Hello guys I’m back with last episode I hope u all liked previous episode thank u so much for all ur lovely comments

Let’s start

Screen start with madap is shown where 2 couples were doing marriage Pandit was chanting mantras for them there the face reveled they where ragini and swara who’s marriage is going on a girl sat on the Mandap with teary eyes we can clearly say that she don’t want to this marriage but she has to for her parents

Soon marriage got completed shekar and Raj where happy for their property but soon their smile fades away seeing groom near them

Shekar: (anger and shock) laksh what is this y stood beside ragini it’s Sanskars place right

(yes guys raglak and swasan are married 2pairs are covering them self with flowers and gungat by girls that is y no one understood)

Raj: (same tone) 1sts where is Arjun

Sanskar: (calmly) don’t worry mr Raj Malik Arjun is safe u want see him okie let me call him wait (Sanskar whistle to get Arjun down to hall)

Laksh: arey Sanskar when u learned whistle plz teach me the even I wanna whistle

Swara: u don’t know lucky he was expert in whistle and he won’t anyone expect me but see my fate Im unable to learn (dramatic way)

shemish rajsimran where tensed but seeing this they got angry on them

Shekar: (angry) stop it what’s going on here

Raj: I’m asking where is my son if he got a single scratch I swear I won’t leave any one of u

Sanlak: really wt u do

Shekar and Raj got angry and both about hit them but ragini came in middle

Ragini: (tears) papa stay away from him he is my husband now don’t forget that

Shekar: wt r u saying he cheated u

Ragini: no papa I married him By my wish

Sumi: (holding her shoulders) are u out of ur mind ragini how can u say like that see ragini my baccha say what happen we will help u

Laksh: leave my wife she was repenting for ur mistakes saying he slapped ragini several times that his finger prints got on her cheeks

Shekar: (holds laksh collar angrily) how dare to slap my daughter I will kill u

Laksh: (serious tone) how u will kill me like u killed swasan parents

Shekar: (in anger without senses he tells) ha I will kill u like I killed them for money

All are shocked listening his confession sumi Kept hand on shekar shoulder to come into senses

Swasanlak dp and ap have smirk on their faces soon police entered into hall

Raj: inspector u came on correct time plz arrest these people they kidnapped my son

Police: u r under arrest mr and Mrs Raj and Mr and Mrs shekar

All 4: wt have out of ur mind how dare u to gadodia family

Police: bcoz u r criminal u both are doing drug business which illegal in our country

Shekar and Raj: (stammering) wt….. Wt are the proofs

SanLak: proofs are here (saying he hold shekar collar) how dare u both killed my parents Im unable to save them but now I will punish their culprits

She and raj: who r u

Sanskar and laksh: laksh Ram Prasad maheswari and Sanskar Varun kapoor Now u got know whom. We are

All 4 got shocked listening them

Ragini: (crying and folding her hands inform of sanlak) plz don’t send my parents to jail plz I will beg u they will stop all activities and I will do what ever u say

Laksh: (thinks) okie I don’t send them jail but u have to be my slave for my whole life u work in my mansion has a servant (saying he hold her hairs tightly) most importantly u have to be in tears everyday u have to feel the pain y u got these kind of parents u have to know the pain how my swara suffered bcoz of ur parents

Shekar: plz leave send us jail plz leave we are ur culprits not her we are begging u plz leave her

Ragini: okie I’m ready I will be ur slave I will work has servant

In meantime Arjun also came

Arjun: (anger) how dare u cheat me swara and Sanskar I won’t leave u both saying this he was above to hit Sanskar but Sanskar pushed him with full force that he felled down

Raj: (hold him) don’t worry Beta they can’t do anything to us

Sanskar: don’t be in dreams inspector arrest them and Arjun if u want save ur parents even u have to ragini work then we will leave ur parents

Arjun: wt I won’t do anything like this I’m Arjun Arjun Malik who is one of the top 10 richest man

Sanskar: (laughing) hahahaha wt u said top 10 see this u r a bigger now with single pence (he thrower the property papers which is on dp name)

Arjun: what is this(Shocked) How come my property is on his name

Sanskar: Ohhh hello who told u this ur property this is mine but ur parents have taken them by killing parents

Aejun: wt killing ????

(listening her parents killed a family just for money he was unable to bear that he was feeling ashamed himself Now)

Sanskar: ha ur parents are murders

Arjun: papa is that true u both are murders

Both bowed their heads down

Arjun: that means these all not belongs to me these all belongs to Sanskar and I’m a murderes son ahhhhhhhh im hating myself now papa how can u do this for money

Raj: listen beta

Arjun: inspector arrest them

Inspector took both of them Arjun was feeling guilty for behaving like that with Sanskar

Arjun: I’m so sorry for my behavior toward u I thought money can give anything but u showed that it will leads to destruction even now I got to know money is only for need not life (with guilty)

Sanskar: It’s okie Arjun u didn’t take ur parents side when u got know they are criminals I’m proud of u now now I can say u r my friend who is my childhood bestie whom I used share everything

Arjun: (confused) what ???

Sanskar: arey leave that u won’t remember that buddy I’m only that Varun whom u used to call me has Varun than Sanskar bcoz u don’t like that name

Arjun: Varun saying this he hugged him (with tears) who said I forgot u I will never forget u u r my bestie man how can u even say that buddy

Sanskar gets happy and hugged him tightly

Swara: okie now stop ur emotional drama now let’s go I’m hungry

Arjun: okie we will but last question how u both got know me

Sanskar: arey buddu u called us for party right that time I have seen ur childhood pic then I got to know that is u but I’m shocked to see ur behavior I thought change u has real man that’s it

Arjun nodded his head in sad manner

Sanskar: leave it buddy past is past now come

Arjun: okie buy seeing ragini who is still on her knees Laksh y r u punishing her for her parents mistake

Laksh: they have to suffer for her daughter how I suffered for my sister then only I will get peace saying this he went inside the room

Ragini also went back of him with heavy heart and tears

Sanskar: Now u both (? shemish) go and stay in store room and shift ur all luggage to ur room by urself Now don’t forget that u r this house servants saying he to went his room filled by swara even ap and dp also went Arjun looked at them hatred filled in his eyes

@Laksh room sry raglak room

Laksh was walking here and there in room ragini stood at the door seeing him like that she was tensed to go near him

Soon a voice made her to come out thoughts that is our swasan

Sanskar: chalo ragini y r u standing outside saying this they took ragini inside the room

All 4 are standing like a round

Sanskar: thank u ragini no girl can do this

Ragini: (intrepted) I did wt I thought right My parents did mistake and they have to get punishment For their deeds and jail is not punishment for my parents The scene which I saw yesterday was hell for me got to know Bcoz of my parents swara suffered alot that my parents didn’t done a mistake but they did sin

(guys let me tell u These all are drama of ragini she wants to give punishment to her parents bcoz she thinks they not only did mistake but also a sin bcoz of swara was suffering from panic attacks from years)

@flash back (night)
Ragini was having tears in her eyes and swara angry face seeing her sanlak went near swara and dp and ap near ragini

Dp: (placed hand on her head) Beta swara was saying truth laksh (? swara) u know in the age of 6 ur parents have snatched her parents not only even sanlak too

(revelation past) beta when u all small na ur parents, Raj and swara parents Ram maheswari are partners swara got very close to ur family but the intention of ur parents is only of money they used to show fake love and care to swara in slowly slowly swara started calling ur parents also has maa and baba bcoz of thier love and care but one day has changed everything swara parents have to go out of the station to meet me but nobody knows this bcoz we kept has a secret bcoz of some rivals at that time swara wants to stay with u all bcoz its ur birthday so swara cried that she will stay at ur home with no option they agreed and left swara at ur home

Ram and sujatha (swalak parents) took only laksh with him and left the place but ur parents and have already planned to their death but when they where going to kill them Sanskar parents (varun and dhanya kapoor) saw ur parents where killing them so they went save them but unfortunately both get caught by their men’s and ur parents created scene like that Ki his rival Varun has killed him but the truth is ur parents where killed them when Sanskar parents where going to die he took Varun signature by blackmailing them to kill Sanskar so he signed on blank papers they thought to kill even these three but then they got to know that has per has Ram and varun vill they all get only half property of their but when they got married another half goes to their partners that is y they are ready to get u people married

Ragini: when these three are in my parents clutch how they escaped

Dp: all people are not so cruel like ur parents one goons seeing these three his heart got melted and helped them in escaping from their clutch but unfortunately laksh and swasan separated when they where in market I found laksh but not swasan both swasan went to orphanage and Sanskar started taking care of her like his life even thought they don’t know each other before but by passing days they are really attached to each other here we all are trying to find swara but there is of no use but one day when they where coming to Railway station laksh seen swasan

Ragini: but how laksh recognised swara when they where separated they where small na

Dp: ha but to get swara we took swara childhood photo to and artist and asked him to draw her now how she looks and all so he Painted swara photo

Ragini: but even swasan where small how they remembered my parents

Sanskar: I can’t even forget ur parents photo even in my dreams they killed my parents in for the my eyes I can’t able to do anything to save my parents I stood there like a robot (teary eyes)
Swara held his hand to control him

Ragini: (teary eyes) I’m sry I know my parents have done a mistake but plz don’t do anything to them may be they are murders but they are even my parents too (saying this she felt on her knees)

Dp: Del beta we won’t kill ur parents but we will make then realise that money is not everything

Laksh: plz papa don’t give false hope to her listen ragini I can’t forgive them ragini I can say even I will kill them I know papa and swasan won’t harm them I will harm them for sure bcoz of them I lost my parents sister and all I can’t even trace my sister of 18yrs I was searching for her like mad person
Before ragini could say something power has gone due to some fuse problem seeing dark swara started panic and shouting Sanskar name

All gets startled listening her Sanskar was a few distance From swara Ap was near her but she was not allowing anyone to touch or hold her

Sanskar: (immediately switch on the mobile light) shhhhh Rani my princess see I’m here only no need to afraid see I’m her only saying he hugged her swara didn’t left him soon she fell unconscious in his arms

Ragini: (shocked) wt happen to her

Laksh: this is all bcoz of ur parents only when she was only 6yrs old ur parents have kept her in a dark room from that time onwards she was getting panic on darkness she think we will kill except Sanskar

Ragini was shocked soon listening his talks she decide to punish her parents in her way my emotional how swara has suffered bcoz of them in the same way she will suffer them she know it’s very difficult for her but she has to do this in another way she Was selfish she don’t want her parents to go jail she wants her parents to be in front of Her eyes may they have done wrong with swara but they loved her immensely

@flash back ends

Swasan left the room leaving them alone

Laksh: I’m sorry ragini I slapped u tightly

Ragini: ha I know how u slapped by colour right

Laksh: but still ragini I may used colour to make marks on cheeks but the truth I slapped u lightly na

Ragini: come on laksh don’t be silly now go and freshen up

Laksh: smiles okie boss

@Swasan side
Sanskar: Now all problems get solved

Swara: no one still there

Sanskar: wt is that (confused)

Swara: arey buddu raglak patch up I know ragini and laksh are falling for each other but both are not realised Now our duty to make them realised

Sanskar smiles and nodded his in positive manner

Screen freezes on swasan and raglak……..

**********epsidoe ends**********

See u all guys on epilogue and guys I hope u all like shemish punishment I mean I think like this they didn’t done a mistake but they made a small girl to suffer much in a small age Now it’s their turn to suffer and don’t worry I will make them realise their mistake soon

Keep smiling guys…..

Bye bye……

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