SwaSan Two/Three Shots : Sajna Tere Pyaar Main By Goldie (Shot 3,Part B)


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Recap : Swara Hospitalised…Reason behind Sanskaar’s Sudden Return Revealed..Sujata Guitly..Sanskaar Brk Down..Swara Gains Consciousness n Princess Manao Mission Begins..



Two / Three Shots

Shot 3 ( Part B )

Nxt Day

Its A New Day n A New Beginning of SwaSan’s Life wid New New Hopes n Desires..As Usual Swara n Sanskaar were Sleeping in their Room bt this Time nt in Eachother’s Embrace bt on their Separate Own Bed Sides Facing Eachother’s Bak to Eachother..While Both Swara n Sanskaar were Sleeping on their Respective Bed Sides they Heard A Knock on da Door Waking dem both frm their Deep Sleep..

AP : ( Knocks da Door ) Swara Beta..Sanskaar..Utho..its Morning..Every1 r waiting fr U both fr the Pooja..( Knocks Agn ) Utho..

Sanskaar : ( Sleepy ) Kaun..

AP : ( Smiles ) Its Me Beta..Badi Maa..

Sanskaar : ( Opens da Door in Sleepy Mode ) Ji Badi Maa..Good Morning..( Yawns )

AP : ( Laughs ) Sanskaar..Look at U..I thot in these 6 Months U myt have Changed n myt have become A Responsible Guy..bt seeing U like this i think I was Expecting Wrong.. ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Embarrassed ) Ahmm..Woh Badi Maa..Sorry ( Diverts da Topic ) Accha tell Me Y r u here ?? Any Any Help ?

AP : ( Laughs ) No..Nthing Serious..bas Came to Call U n Swara fr the Morning Pooja as after 6 Long Months it’s fr da First Time da Elder Son n Bahu of Maheshwari Family r Bak.. ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Cups AP’s Face ) Offoo Badi Maa..U knw I Hate Tears in ur Eyes..Bt still U r Crying.. Chalo ( Wipes AP’s Tears ) nw Stop Crying n Go..We r coming in sometime..Ok ??

AP : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Ok..Jaldi aana.. ( Leaves )

Soon AP Leaves frm thr wid Teary Eyes,Sanskaar Understood Her Feelings n felt Her Pain n was Determined making His Goal More Strong n Determined..

Sanskaar : ( Determined ) I knw Badi Maa U r Missing Laksh..n Feeling His Emptiness in Ur Heart n Trying to Fill dat Emptiness by Us..bt dnt Worry I will Fill dat Emptiness soon..I will bring Laksh Bak Soon..Its My Promise ( Confident )

As Sanskaar was Determined n Thinking abt Laksh’s Missing,He Heard A Shower Sound frm His Washroom Making Him Realize abt Swara’s Awakening n Bringing Him Bak to His Senses…


30 Minutes Later

Maheshwari Mansion Hall

Soon Everyone Including SwaSan were Present in da Hall n were Doing their Aarti Filled wid Happiness n Peacefullness or U cn Say Indicating their Half Happiness on their Faces after 6 Long Months Praying fr Laksh’s Return too..As Everyone Ended their Aarti One by One Swara Strtd Distributed da Prasad ( Sweet ) to Everyone Happily making Everyone Happy n Overwhelmed.

Swara : ( Smiles ) Yeh Lijiye Bade Papa ( Gives Prasad to DP ) Prasad..

DP : ( Overwhelmed ) God Bless U Beta..M Soo Happy to see U n Sanskaar bak in Our House after 6 Linda Months.I jst cnt Explain My Happiness..M Speechless….Nw i Jst Hope Jaise U n ( Sees Sanskaar wid Teary Eyes ) Sanskaar are Bak na Ussi Tarrah Iss Ghar ke Baaki Khushiyaan bhi jaldi se aajayege wapas.. ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Zarur..Bade Papa..U dnt worry..Jaise Main aur Sanskaar wapas aagaye..Ussi Tarrah Laksh aur Ragini bhi aajayege..Bas We need to Wait some more Time..then Our House will be Filled wid Happiness n Laughter Agn.. ( Assures )

DP : ( Teary Eyes n Blesses ) Hope aisa hi ho Beta.. ( Caresses Swara’s Hairs n Blesses )

As DP was Blessing Swara wid TearyEyes Showing His Happiness to Her,Everyone Present thr too were Overwhelmed n their Eyes were too Filled wid Tears of Happiness Flowing frm their Eyes Continously n Non Stop making them all Overwhelmed n Emotional..Soon as Everyone Eneded their Aarti n Prasad Sessions all were Having their Brk Fast Happily after a Long Time wen they Heard A Noise of A Boy Calling Swara making Everyone Shocked n Confused while Swara Jumped in Happiness making others More Shocked n Surprised..

Boy : ( Calling Swara Loudly ) Swara…Swara..See who has come to Meet U ( Proudly ) Swara.. ( Calls Agn )

DP: ( Shocked ) Kaun hai itni Subah Subah jo Swara ko iss Tarrah bolaraha hai n dat too in Our Home ? ( Confused )

Sanskaar : ( Confused too ) Pata nhi Bade Papa..Wait Let Me Chk.. ( Gets Up bt Shocked )

While Sanskaar was abt to Go to Chk da Man,Swara Immediately Jumped in Happiness seeing da Boy n Ran towards da Boy Happily making Everyone Present thr including Sanskaar Shocked n Surprised.

Swara : ( Shocked ) NIKHIL … ( Excited n Ran towards Nikhil ) OMG..Nikhil its U ?? Or M I Dreaming ?? ( Confused ) Plzz Pinch Me ( Forwards Her Hands fr Pinching )

Nikhil : ( Laughs ) Ohh God Swara… ( Pinches Swara ) U did nt Change na till nw..U still Believe in thie Pinching Game ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Feels da Pinch ) Aaooww ( Caresses Her Hands ) Slowly.. ( Realized ) I felt da Pinch it means..U R IN REAL Present here .. ( Exicted n Hugs ) Ohh Wow..Amzing..Awsum.. ( Laughs )

Nikhil : ( Laughs while Hugging Bak ) Ooii ( Stumbles Bak ) Ahishta Shona..Slowly..

Swara : ( Realized n Release da Hug ) Oops Sorry..I was Over Excited ( Giggles )

Nikhil : ( Giggles too ) Like As Always.. ( Pulls Swara’s Nose ) Over Excitement Ki Dukaan..

While Swara was Having Her Frndly Moment wid Nikhil Forgetting abt Sanskaar n Others Present thr,Sanskaar felt Something Burning inside Him n Fumed in Anger or U cn Say Fumed in Jealousy seeing Swara Mingling wid Someone Else making Him to Speak Somethings bringing Swara bak to Reality n Realize the Situation..

Sanskaar : ( Fumed in Jealousy ) Ahem Ahem.. ( Goes towards Swara ) Hmm Swara..Wont U Introduce Us to Him..n Him to Us ( Wraps His Hands Around Swara’s Waist Protectively n Attitudely )

Swara : ( Shocked on Sanskaar’s Step ) Haa..Haan..Sure..Sory I Forgot to Introduce Nikhil to U all..

Sanskaar : ( Attitudely ) Toh Introduce na..Wat r U Waiting fr ? ( Fumes in Jealousy )

Swara : ( Rudely ) toh Wait na..Introduce karrahi hu.. ( Makes Faces )( To Nikhil ) Toh Nikhil..Meet My In Laws.. ( Points DP n AP ) They r My Bade Papa n Badi Maa..( Points towards RP n Sujata ) They r My Mom n Papa..I mean My Sasur n Saas..den ( Points towards Uttara ) n She is My Lovely n One n Only n Sabki Pyaari Uttara My Nanand.. ( Smiles )( To Family ) n Bade Papa He ( Points Nikhil ) is My Childhood + Collegr Frnd Nikhil Mehra who came frm USA to India after 15 Yrs to Meet Me ( Smiles )

Nikhil : ( Happy ) Ohh Wow..Nyc Haa Swara..Ur Dream has Come True..U alwyz wanted A Big n A Happy Joint Family..n see U r Married to a Big Family Only..Nyc.. ( To Elders ) Nyc Meeting U Uncles n Aunties ( Takes Blessings ).. ( To Uttara ) n Nyc Meeting U too Miss ( Shakes Hands Smilingly )

Uttara : ( Smiles too ) Hii.. ( Shakes Hands Bak ) Same Here..

Nikhil : ( Confused ) Swara tumne sab se Introduce toh karaliya..bt den Who is ( Points Sanskaar ) HE jo tumhe Ek BF ya Tumhare Pati ki Tarrah itna Tight Pakda hua hai ( Giggles ) If U Husband sees it na He will get Jealous ( Chuckles )

Swara : ( Shocked n Sees Angry Sanskaar ) Aahmm..Nikhil..He is My ( Intrerupted )

Nikhil : ( Giggles ) Wait na Swara..I will Handle Him .. ( To Sanskaar Rudely ) Hello Mr Whatever Ur Name is…Leave My Frnd..Warna if Her Husband sees U Holding Swara..den U r Gone ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Tries to Stop ) Nikhil..Suno.. ( Intreprupted )

Nikhil : Arrey Swara..kaha na let Me Handle Him…Dekhna Wen ur Husband Listens dat I Saved U frm this ( Sees Sanskaar ) Stranger na He will be Impressed n Proud of Me n Ur Choice of Choosing A Frnd ( Proudly )

Swara : ( Murmurs ) Impress ka toh Pata nhi bt Haa Ghussa toh Zarur hoga ( Tensed )

Nikhil : ( Confused ) Kuch kaha tumne ??

Swara : ( Shocked ) Ha..Nhi toh..I was Telling ki ( Intrerupted )

Nikhil : Swara U dnt need to be Afraid of such Ppl..I knw such ppl..U knw na m Master in Handling such Ppl..So U dnt need to be Afraid ( Keeps on Showing His Over Smartness )

As Nikhil was Showing His Over Smartness Unknowingly,Sanskaar who was all Listening to His Nonsense Fumed in Even more Anger n Went towards His Room Angrily making Swara Irritated n Frustrated towards Nikhil while Nikhil Turned Confused n Shocked seeing Swara’s Sudden Out Burst..

Swara : ( Hits Her Forehead wid Her Hand ) Heyy Bhagwaan.. Hogaya Kaam ( Hits Nikhil ) Bewakoof..Cnt U be Auite fr sometime..wen I was telling U something den Y were u nt listening ?? Y u were Bzy in Showing ur Over Smartness ?? Huh.. ( Hits Agn ) Bihad diya saara Mood Sanskaar ka.. ( Worried )

Nikhil : ( Confused ) Aaoow..Swara Maar kyoun rahi ho ? Y r u Hitting Me ?? I was jst Trying to Help U n Protect U frm A Stranger n Instead of being Thnkfull or Gr8 full to Me I r Hitting Me like this ( PoutFace ) Nt Fair..( Sad )

Swara : ( Angry ) Help ke Bacche ( Hits Agn ) U instead of Helping Me U have Trapped Urself in A Big Prblm.. ( Worried )

Nikhil : ( Confused) Matlab ?? I did nt get U..

Swara : ( Angry ) Matlab jisse tum Stranger samajhke apni Bakwaas kiye jaarahe the He is None Other Than MY HUSBAND..Mera PATI hai woh..n U Instead of Helping Me U Have Urself Trapped Ur Ownself into A V.Big Prblm ( Giggles ). .

Nikhil : ( Shocked ) WWHHAATT..Wwatt do Uuu mmeaann ? The Stranger is uurrr HUSSBBANNDD SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI ( Gulps )

Swara : ( Folds Her Hands on Her Waist ) Haa Mere Bhuuddu Dost..nw U have to Impress Him..m nt going to Help U..isiliye I alwyz tell U nt to Show ur Over Smartness Every whr.. bt ( Hits Agn ) U never Listen to Me.. ( Fake Anger )

Nikhil : ( Pout Face ) Sorry..abb plzz Help Me in Manaoing Ur Husband warna M Dead Here ( Gulps )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Ok Fine..I will ..bt Promise Me U will Control Ur Tongue n Ur Mouth infront of Sanskaar n wont Blurt anything Stupid..Promise Me ( Forwards Her Hands fr Promise )

Nikhil : ( Promises ) Haa Meri Maa..I Promise..First U Help Me.. ( Sweats )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Ok Fine Chalo..Relax..He wont do anything bas be Quite n jst Keep saying Yes to all My Talks Ok ??

Nikhil : ( Pout Face ) Ok..

Soon Both Swara n Nikhil Headed towards SwaSan’s Room all Scared n Worried thinking abt Sanskaar’s Mood to Convince n Pacify Him making all the Family Members to Burst Out Laughing suddenly seeing Nikhil’s Madness making Nikhil more Embarrassed n Scared..


2 Hours Later

SwaSan Room

Time Passed n its been 2 Hours since da Matter b/w Nikhil n Sanskaar got Solved n was Settled Down..As the Matter was All Sorted Out Swara was seen Arranging Her Wardrobe in Her Room all Lost in Her Own Thots Thinking somethings V.Deeply wen all of a Sudden She Heard a Knock on Her Room Door making Her to Come Bak to Reality n to Brk Her Deep Thots..

Swara : ( Sees da Door ) Arrey..Nikhil U..Come na Inside..( Smiles n Keeps Clothes Inside Wardrobe n Closes it ) So ( Comes Near Nikhil ) tell Me Y r u here ?? Need any Help ??

Nikhil : ( Smiles ) No..Dnt need any Help..bas felt to.Spend some Frndly Time wid U..Kitne Din hogaye na . Infact YEARS..We did nt Share Our Secrets n Our Life wid Eachother.. ( Exicted )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa woh toh hai.. ( Sits on Bed ) Ok den Today infact nw Lets Share Our Secrets we have Collected in these 15 Yrs widout Eachother..

Nikhil : Ok..Sure..So U ask wat u wanna knw abt Me in these 15 Yrs.. ( Exicted )

Swara : Hmm..Tell Me koi dhank ( Proper ) GF ya Life Partner mili ya abhi bhi Flirting n all Haa ( Giggles )

Nikhil : ( Proudly ) U knw Me V Well Swara..Nikhil Mehra n Stop Flirting woh toh ho nhi sakta..its inside Me by Birth ( Pulls His Collar in Proud )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Omg..it means U r still nt Serious abt Ur Life ? ( Hits Nikhil’s Head ) Sudhat jao Mere Dost..Yeh Flirting Wlirtjng se Kuch nhi hone wala..Ite High Time U Settle Urself..Samjhe ?

Nikhil : Haa Yaar..U r Saying Right..Infact I too wanna get Settled Full n Fjnally..bt kya karu Ek acchi Ladki nhi milrahi jisse i cn Settle My Life Permanently.. ( Pout Face )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Aww..Dnt Worry..miljayegi Ek na Din..Dnt Worry..Jst Have Patience ..

Nikhil : Hmm..Hope So..Khair..Leave abt Me..U tell ( Excited ) Hw U Met Sanskaar n Hw U both got Married ?? Was it A Love Marriage or Arranged ?

Swara : ( Smiles Deamingly ) Hmm My Wedding was neither Love Nor Arranged..it was A DESTINED MARRIAGE n I Love it ( Blushes )

Nikhil : ( Confused ) Destined Marriage? Wat u mean by that ?? Arrange Marriage suna hai..Love Marriage bhi..bt wat is this Destined Marriage?

Swara : ( Laughs ) I mean Our Marriage was Planned by Destiny nt by any of Our Relatives or nt by Us..It was all Planned by Destiny..

Nikhil : ( Hell Confused ) Ohh God Swara.Plzz Stop Making Riddles n tell Me da Ur Love Story.. ( Enthusiastic )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Ok Fine..Our Story na Strtd wid …… ( Continues Telling Her’s n Sanskaar’s Love Story ) Everything was jst soo Perfectly on Our Lives.. bt ( Smiles Fades Away ) One Day Humare Rishtein ko Nazar lagayi n Me n Sanskaar had to Part Ways ( Teary Eyes ) nt coz of Sanskaar bt Coz of My Own Helplessness ( Cries Silently )

Nikhil : ( Confused ) Swara..Stop Crying..Tell Me kya hua tha..I mean U myt feel Light n Relaxed by Sharing Ur Pain.. ( Cups Swara’s Face n Wipes Her Tears ) Come On Tell Me.. ( Assures )

Swara : ( Wipes Her Own Tears n Takes A Deep Breath ) Ok..Fine..bt Promise Me U wont Tell this anyone..nt even to Sanskaar.. ( Forwards Her Hands fr Promise ) Come . Promise Me.. ( Teary Eyes )

Nikhil : ( Promises ) Ok I Promise..bt tell me aisi kya baath thi jo itni Amzing Rishtein ko Nazar lagayi..i mean web u were telling Me Urs n Sanskaar’s tory i cud feel everything infront of Eyes..Itna Trust..itni Understanding n most importantly itna Pyaar b/w U Both den Suddenly wat Happened ki U both had to Part Ways ?? ( Confused )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) I will tell U coz I Trust U da Most nw..I knw U wont Brk Ur Promise..So Plzz dnt Let da Truth Out ( Shattered )

Nikhil : ( Assures ) Haa..I Promise..U knw I never Brk My Promise..So Dnt Worry tell Ur Heart Out.. U will feel Better ( Assures )

As Nikhil was Assuring Swara n Swara was telling Her Heart Out,Sanskaar who was Standing Near A Door Hidding frm Both Swara n Nikhil Heard their Talks n Felt Damn Jealous n Fumed in Anger seeing Swara Sharing Her Heart Out wid Her Frnd bt Nt wid Him making Him more Jealous n Fume in Anger..

Sanskaar : ( Monologue )(Angry ) She cn Share Her Feelings wid A Frnd bt nt wid Her Husband..Wow..Gr8 ( Makes Faces ) Hw Mean ( Jealous )

As Sanskaar was Feeling Jealous n Fuming in Anger seeing Swara’s n Nikhil’s Bonding,Swara told Her Heart Out making Sanskaar’s Anger n Jealousy Turn into Love n Overwhelmness…

Swara : ( Tells Her Heart Out ) Nikhil yeh sab it Strtd wen Adharsh Bhaiyyia was Arrested n Laksh n Sanskaar were Fighting wid Eachother..Dat Time Pari Bhabhi Blackmakled Me ( Cries Bitterly )

Nikhil : ( Confused ) Blackmakled? ? Abt Wat ??

Swara : ( Composes Herself ) Woh Actually wen Laksh was Missing Since 1 Week n Everyone were Bzy Searching Laksh dat Time Pari Bhabhi came to Me n Showed Me da Video jisme Sanskaar was abt to Hit Laksh wid A Stone..even though Sanskaar did nt Hit Him bt woh Video iss Tarrah hai ki Anyone wud feel like Sanskaar only Hitted Laksh n dats Y His gone Missing.n wid dat Video Pari Bhabhi Strtd Blackmailing Me abt Sanskaar’s Life n they also told Me ki if I even tell abt all these to anyone den She wud Kill ( Cries Bitterly ) Sanskaar if I dnt get Seperated wid Sanskaar.abb U only Tell Me Nikhil main kya karti ?? I did nt want to Go away frm Sanskaar Especially wen I was ( Touches Her Belly ) in da Most Memorable Stage of Every Women wants.. ( Sees Nikhil ) Yes Nikhil I was Expecting dat Time wid Sanskaar’s Child n i wanted to Tell Him da Truth n Enjoy these Best Moment wid Him ( Brks Down ) bt Pari Bhabhi ke Ek Blackmail ne sab khrb kardiya n i had to Part Ways frm Sanskaar fr His Safety…n agr main uss Waqt Sanskaar ke Ego ko Hurt nhi karti toh Main usse alag nhi hoti.. ( Cries Bitterly ) I Hurted Him V.Badly..M nt A Good Wife Nikhil..M V Bad..M soo ( Intrerupted )

Nikhil : ( Consoles ) Sshh..Swara..U r V Good Wife tabhi toh dats Y fr His Life U Parted Urself frm Him wen U needed Him da Most..Fr Every Woman Those Dyz r Very Imp bt U Thot abt Him n Took such a Big Step so hw cn U be A Bad Wife Haa… ( Intreprupted )

Swara : ( Cries ) Bt Nikhil coz of Me He Lost His First Child..U knw wat Nikhil Sanskaar Loves Kids n He was Very Excited thinking abt Our First Child wen i was nt even Expecting toh soccho Nikhil jab Sanskaar ko Pata chalta I was Expecting toh Woh kitna Khush Hota ( Cries Bitterly ) Bt Sab Barbaad hogaya..Everything got Ruined all coz of Me ( Guilty )

As Swara was Feeling Guitly abt Her Step,Sanskaar who was Listening to all Her Convo Came Forward Slowly n Signalled Nikhil Secretly n Stood Infront of Swara Secretly n Kept His Hands on Swara’s Shoulder making Her Shocked n Surprised..

Swara : ( Shocked ) Sanskaar !! Tum yaha ?

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Swara ( Sits Near Swara n Cups Her Face ) Haa Main yaha..bt wat were U doing all these haa ?? ( Angry )

Swara : ( Pretends ) Kya ?? Main kya karrahi Hu ? ( Avoids Eye Contacts )

While Swara was Avoiding Her Eye Contact wid Sanskaar im Guilt n Embarrassment,Sanskaar Signals Nikhil Something Secretly n Nikhil On Understanding da Point Left da Room by Closing da Door Leaving both Swara n Sanskaar All alone in da Room making Sanskaar to Console n Support Swara..

Sanskaar : ( Cups Swara’s Face wid Teary Eyes ) Swara..Kab tak Haa ?? Kab tak U will Burry All ur Pain in yr Heart ?? Come On Let it Out Princess..Wat U think by Suffering all these inside ur Heart u r Keeping Me Happy ?? U r doing a Gr8 Thing ?? ( Sees Swara ) No Swara..U r nt.U r nt making Me Happy bt instead making Me Feel like A LOOSER..A Looser who cud nt Feel His Wife’s Pain..A Looser who cnt Understand Her Pain..A Looser who ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Ssh..Sanskaar..Shut Up..U r nt A Looser..U r da Best Husband ever any Girl cud get..M Sorry ( Hugs Tightly n Cries Bitterly ) M Really Sorry Sanskaar fr Hiding all these frm U.bt ( TightensHer Grip n Cries More Miserably ) Main kya karti ? I was really Scared thinking abt Loosing U..I was Blank..Pari Bhabhi n Adharsh Bhaiyyia ne aisi Planning ki to Harm U ki i lost all my Senses n Accepted their Demand..M Sorry ( Crying Out Loud )

Sanskaar : ( Hugs Bak ) Sshh..its Ok..Calm Down..Let Ur Pain Come Out..Dnt Stop urself Today Swara..Cry Out Loudly as much as U cn..Snt Suppress any Pain in yr Heart Nw..M here na wid U ( Teary Eyes ) sab theek hojayega.( Caresses Swara’s Hairs Lovingly )

Swara : ( Feels Guilty ) Bt Sanskaar I cnt Deny this ki coz of My Foolishness We Lost Our First Child..I made U Part frm Ur First Child..coz of Me U were Away n Unaware abt ur First Child since Last Few Months..coz of Me U cud nt Feel Him/Her fr Even Once ( Cries ) M Sorry..M really Bad Wife n a Mot ( Intrerupted )

As Swara was Blaming Herself fr Loss of Their First Child,Sanskaar on da Other cud Feel Her Pain n Immediately Strtd Kissing all Over Her Face Crying Non Stop Showing His Love n Affection towards Her Assuring Her His Support n Care fr Her making Her Feel More Guilty Yet Happy..

Sanskaar : ( Kissing Swara’s Facr Cryingly ) Plzz Stop it Swara..Jo hua so hua..We cnt Change it..( Cups Swara’s Face ) Bt We cn Make Our Present Good na ( Teary Eyes ) Hai na ?? ( Swara Nodes Yes ) Toh Plzz Dnt Make Our Present Bad by thinking abt Our Bad Past..Lets Enjoy the Present ..We r nw Together n thats More Important nw..Hai na ?? ( Swara Nodes Yes Agn ) toh Come On ( Wipes Swara’s Tears ) Stop Crying n Welcome Our Future Happily.. ( Smile n Hugs Swara Happily )

Swara : ( Smiles Bak n Hugs Bak Happily ) Haa Sanskaar..U r Right..We shud Welcome Our Future Happily instead of Wasting it in Remembering Our Bad Past.. ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Release da Hug ) That’s like My Princess ( Cups Swara’s Face n KissesSwara’s Forehead ) I Missed U Soo Much ( Hugs Agn )

Swara : ( Smiles n Hugs Bak ) I Misded U Too.. ( Kisses Sanskaar’s Chest ) I Missed Ur Touch… ( Tightens Her Grip n Kisses His Chest agn ) n Missed Ur Warmth too )( Blushes )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Feels Her Touch ) Bas..Bas..Bas Karo..Aisa na ho ki I End Up Loosing My Control Over Myself ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Blushes n Hides Herself into Sanskaar’s Chest More ) Sanskaarr.. ( Shy )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Ok sorry.. ( Release da Hug ) Accha Ok Nw U take rest..I gtg..Laksh ke baare main Pata karna hai..Badi Maa is really Feeling His Emptiness..N i cnt see Her Like this.. ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes too ) Haa Sanskaar..Waha Ragini ka bhi yeh hi Haal hai..Laksh ko yaad kar karke apna Haal bahu bura bana liya hai usne..I cnt see Her Like this..bt i knw U will Find Laksh soon n will Fullfill yr Promise ( Smiles )

Sanskaar : ( Fake Smile ) Hope So Swara..Pichle 6 Mahino main nhi dhind paya main Laksh ko abb aage kya hoga i dnt knw..aisa lagta hai ki I M Big Loose ( Intreprupted )

Swara : ( Places Her Lips on Sanskaar’s Rough Lips ) Shh.. ( Kisses Hard n Brks da Kiss ) Khabardaar ainda se if U Call My Husband a Looser..He is nt a Looser..He is Winner..n I knw this Time also He will Full Fill His Promise ( Fake Anger )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Touches His Bleeding Lips ) Omg..Yeh kya tha ?? Wat was this Swara ?? Itna Ghussa ki U ( Smiles Naughtily ) Kissed Me ?? Wow..Agr malum hota mere Looser kehne se tumhe itna Ghussa aata hai toh i wud have Told this Long Bak ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Blushes ) Sanskaar..Shut Up ( Hits Sanskaar’s Chest Playfully ) Nw Go ( Pushes Sanskaar Out of Room ) U r getting Late.. ( Fake Anger )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Ok Fine..Going nw..bt Raat main who will Save U Be Ready Competition of thie Wrk wich U Strtd. ( Chuckles n Leaves )..

Soon as Sanskaar Left da Room Swara Immediately Closes da Room Door n Blushes Hard remembering Her Recent Act Turning Her into Crimson Red Showing Her Blushness n Shyness..

Tu Aata Hai Seene Mein
Jab Jab Saansein Bharti Hoon
Tere Dil Ki Galiyon Se
Main Har Roz Guzarti Hoon

Hawa Ke Jaise Chalta Hai Tu
Main Ret Jaisi Udti Hoon
Kaun Tujhe Yoon Pyar Karega
Jaise Main Karti Hoon…


Precap : Last Part Pakka ??.



Finally Done wid Another Part..Hope u Like it i knw its Boring bt Wrote wat I felt is Good..Hope U all will Like it n Snjoy da Part
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