Hello guys I’m back with another I’m sorry for the late update yesterday is my younger sister birthday so I got busy on her birthday celebrations plz forgive for late

Let’s start

Swasan are entering into maheswari mansion slowly without anyone’s knowledge bcoz they want to give surprise for them

Voice: both of u stop right there
Swasan Turned their face and smiled sheepishly showing their 32 teeth

Voice: don’t laugh like that I feel like kick u both I was calling from 1 HR u both are not even lifting my calls

Swara: ha lucky (yes guys he was laksh) I told him to call u but he Is duffer
Sanskar opened his mouth ‘o’ in shock

Sanskar: lucky don’t believe her she Is lying

Lucky: don’t worry sanky I know her she always do the same thing (holds her ears) wt u said u said to call me ha

Swara: (holding his hand) arey bhai I’m ur sweet sister na plz leave me showing puppy eyes
Both melted seeing her soon smiled

Lucky: chalo let’s get inside its not safe for us to be out
Swasan nodded their heads and went inside

Swara: maa babaaaaaaa I’m here where are u both
Ap and dp came out the the room with happy face listening her voice

Ap: arey va meri gudiya is back is she missing me

Swara: I’m missing u so much (extended her hands in air)
All smiles seeing her cute antics ap hugged swara and dp blessed her keeping hands on her head

Sanskar: seems like someone didnt even miss me come lucky we leave here no one will value us from now their gudiya is back na
Lucky nodded his head

Swara: very good u both leave we live happily hai na maa baba
Both nodded their heads in positive seeing sanlak they nodded in negative

Swara: oyyy don’t u dare to show like puppy it doesn’t suits u both now stop ur drama and come I’m hungry
Maa wt u did today

Ap: ajj tumhara luck acha hai I made ur favorite biryani chalo we will eat

Sanskar: it’s even my favorite maa

Dp: don’t Start drama again Come we all will have together

All smiled and went to have their dinner ap was feeding swara and Dp for Sanskar
Swara: (full of food) maa now I’m full same goes with Sanskar

Ap/dp: stop u both look at u both how thin u both became chup chap kana kav

Swasan: don’t worry with in few days we will be back again

Dp: wtever but still u both have to eat see there is more Britani in ur plate

Lucky was laughing silently with swasan notice but Sanskar notice his smile he got angry buy smirks secretly

Sanskar: baba see laksh didn’t even ate a half plate biryani also keep one bite for him to baba
Dp Looked towards him and started feeding even to laksh. laksh was talking Sanskar , seeing his Sanskar was laughing inside

Soon all completed their dinner now it’s turn of children even they did same with ap and dp swasan where feeding them
All are nok jok between them

Arjun and ragini side

Both are enjoying the party after completing the party they left to mansion they where so tired in the party so they left to their respective rooms to sleep without seeing swasan

Swasan side

All are having family time soon reality hits them
Sanskar: shona it’s already late we have to leave or else Arjun or ragini will get dought

Swara: (sad) okie Sanky

Sanskar: don’t be sad shona we will meet them tomorrow na so don’t worry

Dp: ha beta u go it’s getting late
Ap and laksh nodded their heads sadly

Swara: plz maa bhai don’t keep ghat face I’m feeling like not to go

Ap: okie okie now go stop ur emotional talks now saying she kissed her forehead same goes with Sanskar

They both hugged lucky and dp and said bids bye to them

Soon both reached to gadodia mansion without anyone’s knowledge SwaSan went to swara room slowly

Both reached safely without anyone’s knowledge

Swara: thank god we are safe saying this she felt on bed

Sanskar seeing her with naughty smirk even jumped on her
Her eyes got widen in shock seeing his sudden reaction

Swara: ahhh sanky wt r u doing

***********Mature content **********

Guys Read at ur own risk A small mature content on sona request

Sanskar: (whispers) ohhh shona u don’t know wt I’m doing it’s okie will tell u I’m doing romance with my fiance saying this he Bitted on her neck

Swara: ahhh Moans in pain and pleasure Sanskar plz stop playing with me go it’s already late

Sansakr: plz na shona from morning I was trying to talk with u but that stupid Arjun is not even letting me to come near u

Swara: ahhhh may baby missed me today he nodded her head with cute pout
She smiled and pecked on his lips but Sanskar didn’t give chance to remove her lips he hold her lips with him and started kissing hungrily he sucking her lips smoothly both are so involved in kiss both are kissing their senses
Soon both break the kiss due to lack of oxygen

Both are looking into each other eyes soon swara dragged him through collar and started kissing again now she was dominating the kiss more than him he was not even giving a chance to respond to her Sanskar accepted his defeat and left his lips to her Soon both break the kiss

Sanskar: (breathing heavily) wt was that shona

Swara: I don’t know Sanky but I Was feeling to kiss more one more plz again involved in another kiss in all this Sanskar was roaming His hands all over the body

Sanskar was pressing her b***** to which she moaned in pleasure soon his hand travelled back to remove her dress zip he was bout to remove her zip but soon reality hits him he immediately got up from the bed
He was looking here and there but was not getting dare to look into her

Swara was confused for his sudden act but soon she got to know y he did this she was Feeling proud on her selection she got up from the bed and hold Sanskar face in her palms

Swara: Sanky look into my eyes Sanskar I love u I’m all urs no need to feelmguilt for anything u can do anything with bcoz I’m only urs and u only mine sanky Saying this he pecked his lips

Sanskar smiles And hugged her tightly even she responded to him

Screen freezes on swasan faces…..

Precap: Stay tunned

*********** episode ends ***********

Keep smiling guys ? ?

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