Hello guys I’m back with another one I know u all are angry on ME for not updating 2 shots but wt to do guys it’s so confusing to create a story I don’t know wt she thought when she was writing but when I’m reading the parts I’m not getting any link bcoz of that I was confused but still I tried my level best to complete this without any confusion okie I will stop my bak bak Now………

Let’s start
Sanskar was coming out of the room he was about to enter into his room but a voice stopped him

Voice: where did u went sanky

Sanky: Sanskar ragini Sanskar sanky is only for my shona so don’t u dare to call me like that and it’s non of ur business where I was

Ragini: (angrily) it’s my business Sanskar bcoz u r my soon too be hubby

Sanky: (same pich ) I’m not going to be ur husband if at all the situation comes I will prefer to die more that to live with u now stop irritating me saying this he went inside and closed the door in front of ragini

Ragini: ahhhh stamped her foot in anger and left the place
Here Sanskar signed In relief

Next day morning
Sumi was in kitchen preparing bf for all in Meantime ragini came there with sad face

Sumi: wt happen beta u r looking dull today

Ragini: maa still Sanskar is back of swara I have to do something with swara

Sumi: (immediately) no no don’t do like that if u do anything to swara wt about property then

Ragini: property????

Sumi: beta I will tell u everything later but don’t dare u to harm swara not only swara even Sanskar both are our golden bags tell even Arjun that don’t do anything to Sanskar even

(by now u all got to know who is that 2 men and ladies that is shemish and Raj and simran)

Ragini: mom I’m very confused mom let me remind u Sanskar and swara are orphan they don’t have any money or anything how will their property come to us (swara past will be revealed)

Sumi: ragini do has I said no more questions okie (seriously)

Ragini: okie maa but tell me how make Sanskar Fall for me

Sumi: it’s ur duty beta I did wt I have to do I made ur line clear without swara now it’s ur duty to make Sanskar fall for u I can’t help u in this

Ragini: (sadly) okie maa saying she left from kitchen but 2 pair of eyes burning in anger like they want to kill them right now


All sat on the dinning table to have their bf but 2 of them where not willing to eat that is our swasan bcoz every time both will feed their 1st bite with each other but know they are acting as anger so they can’t do that

Placement of swasan arjun is between swasan

Sanskar: (unable to take his bite before swara) shona (low voice) but all can hear them

Swara looked at him in gesture of wt

Sanskar: I know shona u r angry on me but shona I’m unable to eat bf without give u my 1st bite plz saying this he forwarded his hand who beside Arjun

Swara nodded her head and took the bite and same goes with Sanskar both smiled weakly

But arjrag can’t take this this fuming in anger And same goes with parents to but swasan didn’t gave any dam look to them like this they completed their breakfast and go the ready to leave to college

All entered into college but in different bcoz now swasan where not together

Arjun and ragini told to their friends that they are going to marry with their respective partners

All got happy and congratulated them but swasan where least intrested on it they want to talk freely sometime but their gums here not leaving them alone always stick to them

Freinds: guys we need party that grand wala

Arjun: (smiling) of course party tho banthi hai yar Waise bi I got my love

Swasan: (without their consent) but I lost my love in low tone which is not heard by them clearly

Ragini: wt u both said

Swasan:(composes) ntg, leave that we have to go for class it’s getting late

All nodded their heads and left to their respective classes

(guys here I’m telling another guys when ragini is elder than swara so she should be senior but in the story both same class but in this I’m giving different Arjun and ragini same class and swasan where same class I hope author won’t get me wrong for this)

@ Swasan
Both sat on their respective places both are how to make their life hell they both are Ben talking with laksh through messages

Ragarj side both are in their dream land thinking about their marriage (poor people don’t know their dream can’t come true)

Like this day passed has they ask to frnds they arranged a party for them tomorrow and invited them for party

Shekar came home happily as well has Arjun both are very happy

Shekar: sumiiiii

Sumi: arey what happen shekar y r u shouting like that

Shekar: arey sumi u don’t know I’m so happy we got our dream project or u can if this deal is done then we will get more fame and money sumi

Sumi and Simran shocked to listen as well as happy That they got their dream project

In meantime all 4 came to home when they got to know about project all are happy by knowing this but 2 people smirking with evil smile

Arjrag asked permission for party and they agreed with that soon all left to party it’s a kind of dancing pub

@ venue

All their friends are eating for them on the entrance soon swasan and arjrag also came seeing the Pub swara got scared bcoz in the pub there will be no lighting

Sanskar: Arjun we are going to pub (pointing towards pub)

Arjun: yea due u have any problem on that

Sanskar: nahi Arjun vo shona gets scared of darkness so plz shall we change the place I mean we can to another place like farm house, long ride anything but disco and all

Arjun and ragini got angry seeing his towards swara

Arjun: don’t worry Sanskar I’m there na she won’t feel afraid of darkness from now I will get her out of that trauma saying he holded swara through waist

Swara was feeling uncomfortable soon she becoming teary eyed seeing Arjun was taking her to pub seeing her tears Sanskar can’t control himself and dragged swara towards him with full force so that she landed on his hard chest

Sanskar: (anger but calm tone) I told u na Arjun shona ko dar lagtha hai tho hai so plz don’t force me to do something bad with u

Ragini: Sanskar y r u interfering in swara life Arjun can manage her he will take care of so chalo we will leave ntg will happen to her

Sanskar: (anger) I said shona won’t anywhere plz she won’t and only I can manage my shona no one can’t even come near to me to her u people won’t listen to me like this na okie enjoy the party guys saying this he snatched the car keys from Arjun and dragged swara to car and he left the place driving speedily this all happened in fraction of seconds that they all didn’t Ben understand wt was going on when they realised they already left the place

Swara: Sanky where r u taking me Sanky But he made her sit on car and left the place

Arjun/ ragini: u bastard how dare u to take my love both are cursing them but all their friends are spreading laughs seeing their positions

Sanskar: shona I’m sorry I dragged u like this wt to do they where not listening to me

Swara: it’s okie Sanky (happily) now where we will go it’s been ages we didn’t roam anywhere

Sanky: tell me here u want to go

Swara: sanky if we won’t get any problem na then we will go near laksh I want to meet him

Sanskar: okie but we have to make sure no one will recognize us

Soon both went o laksh place

Arjun side

Arjun: rags I’m gonna kill this Sanskar how dare he took my swara like this

Ragini: even I want to kill this swara Arjun but where they went I have to know that

Arjun: don’t worry they may be went to home only but I’m having fear that again it come to at 1st

Ragini: don’t worry Arjun till she has love on maa till then she won’t be able to go with Sanskar so don’t worry she don’t stop loving mumma so there is no chance of their unite (hahaha ? in their dreams) leave that let’s go and enjoy the party

Arjun: (smiles) may be u r saying right chalo we will do party for the separation swara and uniting of ragsan and swaarj

Ragini: yeah chalo
They left to party her swasan left to laksh side

Sceeen freezes on swasan smiling faces

Precap: past……..

****** episode ends *******

I hope u all like this part and keep smiling always guys…..

Bye bye

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