SwaSan Two/Three Shots : Sajna Tere Pyaar Main By Goldie (Shot 1)

Hello Guyz Happy Diwali.M Bak Yet Agn..bt this Time wid A TS On SwaSan on Present Trck wid My Tadka as a Diwali Treat Especially to My Besties #Sukanya n #Vibhu n to All My Readers who wanted Swara’s Role to be Justified..So Here is da 1st Part of the TS….Hope U Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments at the End of da Part in da Comment Box :).



Two Shots ( Present Track )

Shot 1

Maheshwari Mansion

6 Months Later

6 Months…A Long n a Silent 6 Months has been Passed n Everthing Changed in da Lives of Swara n Sanskaar n Others..The Incident or A Tragic took Place 6 Months Ago Changes Everyone’s Lives Up n Diwn Filled wid Sadness n Lonliness..Swara n Sanskaar Parted themselves frm Eachother n Ragini Went Bak to Baadi wid Swara Leaving Maheshwari Mansion n Its Members all Helpless n Sad Where as Sanskaar too Left Maheshwari Mansion in Anger n Gone Missing Since 6 Months Leaving da Members of Maheshwari Family More Shocked n Horrified..As Days Passed DP n Ram Tried their Level Best to Track their Sons Both Sanskaar n Laksh bt Failed Everytime Making dem More Weak n Helpless..

Ram : ( Helpless ) Bhaisa…6 Months hogaye n abhi tak Laksh aur Sanskaar ka kuch pata nhi chala..Pehle Laksh Left Us n den Sanskaar after that Tragic Incident 6 Months Ago.Sanskaar keeps Informing Us abt Laksh bt Never Let Us knw abt His Where abouts.( Teary Eyes ).Pata nhi kaha hoge dono ..Kis Haal main Hoge ..Theek Hoge Ya Nhhh ( Intrerupted )

DP : ( Angry ) Bas Karo Ram..Kuch nhi hoga Humare Bacchoon ko..Laksh aur Sanskaar dono hi Sahi Salamat hoge..I Agree Situations r nt in Our Favour nw..Humare Bacche Ek Dusre se Naraaz Hai aur Nafrat karte Hai Ek Dusre aaj Shayad itni Nafrat ki They dnt wanna See Eachother’s Faces Agn BUT it doesnt Mean Ki They Hate Eachother in Real..They still Love Eachorher Madly bas inka Ego aur Frustration Over Powered their Love lekin Tum dekhna Inka yehi Chupa Hua Pyaar hi in Chaaro khareeb layega..( Confident )

AP : ( Teary Eyes ) Haa Ji..U r Right.Tabhi toh 6 Mahine hogaye lekin aaj bhi Sanskaar jab bhi Call karta hai Informing abt Laksh’s Where abouts He Definitely Asks abt Swara..Bhale He asks wid da Feeling of Hatred n Revenge Bt We all knw Hw Madly He Loves Swara..

Sujata : ( Crying ) Haa Jiji..Kah toh Sahi rahi ho aap..No Doubt Sanskaar Loves Swara Madly today also bt U cnt Deny it His Hatred is Much More nw dan His Love..6 Mahine pehle jo hua uske baad Sanskaar Hates Swara wid Same Intensity wich He used to Love Swara..I jst Hope I get My Old Sanskaar Bak agn ( Cries ) I cnt see Him going to Darkness n Wrong Path Agn ( Brks Down Badly )

Ram : ( Consoles ) Chup hojao Sujata..Aisa kuch nhi hoga..Swara ka Pyaar wont let Sanskaar to bak to Wrong Path agn..Trust Ur Son..He is jst Angry n Frustrated On Swara..Nthing Else..Jst Have Patience.. ( Worried too bt Hides )

As The Elder were Worried n Tensed abt their Kids,They Recieved A Call on DP’s Phone making all of them Happy n Overwhelmed..

DP : ( Happy ) SANSKAAR!! Hw r u Beta ?? N kaha ho tum..Aaj toh U have to Inform Us abt ur Where abouts..jitna imp Laksh hai Humare liye utne hi Imp Tum bhi ho Sanskaar ( Brking Down bt Composes Himself )

( Yes,Its Sanskaar Who Called DP )

Sanskaar : ( Emotionless ) M Fine Bade Papa..Kya hoga Mujhe ( Stern Voice ) Khair Bade Papa Leave abt Me..M Fine n dats Eough fr U all..Meri Fikar mat kariye..M Absolutely Fine..maine yeh Batane ke liye Call kiya tha ki Today Agn I got Another Clue abt Lucky..He is somewhr in Kolkata Only..n I will Soon Find Him n Bring infront of U.. ( Determined ) Uske baad I have MNY OTHER IMP Wrk to Complete ( Smirks Evilly )

DP : ( Understands ) Beta..Suno..Jo tum Feel kar rahe ho I cn Understand..Bt Beta it doesnt mean U ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Irritated ) Bas Kariye Bade Papa. I Knw wat U r Trying to Tell Me..un sabke liye its really Late Bade Papa..Jiss Insaan ke liye I Stood Agnst U all..I Went Agnst Ur Values..Our Customs.Saved Her frm all da False Accusations of U All..Dat Person Only Blamed n Accused Me fr My Brother’s Missing. ( Red Eyed ) I cnt Tolerate it Bade Papa..it High Time I Show Her,Her REAL PLACE ( Cuts da Call Suddenly )

DP : ( Shocked ) Sanskaarr.Suno Sanskaar..Beta.. ( Brks Down )

Sujata : ( Hopeless ) nhi mana na Bhaisa woh.. ( Brk Down too ) I knew it ..My Sanskaar is going On Wrong Path Agn.. ( Angry ) n dat too coz of dat Bengali Girl..I Curse Her fr Her Deeds.. ( Hell Angry ) I Wish She Suffers da Most infact Double da Pain wich My Son is Suffering Today coz of Her ( Frustrated )

AP : ( Shocked ) Sujata..Think b4 Speaking anything..Swara is Our DAUGHTER IN LAW..n Cursing ur Own Bahu is nt Good..

Sujata : ( Angry ) Kaunsi Bahu ?? Kiski Bahu ?? She is nt My Bahu Anymore..jab My Son is nt Accepting Her as His Wife den Hw cn She be My Bahu..She is DEAD fr Me Jiji..I dnt Care abt Her whether She is Alive or Dead..Fr Me Only RAGINI is My Bahu..n dats Final.. ( Leaves Angrily )

Soon Sujata Leaves frm thr Angrily after Cursing Swara Badly Leaving DP,AP n Ram All Helpless n Hopeless making them More Weak n Shattered..



A Girl around 20s was seen Sitting Near A Window All Lost n Thinking abt Something wid Tears Continously Rolling frm Her Eyes Showing Her Pain n Lonliness She is Suffering From while another Girl of around same Age comes n Supports da Girl Near Window n Hugs Her in Concern Encouraging n Consoled da Girl making da Girl Determined n Confident..

Girl 2 : ( Teary Eyes ) RAGINI…Jst Calm Down n Relax Ragini..Laksh will be bak soon..U cnt be Weak soo Easily..

Ragini : ( Brk Down ) Toh kya karu SWARA..6 Mahine se Laksh is Missing n Koi News nhi milrahi unki..I m really Scared Swara..Laksg Theek toh hoge na ?? ( Worried )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Haa ..Ragini.. ( Cups Ragini’s Face ) Laksh will be Absolutely Fine..U Trust Ur Love na ?? ( Ragini Nods Yes ) Toh Bas ( Smiles n Holds Ragini’s Hands ) Laksh aajayega bahut Jald tumhare Pass Calm Down n U need to Have some Patience..Baba..Papa.n Bade Papa all r Searching na Fr Laksh.Toh woh miljayega..Ok ??

Ragini : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Haa Swara..U r Right .. ( Hugs Swara Tightly ) Laksh miljayege..I have Full Trust on My Love n My Sindoor..He will be bak soon..( Cries Happily )

Swara : ( Smiles Faintly n Hugs Bak ) Atleast U cn go to Laksh,To Ur Lovr wen He is Bak..bt i cnt do that also wen My Love Comes Bak ( Murmurs Slowly wid Closed Teary Eyes n Pain )

Ragini : ( Confused n Release da Hug ) Kuch kaha tumne ??

Swara : ( Shocked ) Nhi..Nhi toh.. ( Diverts da Topic ) maine bas itna kaha ki U go n Get Ready..We r getting Late fr Our Marriage Bureau.. ( Fake Smile )

Ragini : ( Hits Her Forehead Slightly ) Arrey Haa..I toh Completely Forgot abt it..U wait here..I will get Ready n come in 5 Mins..Hmm ??

Swara : ( Smiles ) Ok..

As soon as Ragini Left Happily,Swara who was All Shattered n Broken frm Inside Broke Down Immediately n Bursted Out Crying Like Daily making a Pair of Eyes Watching Her Confused n Worried..

Shomi : ( Confused ) Shona ko ho kya jata hai jab woh Akele hoti hai ?? aise kyoun kehti hai “I cnt even go bak to My Love wen He is Bak ??” ( Worried ) I feel Shona is Hiding Something really Big frm all of Us. I Shud Talk to Shekhar abt this b4 its too Late ?? ( Tensed )

Soon Shomi too Leaves frm thr Secretly All Tensed n Worried fr Swara Leaving Her Broken n Helpless widout being Noticed by Swara making Shomi more Worried n Tensed fr Swara seeing Her Miserable Situation Bringing a Tears of Helplessness frm Her Eyes Continously making Her Feel More Helpless n Worried fr Swara..



Some Known Place

An Unknown Place wich was More like a Small Flat/Apartment was seen wid Full Darkness n No Light in It..It Seems da Person who Stayed their Has No Life or Colour in His Life..It was Really Dark n Gloomy inside da Flat..As da Flat was Fully Dark n Gloomy A Man of Around End of 20s was seen Sitting inside a Small Dark Room Drinking A Wine wid A Two More Bottles of Wines n Other Stuffs needed fr Wine wid Full Anger n Frustration Hidden in His Heart agnst Some1 Really Loved One Showing His Pain n Frustration onside His Eyes..While The Man was Having His Third Bottle He Recieved A Call frm Someone Spcl Arising Hatred n Revenge insjde His Heart Instead of Love n Affection making Him More Irritated n Angry..

Perosn : ( Smiles Evilly ) Woh toh Finally Mrs SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI ko Yaad aa hi gayi apne Pati ki Haa ?? Not Bad.. ( Mockingly )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes bt Controls ) LAKSH ka kuch pata chala SANSKAAR ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Mockingly While Drinking Wine ) Wow.Dnt U feel Gr8 Swara ? .U r da First Lady in this Whole World who Instead of Asking abt Ur Own Husband’s Health n Well Being U r Asking abt Ur Sister’s Husband’s Well Being?? Wow..Hats Off Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari. .Hats Off to U….Kaha se laati ho itni Mahaanta Haa ?? ( Frustrated ) Tumhara Pati Peeche 6 Months se Lapaata Hai like ur Sister’s Husband n Instead of Asking abt My Health n State U r asking abt Laksh..Yeh bhi nhi janna Chaha ki Main Kaha hu?kaisa hu ?? Zinda hu ya Marr ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Emotionless ) Answer Me Mr Maheshwari Did u find anything abt Laksh or nt ?? He is My Sister’s Suhaag n Its My Right to knw abt My Sister’s Happiness n Bright Future.. ( Stern Voice ) So tell Me Mr Maheshwari did U Find anything abt Laksh or This Time also U Failed ?? ( Mockingly )

Sanskaar : ( Damn Angry n Throws da Glass ) Ohh Jst Shut Ur Stupid Mouth Swara Maheshwari..I never Fail in My Wrk or My Responsibilities bt instead its U who Failed in Understanding Ur Husband like every time..Anywyz..U wont Understand Me Today Neighter..So its Better to Leave this Topic Aside n Talk abt the Main Point fr wat U Called Me..

Swara : ( Stern Voice ) Haa..Thats Better..Tell Me..Laksh ka kuch Pata chala ?

Sanskaar : ( Serious ) Haa Pata chala..Laksh is somewhr in Kolkata only..n He is being Kidnapped 6 Months Ago by some Ppl..bt kisne kiya aur kyoun kiya abhi tak pata nhi chala..bt I will Find that too V.Soon..bas tum Tayar rehna apni Saaza ke liye..coz Once I Found Laksh na Ur Bad Dayz will Strt..wich is nt Really Far frm nw.. ( Smiles Evilly ) So be Ready to Ur Punishment Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari frm Ur One n Only EVIL Husband Sanskaar Maheshwari ( Laughs Evilly )

Swara : ( Emotionless ) Pehle dhundke toh lao Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari..Uske baad think abt Punishing Me..Bye ( Teary Eyes n Cuts da Call )

Soon Swara Cuts da Call Leaving Sanskaar more Angry n Frustrated on Her..As soon as Swara Cuts da She gets A Call frm An Unknown Number making Swara Shocked n Scared..

Swara : ( Picks da Call ) Hheellloo.. ( Sweats )

OP : ( Smiles Evilly ) ………….

Swara : ( Angry ) WTH U both want nw ?? Maine woh sab kiya jo U both Wanted..den watelse U want Haa ?? Y dnt U Leave Me Alone ?? ( Cries )

OP : …………

Swara : ( Shocked ) No..No..I cnt do this…This is too much..Hw cn Iii ( Intrerupted )

OP : ……….

Swara : ( Agrees Unwillingly ) Ok Fine..I will watever U say ..bt Promise Me ( Intrerupted )

OP : ………

Swara : ( Determined ) Ok den..Kal tak Ur Wrk will be Done.. ( Cuts da Call n Brks Down )

As soon as Swara Cuts the Call,She Brks Down Yet Agn bt this Time More Miserably n Badly wich Indirectly Effected Her Health Making Her Weak n Stressed Out Both Mentally n Physically frm Inside Her Body..

Swara : ( Cries Miserably ) Y God ?? Y ?? Y does all these happen wid Me Only ?? Y do My Love have to Pass all da The Tests Every Time ?? First Laksh..n Nw Sanskaar ? I Agree Laksh was nt My True Match n dats Y I have No Guilt after Our Brk Up..bt Sanskaar..He is MY LIFE..agr this Time My Relationship wid Sanskaar is Broken na I cnt Tolerate it..Coz Sanskaar is MY TRUE LOVE n My TRUE LIFE PARTNER..U Very Well knw Hw Madly n Purely I Love Sanskaar..then Y r u Snatching Him frm Me ?? Y God ?? Plzz dnt let ADHARSH BHAYYIA N PARI BHABHI WIN this Time…Dnt let them Win Over My LOVE fr Sanskaar..I Trust My Love n thats Y m doing all the things watever they r telling Me..Warna U knw wat they cn do ( Panicks n Sweats ) No..No..I cnt let dem WIN this Time..I cnt be Weak nw..I have to do watever they say. .warna ( Sweats Badly n Faints in Stress )

As Swara was Lost in Her Own Thots A Pair of Eyes were Yet Agn Watching Her bt this Time wid Utter Shock n Worriedness on Her Face Hearing Swara’s Brk Down n Seeing Swara Faint..Soon da The Person Picked Swara in HIS Arms n Ran towards da Hospital making Ragini n Shomi Shocked n Worried seeing Swara in Faint State..


City Hospital

30 MinutesLater

Soon da Person along wid Ragini n Shomi Reached Hospital n got Swara Admitted in the Hospital n nw its been 30 Minutes n Doctor came Out after Examing Swara n Went towards His Cabin all Worried n Tensed n Signalled da Man n Shomi to Follow Him in His Cabin
making Shomi,Ragini n da Person Confused n Worried..

Man : ( Enters da Canon ) Doctor..What Happened? ? Shona theek to hai na ?? Y did She Faint all of a Sudden ?? Plzz tell ( Worried )

Shomi : ( Worried too ) Haa Doctor Plzz tell na..its nt First Time She got Fainted like this n U knw it. Pehle toh aisa nhi hota tha..bt frn Past 2 to 3 Months Y Shona is Getting Fainted Frequently.. Ssabb theekk toh hai na ?? ( Tension )

Doctor : ( Takes A Deep Breath ) Well Mr n Mrs GADODIA ( Yes da Man was Shekhar who Brought Swara to Hospital ) Swara ne mujhe aap sabse Ek Baath chupane ke liye kaha tha..bt nw seeing Swara’s State being a Doctor I feel like I shud tell U all abt Swara’s MISCARRIAGE n Her Health. .

SheMish/Ragini : ( Shocked ) MISCARRIAGE ?

Doctor : ( Nods Yes ) Haa Miscarriage..Swara was 3 Months Pregnant wen She came to Me fr Confiming abt Her Pregnancy..n ( Intrerupted )

Shomi : ( Shocked ) Doctor bt hw cn this be Possible..I mean hw cn she be Pregnant? ? N agr She was Pregnant den Y didnt She Inform anyone of Us?? Atleast She wud have Informed Me na.. ( Confused )

Doctor : Woh sab i dnt knw Sharmistha Ji..bt All I cn say is Swara was Damn so Excited after Hearing this News bt dnt knw Y all of a Sudden Her Happiness Excitement Turned into Sadness n She Strtd Crying Badly.Seeing Her Crying I understood something is Really Wrong bt still Adviced Her to Be Strong n Healthy..bt lagta hai Her Mental Stress Over Powered Her Mind n due to Wich She Suffered Her Miscarriage 2 Months Ago.n since The Day She came to knw abt Her Pregnancy m Treating Her even after Her Miscarriage coz of Her Mental Weakness n Stress..n I really dnt knw wats Bothering Her this much ki She even Forgot abt Her Child inside Her Womb..n nw Her State is soo Worse ki She is Fainting Almost 3 Tines a Week..wich is really Dangerous fr Her Health..She is Alrdy soo Weak n Stressed Out due to Sudden Miscarriage n Tension n on that this Repeatative Fainting is Making Her more Weak frm Inside.Plzz Do something abt Her.. ( Intreprupted )

Ragini : ( Tensed ) Bt Doctor wats da Matter wich Swara is Suffering frm..j mean wat is She Hiding frm Us..Aap Swara ka Peechle 6 Mahine se Treatment karrahi hai na..den Swara myt have told or myt have Accidentally Told abt Her Tension or abt the Matter Troubling Her to U at any time..Yaad kariye ( Worried )

Doctor : No Ragini..M Afraid aisa kuch bhi nhi kaha Swara ne bt Haa Jab bhi i made Unconscious Swara used Blabber A Name..Aisa lagta tha ki dat Person is Really Important to Her bt She Misses dat Person Badly as if dat Person is Really Far frm Her Eyes..

Ragini : ( Doubtfully ) Naam ?? Kiska Naam ?? U myt knw da Name na Doctor?? Plzz Yaad karke tell Me whose Name Swara used to Tell wen She was nt in Her Senses n Wat ??

Doctor : ( Thinks ) Hmm..Name…Ssaa ( Remembers ) ( Haa SANSKAAR..Sanskaar naam tha woh Aadmj ka jo Swara hamesh bolti thi..n She used to Tell Something like..”Sanskaar Maaf Kardo..Plzz M Helpless..Plzz Forgive Me..Plzz dnt Be Angry wid Me”..

Ragini : ( Smiles ) Sanskaar… ( To Doctor ) Sanskaar is Swara’s Husband Doctor n ( Sad ) they dnt Live together anymore ( Teary Eyes ) coz of some Reason ( Guilty ) ..

Doctor : Ohh..M Sorry..bt still as A Doctor n A Lady I Suggest you all to Call Swara’s Husband asap..Coz She needs Her Husband da Most Nw..i Really dnt knw wat was da Matter jisse dono alag hue bt still both being A Doctor n A Lady I feel like Swara needs Her Husband ne coz He is da Inly One who cn Love n Support Her nw.. ( Sighs ) Anywyz Being A Doctor i habe told Swara’s Prblm n da Treatment too..Nw its all upto U all wat U want..Khair ( Gets Up frm Her Chair ) Nw will U Plzz Excuse Me. I have another Cases to Chk.. ( Smiles n Leaves )

As soon as Doctor Left fr The Nxt Case,Shomi who was Hearing Doctor Silently Broke Down Bitterly seeing Swara’s State n Cursed Herself fr nt Understanding Swara’s Pain n Lonliness being A Mother while Both Shekhar n Ragini too Felt Shame n Embarrassed fr Only Thinking abt their Own Prblms n Tensions n fr Ognieing Swara’s Pain n Lonliness making dem Both More Guilty n Shamefull wid Tears Rolling frm their Eyes Continously n Non Stop making them Feel More Guilty n Embarrassed..


Precap : Swara n AdDRi Confrontation..



Here is da 1st Shot of My TS on Present Trck..Hope U all Like it..I Added My Own Tadkas n Ideas in da TS wich is Entirely Different frm da Show..Hope U Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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