swasan why u left me swara OS part 11 by vinni

hi frds ? happy promise day for all lovely readers.so enjoy this part

next day in mm
engagement day
in hall all preparations were done
all r busy in their work
in hall
suj:ragini all work should be completed on time
rag:k chachi ji
ap:where is swara
san:she is getting ready ma

ap:k call her
san:k badi maa
saying this sanskar left to his room
in swasan room
swara was standing in front of mirror n trying to tie her dori
then sanskar entered room n got mesmerized seeing his love n then saw that she is trying to tie dori
sanskar slowly closed door without notice of swara
he came close to her n hold her hand n started tieing dori n feeling his touch swara closed her eyes n blushing
san:don’t blush jaan i may loose my control
san:yes iam
swa:cutie acha how iam looking

san:(huskily):breathe taking
swa:ho really then say whose breath iam taking
san:ofcourse mine n no one has that right only i have
swa:choooo sweet(pulling his cheek)
san:jaan now get ready fast is calling u
swa:ho shit cutie can’t u tell fast instead of saying started ur romance
swara said that without realising what said
san:u think this is romance.let me show u what is romance
sanskar pulled swara by her waist n leaning towards her neck
swa:sa..n…kar i…..w..as just ki..dding

san:but iam not n kissed on her neck
swa:cutie plz see its late n moreover u should not break bet rule
sanskar stopped
san:k only for now n i think it’s easy to make u fall in love
swa:easy aaa how
san:my one touch is enough to make u fall
swa:acha ji that is in ur dreams
san:i make dreams true baby
swa:k cutie now come

swasan left to hall
all guests arrived n maya ji family also arrived
nis:swara u r looking awesome
swa:tq nisha
nis:jiju u r also looking handsome
san:tq nisha
swara was glaring nisha angrily
nis:hey don’t be jealous ha i just gave compliment

san:really swara u r jealous its a bad habit u know
swa:no no no iam not jealous n bad habit ha wait i will show u what is bad habit
swara took water glass n poured on sanskar head
seeing sanskar all were laughing
san:jaan u spoiled my hairstyle

swa:this is punishment for ur deed
san:punishment ha i will show u what is punishment in our room(audible only to swara)
swara gulped
now engagement started
lak:ladies n gentleman now my bhaiyya n bhabhi will dance for my sister sangeet
swasan started dancing
sanakar pulled her by waist n taking slow steps
janam janam song is playing
sanskar started twriling swara n back hugged her n later lifted in his arms
they were losted in their world n later came to their sense hearing claps
then rohit n uttara exchanged rings n took elders blessings

then sanskar came in middle with swara n sat on his knees
san:swara today i want to make a promise.swara i promise u that i never allow anyone harm u again.once i lost u now i never let anyone to snatch u from me.i will keep u happy till my last breath.any danger will cross me before its come u.u r my life swara will u trust my promise.
swara was in tears of happiness n later composed herself
swa:yes i trust u sand kar
all gave big aplause seeing their love
sanskar hugged swara

san:happy promise day jaan
swa:i will also promise u that i will never leave u.happy promise day cutie
later engagement finished n all guests left
all family members left to their rooms

precap:jealousy track(guys whom do u want to be jealous sanskar or swara)

so thats its for today.once again happy promise day.if u want next part soon then give lots of comments.bye ? frds

ur vinni??

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