swasan: u r only my true love (few shots) 1st part

Guys im writing a story on swasan which is of few shots and I promise i will update big episode of my SS “ swasan : justice is for everybody” after 2,3 days

Shot 1

So let’s start the story:-

Swara,nisha and raj were best frnds swara and raj are the couple

Swara,nisha and raj were in class 10th and soon they r going to join clg…one day swara is going through a corridor of the school their exams were finished already…. When swara walks in front of one class she listened somebody is talking but ignores but she stops after listening her name and she became shocked….. in the same night there is a party for all the 10th class students… raj,nisha and gang chit chatting and seeing something on the laptop and laughing and discussing something and waiting for swara but swara didn’t came till now nisha is trying calling her but she is not picking her cell while they are calling swara someone at their back listening and seeing all this with teary eyes but nobody notice him/her because he/she having the mask on face… the unknown person go from there….

Leap of 5 years

One boy and girl entered in a very big university by hold each other hands… when they are going they heard a noise from their back they both turned and saw gang of four people standing and looking toward them with attitude but two people from the gang astonished after seeing the girl… both shouts swara????(Yes the girl is swara)

Swara saw them with blank expressions and said yes swara… raj and nishaa (yes the 2 people from gang our raj and nisha) raj come forward to hug her but the boy with swara stops him by putting hand on her chest and push him little and said don’t u dare to hug or touch my fiancé

Raj and nisha first become shocked after listening this but raj becomes angry on seeing the boy’s behavior and said swara look how he is behaving with your best frnd come boy frnd

Swara to boy: u don’t do good by pushing him..

Raj smirks after listening this but swara’s next line faded his smirks and he saw swara with open mouth..

Swara: but actually u have to give him a punch with pushing..

Raj: shona u can u say like this I’m your best frnd and we love each other na in school then what is all this??

Swara: listen my name is swara not shona only my loved one called me by this name and u r not my best frnd or boy frnd but actually u wasssss my best frnd or boy frnd not u actually this girl nishaaa was also my best frnd but that was my biggest mistake of life now stop bothering us and get lost from here by saying this she holds the boy’s hand and said let’s go sanskar (yes the boy is sanskar)

While raj and nisha were in shock after seeing swara’s behavior because swara is a very calm and sweet nature girl

Nisha: what was that raj? And how could she insult us like this she fumes in anger

Raj: who also in shock came back in senses and also fumes in anger and said u don’t worry we will see them let’s go guys it’s time for a class…

Raj,nisha and gang sitting in the class when teacher came and announce that there are 2 new students who came from abroad please all students welcome swara gadodia and

sanskar maheswari… raj fumes in anger after listening there name…

Swasan came and said hello to everyone and got settled together… raj is continuously seeing swara but swara ignores him and concentrate on her lecture..

When the university got over sanky told to swara that u waits near the parking lot I will come in few minutes from library swara nodes…

Raj who is going out the uni saw swara standing and thought to confront her…he goes towards her and grabs her hand and takes her to the lonely corner…

Swara who is waiting for sanky get shocked with a sudden force on her hand but she fumes in anger after seeing that raj is dragging her…. She jerk his hand and shouts…

Swara: how dare u mr. raj to touch me??

Raj: swara darling please no more argument I’ve need to talk to u baby please come with mee by saying this he againg tried to grab her hand but she again jerk him and gave him a tight slap and said..

Swara: r u deaf?? Don’t u hear don’t touch mee and I’m not interested in talking with u soo just get the hell out of here by saying this she turns to leave and raj turns her forcefully and said..

Raj: how dare u to slap me??? By saying this he raise his hand to slap her but being stop by someone… raj looks toward the direction and shocked to see sanky holding his hand

Sanky : I told u don’t dare to touch her but I think u take me easy by saying this he gave him a tight punch due to which raj fall down and shocked to see sanky force of punch..

Swara smirks after seeing him and said don’t u dare to mess with my sanky he is gold medalist in boxing and karate soo u better stay in your limits or u will face very bad consequences.. by saying this swasan left giving raj the evil smirks…

To be continued…..

Precap: what happened before 5 yrs…

Thanku guys for reading and please tell me if u like it or not…


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