traffic jam…ughhhh.its so irritating..

Ragini- okkk…come sit nd tell me why u called me here?. what’s the problem?

Swara- hwww….ragu what do u mean i always remember u in problem…..

Ragini- yesss…….. Nt always

Swara- hw rude( with an angry pout)

Ragini- smikes seeing him….okkk enough swara tell me what’s the problem?

Swara- ( innocently) woh….na…maa-baba r talking anout my marriage

Ragini- what? Really… Who’s the boy( teasingly) ??

Swara- ragu( angrily) they r searching

Ragini- okkk…so what’s the problem here???

Swara- the problem is i don’t want to marry

Ragini- nd can i ask why!?

Swara- because its so early… I m just 21… I m a little kid na ( with a cute pout)

Ragini- swara….( nd bangs his head with hand) swara look at u ….u r nt a kid now

Swara- oh i knw it but i m a kid from inside

Ragini- okkk! Swara( with a sweet tone) nw enough of this joke tell me the reason nd seriously why u don’t want to marry

Swara- reason… Oh ragu u knw me very well…. Actually i m waiting fr my dream boy

Ragini – (with wide eyes) dream boy

Swara- yes, i don’t want to do into marriage

Ragini- what do u mean???

Swara- I want to do love marriage but with my parents blessings

Ragini- it means a love marriage arrange by parents

Swara- yes,

Ragini- what about ur draem boy

Swara- Dream boy…… Ragu i want a friend in my life partner, who loves me more than my parents…. Who cares fr me….who trust me in each nd every situation,Who respect my feelings, my decisions nd ( irrupts by ragini)_

Ragini- nd u r nt a kid anymore

Swara- what ????( looks shockingly)

Ragini- which kid dreams about someone like this( teasingly) hahahaha

Swara- ( with a cute angry pout) i hate u ragu……

# Maheswari mansion

A boy is shown sleeping hugging tightly his pillow with a cute smile on his face. His alarm is buzzing regularly. A lady came inside nd start shouting

Sujata- his mom- …arrey chore, uth..hey ram ji…ise chore ne toh naak mei dum kar diya.Sanskar! uth na ( nd shakes him)

sanskar doesn’t listen him nd his pillow more tightly

Sujata- chore uuth, suraj sir par aa gaya hai uth sanskar 10:00 baj gaye hai thare ko office nahi jana

Sanskar- oh god !!! Office mom apne mujhe pehle kyun nahi uthaya

Sujata- ( whild going ddownstairs murmurs) yeh chora ek toh maari baat nahi sunta upar se mujhe hi blame kar diya)

Sanskar came downstairs to go office

Sujata- sanskar cams have breakfast

Sanskar- no mom i m getting late( wow hw similar they r)

Ap- sanskar come here first

Sanskar- badi maa OK

Sujata- yeh loo…nahi marre ko samajh nahi aaata…..chord pehle toh tu der se uthta hai fir yeh breakfast nahi karna thare ko…..jiji ab mein iske nakre nas jhel sakun huin haa….ab toh ap iski shaadi kara do bas

Sanskar who is drinking juice spitt it with jerk nd sees his mom with a horrific face

Sanskar- mom….what r u saying……waving his hand byeee i m going

Sujata- dekha jiji dekha chala gaya

Ap- sujata tum bhi na

Sujata- jiji ap samajh na rahe hho……iski biwi aakar hi isse sambhalegi maare se naa hota bas…….nein naa abhi pandit ji ko bulati huin……maare sanskar ke liye mein ek achi marwari ladki dekungi


A small intro of characters

Swara- bbubbly,,chirpy, naughty girl..only child of her parents…..loves her freedom

Ragini- best friend swara

Sanskar- handsome, iintelligent boy anh girl can fall fr her only heir of maheswari empire a little careless

Laksh- friend of sanskar ,mature tjen sanskar, sujata nd ap trust him
Ragini nd laksh r going to play cupid role in this story

Sry for spellings mistakes bd grammatical errors…….

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  1. Rabia

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    1. Rabia

      Aur spellings and grammar ko maaro golii mairi tou itni hoti aksar mujhay khud ko samjh nhe aata ??? soo chilll ?

      1. Rabia

        Aliya i never even press like button for someone’s dp if i not like it even for a name sakee i liked your concept thats why is said that i didnt liked because u dedicated it to mee sooo its sachii muchii wala not jhooti mutiuu wala ????

    2. Aliya123

      Api…stop jumping nahi toh apke parents apko pagal samjhenge…. U really like it sachi muchi wala aap mera dil rakhne ke liye toh nahi keh rahe na ……..yess it happens in reality…

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