SwaSan Two/Three Shots : Sajna Tere Pyaar Main By Goldie (Shot 3,Part A)


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Recap : Sanskaar Return…Sujata Taunting Swara Badly..AdRi Celebrating their Win Over Swara n Swara Faint.



Two / Three Shots

Shot 3 ( Part A )

City Hospital

1 Hour Later

Time Passed n its been 1 Hour since Swara got Admitted in da Hospital n Everyone Including Sanskaar n Both MF n GF were Present Outside Swara’s Ward Spacing Here n Thr in Tension n Fear abt Swara’s State Filled wid Guilt n Embarrassment inside their Heart..As Everyone was Tensed n Worried abt Swara’s State n were Consoling Eachother Thr on the Other Hand Sanskaar was seen Sitting in A Corner all Lifeless n Numb Drowned in A Valley of Guit n Shamefullness wid Tears Rolling frm His Eyes Silently Yet Non Stop fr Mis Understanding His Lady Love making Him Feel More Guilty n Ashamed..

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) ( Monologue ) Wat have U Done Sanskaar ?? U Mis Understood Swara ?? Hw cud U ?? U Promised Her U will Stand wid Her at any Circumstances..den Hw cud U Mis Trust Her ?? U Failed as A True Life Partner fr Her Sanskaar..Coz of U She Suffered soo Mucn..Coz of U She ( Fumbles ) LLOOSSTT OOUURR BBABBYY..Its all coz of U dat She is Fighting fr Her Life b/w Life n Death ( Brks Down ) All Coz of U Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari..Kash tum uss Waqt Ghusse n Ego ke bajai apne Hosh n Sense se kaam lete toh aaj Ur Lady Love..Ur Swara wud be Fit n Fine wid U n U wud have been Pampering Her n Ur Baby..U really Failed as A True Husband.U Failed.. ( Keeps on Cursing Himself )

While Sanskaar was Cursing Himself fr Swara’s State,Doctor who was Examing Swara came Out of Swara’s Ward all Tensed n Worried making Lifeless Sanskaar n Other Family Members More Worried n Restless..

DP : ( Worried ) Doctor ..Hw is Swara ?? Is She Fine ?? Koi Chinta ki baath toh nhi hai na ??

Ragini : ( Worried too ) Haa Doctor Plzz Tell..Swara theek Hai na ?? She is Fine na ?

Doctor : Dekhiye Mr Maheshwari I wont give U any False Hope or any False News abt Swara’s Health..M Sorry to say bt She is in Very Critical State..I mean She has Lost Her Hope to Live..aisa lagta hai ki Something is Eating Her n Her Mind Very Badly..

Ram : ( Confused ) Wat do U mean Doctor ?? We did nt get U ?

Doctor : See Mr Ram Maheshwari..Maine Mr n Mrs Gadodia ko uss din hi ki Swara ki Swara ki Condition is nt Good..She is Suffering frm Big Stress n Depression..n One More Stress or Depression Attack will Stake Her Life in Danger..n aisa hi hua..It seems She is Effected by something V.Badly.Maybe She saw or Heard something wich has Effected Her V.Badly..

As Doctor was Saying Everyone abt Swara’s State n Her Condition,Sujata wno was feeling More Guilty n Ashamed of Herself wen Ram Stared Her More Angrily wid Red Shot Eyes Making Sujata Feel More Guilty n Ashamed..

Ram : ( Stares Sujata Angrily bt Composes Himself n To Doctor ) Then Doctor thr myt be some Way na to Make feel We all r thr wid Her..n jo bhi uske Dimag main Baath hai We cn Remove it ??

Doctor : Haa Hai..Swara right nw Needs Her Husband da Most..Coz Swara apne Unconscious State main sirf apne Husband ka naam leti hai..n I feel Her Husband is da only One who cn make feel Secured or cn give Her New Hopes to Live..So Unke Husband jaha kahi bhi hai jst Inform n Call Him here..We dnt have Much Time..coz agr Swara ko agle 2 Ghante main Hosh nhi aaya toh M Sorry She cn Go into Coma..( Sighs n Leaves )

Soon Doctor Leaves frm thr Informing abt Swara’s State n As Doctor Left Everyone Including Lifless Sanskaar who Heard Doctor were Really Shocked n Numb n Felt Guilty n Ashamed of themselves Especially Sujata making Ram More Angry n Burst Out..

Ram : ( Angry )( To Sujata ) Milgaya Sukoon Tumhe Sujata? ? R U Satisfied nw seeing Swara,Ur Son’s Wife in this Critical State ?? Yeh hi chahti thi na tum?? Nw see Swara is in Worst infact Double Worst Pain n Situation dan Ur Son..Ur Sanskaar..Nw Happy ?? Arrey Sujata being A Mother U shud have Explained or Tried to Stop Ur Son’s Wife to go Out Our House..Our Family..bt Instead of all these U Let Her Go n on that U Brain Washed Ur Son agnst His Own Wife ?? ( Feels Disgusted ) Chi..Jst coz U dnt like Swara U Made Her Life Hell Indirectly by Taunting n Cursing Her soo Badly..Kuch toh Sooch samajhkar bolti..Nw see Ur Curse has come True..Swara LOST SOMEONE REALLY SPCL..SHE LOST HER FIRST CHILD n dat too wich was frm OUR SON….abb Khush..nw anything else is Left fr U to Curse Her..den dat also U do n End Her Life in One Time..atleast She will be Free frm Ur Daily Taunts n Curses..bt Yaad rakhna uske baad jo bhi Mere Sanskaar ki Halat hogi na U will be Solely Responsible fr It..Samjhi ?? ( Angry n Leaves )

As Ram Left Scolding Sujata Badly,Sujata Brk Down Badly n Feels Really Guilty n Ashamed of Her Acts wich She did in Anger n Frustration making Her Feel More Guilty n Ashamed of Herself while AP Consoled Her making Her too Feel Guilty n Ashamed..

AP : ( Cries n Consoles ) Sshh..bas karo Sujata Stop Blaming n Cursing urself..nthing will Happen by Blaming or Cursing Urself..So Stop Sujata ( Teary Eyes )

Sujata : ( Crying ) Hw cn I Be Quite Jiji ?? N hw cn I Stop Blaming Myself..wen all these things r Done by My Fault.Today Swara is in this State coz of Me..Agr maine uss Waqt apne Zubaan pe Rukh lagai hoti toh aaj Swara iss Haal main nhi hoti..People says Correct Sometimes wat We say in Anger it comes True n See Today wat all I Said to Swara in Anger it became True..All coz Me ( Sees Sanskaar wid Teary Eyes ) My Son is Sitting the Lifeless widout any Emotions…( Cries Bitterly )

AP : Its Ok Sujata..tumne jaan bujhke kuch bhi nhi kiya..U did wat U felt at that Time was Right being A Mother.n Dnt Worry Swara theek hojayegi..She has to Get Well Soon fr Us..Fr HER SANSKAAR..N Fr Everyone of Us..Dekhna jaise Sanskaar Brought Swara to Hospital on Time na in da same way He will bring bak Swara to Us..I m Sure abt it..Afterall both Love Eachorher Deply..n cnt see Eachother in Pain..So Swara has to come bak fr Her Sanskaar atleast n She will M Sure..bas mujhe iss ( Sees DP Confusingly ) Baath ki Confusion hai ki Sanskaar ko kaise pata chala inn sab ke baare main n Actual main aisa kya hua jo Swara ko itna bada Khadam uthana pada ( Confused )

While AP was Confused abt Swara’s Step n Sanskaar’s Sudden Return DP Took a Deep Breath n Strtd telling da Entire Truth making both Sujata n AP Shocked n Surprised..

DP : ( Takes a Deep Breath ) Annapurna I will Tell U hw Sanskaar came to knw abt Swara n Y Swara took such a Big Step..Me n Ram Alrdy knew abt all these n We came to knw abt all these wen….



Wen Me n Ram came to Hospital fr My Chk..Remember I had A Doctor’s Appointment Yesterday.. ( AP Nods ) So that Time wen We were abt to Enter Doctor’s Cabin We saw ( Sees SheMish n Ragini wid Teary Eyes ) Shekhar Ji n Sharmistha Ji n Ragini alrdy Present inside da Cabin wid Doctor n Doctor was telling dem abt Swara’s State..Her Depression. .n abt Her MISCARRIAGE..Me n Ram both were Shocked Hearing abt Miscarriage dat We became Numb fr some time..bt came into Senses wen Doctor Left the Cabin n as soon as Doctor Left We Entered da Cabin n Confronted Shekhar Ji n Ragini..n that Time we came to knw abt Swara’s State wich She Suffered in all these 6 Months all Alone n abt Her Miscarriage..We all were Equally Shocked n Confused abt Swara’s Such a Big Step..so I Called ( Sees Lifeless Sanskaar ) Sanskaar dat Day jtself n told Him Everything abt Swara’s State,Miscarriage n also told Him to Find Out the Actual Reason behind this Big Step of Swara . Sanskaar Hearing all these Immediately Came dat Day itself bt He was Hidden frm All of Us on My Saying to Avoid any Mess or Further Prblms fr Swara n Soon Sanskaar through His Sources came to knw abt Adharsh’s Bail by Swara n Chkd Her Call Records n Thats wen We came to knw Swara has Done all these on Adharsh’s n Pari’s Force coz Her Call Records Showed She Frequently Talked wid Pari..n Today We Planned n Followed Pari n We Followed Her We Heard Her’s n Adharsh’s Talks whr They themselves Confessed their Crime among Eachother n were Enjoying their Win Over Swara wich Made Me feel Angry n Ashamed of having Elder Son n DIL like Adharsh n Pari..( Brks Down )

********FlashBack Ends********

Shekhar : ( Continues Yet Supports DP ) n so We Recorded all da Recordings of Adharsh n Pari n Decided to Present it to Police da Day Nxt Day..bt b4 that We Wanted to Clear all da MU agnst Swara wich U had Sujata Ji..n Dats Y We came to MM to Clear all ur MU agnst Swara ( This was da Thing wich SheMish Talked in Swara’s Room wen She was Unconscious )..bt B4 We cud say anything U Bursted Out Ur Anger n Frustration on Swara wich She Heard ( Brks Down too ) n made Her Shattered n Run away frm thr..as Soon as DP Ji,Ram Ji n Ragini Left I Msgd Sanskaar n Informed Him abt the Incident..n den Sanskaar Hearing Immediately Tracked Swara’s Mob n den Sanskaar along wid DP Ji,Ram Ji n Ragini Reached the Place on Time n ( Intrerupted )

DP : After dat U all knw wat Happened..( Brks Down ) We all did a Gr8 Mistake Annapurna by Misunderstanding Our Swara..Bhale We did nt Accuse or Blame Her fr Sanskaar’s Change of Behaviour bt still We did nt Stop Her too frm Leaving Our House..nor We Tried to Ask abt Her Well Being all these 6 Months..Its Our Fault..Hume atleast Koshish karni Chaliye thi to Sort Out the Matter bt We stood Helpless n Numb like a Statues..wich is Very Shamefull being Elder among all.. ( Cries )

As All were Shattered n Broken Down Badly Thinking abt Swara’s State,Sanskaar on the Other Hand comes out of His Shockness n Gathers some Courge n Composes Himself n Goes inside Swara’s Ward Making Everyone Shocked Yet Happy Rising a New Hope in Everyone’s Heart…


Inside Swara’s Ward

Soon Sanskaar Enters Swara’s Ward n gets More Shocked n Horrified seeing Swara,His Life Surrounded by Many Heavy Machines n Other Medical Equipments Brking Him More n by making Him Feel Guilty fr Bringing Swara in this Worst State by Misunderstanding Her Really Badly.As He Entered He somehow Composes Himself n Moves Towards Swara n Sat Beside Her Holding Her Hands wid Teary Eyes n Strtd Pouring His Heart Out making Sanskaar to Brk Down Even More..

Sanskaar : ( Guilty ) Swara.( Caresses Swara’s Palm ) Princess..Plzz get up.See Ur Sanskaar is Bak fr U..I knw U r Angry n really Upset wid Me fr nt Understanding U..Hai na ?? ( Teary Eyes ) n U shud be..afterall I did a Big Mistake by nt Understanding U..So u shud be..bt dnt be Soo Upset dat will Lead U to Leave Me all alone like this..Plzz Swara..Dnt Leave Me n Go..U wanna Punish Me na then Fine..Np..U cn Punish Me by nt Talking to Me wen U r Bak..U cn Give Me Silent Treatment..n I ( Keeps His Hands on His Neck n Swears ) Promise I wont Object fr that..bt plzz dnt Leave Me like this all alone..I wont be able to Live widout U..These 6 Months i myt have Showed U dat m nt Missing U n m nt in Love wid U anymore n I Hate U da Most nw.bt in Actual da Truth was dat I MISSED U BADLY PRINCESS..Infact I was Dying fr U in Ur LOVE..all dat Anger n Warnings was Out of My Ego n My Anger wich had No Truth in dat bt instead I was CARVING fr U..I was Dying wid out I Swara every Min..Every Sec..n to Forget U i had to take Support of Alcohol bt still dat Alcohol too cud nt Help Me in Forgetting U..den nw Hw cn I Live widout U.Plzz come bak..I need U Swara..I want to Rectify My Mistake..Plzz Come Bak.I need U ( Brks Down on Swara’s Hands )

As Sanskaar Broke Down Badly on Swara’s Hands,A Drop of Tear fell on Swara’s Hands Resulting in Slight Moment of Swara’s Hands making Shattered Sanskaar all Happy n Overwhelmed..Soon He Wiped His Tears Happily n Called Doctor Excitedly Running Out of Swara’s Ward like a Mad making Everyone Present Outside Shocked n Surprised..


2 Hours Later

Time Passed n Finally after Long Wait of 2 Hours Swara was Conscious n Out of Danger n was Perfectly Fine Yet wid Weakness n Pale Face due to Extreme Stress n Depression Bt As Swara was Out of Danger Everyone Including Sanskaar Presnt inside Her Ward were Beyond Happy n Overwhelmed seeing their Swara Bak All Fit n Fine making dem all too Happy n Overwhelmed wid Tears Rolling frm their Eyes Continously Indicating their Happiness n Relievedness..

Sanskaar : ( Happy ) Swara.. ( Holds Swara’s Palms ) Finally U r bak..M Soo Happy..I jst cnt tell Hw Happy n Overwhelmed I m seeing U Bak ( Leans to Kiss Swara’s Palm ) Thnk God U r Bak.. ( Shocked )

Swara : ( Removes Her Hands frm Sanskaar’s Grip n To Sujata ) Mom ( Attitudely ) M Tired..I wanna Sleep..Plzz tell Ur Son to Stop Disturbing Me wich He is doing since Past 2 Hours ( Makes Faces ) Huh..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) SWARA!! ( Pout Face ) Yaar M Sorry na..I knw I did a Mistake..Infact A Big Mistake bt m Guilty fr it too..Plzz Maaf Kardo..Since Last 2 Hours M Trying to Convince U bt U nt Listening to Me ( Yes Sanskaar was Bzy in His “Mission Princess Manao” skmce Past 2 Hours making Everyone Suppress their Laugh ?? ) bt Still Maaf kardo na Plzz..I Promise I will Understand U n will Trust U b4 taking any Big Mistake agnst U..Abb toh Maaf kardo Plzz ( Pleads Innocently )

Swara : ( Ignores ) Mom..Plzz I wanna Sleep ( Wid Attitude )

Sujata : ( Suppressing Her Laugh ) Haa Beta..Wait ( To Sanskaar wid Fake Anger ) Sanskaar..Stop it..Go n Get Frsehen Up in Home..n Cleam Ur Room asap We will be bak by 12am ( Swara got Discharged Forgave Sujata n Everyone Except Poor Sanskaar ? ) wid Swara.( Smiles Teasingly )..

Sanskaar: ( Pout Face ) Bt Mom…

Sujata : ( Fake Anger ) Sanskaar!! Kaha na. GO ( Points towards da Door )

Sanskaar : ( Makes Faces ) Huh..Fine ( To Swara ) Swara..U come Home..I will Show U wat is Attitude Dhikhana ( Leaves )

Soon Sanskaar Leftda Room all Irritated n Frustrated n As He Left Both Swara n Sujata who were Suppressing their Laugh Bursts Out Laughing Whole Heartedly seeing Sanskaar’s Face making Everyone Overwhelmed n Happy seeing their Swara Laughing Whole Heartedly after 6 Long Months.


Precap : Mission Princess Manao Continues n LAST PART ( 3rd Shot,Part B )..



Finally Done wid Another Part..I knw I Promised wid Lots of SwaSan Scns in this Part bt nw its nt thr ?..Sorry fr that..Bt Showing FBs n Other Emotional Scns were also Imp to Add/Show.Hope U will Undestand…Bt Dnt Worry Nxt Part i.e Last Part will be Full of SwaSan Only..So Plzz Maaf kardena n Hope U all Enjoyed this Part too.Plzz Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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