Swasan two shots part 2


After ragini and dadi left.
Sanskar runs to HIS room and started packing swara’s bag. Swara came to THEIR room and was shocked to see her bags packed and she was just about to say something sanskar shouts. Go away swara you have again become great but swara i m broken into peices. Now i m not able to accept any thinf from you.

Swara interrupts and say listen to me once sanskar (*in her mind swara let him burst out listen to him once for god sake)she become quiet.
Sansakar: swara just go!! I dont have strength to see you. As whenever i saw you i fall for you more and maore i fall the more it become hard for me to live without you swara plzz goo. Saying so he started crying.

Swara came near him and said sanskar you said you love me on that request plz let me say I know i have done sin by not believing you but sanskar plz try to understand me. Forgive me by saying this she cupped his face. He jerks her hand and say no swara not this time. I know you came for my family and the decision of not taking divorce from me infront of ragini was just because you beed a reason to stay here. Swara i know you will never love me but i don’t have the power to be your friend. Please go swara go!!!

Swara understnds that he was narrating today’s incident. And a thought came in her mind that have i taken him for so granted that he didn’t saw my real feelings today. Oh god what sin i have done. Now she knows what she have to do. She turn around and go near the door. Sanskar was thinking that finally she is going away from this unwanted relationship but why am i feeling bad. Its only for her betterment.

She stopped at the door and closed it. And comes close to sanskar, he was about to say somthing but she kept finger on his lips. He was confused. She move close to him there was hardly any space between them she kept her hand on his shoulder and move towards his lips and sanskar was going to say somthing she kissed him. At first he was confused then he go with the flow and it was a passionate lip lock for 3 min. He was holding her from her bare waist and was blank. Just then the kiss broke and swara hugged him. And her eyes were closed.
Sanskar touch his lips just to make sure it wasn’t a dream. He was on heavens. Swara then said I LOVE YOU SANSKAR.

He wants to tell the whole world that his swara loves him. He says I LOVE YOU TOO. Then cups her face and kisses on her forehead. He forgot everything and just want that this moment just stops here even if it costs his life.

He carries swara in her arm and make her sit on the bed and goes to change clothes. After changing he came out of bathroom and find swara in s*xy nightie. He was mesmerized by her beauty and doesn’t say anything and head towards to his couch. Suddenly his hand was held by something soft it was swara she says Mr. Hubby where are you going come sleep on bed. At first he felt awkward then realised that how stupid he is and says teasingly that you are so fast. Swara pushes him on his bed and says you will know soon. Then light was switched off and they consummate their marriage…

Sorry for pathetic english. And not so interesting plot. Sorry guys as it focus only on swasan. And sorry for wasting your time if it was awful plot…

Credit to: Kiara

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  1. amazing

  2. It was beautiful, than original, try to write a whole ff

  3. Awesome dear…i jst lv itttt..?

  4. Nice kiara ur a good writer n also pls read my ” raglak ki ek kahani…….”

  5. just fab

  6. really awesome

  7. Hayeeee u juz killed me yaar as it was a killer one

  8. it’s really nice.. way to go…

  9. Just awesome and fab yaar waiting for the next part kiara

  10. I loved it

  11. cutest swasans ever..
    but I wish it would happened it real serial.

  12. Too good…Expecting same thing in real story… Wen ll they confess their love to each other in real???

  13. superb

  14. I wish serial mei v aisha kuch hotaa..nice thought 🙂
    woh CD kaha gayi..jisme ragini ne uski sab crimes accept ki thi..
    disgusting :-/
    I had stopped watching the serial :-/

  15. vinay karthik

    i loved it…. bt i felt that u should give some more conversation bt swasan after she closed the door….

  16. its amazin kiara. Waitin for the other part

  17. kash real serial me hota….

  18. Seriously guys i m very happy for your response.
    Thank you so much. It was just a two epi ff. I started to write it becoz of the draging plot of original serial.
    Thank you.

  19. Really amazing

  20. O gosh!!! Kash yeh same plot serial me hota..
    The writers should take inspiration frm u kiara..
    U r jst fab!!!!…

    1. I do wish the same… boht dragging plot h serial me… itne saari interesting ff hain kisi ka bhi plot copy krle….just original track chnge krde… and thank you..

  21. Fabulous
    Mind blowing dear. Kaash aisa serial Mein hota

  22. Loveddddd it. I want to see this in serial too. Superbbb. I wish writters see this

  23. Thank you guys… didn’t expected so much positive response. Thank you

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