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Let’s start
Screen start with all reached home after playing with kids only swasanlak are played with kids ragini was still in shock but Arjun didn’t get that much effect has ragini got still Arjun was making faces seeing them

Soon all went inside the ragini room all are sitting on bed
Soon sumi came to room to call them For snacks followed by ap

Sumi: chalo baccho snacks are ready come down soon

Swara: maa I want to eat pani puri will u prepare it for me (puppy eyes)

Sumi: (least intrested) Rani I have another snacks today if u want pain puri u would have told me earlier but now it’s late I can’t do pani puri Now

Listening this swara become sad but ap can’t see swara sad she smiled seeing her and said

Ap: swara u want to eat pani puri

Swara nodded her head with naughty smile on her face has her plan worked now her maa will make pani puri for her

Ap: okie I will prepare for u just wait for 10 minutes
Swara smiled happily not only swara even sanlak also smiled

Sumi: arey ap ji y r u taking stress leave her she will ask something or other things daily I will prepare pani puri tomorrow let it be

Ap: no sumi ji I’m okie for swara I can do anything (All shocked to listen this soon to cover) I mean I don’t have any daughters na but when I see swara I feel like she is like my daughter that’s y okie okie chalo we all will get down I have to make pani puri

Sumi,arjun felt something fishy but soon they brushed their thoughts and left behind all of them. Here apswasan signed in relief

Ap was in preparing pani puri with the help of sumi and simran soon swara came to kitchen and stood beside ap

Sumi: (irritating tone) wt r u doing here go and sit we only get snacks for u there

Swara: sorry I just came to see (angry tone but In a calm Way)

Ap: leave that see I have already done wait for 2 minutes it will complete
Swara nodded her head soon sumi and simran involved in some work on kitchen seeing them swara smiled and kissed ap cheeks tightly and whispers thank you

Ap: y Thank you I know u want to my handmade food that’s y u asked sumi na Bcoz u know she will deny any ways to which Swara smiled sheepishly

Soon all went out all served pani puri in plate

Swasan where about to eat their puri but stopped by laksh

Laksh: Okie guys y don’t we keep competition here what’s say Sanskar

Arjun: okie we will play but bet ke sath

Ragini: okie what’s the bet Now

Arjun: money
All: wt money???

Arjun: yea 20000 money who will win they will get all the money (Arjun said this to show Sanskar down he thought he won’t have money but he don’t about Sanskar na ??)

Ragini: but y money we will kept something else
Arjun modded his head in no By now swara got to know he was doing intentionally which makes her more angry

Arjun: okie guys keep money now saying he kept 20000 on table ragini also kept asking shekar laksh kept with making faces soon swasan also kept which shocked Arjun more bcoz they kept each other at same time

Arjun: where u got 20000 Now Sanskar

Sanskar:(smirks) we have our savings these all money our savings

Laksh: okie leave all that let’s start Okie 3….2…..1 go

All Started having their puri Now ragini ate 30 puries, Arjun ate 45, laksh also ate 45 and swasan ate 46 puries just one puri extra they ate now swara also stopped seeing even Sanskar stopped

Arjun: arey y u stopped would have eating one more puri then u would have won the money

Swara: sorry Arjun I can’t eat more waise be Im not interested In all these
Ragini smiled seeing this for the 1st time

Ragini: I know u both have stopped bcoz u both don’t want any one of to win if u loose both will lose or both will win That’s y they did this Arjun (smiling)

Swasanlak shocked to see ragini smiling And Arjun was shocked to see ragini how she said about them Happily Without any irritation or anything

Laksh: okie guys now this money is for u both 50000 for swara and 50000 for Sanskar

Swasan: no we don’t need it we just played for fun u all take ur money back

Laksh smiles and hugged Sanskar like side wise and took money even same goes with ragini she hugged swasan both and took her money but not Arjun

Arjun: I’m sry guys I can’t take back that money (attitude) when Arjun bet he won’t take back anything It’s a small amount I don’t need it

Swara: okie we will do one thing we will give these amount to ngo simple (smiles)

Ragini: right it will be good (Again another shock for all)

Laksh: okie we will go after engagement what say

Ragini: okie
Soon all left to their respective rooms but Swara Entered kitchen and started searching some all boxes soon she was smiled sheepishly listening someones voice

Voice: here it is take it

Swara: (herself) swara aab tho tu gaya (trying to divert him) arey Sanky wt u want y u came to kitchen

Sanky: stop it swara saying this he dragged her to the room without anyone notice

Sanky: (anger) y u ate 46 puris shona I know u can’t handle u will get stomach ache but y u ate

Swara: (same tone) so wt I Have to do that Arjun was trying to insult u Then how can I be silent I know u won’t eat if stop that’s y I ate

Sanky: (pulled her and holded her waist) ntg is important to me more than u see how bcoz of me u r getting stomach pain

Swara: (overwhelmed seeing his love and Kept Her hand around his neck) even for me ntg is important than u and about my stomach pain it will be reduced after sometime but if I let u lose Infront that spike (Arjun) that pain will be more than this

Sanskar: (confused) spike ?

Swara: that Arjun, he was having spikes hair style which looks like has if he got current shock and his hair stand stood up (poor fellow)

Sanskar: shona u r unbelievable spike it’s like dog name

Swara: (making faces) wtever even he is not less than a dog

Sanskar: (smiles seeing her expressions) he made her sit and forwards a spoon curd to eat

Swara: (smiles) u know wt u r the best and started having curd which is mixed with sugar

Sanskar: (while having) plz shona from next time u won’t do like this I can’t see ur health getting worse

Swara: (smiles) okie
Sanskar smiled and hugged her side way soon both went to sleep in their respective rooms

Next day

All are busy in preparations shekar and Raj were shouting on others to make all the things properly

Swaragini where getting ready in room even same with arjsan

Laksh cane Sanskar room

Sanskar: is every thing ready I want our plan successful

Laksh: don’t worry everything is ready
Sanskar smiled and left towards hall for engagement (I don’t wanna drag more)

Sanskar and ragini stand opposite to each other and their side swara and Arjun

Sumi and simran gave rings to 4 ppl when they where about to where the ring soon power get off soon come on but to their shock their respective partners where having rings to their fingers
(guys as per Sanskar plan when power goes of both swasan exchanged their rings and arjrag rings where made by ap and dp Sanskar don’t want Arjun to even wear a ring which is only his right)

Arjun: arey swara y u made me wear ring in darkness yar

Swara: I thought to wear 1st that’s y I did if u don’t like remove it

Arjun: no it’s okie in all ragini didn’t even talk a word to which swasan where shocked

Sumi: ragini beta wt happen (whisper)

Ragini: ntg maa (smiles)

Dp: congratulations shekar and Raj ji

She/raj: thank u so ji

Soon function gets completed all had left the place and marriage is fixed after 4 days bcoz they can’t to get more property

@study room

Elders where discussing about the project Soon laksh came with documents of projects he came handed over to dp

Dp: shekar ji these are documents of projects u just read and sign ghetto papers

Shekar and Raj smiled and took the papers Raj about to read the papers laksh phone to rings

Laksh excuses from there to a distance where Raj and shekar can hear his voice

Laksh: hello


Laksh: I told u na if she don’t trust I told u she won’t love u truly we she would have loved u truly she would have signed On empty papers
Without asking a word see my words got true she was not worthy for ur love man


Laksh: okie leave all that I will come to u with few minutes he cuts the call and stood near dp with smiling face

These all words where listen by shekar and Raj

Laksh: papa I told u na my loved a girl and she was not good but my friend was not ready to listen me now I proved him by showing her true colors I have to go near him I’m Leaving

Dp: Okie beta

Shekar and Raj signed the papers without reading what’s in that paper dp and laksh smirks winningly

Dp:(acts) arey shekar ji y u both didn’t study the papers

Shekar: arey dp ji we have trust on u

Dp smiled fake And laksh went from there by biding bye to all

Screen freezes on laksh and dp smiling face

Precap: stay tuned………..

***********episode ends************

Keep smiling guys……..

Bye ? ……

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