SwaSan Two/Three Shots : Sajna Tere Pyaar Main By Goldie (Shot 3,Part C )

Hii Guyz..Here is da Last n Finally da Final Part of My TS #Sajna_Tere_Pyaar_Main Shot 3 Part C…Hope U Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box at the End :).

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Recap : Nikhil Entry..SwaKhil Bonding..Sanskaar Jealous..Swara Brk Down Finally..



Two / Three Shots

Shot 3 ( Part C,Final Part )

4 Dayz Later

Maheshwari Mansion Hall

Evening 4pm

Time Passed n its been 4 Dyz since SwaSam got Completely Patched Up n Strtd Living their Life Happily n Brightly Yet Agn..As Dyz Passed Sanskaar’s Love along wid Jealousy Increased Day by Day seeing Swara n Nikhil Mingling wid Eachother making Swara to Enjoy Sanskaar’s Jealousy n Attention on Her..While Both Swara n Nikhil were having their Frndly Moment together all Happily n were Enjoying Eachother’s Company,Sanskaar on the Other Hand who was Watching all these frm A Distance making Him to Boil in Anger Filled wid Jealousy n Frustration swing Swara n Nikhil Enjoying together making Swara to Laugh n Enoy Sanskaar’s Jealousy n Irritation..

Swara : ( Laughs bt Composes ) Arrey Sanskaar..Come Here na..Wat r u doing thr ? ( Drags Sanskaar towards Nikhil ) See na this ( Hits Nikhil’s Head wid Fake Anger ) Bhuddhu is nt Understanding da Importantance of Marriage..He is like Married is A Waste of Time ( To Sanskaar ) nw U tell Him Marriage is nt a Waste of Time ( Keeps Her Head on Sanskaar’s Shoulder n Smiles ) bt An Amzing Feeling wich Everyone shud Feel it ( Sees Sanskaar ) Kyoun Hai na Sanskaar ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Haa Off Course ( Keeps His Hands on Swara’s Palm n Presses it Lovingly ) Indeed its One of the Amzing Feeling anyone cn get..n I m Lucky I felt this Feeling through U.. ( Stares Swara Lovingly )

Swara : ( Blushes ) Mee too ( Stares Sanskaar Bak Lovingly )

Na Jeeya Zindagi Ek Pal Bhi
Tujhse Hoke Juda Sun Zara
Bin Tere Mujhse Naaraz Tha Dil
Tu Mila Hai Keh Raha
Main To Tere Rang Mein
Rang Chuka Hun
Bas Tera Ban Chuka Hun
Mera Mujh Me Kuchh Nahi
Sab Tera
Main To Tere Dhang
Mein Dhal Chuki Hun
Tere Rang Mein Rang Chuki Hun
Mera Mujh Mein Kuchh Nahi
Sab Tera Sab Tera Sab Tera…

As Both Swara n Sanskaar were Staring Eachother Lovingly All Lost in Eachother’s Eyes Deeply Forgetting abt the Place n Ppl Present them making them to Smile n Admire da Lovely Couple wid Full Love n Admiration..While both Swara n Sanskaar were Bzy Staring Eachother Lovingly Nikhil who was Present thr Smirked Naughtily n Signalled Uttara Secretly making Her too to Smile Naughtily Indicating A Naughty n Teasing Plan in their Mind making Others to Laugh Secretly Yet Teasingly..

Nikhil : ( Signals Uttara n Smiles Naughtily ) Ahem..Ahem.. ( SwaSan Comes in Senses n Blushes ) Waise maybe U r Right Swara.. ( Pulls Swara towards Himself ) Marriage is A Beautiful Feeling wich M Unaware of..bt kya karu ( Holds Swara’s Hands naking Sanskaar Jealous ) jisse Pyaar kiya tha woh toh kisi aur ki hogayi..So hw cn i feel this Amzinf Feeling Haa ( Pout Face )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Awww ( Release Her Hands ) My ( Pulls Nikhil’s Cheeks ) Best Frnd..Fikar nt..m thr na..I will Find Much More Suitable Girl fr U..Maybe that Girl was nt Worth fr Ur Love..So dnt be Sad fr Her..( Thinks ) Hmm Waise..Who was dat Girl Haa ?? I mean Do I knw Her ?? ( Curious )

Nikhil : ( Smiles Naughtily Secretly ) Haa..Swara..U knw Her..Infact U only Knw Her Better..She is frm Our College only..

Swara : ( Shocked ) Oh..Srsly ? ( Excited ) then tell na Who is She ?? N Whr is She nw ?? Any Contact still ?? ( Excited )

Nikhil : U.. ( Smiles Naughtily Secretly ) Its YOU Swara..Jisse main Pyaar karta tha n thot to Propose U in this Trip..bt wen I came here I came to knw U r Alrdy Married ( Fake Tears )

Hearing Nikhil,Swara n Sanskaar who were Listening to Him were All Shocked n Numb Showing their Shockedness on their Faces Clearly making Nikhil m Uttara Laugh n Enjoy SwaSan’s State Secretly while others too Laughed n Enjoyed SwaSan’s State widout being Noticed by both Swara n Sanskaar making them more Shocked n Surprised..

Uttara : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Oh..Thats soo Bad Nikhil..Infact Bad Luck of Urs ki Bhabhi has Married My Bhai..Better Luck in Nxt Birth Haa..bt Waise must say Urs n Bhabhi’s Jodi wud have looked Perfect..U Two look Perfect wid Eachother..Agr thoda Jaldi aate toh maybe U wud have got A Chance to Marry Bhabhi..bt Sadly U r Late ( Chuckles )

Nikhil : ( Pout Face ) Haa Uttara..Ryt..M Late.. ( Smiles Brightly ) bt its Ok..Iss Janam na sahi toh agle Jaman main hi sahi..Inwill Marry Swara in Nxt Birth ( Winks at Swara ) Kyoun Hai na Swara ?.. ( Giggles )

As Nikhil kept on Teasing SwaSan Unknowingly,Sanskar’s Anger Reached its Peak n Fumed in Hell Anger making Him to March Out of da Hall to His Room like A Storm making Swara n Others Shocked n Worried..

Swara : ( Shocked )( To Sanskaar ) Ssanskaar.its nthing like that Suno..Ssanskaa ( Stops as Sanskaar Left ).( Angry )( To Nikhil ) NNIKKHILL bas karo..Chup hojao..R h Mad ?? ..R U in ur Senses ?? Kya Bakwaas kiye jaarahe ho jabse ?? Stop it Plzz..( Irritated ) Dnt U have any Sense or Brain to Use ?? Kuch bhi bolne se Pehle sochke bola karo Nikhil.Plzz Grow Up..Plzz ( Angry )

Nikhil : ( Shocked ) Bbt Swara I was jst Kidding..Teasing U both..nthing else.. ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Angry ) Teasing ?? Prank? ? Srsly ?? In this Way ?? R U Mad ?? No One does such kind of Jokes Nikhil infront A Marries Couple to Tease them..Nw see coz of Ur this Stupid Prank Sanskaar has Lost His Temper..( Worried )

Nikhil : ( Guilty ) M Sorry Swara..I did nt knw ki My Teasing will Lead to such A Big Issue..I was simply jst Teasing U both..nthing else.. ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Angry ) Idea kaise nhi tha Nikhil? ? U r nt a Kid anymore.. Kuch toh Soch samajh kar bola karo Nikhil..Kab..Kaha aur kisse kya baath karni hai think n Speak nt simply Blabber anything infront of anyone.. ( Sees Nikhil’s Sad Face n Sighs ) Ok M Sorry Nikhil I knw U were only Teasing Me n Sanskaar wid this Joke n U dnt Really Mean it..bt Nikhil sometimes U have to Control ur Pranks infront of some ppl..I knw Nikhil U were Joking wid Me..bt Zaruri nhi hai ki tumhare Pranks sab ko Pasand aaye.I cn Understand ur Pranks coz I knw U since Childhood bt Zaruri nhi Everyone Enjoys Ur Prank n
Especially this Kind of Pranks toh kisi Husbands ko bhi Pasand nhi aayega..n Sanskaar ko toh Hargiz nhi..He is Over Possessive abt Me n nw dyz toh He is even More Possessive abt Me coz of 6 Months Seperation..( Teary Eyes ) I saw His Anger wen U were Teasing n Playing this Stupid Game on Us..He is Really Hurt..n m Fearing ki Sanskaar ki Tabiyat khrb na hojaye iss Tension main.. ( Worried )

Uttara : ( Guilty too ) Bhabhi..Mm also Sorry..I was also Teasing U n Bhai wid this Prank wid Nikhil ( Teary Eyes ) M Sorry..

Swara : ( Goes Near Uttara m Cups Her Face ) Uttara its Ok ..Np..jo hogaya so hogaya..We cnt Chnage it..bt We cn Rectify it by Forgetting it n by nt Repeating such things agm..Fikhaal m toh Worried abt Sanskaar.. ( Sees Uttara Worriedly ) U knw na Uttara jab Sanskaar ko Zaada Ghussa aata hai toh Uski Tabiyat khrb hojati hai coz Excess Stress n Anger is Nt Good fr Him..n aaj jo Hua usse I feel He is Really VeryAngry n Tensed.. ( Worried )

Uttara : ( Worried too ) Haa Bhabhi U r Right U do One thing..Go to Bhai Right Nw..He needs U..He myt be Alone nw.. ( Tensed )

Swara : Haa..Uttara U r Right..I shud Go to Him..Thnks..n U n Nikhil dnt Blame Urself fr all these..its Ok..Mana lungi main Sanskaar ko..Dnt Worry..nw Bye.. ( Runs to Sanskaar Immediately )

As Uttara Apologized Swara, Swara Hurriedly Left fr Her Room in A Same Storm Speed like Sanskaar did with Full Tension n Worriedness on Her Face to Convince n Calm Sanskaar Down making Uttara n Nikhil more Sad n Guilty fr their Prank bringing Tears of Guilt Flowing frm their Eyes Continously Yet Silently..


SwaSan Room

Soon Swara Reached Her Room in Full Speed n As She Reached Her Room,She was Shocked n Teary Eyes seeing Her Sanskaar Standing infront of Window all Shattered n Broken wid A Glass of Wine in His Hand Showing His Pain n Jealousy Over Swara’s n Nikhil’s Over Frndly Bond making Swara more Restless n Worried abt Sanskaar’s Mood n Health.As Sanskaar was Standing all Shattered n Broken infront of Widow,Swara Slowly wid Tiny n Baby Steps Moved Towards Her Sanskaar wid Tears of Worriedness n Love Rolleed frm Her Eyes Continously n Non Stop making Her to Bak Hug Sanskaar Tightly Showing All Her Love Towards Him making No Effect on Sanskaar due to Anger n Frustration making Swara Shocked n Worried in Tension n Worriedness..

Swara : ( Hugs Sanskaar Tightly frm Bak ) Sanskaarr.. ( Tightens Her Grip ) Sanskaar..i knw U r Angry on Nikhil jo usne kaha..bt Sanskaar..it was jst a Prank..He was Teasingly Us..He did nt mean it in Real..Plzz Baadh suno ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Avoids ) Ahm Swara ( Moves Away frm Hug ) Woh Mujhe kahi Kaam se jaana hai..So M Leavimg nw..I will be Bak Late
.So don’t wait fr Me fr Dinner..Eat n Sleep.. ( Leaves )

As Sanskaar Left the Room Coldly,Swara Broke Down Completely n Cursed Her Fate While Crying Silently Yet Bitterly Making Swara More Shattered n Broken frm Inside wid Tears Rolling frm Her Eyes Continously Yet Silently..

Swara : ( Curses Her Fate ) Meri Kismat hi Khrb hai..Wenever I feel Everything will be Fine b/w Me n Sanskaar n We cn Live Happily dat Day Itself agn Something Happens wich makes Us agn Part Ways frm Eachother..Y Me ?? Y cnt I Live A Happily Married Life wid My Sanskaar. ? ( Cries Bitterly ) 6 Months ke baad Meri Mushkil se Everything got Sorted Out b/w Me Sanskaar bt agn Sab Khrb hogaya..Agn Sanskaar is Angry wid Me.. ( Brks Down ) abb kya karu ??

While Swara Broke Down Miserably Crying Her Heart Out,2 Pairs of Eyes who were Watching Her feft Guitly n were Blamkng themselves fr the Messed Up Situation b/w Swara n Sanskaar making dem more Guitly n Upset Yet Determined to Unite the 2 Love Birds at any Cost making their Determination more Determined n Strong..


SwaSan Room

Night 13am

Time Flew n its 12 in da Mid Night n Everyone Including Swara went to their Real Rooms after Dinner n were Having their Sound Sleep..As Everyone were Keeping Peacefully,Swara on the Other Hand was Still Waiting fr Sanskaar in Her Room widout having anything since dat Incident wid Red Swollen Eyes n Pale Face Showing Her Non Stop Crying making Her More Pale n Weak..As Swara was Waiting for Sanskaar Impatiently n Worried abt Him,Sanskaar on the Other Hand Enters da Room all Tired n Exhausted wid Pale Face n Wid some Blood Oozing frm Corner of His Lips n Forehead Showing His Tiredness making Swara Shocked n Worried fr Sanskaar..

Swara : ( Shocked ) Ssanskaarr ( Runs Towards Sanskaar ) yeh sab kya hai ?? ( Touches Sanskaar’s Injured Wounds ) Kaise hua yeh sab ? ( Crying ) theek toh ho na ??

Sanskaar : ( Ignores ) kuch nhi hua..nthing happened ( Moves Away frm Swara ) bas had a Small Fight wid some Goons.. ( Goes to Wardrobe ) U did nt Sleep Yet ? ( Coldly )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Hw cn I Sleep wen My One n Only Warm Pilllow is Missing..

Sabskaar : ( Stops Choosing Clothes n Sighs ) Swara Go n Sleep..its Late..M going to Study Room..will.Change thr n will Sleep thr only..U Sleep here..

Swara : ( Urge of Crying ) Sanskaar..Plzz ( Hugs Sanskaar Tightly ) Suno…Ur Silence is Killing Me..Plzz talk wid Me..Nikhil ke Taraf se Main Sorry bolti hu.bt Plzz Talk to Me ( Hugs More Tightly )

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Swara Leave Me n Go…Its ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Tightens da Grip More Tightly ) No..I wont Go..Jab tak U wont Listen to Me I wont Leave U..Pehle bolo U r nt Angry na..

Sanskaar : ( Tries to Free Himself ) Swara..Chodo..Its Alrdy Late..U also Sleep n Let Me Also Sleep.. ( Coldly )

Swara : ( Shakes Head Vigorously ) No..I wont..See Mr Maheshwari if U t Stubborn then M also Stubborn infact more dan U..n I knw it..So Better Listen to Me.. ( Stubborn ) Nikhil did nt Mean wat He Said..He was jst Teasing Us..Haa I knw da Prank He Played on Us was nt Good n its A Hurting One..bt He did nt Mean it..Trust Me. ( Release da Hug ) Its Jst ki He is bit Crazy..Uncle Aunty ke Jaane ke baad se He became Really Lonely in USA..n He Strtd Staying wid His Uncle Aunty who used to Love Him bt only fr His Father’s Business..bt He never Gave Up..He Stood by Himself n Made His Own Father’s Business Reach its Own Heights..n to Forget His Pain He does Silly Pranks..Wich He Himself.ssunny dnt knw wat He is Doing..He jst Needs a Life Partner..A Partner Who Cn Stand beside Him..Understand Him..Support Him n Most Importantly ( Hugs Sanskaar Tightly Agn ) LOVE HIM..Jst Like U do fr Me ( Deepens Her Face in Sanskaar’s Chest More n feels It ) He also needs da Same.. ( Release da Hug ) Plzz Maaf kardo usse Plzz..nt fr Him bt Fr ME atleast Plzz ( PuppyFace )..

Seeing SwaraConvincing Him wid All Her Innocence n Efforts,Sanskaar was Meliting n was Lost in His Swara’s Beauty n Stared Her fr Sometime Lovingly making Swara to Feel His Intense Gaze n Blush Hard giving A Reason fr Sanskaar to Smile Naughtily n to Forgive Her Frnd Full Heartedly..

Sanskaar : ( Glares Swara Intensely ) Agr tum itni Innocently Bologi n itna Cutely Manaogi toh I have to get Convinced na..Hw will i be Angry wid U n Ur Frnd fr Long Time.. ( Smiles Naughtily )

Swara : ( Blushes ) Thnk U ( Hugs Sanskaar Happily ) Thnk U soo Much..n dats Y I Love U..( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Hugs Bak ) I Love U Too ( Kisses Swara’s Head Lovingly )

Swara: ( Remembers Something n Release da Hug Immediately ) Sanskaar ( Touches His Wounds wid Teary Eyes ) Yeh Chod kaise lagi ? N kya Zarurat thi Gundoon se ladne ki ?? ( Worried ) Dard horaha hai zaada ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Holds Swara’s Hands n Kisses Them ) Nhi Baba..Kuch nhi hua..its jst A Small Injury..Heal hojayegi..Calm Down..

Swara : ( Fake Anger ) Chup..dhikhraha hai kitni Small Injury hai.. ( Makes Sanskaar Sit on Bed ) Keep Quite n Sit Here..I will bring First Aid n Apply it ..Ok ? ( Strictly )

Sanskaar : ( Pout Face ) Ok..

Soon Swara Brought First Aid frm da Drawer n Strtd Applying it on Sanskaar’s Wound Carefully while Sanskaar Stared Her wid all Love n Affection m Strtd Caressing Swara’s Cheeks Sensuously all Lost in Her Beauty making Swara Feel His Touch n Loose Her Control while Blushing giving Sanskaar A Positive Sign n Leading Him to Smile Naughtily n Winningly..

Swara : ( Blushes ) Ssanskaarr..Stop..Let Me Apply First Aid. ( Breathing Heavily )

Sanskaar : ( Huskily ) Toh Apply na..M nt Stopping U..m jst doing My Wrk.. ( Smiles Naughtily n Kisses Swara’s Cheek Sensuously )

As Sanskaar was Loosing His Control,Swara Stops Applying da First Aid n Clutches Sanskaar’s Shirt Tightly Enjoying n Morning on His Touch after A long Time..Soon Sanskaar Sanskaar Reached Her Nape n Strtd Giving Her Wet Kisses n Strtd Bited n Teasing thr making Swara Moarn More Pleasurely n Leading them Both to Fall on Bed n Make Love after A Long Time wich Both of them were Carving n Impatient fr..

Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon
Sar Pe Hai, Kab Se Hai
Mujhe Aadat Bana Lo Ek Buri
Kehna Ye Tumse Hai
Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon
Sar Pe Hai, Kab Se Hai…

As Both Swara n Sanskaar were Bzy in Making Love wid Eachother after A Long 6 Months Gap,Both Reached their Climax Enjoying the Most Blissfull Moment Fully Fell in Deep Sleep In Eachother’s Embrace Cuddling Eachother in A Single Blanket Covering their Nude Body All Happily n wid A Bright Smile on their Faces Showing their Satisfaction n Happines Leasing da Moon n da Stars Watching them to Bless n Shower all their Love Birds Happily n Brightly..

Hmm.. Rokna Nahi Mujhko
Zidd Pe Aa Gayi Hoon Main
Iss Qadar Deewanapan Chadha
Dekho Na Yahaan Aake
Mera Haal Kaisa Hai
Toot Ke Abhi Tak Na Juda
Ab Sambhalna Nahi Hai
Jo Bhi Hai Wo Sahi Hai
Aao Na…
Tumhe Khud Se Milaane Ka Junoon
Sar Pe Hai, Kab Se Hai
Mujhe Rehne De Apne Paas Hi
Kehna Ye Tumse Hai
Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon
Sar Pe Hai, Kab Se Hai
Sar Pe Hai, Kab Se Hai…


1 Week Later

Time Passed n its been 1 Week since SwaSan Consummated their Love Once agn after A Long Gap of 6 Months making them to Glow more Brightly..Since Time Passed has Passed Both Swara n Sanskaar were Bzy in Search of Laksh n as A Lead The Maheshwari Mansion was Fully in a Hustle Bustle indicating A Good News Knocking their Door Step..All the Members of Maheshwari Family were Bzy in Preparing n Arranging other Preparations all Happily n Enjoying the Moment..While All were Bzy in their Own Wrk Happily,They Heard a Slow n A Teary Voice of A Person Suddenly making all of them Overwhelmed n Teary Eyes Hearing da Voice. .

Person : ( Teary Eyes ) MAAA…

As They Heard da Voice Everyone Especially AP were Overwhelmed n Tears of Happiness Rolled frm their Eyes Continously Showing their Love n Pain wich they Suffered since 6 Long Months. .

AP : ( Teary Eyes ) LAKSH…

( Yes it was Laksh )

AP : ( Runs Towards Laksh n Hugs Tightly ) aagaya Mera Beta.. ( Crying Bitterly ) Kaha tha tu ?? Do u have an any Idea Meri n Tumhare Papa kinky Halaat hogayi thi tumhare Laapata hone ke bare main sunke ( Release da Hug n Hits Laksh’s Head ) Pagaal..Kaha chalegaya tha ?? Tumhre jaane ke baad yaha sab kuch Bighar gaya tha..Everything was shattered.. ( Brks Down )

Laksh : ( Teary Eyes ) Sorry Maa..M really Sorry bt jo bhi hua it was nt in My Hand..I was in COMA since Past 6 Months ( Emotional )

DP : ( Shocked ) COMA ?? ( Worried ) Bt Kaise ??

Hearing Laksh being in Coma fr all these Months everyone including Ragini who was Present thr in SheMish were Shocked n Numb Hearing it..As The Truth was Revealed Sanskaar along wid Swara Revealed da whole Truth of Laksh’s being in Coma making Everyone Shocked n Shattered..

Sanskaar : Haa Bade Papa..Laksh Coma main tha in 6 Mahine tak..1 Week Pehle hi mujhe aur ( Sees Swara ) Swara ko Pata chala..n thats Y We both Informed U all abt Laksh’s Return soo Confidently.

Swara : N We both came to knw abt Laksh jab Hum dono 1 Week Pehle Hospital gaye the fr My Regular Chk Up..waha We came to knw Abt Laksh coz We saw Laksh was Being Shifted to Mumbai’s Hospital frm Here..kyonki 6 Mahine tak No one came to Recognise Laksh toh Isiliye they were Shifting Laksh to another State fr Better Treatment..bt Thnkfully Maine aur ( Sees Sanskaar ) Sanskaar ne dekhliya aur Laksh ko Pechanliya..n Strtd His Treatment n Jab wen He became Perfectly Fine We came to knw Laksh Coma main Accident ke Wajeh se gaya tha..coz ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Continues ) coz jab woh Apni Car lekar Gaya tja 6 Mahine pehle Je Met an Accident m Coma main chalegaya..bt abb jab Laksh puri Tareekeh se Theek hogaya We Announced ki We Found Laksh..humne oehle nhi bataya coz We did nt want to Give Any False Hope abt His Recovery..bt Thnkfully Humari Mehnat rang laai n Laksh is Front of u all.. ( Teary Eyes )

( Guyz i dnt wanna Drag Laksh Matter so Ended it wid Coma Matter )

Hearing da Entire Truth of Laksh’s Missing since 6 Months everyone Present thr were Over Emotional n were Crying Continously in Happiness n Overwhelmness Thinking abt the Happiness wich they were Away frm Last 6 Months..As Everyone were Happy n Crying Happily after a Long Time n were Having a Happily Emotional Moment,Swara who was Watching all these wid Teary Teary Holding Sanskaar’s Hands Felt Dizzy n Fell Unconscious in Sanskaar’s Arms naking Everyone Shocked n Worried..


30 Minutes Later

Time Flew n its been 30 Minutes Swara got Unconscious n Doctor was Called fr Her Chk Up..As Doctor was Chking Swara inside da Room Everyone Especially Sanskaar who were All Tensed n Worried fr Swara Paced Here n Thr in Tension Thinking abt Swara’s Sudden Unconsciousness..Soon Doctor Came Out n Announced A News naking Sanskaar n Everyone Shocked n Surprised wid Tears of Unbelievableness Flowing frm their Eyes Continously Yet Silently..

Doctor : ( Smiles ) Congratulations Mr Maheshwari..Mrs Maheshwari is 1 Week Pregnant..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Kya ?? Wwwhaatt ? R u Serious Doctor ?? Swara is Expectjng Agn ? I mean abhi toh ( Intrerupted )

Doctor : ( Assures ) Yes Mr Maheshwari..U Heard it Right..Mrs Maheshwari is Expectjng fr the Second Time..bt Haa this Time U need to be Carefull abt Her Health n make Sure She is Away frm Stress n Tensions coz Ek aur Miscarriage wud Let Her to Loose this Baby too n ( Cud nt Complete n Sighs ) Aap
samajh rahe hai na Mr Maheshwari Wat m Tryjng ti Say ?..

Sanskaar : ( Understands ) Haa Doctor..I Understood..Dnt Worry..Will Take Care of Her n Her Health more dan My Health.. ( Assures )

Doctor: ( Smiles ) Good..Well must Say U r Lucky Enough to knw abt Mrs Maheshwari’s Pregnancy with in 1 Week U came to knw abt Her Pregnancy warna Ppl 3 Months tak Unaware rehte hai iss News se..

Sanskaar : ( Blushes bt Hides ) Hmm Well Thnks alot Doctor..( Diverts da Topic )

Doctor : ( Laughs ) its ok..No need to Divert da Topic n to Blush..M Leaving nw..Take Care of Mrs Maheshwari n Keeo Visiting Me 2 Times in A Month coz She is Alrdy Weak n On that She is Expecting so Need More Attention on Her..Ok ??

Sanskaar : Haa Sure Doctor. Thnks Once Agn .. ( Smiles n Shakes Hands )

Doctor : ( Smiles n Shakes Hands Bak ) Ur Welcome..Ok den will take ur Leave..Bye ( Leaves )

Soon Doctor Leaves da MM while Sanskaar n Everyone Rushed inside the Room n Laughed seeing Swara Hiding Her Face in Her Pillow due to Blushness n Shyness Hearing the News..As Everyone Entered da Room Everyone Blessed both Swara n Sanskaar n Left the Room Leaving SwaSan all Alone in da Room giving them A Much Needed Private Time to them after Hearing da Big Good News fr wich both were Carving Fr..Soon as Everyone Left Sanskaaar Ckosed the Door n Hugged Swara in a Bone Crushingly Hug as much as He cud Showing His All Love n Happiness towards da News n Her making Swara too Hug Bak n Cry in Happiness wid Tears Rolling frm Her Eyes Continously making both Swara n Sanskaar to Cry n Enjoy the Most Awaited Moment in their Life wid No Boundaries of Happiness in their Heart..


9 Months Later

Time Passed n its da 9th Month of Swara’s Pregnancy..The Month of Her Delivery n All were Present in Hospital Roaming here n thr in a Hospital Corridor infornt of An OT wid Full Tension n Worriedness seen on their Face..As Everyone were Tensed Doctor came out of OT n Announced da Good News to Everyone makinf Everyone Especially Sanskaar Over Happy n Overwhelmed wid Tears Rolling frm His Eyes Continously Showing all His Happiness n Excitement..

Doctor : ( Happy ) Congratulations Mr Maheshwari..Its a Baby Girl..Yr Wife has given A Birth to a Baby Girl..Congratulations Once Agn ( Leaves )

Soon Swara n Baby were Discharged n da Baby was Named as SHANAYA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI making Everyone Happy n Overwhelmed Leading both Swara n Sanskaar to Live A Happily Ever After wid All Happiness n Bright Future Ahead Together Supporting n Loving Eachother even More like B4 Increasing their Mutual Love n Support fr Eachother making dem more Strong n Happy…





Yaayyy. FINALLY Done wid da Last Part..I knw its Quite Boring n A Rushy Ending as I Wrote it in A Hurry..Bt still Hoping U all will Like it..Do Forgive Me if U did nt Like da Part..Promise will Do My Best fr My Other 2 FFs..Hope U will Support Me thr too .Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Last Part of the TS :).


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