swasan why u left me swara OS part 13 by vinni

hi friends? happy hug day .so iam really happy with ur support.here is next part

next morning in swasan room

our heavenly couple ? were cuddling eachother in sleep.due to alarm ? swara woke up first n saw her cutie was sleeping peacefully.
swa:wow my cutie how cute he look.my cutie pie
swara was caressing his hair.due to that sanskar woke up
san:good morning jaan
san:jaan what happened
swa:you are asking what u did yesterday
san:what i did jaan(innocently)

swa:u don’t know what u did
swa:k i will show u what u did
saying this swara bitted sanskar neck
san:ahhhh jaan its paining
swa:it pained to me also.see how red it became
swara showed him her neck where it became red
san:sry jaan.wait i will reduce ur pain
without saying anything sanskar started giving wet kisses on red spot of her neck
swa:cutie u r such a dramebaaz

san:me haa
swa:s u r n now get up otherwise we will be late
swara started getting up from bed but sanskar pulled her back due to which she landed on his chest
swa:cutie now what want
san:jaan u forgot today is hug day n u said u will give me tight wala hug
swa:k baba i will give
swara hugged him tightly
swa:happy hug day cutie
san:happy hug day jaan
swa:k now get up

san:no plz stay like this for sm time
swa:no i have to freshen up
san:k (unwillingly)
both got ready n went down
all were doing pooja
pooja completed n swara was giving prasad to everyone
voice:u will not give to me
all saw towards that voice

nik:iam back
swara went n hugged him
seeing this sanskar was fuming anger n jealousy
swa:when u came
nisha:yesterday only but he want to surprise u
nik:yes sweety

swa:u n ur stupid surprises
nik:k baba now don’t start ur lecture
swa:come i will introduce to family
swa:ma he is my bestfriend since i lost my memory n he went to london n returned after 2 months
swara introduced everyone to nikhil n now sanskar turn came
swa:he is my …..

nik:wait let me guess i think he is ur brother
sanskar was fuming in anger n all were giggling
nik:aisha i know yaar iam smart
san:iam her husband n on one more thing she is swara sanskar maheshwari
he holded swara by waist showingthat she is only his
nik:sry bro
swa:its k nikil he don’t feel bad

all went to breakfast
swa:nikhil eat one more roti
nik:no no iam full
swara was making sanskar jealousy intentionally
after breakfast swara went to room

precap: sanskar jealousy romance

bye guys

ur vinni

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