swasan: u r only my true love (few shots) 3rd part

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Swasan goes to uni were as usual raj and nisha with the gang (same gang which are also in clg) sitting and bulling others after seeing swasan raj fumes in anger and walks towards them and stand infront of them blocking their way… seeing raj infront of them swara anger reaches its peak but compose herself and said..

Swara: whats your problem mr. raj?? Why u always comes in our way??

Raj: shona darling before he complete sanky cuts him

Sanky: don’t u dare to call her darling I think your nish darling may mind after listening dis….

Raj became shocked after listening this because nobody knows that he calls nisha as nish….

Raj: how do u know that I call nisha as nish??

Swara: we know much more mr. raj so its better for u to stay away from us otherwise we are not responsible for your state…. Now get a side by saying this both swasan moved towards class by hand in hand…

Nisha: raj swara changed a lot in these yrs I must say

Raj: don’t worry nish darling she may be changed or not but the plan which we didn’t completed before 5 yrs we will complete it now in the party after all I have to seek revenge from these both by saying this he remember the scene in which swara slaps him…

But they don’t know that their talks were listened by swasan….. they both smirked after listening this and said to each other the plan must be completed this time raj but ours not yours….

Finally the party night came…. All were very excited especially raj and gang because they are going to spoil swasan image infront of the whole clg while they don’t know that instead of swasan they are going to meet hell… swara know only the 10% of the plan because the remaining plan sanky hided from her because he wants to surprise her and wants to return her genuine smile on her bday which is tomorrow… soo on the request of swara he also didn’t tell her about the plan that is why swara is too much angry with him and giving him a death glare with a cute pout from yesterday which sanky ignores all the time and said just few hrs more baby and winks… while swara turns her head being irritated…

Swara: I hate u sankyyy

Sanky: but I luv u shone by saying this he kissed on her cheeks very tightly and runs

Swara: idiot but I luv himmm nooooo aarggghhhh I hate him idiot monkey donkey,,stupid,lizard,buffalo she is giving him more titles but sanky came back and said…

Sanky: stop my fighter plane u can give me titles later now let’s goo its time for some action,drama,,, dhuzzz dhuzzz dhuzzzz…

Swara: shutup u idiot monkey its not a ekta kapoor drama in which u r giving sounds huhhh…

Sanky: okay okay my sweetu let’s goo naaa he said with a puppy face..

Swara smiles and slaps him little on his face and said let’s goo….

In the party hall:

Everyone is enjoying party but when swasan enters all become silent because both were looking like a heavenly couple (sorry guys im very bad in giving dressing soo u can imagine in your own dressing to both of them)

Raj and gang gave them death glare but later smirks evilly which is notice by swasan and they look each other and smiles meaningfully….

After sometime raj came on the stage with a mike……

Raj: welcome frnds in the party I hope u all are enjoying very much??

All hoots and said yess..

Raj: I would like too show u some spicy masala of the uni which is related to one of the most s*xy and beautiful student of the clg u came to know about whom I am talking after watching the clippings…. By saying this he winks at swara and give her a flying kiss with a evil smileee…while swasan fumes in anger but sankyy give him a same evil smirksss on which raj gave hima confused look but ignore him and goes towards they gamee….

The clipping is going to show on multimedia screen which is visible to the whole students…. All are very excited while swara is nervous but sanky gave her a assurance hug….
When the clipping startsss raj and gang become happy but their smile faded after seeing the clipping….

In clipping there is raj and nisha in the imitate position while all the other gang member which is including 2 boys more and 1 girl is taking drugs at the back side off the clgg…. After seeing this raj said what is this?? He became panick and tries to stop the clipping but one hand stops his hand he looks towards the person..

Sanky: naa naa naaa my dear raj it is just the beginning of the clipping let’s enjoy the whole clipping by saying this he pushes him in the middle of the floor while give the red blood shot glare to the other members on which they gulp in fear and moved toward raj…. All the students giving them disgusting look… while the clipping further shows that…raj and nisha stealing the exam papers… raj one gang member iss forcing one girl for a kiss……while the other boy of gang is seeing inside the girls rest room from the window and the girl is shown stealing money from the classmates bags…

Whole gang become shocked after seeing this and starts sweating before any student doo anything princi came with the police and said please sir arrest these students because they are a shame for our clg…. But sanky interrupts and said sir if u don’t mind can I and swara talks wid them for half an hr??

Princi who knows sanky and swara’s family personally allows them… whole gang goes with swasan in separate room..

Sanky: soo guys how was the surprise?? I hope u all will get surprised isn’t it???

Raj: soo it is all done by you??? How can you steep soo much low sanskar??? But he feels burning sensation on his cheeks and look that swara slaps him hard…

Swara: don’t u dare mr raj to say anything against to my sankyyy or else I’ll cut your tongue…

Other members but how u both doo this to us?? What we have done to u???

Sanky: oooo soo u done nothing???……

Nisha: yes we done nothing

Sanky: shutupp uuuu cheap girll

Raj; sanskarrrrr

Sanky: don’t shout u blo*dy cheappp… I will tell what u all doneee….. shona can i???

Swara: sure sankyyy u carry onnn I’ll sit on the chair by saying this she sits on the nearby chair with an attitude…

Sanky: soo mr raj and gang what u were saying that u have done nothing?? He grabs raj with a collar and gave him a punch on stomach soo u have done nothing???
Raj with pain ya we have done nothing….

Sanky again punched him and said I think u have a memory loss problemmm

All gave him a confused look…

Sanky: don’t look at me like thiss… what u all planned before 5 yrs???
All gang gave him a horrified look…

Nisha: whaa….ttt…. be…for…eee 5 yrs??

Sanky: ooo don’t stammer nish darling we both know what u all planned before 5 yrs infact me and swara were their when u both romancing with eachother in the class and also when u all discussing about the video and pics in the party.. by saying this he slapps very hard to the boy who said that day that he want to spend night with swara…

Sanky slaps him again and said: what did u said that day?? That u want to spend night with her??? By saying this he punched him hardd…

Raj: but we didn’t saw u both on that day…

Swara: becaue wee were standing at your back and seeing all your planning… she said with a tears why raj?? Why u want to destroy mee?? Im sincere with that relation but u both my soo called best frnds beytrayed meee… why??

Raj: oo shut uppp swara stop your emotional drama I never loved u I and nisha only with u because of your money or else who wants to be with a sooo much sanskarii and teacher’s pet girlll… he all said with an attitude but in return he got slap from sanky….

Sanky: don’t u dare raj

Raj: what don’t dare haaan??? I tolerate all your non senses u both created that mess naa soo u both have too clear this because if u both didn’t doo what I said soo on next moment your so called fiancé’s pics and video will be out…

Sany laughs on listening this and said what u think of me a fool??

Raj: what doo u mean??

Sanky: I mean that when I can change the clipping soo why can’t I delete all the fake proofs regarding swara??

Nisha: whatttttt???

Sanky::: yesss u can check for reassuring but u can’t find anything but u can easily find proof against u alll

Boy from gang: but how u arrange all the stuff of the clipping???

Sanky: its very easy im having the camera in my locket from which I can easily record…..

I’m the one who record your activities while forcefully kissing the girl and I’m also the one who saved that girl from your clutches by throwing stone on your head and marbles below your foot…

Im the one who record you peeping inside the girls rest room and im also the one who remove stool from your foot with the help of the thread….

Im the one who record all your bad activities while stealing money,exam paper and taking drugs….

While I take raj and nisha’s pic from your laptop which u all forget in the library…

Raj claps: I must say sanskar I have a brilliant mind but how can u proof that we all tries to defame swara 5 yrs before and also today?? U may be having the proof regarding us but u don’t have the proof regarding swara…

Sanky: well mr.. raj I’m not a dumbhead like you all our conversation is being listened and watched by whole clg,, including princi,, and police because this class is having the hidden camera and microphone soo your game will be finished now…

All gang members became pale after listening all this but before they say anything police came and arrests them all…..

To be continued……

What happened next u all came to know in next shot….

Precap: swara’s birthday and also the last shot 

Thankuu soo much guys for reading and please doo comment….


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