Swasan- An Unbreakable Alliance ( few Shots) shot 2

# café

Laksh nd sanskar were sitting in a cafe where sanskar is talking with Laksh with a serious irritated face nd our llucky……he is laughing madly…..

Sanskar- lucky ! Stop laughing nd help me

Laksh- ha..ha.ha.haha…wh…what…..no…..i can’t help u ( nd again start laughing)

Sanskar- hey! Bhagwan kaisa dost diya hai mujhe yahan mein ise apni musibaton( problem ) ki dastaan suna raha huin or yeh meri halat par has raha hai

Laksh-( while controlling his laughing) yaar tu gussa mat ho…..chill kar..kuch nahi hoga

Sanskar- kuch nahi hoga mom is searching a girl for me nd u r saying nothing will happen

Lucky- ssearching…..she is searching milli nahi yaar

Sanskar- chup…. mil gayi…..humhe 2-3 din mein unke ghar jana hain …….mom ne toh uske aur mere bacho ke naam bhi soch liye

Laksh- what???again start laughing

Sanskar- yesss…..she was saying sanskar plz do marriage i have to play with my grandchildren……

Laksh- ( laughing)

Sanskar- salle chup kar….yaha mein tension mein mara jaa raha huin aur tu hai ki….

Laksh- to bhai kar le naaa marriage sujata maa wants to play with her grand children

Sanskar- haa Lucky aaj maa ko grandchildren chaiye toh shaddi kar luin kal maa kahegi mujhe yeh daugter in law pasand nahi hai toh kya dusri shaddi kar luin

Laksh- startz clapping-

Sanskar- what ??? ( with irritated face)

Laksh- ( tauntingly) bhai tujhe abhi shaddi nahi karni thi aur ab tu second marriage ke dream dekhne laga

Sanskar- with an angry face- Lucky stop ur nonsense otherwise i will kkill u

Laksh controls his laughter…..nd sees two girls were coming in the restaurant nd sits on the opposite table………

Laksh Pov.

This ggirl…i have seen her somewhere but where ………..( he starts thinking) oh yes she is swara sujata maa told me about him


Laksh- sujata maa ..what happen why u call me nd ask me to come immediately

Sujata- laksh…..aaja chore ab gu hi maari madad kar sakta hai dekh yeh chori kaisi hai( gives a photo)

Laksh- beautiful… But who is she

Sujata- she is ur would be bhabhi…..i have chosen her fr sanskar…..her name is swara…..

Laksh-what??? Sanskar agreed fr marriage

Sujata- chore thare ko maine isiliye bulaya hai……..thare ko sanskar ko razi karna hai bas….

Laksh- how could i??? Woh mujhe maar dalega agar maine usse kuch kaha toh

Sujata- Maara ko naa sunbhi kuch bhi…….maare ko bus sanskar hi haa sunni hai bus samjha chore…….

Fb ends

Laksh- swara…..

Sanskar- what??! Who swara ???

Laksh- sanky see that girl who is in pink top her name is swara(points towards swara nd ragini)

Sanskar- so,what

Laksh- hows she ?

Sanskar- ( looked at swara clearly)so beautiful ……….

Laksh- she is ur would be wife

Sanskar- (come back in original world) what????

Laksh- sujata maa has told mee already nd nw u also like him so marriage fix

Sanskar- what?? No i just said casually ……infact she is nt my type

Laksh- okkk so she is beautiful, well educated, have a good family bt she is nt ur type

Sanskar- right

Laksh- (in mind) achha bacho ab dekh teri shaddi isi ladki se hogi ab toh ( to sanskar) thik hai okk dude u never lose any dare right

Sanskar- lucky how this dare come suddenly

Laksh- tell me dude

Sanskar- yess sanskar maheswari never loses any dare( proudly)

Laksh- okk mr.sanskar maheswari i have a dare fr u…….but first tell me do u accept it

Sanskar- dare…… i said naa i never loses okkk i accept nw tell me……….

Laksh- so listen carefully….. We will stalk swara fr one week nd if in this one week u fall fr swara….soooooo

Sanskar- ( cuts him) soo

Laksh- soo thd great sanskar maheswari will agree fr this marriage

Sanskar- (stands nd shouts ) what r u mad what type of dare is this ????…/…… Noo i m nt gonna do anything…

Laksh-okkk…..pehli baar sanskar dare se dar gaya sab yeh sun ke kitna kush ho jayenge……..

Sanskar- ( thinks) okk i accept

Laksh- so what r we waiting fr they r going let’s go dude……

Sanlak star following swara everywhere……restaurant, mall,movie everywhere……. One day when they were following swara…………

# In park
When swara was passing from the park she sees some small children r playing from sand nd our swara is very ………..u all knw him so she went to the children nd start making castle from sand……..nd our daring hero as usual staring at him……that time sanky notices the cute nd innocent swara who was plying with kids so innocently…. Nd busy in making face’s ……that was the first time when our sanky get lost in her innocence…. Nd fall a little fr her………….

Sooo,enough fr today haaaa……. Nw tell me who wants each nd every day’s details of stalking otherwise i m planning to skip that part…..

Ignore my spelling mistakes nd grammatical error…..

Recap- let mee think…….. ….

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  1. Rabia

    awesomee aliyaa dear but dearr u have to put English sentences with hindi as a translation because many reader here can’t read hindi or urdu especially shan she can’t understand it 🙂 many are there but i only know about shan 😉

    1. Aliya123

      Okkk…..api I will try to put in English also …..
      Thank u

  2. Arshaanya

    Nyc chappy

    1. Aliya123

      Thank u so much

  3. Mahjabeen

    Awesome dear…nd yeah nt ech day description i want..u just give some scenes in wch sanky is falling fr her..waitng fr nxt

    1. Aliya123

      Yesss….I am also thinking same …..thank u

  4. Manasvi

    Its good dear..

  5. Rabia0032

    Nice you know I was soo lost in reading that I didnt notice that epi is end soo Bad ma plzzz Post soon

    1. Aliya123

      Ohh…..thank u fr reading with so much interests…….I will post next shot soon….

  6. Alia


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      Thank u alia

  7. Dharshini

    Awesome dear…

    1. Aliya123

      Thank u Dharshini??

    1. Aliya123

      Thank u so much Dr..

  8. A.xx

    great,,, I think you should just give a little summary of the days and not long ones but put them across a few shots and give importance to the rest part of the story>>>
    loved i update soon and HAPPY DIWALI!!.XX

    1. Aliya123

      Happy diwali to u……..thank u so much …..
      I’m also thinking the same

  9. Its super awesome
    Eagerly waiting for next episode

  10. JenniferAndrews

    Each day and you story is great

  11. Pooja26

    super se upar…. 😉 😉

  12. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Outstanding dear…keep it up and you kept thinking??..Lage raho??..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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