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Let’s start

@swara room
Both hugging each other like they want stay with each other like this for life long soon Sanskar broke the hug and cupped her face

Sanskar: I love u shona I love so much

Swara: I love you too sanky

Sanskar: Shona I wanna say something to you

Swara: from when u started taking permission sanky

Sanskar: (smiles) Shona if our plan got failed then wt will happen

Swara:(smiles seeing his tension) Ntg will happen like that Sanky (though to tease him) if our plan will fail na then u will marry ragini and me with Arjun

Listening this Sanskar anger reached peek level he pressed her against wall

Sanskar: (with dangerous voice) u r only mine tenner this u r only mine if our plan got failed also I won’t leave u here I will take u far from here no can trace us not even laksh listen this carefully shona U R ONLY MINE

Swara was startled for his sudden act but seeing him with this much anger even she got scared

Swara: (low tone) Sanky….. it’s…..paining…..

Now he realised wt he did he soon removed hands from Her shoulder

Sanskar: (with tears) I’m sorry shona it’s just the word u will marry Arjun made me out of control shona

Swara: (cups his face) sanky even u should remember one thing that shona is for Sanskar and Sanskar is for shona no one can separate us I just thought to tease you Sanskar that’s it or if anyone tried that I will kill other person or I will die at the movement

Sanskar: (anger listening the word die) shonaaa….. How dare u talk about death Listening if again u talk about death u will my worst side

Swara: (happy tears) I love you Sanky (holding her eyes) I’m sorry plz forgive me now

Seeing we cute face he hugged her tightly

Sanskar: don’t u ever say that word shona if u will leave the world the next moment I will Also leave the world

Swara: okie for now plz smile Mr Sanskar kapoor saying she pecked on lips

Sanskar smiles naughty buy swara didnt give a chance to do anything and throwed Him out the room bcoz its already late at night

Sanskar pouts and left the place and her swara was laughing thinking about him Soon both dosed off

Next day morning

All are having bf shekar and Raj are discussing about project on dinning table

Arjun: papa I think u all should call that maheswari company owner to our engagement

Raj: yeh u r right Arjun wt u say shekar

Shekar: I think it’s good idea waise bi it’s a small engagement na then we will call them a day before and they will get some good impression on is May be they another projects or he can give even some shares to us wt say Raj

Raj: yeah u r right we call them

Ragini: wt are their name uncle

Raj: durga Prasad maheswari and Annapurna maheswari and ha they have a son to laksh maheswari

Sumi: (whispers) laksh

Shekar: (whispers) sumi laksh name will have to do many people u don’t worry he will not that laksh okie smile

Sumi nodded her head but still her head was reverting in laksh name

In all these our swasan having a broad smile on their faces listening maheswari names both are so happy that they can stay with them for few days

All completed there bf and children went college to invite all Their friends for engagement and sheraj to maheswari industries

All 4 reached to college all are so happy arjrag for marriage and swasan for maheswaris

All invited their frnds for engagement all are happy for them and as usual they all headed to their respective classes

@mahesaari company

Dp and laksh where discussing about some files soon dp got a call from PA that shekar and Raj came to meet them so said okie and asked them to allow inside

Laksh/ dp: Now game starts and smirks evil

Soon both entred into cabin with permission

Shekar/raj: good morning dp ji and Mr laksh

Dp: good morning to you to

Laksh: good morning but u both can call me laksh I don’t like these much formal talks and waise bi u both are elders to me so can call me by name laksh or chotu my parents call me with this name

Listening chotu both Raj and shekar got sweating bit soon composes themselves and starts conversation

Dp and laksh where smiling seeing their state

Laksh: (acts innocently) wt happen uncle any problem

Shekar: ntg beta shall we continue actually we came here to invite u both for my childrens engagement

Dp: Smiles okie shekar ji we will come on engament day when is the engagement

Shekar: day after tomorrow but dp ji if u don’t mine y don’t u all join us tomarrow it self I mean it will have fun and if we have any work about project we all can even complete that in home only

Dp acts like thinking something and after 5 minuted says okie to them

Shekar and Raj felt happy and says thanks to them soon after sometime both left to office

Like this day passed swasan where happy to see their maa baba and shekar and Raj where happy to getting Their dream project and arjrag where happy for their engagement sumi and simran where happy to see their respective partners happy

Next day

It’s time for maheswari arrival both shekar and Raj moving here and there in tension bcoz they have to keep dp happy so they all trying their level best to impress them

Soon dp ap And laksh arrived seeing them swasan want to run to them and hug them tightly but they can’t do that so they silently seeing them with broad smile on their faces

Shemish: welcome ap ji dp ji thank u so much for coming

Arjun: hello laksh I’m Arjun Malik nice to meet u

Laksh: hello Arjun my pleasure (with fake smile)

Ragini also greeted all of them and swasan took blessing from ap and dp by touching their legs they both smiles

Dp: I must say Mr shekar ur both daughters are pretty and even same with son In law to mainly these swasan are cute pair looking together may god bless u beta

All shocked to listen this arjrag where burning in anger same goes with parents to

Raj: (controlling his anger ) dp ji Arjun and swara are going to marry not swasan

Dp: awww sry Mr Raj I thought these two

Shekar: it’s okie dp ji come and have ur seats

All nodded sorts on their seats soon all engrossed in business talks sumi and simran went to get some snacks for them

Arjun: guys y don’t u all come to my room we will chit chat there
All nodded their heads and left the place

All seated Arjun was about to seat with swara but laksh came in between and sat with swara Sanskar smiling secretly seeing Arjun condition

Ragini: okie wt we will play

Laksh: before we play I want to ask swara something
Swara looked at Him confused manner Even all are in same State

Laksh: don’t look with confusion I want u to call me bhai bcoz I don’t have any sister by seeing I felt like this will call me has bhai

Swasan smiled and nodded her head that she agreed with him

Swara: bhai
Laksh smiles and hugged her in side ways

Sanskar: okie leave that wt we will play

Ragini: truth and dare

Laksh: it’s too boring let’s do another thing okie okie come with me I will take u to my favorite place I don’t want play games now

Sanskar: where ???

Laksh: arey come na
All nodded okie and went with him

Laksh stopped near A small stall swasan smiled brightly but arjrag where not happy seeing the place it was unhygienic place where a small pani puri stall is there and beside there is a small park where kids are playing

Laksh: come on guys I wanna eat pani puri Now that I got u all here and did u all are there is a small park it’s my favorite place when ever I feel sad na I will come to this place if will give me peace

Ragini: what ???? (shock) u will come to this place I mean u r laksh maheswari top most businesses man of the India and u will come to this cheap place

Laksh: (anger) see miss ragini I may be laksh maheswari but I’m also a human like all humans I’m not any great person see miss ragini money can’t give u peace but love can give Peace of mind u wanna see now come with me

He took her inside the park Followed by swasanarj seeing him a few kids came runningly caking bhaiya

Kids: bhaiya u came u know we all missed u so much u are not coming regularly now a days (pout)

Laksh: awww my bachas missed no problem today I will give u all double ice cream then u will forgive this bhaiya na

Kids nodded their heads in happy smiles

Laksh smiled went to take Ice cream By crossing the roads even there Ice creams on park he was getting ice cream he got a call in the middle of the road he took phone and started talking with opposite caller he forget that he was in middle of the road he don’t seen a car which coming towards him

Ragini was seeing him confused way when he was getting talking phone she saw a car is coming towards him but he didn’t noticed that when the car was about to hit him but a Hands dragged him aside

Arjrag when shocked to see the kids there kids where dragged him aside seeing the car coming toward him

Kids starts scolding him for his negligence but laksh showed his cute asking them sry swing him all kids soon melt seeing him

Swasan where smiling and arjrag where shocked to see him

Laksh all ice creams to them and again all went to play Has laksh said them to play

Laksh went near ragini and whispers – see ragini this is difference between love and money they love me unconditionally thats y they came to save me without thinking once but if we love money all people we see us like when we will die

Ragini was shocked to she got to know that laksh stood there with an intention (guys I know u all may think about swasan y they didn’t went to save bcoz laksh signed him before itself?)

Screen freezes on arjrag face……

Precap: stay tuned……

*************episode ends***********

Guys I know this boring chappy I’m so sorry for that plz forgive me next episode will be good

Keep smiling guys…..??

Bye bye…….

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