swasan why u left me swara OS part 2 by vinni

Hello guys.here Iam with next part .so enjoy second part here
Aisha:iam coming
Nisha:come fast
Aisha went to man
Aisha:yes ram uncle have u called me
Ram:yes beta u r working from morning.now take rest beta
Aisha: No uncle some work is left.i will complete that.tomorrow is only wedding as wedding planners we should complete work on time Na uncle.
Ram:k beta complete soon

(yes ur thinking is correct swara is working as wedding planner)
(guys let me say u swara lost her memory completely.so she doesn’t remember any one)
Aisha(swara):k uncle
Ram: Beta u r like my daughter only so plz call me dad
Aisha:k unc.. K dad

Ram:beta I found u in river one year back.i saved u but u lost ur memory.there is no information about ur family
Swara:no dad its k now u n now ha became my family.
Ram:we don’t even know ur real name.
Swara:it doesn’t matter me now.u gave me a new name.now its my identity.
Ram:beta if u got ur memory u will not leave us Na.
Swara:no dad( emotionally)both hug each other
Nisha:can I also join
Swara:come extended her hand

Three share family hug
Ap:Sujata where is sanskar
Suj:office jiji
Ap:after swara death we lost our sanskar too
Suj: Ha jiji don’t. Know when my beta will move on in life.
Ap:don’t worry suj one day he will move on.
Uttara:ma its because of me bhabi died
Ap:no uttara its not u its destiny beta.

Meeting is over
San:raj give me that file(rudely)
Raj(P.A):k sir
San:takes file n see.what is this raj can’t u do one work correctly.this file is pending.
Raj:sry sir.plz sry sir

San:ur careless is ur mistake u r fired(arrogantly)
Raj:plz sir my wife health was not well so I can’t complete it give me one chance sir
san:k iam giving u last chance
Raj:tq very much sir
Saying tq left the cabin
San:hearing wife word I will only get thought of u swara.u left me .iam not able to leave without u.come back swara plz come back.all are saying u r dead but my heart is not accepting it.
San:iam only living with one hope that one day u will com back
Sanskar left to MM

PRECAP:Uttara marriage fixing☺☺☺

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