swasan: u r not a curse for me (OS)

One shot story:

A girl entered in a clg with a gorgeous look…it is the first day of new session but the girl is in 3rd yr because she is transferred from London on her request because she wants to complete her studies in india… but whoever sees her they thought that she is a fresher because she is 21 but looking like she he 18 or under.. a gang of seniors are doing ragging of all the new freshers when the girl passes from them they stops her and calls her girl take her goggles and goes towards them she is very confident and bold… in the gang there is one boy who saw her but ignore her same is the case with that girl she also ignores him..

One senior asks her name with an attitude

The girl replied SWARA GADODIA with same attitude… yes she is (swara)

Senior frowned on her attitude and said wow what an attitude listen miss we are your seniors so you should give respect to us..

Swara: ohh senior can I know in which year u read?

Seniors: 3rd yr.

Swara: ooo I see 3rd yr. them how come u r my seniors??

Everybody gave her a confused look? And said what does u mean?

Swara: I mean that im also from 3rd year it means that u r my class fellow not any senior soo don’t u dare to show any attitude to mee now get a side I have to goo she said with full attitude and goes

All who is listening this open their mouth wide and shocked but after swara left they come in sense and fumes on this insult… and said we will see her the boy who saw her first said don’t worry guys we will get the chance to take revenge from her and I also want to seek revenge from her

His gang said what?? How do u know her and why u didn’t tell that u know her and she also not said anything.. sanskar please answer us (yes the guy is sanskar)

Sanskar: her and my family are very close and we live in a same mansion but I hate her because my parents love her more than me everyone praises her because she is obedient from childhood helps everyone and my family always scolds me due to her when she goes to London I became happy because at least now my family shows love to me but she returns after 2 yrs by saying that she have to complete studies in india.. he said with an angry expressions

One girl from his gang said sanky don’t worry we teach her a lesson u don’t need to worry

Sanky nodes and they all leaves for the class

In class both swasan gave cold look to each other swara also hates sanskar because he always tries to irritate her and defames her in front of the family..

After the first class over it is announced that there is a party tonight soo there is no more classes today everyone leave to their homes.. while leaving swara’s new frnd ria said swara what are u wearing tonight? U know every year this party is organized and it is very awesome party decoration is done with real flower like jasmine,roses etc..

Swara after listening jasmine said I hate jasmine which is heard by sanskar’s gang member rajat and goes to inform this to all member without listening swara completely..

Ria: why u hate jasmine?

Swara: not jasmine flower but actually I hate its smell because im allergic from its smell not a small quantity will affect me but if the smell is in large quantity then within 20 mins I got the asthama attack and my body turns cold and starts sweating, shivering due to temperature and if inhaler is not given to me within 15 mins it may be dangerous for me..

Ria: ooo you don’t worry I’ll stay with u in the party and don’t forget to bring your inhaler with you got it?

Swara: said okay boss now let’s move we have to get ready both bids by to each other and goes

At evening swara got ready she told her mother about flower arrangement everybody knows about her allergy accept sanky
Swara’s mother reminds her to take inhaler with her she nodes but when she is leaving she thought that the inhaler is in the car soo she didn’t check and left..

On the other side when rajat tells swara hatred toward jasmine they all made a plan to put jasmine on their coats and hairs and to irritate swara with it sanky smirk evily and said now swara u have to pay for all the things which u have done to mee..

In evening when swara reach ria is already waiting for her and said swara u know today there is no jasmine flowers in the arrangement I think clg also wants you to save and winks 😉

Swara smiles and goes inside after 15 mins sanky gang comes they saw swara and signals each other they call sanky and said when is he coming swara is already reached sanky said within half hr he is coming and order his gang member after 10 mins go to swara and make a circle around her but like this as they are enjoying she shouldn’t doubt….. they all says okay and after 10 mins they slowly goes toward swara and make a circle around her like sanky said..

Swara who is bzy in watching party smells the jasmine but she didn’t get that where it is coming from she tries to move from their but failed due to sanky’s gang after 15 mins her head start spinning and she is feeling difficulty in breathing she tries again to move but failed ria came in the same time and said to swara what happened but before she answered ria also smelled the jasmine she became pale after seeing swara’s situation..

On the other side when sanky reached he receives call from home it is his mom

Sanky: yes mom?

Mom: sanky where r u? sounds tensed

Sanky: mom im in party what happened why r u sounding tense?

Mom: beta swara is not picking our call before she could complete sanky said with anger and irritated mom she is also in side enjoying the party

Mom: beta it is not like that actually swara told us that there would be decoration with jasmine flower and she is allergic to jasmine smell she gets asthma attack if she remains in the smell 20 mins.. and she also forgot her inhaler at home

Sanky become numb after hearing this he cuts the call and rushed inside but the scene which he saw freeze him swara is on the floor and trying hard to breathe and his gang member also become worried after seeing her situation

Sanky rushed toward her and picks her and rushes outside ria and gang also rushes behind them..

Sanky puts swara on the bench and pats her cheeks he feels that swara is cold as ice and sweating and also shivering and breathing heavily.. ria who is crying after seeing her frnd’s state said that she is allergic to jasmine smell if we didn’t gave her inhaler in next 15 mins it might be dangerous for her everybody cursed her or himself for doing such a dangerous prank with her which may cause her life..

Sanky said she forgot her inhaler at home we have to arrange inhaler everybody panics and didn’t get any idea sanky and ria is rubbing her hands and trying to divert her mind but failed she is breathing heavily and hospital is also far from here only 4 mins is left when suddenly one gang member said it is possible that there is an inhaler in the sick room everybody rushed to the sick room accept sanky and swara sanky become teary eyes and said im sorry swara I didn’t know about your allergy im very sorry he is crying bitterly and said something which u find out later and waiting for members only 10 second is left when ria came running and breathing heavily she instantly give inhaler to swara she gets stable after 10 mins but due to weakness she faint in sanky’s arm sanky picks her and rushed to home everybody also goes beside them and sanky calls the doctor while reaching home..

After reaching home doctor came and check swara and said u gave her inhaler on exact time if it delays even for a minute it may be dangerous.. everyone relief

Ria: but there is no jasmine flower in the party suddenly her sight goes to one’s coat which is having jasmine she looks at sanky and gang and said with anger so u guys were having jasmine?

Everyone bend their head down due to guilt

Sanky’s mom came forward and slap sanky and said do u have any idea what will cause on your this prank?

You know what u always hate her from childhood by thinking that she always gets more love from us then u but do u tried to know about the reason?

U always thought that whenever you fall sick it’s me who take care of you whole night but no it is swara who take care of u every night and before you wake up she goes out by
giving me swear to not tell you because she knows you hate her

Sanskar become numb after hearing this he feels guiltier sanky’s mom continue she said it is only swara who completes your projects and assignments which u thought your father has done it is only swara who shops for your accessories not us sanskar eyes fill with tears he bend down on feet and said plz mom dad im sorry I didn’t know that she is having a severe allergy plz mom believe me he starts crying but his parents said to him to get out from their sight he goes out without saying anything…

At cliff sanky is sitting and staring at the sky he is having tears of guilt sanky start’s talking with himself…. I know mom I know everything that it is swara who done all the things for me from childhood I didn’t hate her mom but actually I love her a lot from the age of 13 yess mom I luv her very much but im scared to go near her because…. Because off mee her life was in danger I remember the day when im going to do frndship with her but I don’t know that my one step leads to her life in danger


Sanky likes swara a lot but he always irritates her one day he thought to do frnship with her he was going to swara’s room he knock the door but no answer he enters aand see that the room is empty he listened shower sound from washroom he got to know that she is in washroom he settle down in a couch while sitting a jug full of water fall down with is hand and while seeing this he strips in the wire of table lamp due to which wire broke but he didn’t pay any heed if he sees that then he came to know that wire fall on the water he goes out to call servant for cleaning in the mean while swara came put and she goes towards the bed but she thought of a book which is lying on the same side table on which the lamp was their she goes when she goes she got an electric shock because she is bare foot in the same time sanky came and he sees it he goes and push swara but due to this swara’s head strike to the wall and its starts bleeding sanky shocked and he calls everyone and tells about the accident nobody yells him because he saves her from shock while doing this she hits the wall everybody takes her the hospital but sanky feels guilty because of him swara got the shock… but it is not the only accident like this many accidents ttok palce whenever sanksar tries to do frndship with her soo he thought that he is a curse for her that’s why he shows that he hates her and changed his behavior to a rude and arrogant boy towards her…

Flashback ends:


Next morning swara wakes up she is feeling much better she goes down and sees her and sanky’s parents they all saw her and they ask her how is she feeling she said that im okay but her eyes is searching for sanky because yesterday night in clg she may be in not her full senses but her heard all his talks but when she didn’t find him he ask her mom..

Swara: Mom where is sanky?

Sanky’s mom: beta please don’t talk about him we don’t want him to be here near you due to him your reached to that state and tell her all incident of yesterday’s night..

Swara: aunty it is not like that she tells them something after hearing this all have tears in their eyes..

After 2 days

Sanky came back and said to his parents to please forgive him his parents said that we will forgive u only on one condition u have to do engagement with swara..

Sanky shocked after listening this he said while stammering whaa…aaattt rr…. Uu…sayinggg he said with fake anger that you all know the that I hate her than why are u saying to do engagement with her? All parents surpasses their laugh and said with anger tone that if u want forgiveness then u have to do this otherwise there is the door u can goo..

Sanky said with a sad tone okay as u said but inside heart he is soo happy but on the other side he is scared that if anything happens to swaraa…

On engagement day :

When all are having fun suddenly they hear a scream which is of swara…. Everybody rush toward her room and saw that her room caught fire and she is crying and screaming for help sanky after seeing this jumps inside the room and saves her and takes her out of the room everybody appreciates his bravery…

Engagement is postponed for 2 hrs after 2 hrs when the ceremony started suddenly swara said stop everybody is looking her in confusion including sanky she goes on the stage and what she said shocked sanky very much..

Swara: sanky today u saved my life know u also think yourself is a curse for me??

Sanky fumbles and said what r u saying swara?? He is become numb after hearing swara that how she know about this because he told nobody about this..

Swara: u r thinking how I got to know about this hain na??

Sanky: nods

Swara: in clg I came to know about evrying thing when a I got asthma attack

Sanky:shocked and said but u were unconscious that time

Swara: im not fully unconscious im in little senses that why I heard all your talks and said to our parents..


When sanky parents said swara to don’t take sanky’s name swara said mom dad uncle aunty we all r wrong in all these years sanky’s didn’t hate me but actually he loves me a lot all shocked after hearing this and said wht r u saying? Sawara said yesterday when I got attack sanky is with wee he thought that I’m unconsciousness that why he said all the things

Flashback of clg in flashback

Sanky saying swara plz im sorry I know u think that I hate u but this not right I love u a lot but im sacred to came near u because im a curse for u every time when I came near you u fall in danger and he said all that things which he tells to himself while sitting on cliff.. swara hears allt his and having tears but she is having no strength that dat time.. FB ends

After listening this all perants starts crying and said our child how can he think like this we always scold him but actually he is saving swara because of his that thought after that swara said to them that she wants to do engagement with him..

FB ends

Sanky looks toward the parents all are having tears his parents pen their arms and sanky runs towards them and hug them tightly in the meantime swara said don’t you want to know that why I requested for this engagement??

All nods head in yes..

Swara: sanky I told me that u love me but nobody knows that I also loves u a lot

Everybody shocked after hearing this including sanky..

Swara: yes I luv u a lot from childhood whenever u fall sick in pierced my heart I luv to complete your projects,assignments but i always cry after seeing your behavior toward mee I always tried to talk to u but u always hurt me with your talk that’s wht I also start answering u with same attitude but I didn’t decrease my love and when u told all the things in clg I thought to hug u tightly but im not able to do that..that’s why I asked parents to do this engagement and I also make my room to caught fire because I want u to overcome with your fear and look I succeeded in that..

Sanky goes to her and hugs her tightly and sais swara I luv u soo much I always thought that im a curse for u that’s why I always hurts you im sorry but please wht u have done today by giving your life danger please don’t do this again by saying this he pecks her forhead and again hugs her.. swara hugs him back and said I luv u too sankyy..
All claps and hoots after seeing this after few minutes they both got engaged and like this after 2 yrs they both get married and live a happy life..

The end….


  1. Divyanshri


    |Registered Member

    What a story Rabia…… once again u come with a heart touching n lovely story….. just awsome yaar…..

    u r an amazing writer……. just love ur work…… come soon with a new story…..

  2. Rabia



    Thanku soo much guys i didn’t know that u all will like it and sorry i want to comment seperately but whenever i’ll try this telly updates stops me by saying you r posting comment very fast

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