Hello guys I’m back with 2nd last episode I hope u all like this episode and thanks for all ur support and love which u have all given to me

Let’s start

Shekar and Raj signed the documents without reading the papers day passed all left their respective rooms

@Dinning table

All are sitting on the table soon they saw Arjun and started laughing loudly Arjun was confused why all are laughing

Arjun: y u all are laughing like that (confused ?)

Shekar: beta I know u like spike but this is colour spike how u liked it

Arjun: wt are u saying uncle???

Simran went into room and got a mirror to show him how he was looking he was shocked to see him

Arjun: (shocked) wt is this how my hairs got different colours (saying he holds his hair with sad face)

Sanskar looked at swara has he know she will do this kind of things seeing Sanskar she winks at him

Swara: (monologue) u tried to insult my Sanskar na now see all are laughing at u if this drama is not there na I would have bashed in front of everyone but I can’t do that now but I can’t Forget how u thought to insult my Sanskar

(guys after engagement she went to Arjun room with anyone notice and mixed all godrej hair color in his shampoo bottle and kept that in that position)

Swara: (innocent) without Ur knowledge how it will happen Arjun

Arjun: I really don’t know shona how my….

Swara: (in between) I already told u Arjun don’t call me shona if u want call with another name

Sumi: Rani beta How can u tell like that he was ur fiance

Swara: (seriously) ha maa he was fiance but my Sanskar only he has that right to call me no one has that right maa not even urs

All got shocked by her answer only dp Ap sanlak where smiling they all didn’t even expect this answer from her

Sumi: (angrily) raniiii

Arjun: Leave it aunty it’s her wish (angry but don’t want to create bad image by swara soll said all this calmly)

Swara looked at him without any emotion on him but inside she was burning in anger like hell

Shekar observed dp and ap is also present at dinning so he thought not to drag this more

Shekar: okie leave all that Arjun from now don’t call her shona okie chalo let’s have our dinner and u go keep any cap to hair its looking so funny

Arjun nodded and went Upstairs to get cap

All had their dinner and left their respective room

@arjun room

Arjun pov
Arjun if u want swara na u have to do something man. this Sanskar na even after Knowing their marriage got fixed still they are same has before but a difference is they are talking properly with each other but having same love and care If Anything happen to swara then Sanskar can’t see and same goes with swara even I want kill this Sanskar I know he don’t deserve swara she was only for me I can’t let her go so easily I don’t know y I’m thinking that ragini was changing I’m seeing her from day before yesterday she was different than before she accepted the defeat in pani puri challenge she agreed for orphanage she even didnt smile on engagement wt she is up-to wt if she was thinking to kill swara for Sanskar has I was thinking no no I have to be careful from now

I can’t loose swara she is mine only mine I really want her on my bed daily I can say im obsessed with her I want her daily when I saw her on the 1st day of college na I really want her to on my bed (disgusting fellow???) but then I saw her close to Sanky my blood boil like hell I want kill him right before in front my eyes (in his dreams ??) ahhhhhh if I think more na my head will burst but how my hairs got this colour 1st I have to find the person who did this I swear I Won’t leave them so easily

Soon he went out of the room with cap and has his dinner silently

In all this swara didn’t even talk to anyone she just silently and left the place

@mid night

Swasanlak went to dp rooms where both are waiting for them

Swara:(broad smile) mumma Papa

Ap: (happily) swara beta u came how much time u take to come

Sanskar: looks like someone is not even Waiting for us laksh Chalo we will leave (dramatic way)

Dp: okie leave u asked u both to come
Listening this sanlak pouted

Laksh: this is not fair papa u won’t love me u only love swara

Swara: late realisation Mr laksh maheswari

Laksh: (making faces) papa see na

Swara: are u blind Lucky papa is seeing from the 1st y r u asking him specially ?? u idiot ??
Sanskar laughed seeing her expressions laksh glared him angrily dp and ap suppressing their laughs and made them serious

Dp: okie leave all that u planed everything Perfectly Right don’t want any mistake

Sanlak: ji papa everything is good gadodia and Maliks bad states have started

Dp: (serious tone) I don’t want them to have any chance to escape from this trap I want their destruction as soon has possible

Voice: how dare u all to plan against us

All: ragini (shocked)

Ragini: yes me I don’t know that u people are this much Cheap I thought u all are good and nice but seeing u all now I was wrong

Sanskar: (trying to explain) see ragini the way u r thinking us is wrong let us explain u

Ragini: wt I will tell I know u all very well know all are cheating is in the name of trust

Laksh: 1st listen To us ragini Then u can say anything after that (all seeing ragini change that’s y all are trying to explain her)

Ragini: wt u people will explain how u people are trying to destruct my parents they all are trusting u but U all cheee… Even u both are same (pointing towards dp and ap) cheaters for money u both did this I didn’t think u both are this much cheap…..

Swara: (slapped her for accusing her mom and dad ) wt r u saying trust ur family have lost the right to take the word trust and pushes her near Sanlak (with full range??)

Did u even know wt ur so called parents have done us (showing Sanskar) do even know how much difficult it will be when a 8 yrs old boy has to take care of 6yrs girl (Showing laksh) do u even know when He lost his 6 yrs old sister and searching for her from years so u even know that pain

Swara: wt u said trust we have faced all this bcoz of ur so called parents and uncle trust do u know That. the status which u r thinking is urs in actual it’s was us this Gadodia mansion once is know has goenka mansion Do u even know that u r saying u know all ur friend Arjun who is having proud of his money u know that it is only of Sanskar Money leave all that Do even know That ur parents agreed for marriage only for property which is on our names

All are shocked to see swara like this

Screen freezes on swara angry face and ragini shocking face

Precap: last episode……..

**************episode ends***************

Keep smiling guys bye ? ?…..

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