Swasan Two Shot Love Story (Shot 2)

<span;>Episode starts with ragini saying that to sanskar to marry her </span;>

<span;>She: no ragini I won’t let u to marry this orphan. </span;>

<span;>Sw: baba…. His mom dad gave their lives for our country. That doesn’t mean he is an orphan. Mom and dad always with him. Don’t ever abuse him. </span;>

<span;>[sanskar’s mom and dad both were working at military. They were living at some other places. When sanskar is 3years old they got the job in military. So they came swara’s place and gave little sanskar to his dadi,  Shobha Maheshwari. Then they went to join military.  When sanskar is 10 years old he met swara. She is 8 years old. When he is 12 years old he got to know that his mom and dad gave their lives in the battle. After his graduation he went to join military. After 2 years his dadi also died. When he came back to attend the funeral of his dadi, he attracted towards ragini. For sanskar’s happiness swara suppressed her feelings inside her heart. Now it became 1 year],.</span;>

<span;>Sanskar takes his hand from ragini’s hold. </span;>

<span;>San: ragini I told you that I came here to give you the gifts. I can’t give you the 1st gift, because you are not going to marry anyone. But 2nd gift is only for you  (gave her a cover) </span;>

<span;>Rag: but what’s this sanskar </span;>

<span;>San: ur letters for me,  except the last letter. Because I gave more importance to my country rather than that letters. </span;>

<span;>Swara,  Dp and Ap looks at him in proud. Laksh and others looks at him with respect. Sanskar came towards swara </span;>

<span;>San: swara u r a unique person. I am proud to have u as my best friend. This is for u. (he salutes her) </span;>

<span;>Swara shook her head in negative way. </span;>

<span;>Sw: sanskar what is thi(but sanskar interrupted her) </span;>

<span;>San: u r special swara.. Every boys present here would have think that every girls are like her(looks at ragini).  But u proved them wrong that there are girls like u also exists.  You know that every girls who fight for dignity and life is a soldier.  Then the woman who serves a soldier, or live for a soldier, (paused a little and looks at swara intensely) or loving a soldier is also a soldier (swara looks at him tensed. Sanskar paused for sometimes..he standing there saluting her) WILL YOU MARRY ME?…</span;>

<span;>Swara, laksh,  ragini everyone looks at him shocked  </span;>

<span;>Sw: Sanskar wo wo…..(sanskar stands straight and again cuts her). </span;>

<span;>San: I was a fool that I attracted towards her. I was a fool that misunderstood ur love as friendship. I want to correct it sweety. Will u help me to correct it? I know I don’t love u like u do. But I will definitely fall for u. Will u give me a chance to fall for u. Will you become Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari… </span;>

<span;>Sw:(in happy tears) :  are.. Aren’t u angry.. </span;>

<span;>San: Arre why would I? I got my best friend who is beautiful inside and outside as my wife na.. I will become the happiest man na… </span;>

<span;>Swara smiles in tears and hugs him tightly… </span;>

<span;>Laksh and others clapped for them except ragini, shekhar.. Even shomiis happy for her other daughter. </span;>

<span;>San: shona… Sweety u didn’t answer. Don’t u want to be my wife? </span;>

<span;>Swara tightened the hug and said : I LOVE YOU… (sanskar smiles) </span;>

<span;>Lak: wow bro.. Superb. When u smiles at her na. I was frightened that u would have accepted her. But bro.. Is this the way to propose a girl? </span;>

<span;>Sw(broke the hug) : because I don’t like Him to bend infront of anyone except his country, God, parents, and children.</span;>

<span;>Sanskar smiles at her. Laksh looks at them happily. But that time shekhar came towards them break their hug harshly. </span;>

<span;>She: but I will not let my daughter to marry an orphan… </span;>

<span;>” don’t dare to call my son as an orphan ” everyone looks behind. It is Durga Prasad malhotra.. </span;>

<span;>Lak(whispered):papa.. </span;>

<span;>San(eyes widened) : (loudly) bade papa… (then he went towards them. Swara and laksh looks at him shocked. He came to dp and ap) badepapa badimaa.. (bend to take blessing). </span;>

<span;>Dp: God bless you.. But how do you know us? </span;>

<span;>San: dad and mom used to told me and showed ur photos too.  Urs, badimaa’s lucky and uttara.. </span;>

<span;>Lak(came towards them) : papa who is he? </span;>

<span;>Dp : he is my best friend Ram and… </span;>

<span;>Ap: my best friend sujatha’s son ..</span;>

<span;>Lak:that means u r sanky.. </span;>

<span;>San: and u r lucky… </span;>

<span;>Lak: yes bro (hugged him. Sanskar also hugged back. Swara Dp and ap smiles at them. After sometimes sanskar broke the hug). </span;>

<span;>San: then where is uttara? </span;>

<span;>” I am here ” they looks behind. There a 20year old girl standing there smilingly. </span;>

<span;>Utt: I thought my bhai’s marriage won’t happen. But I didn’t think that I will get another bhai and that too with a bhabhi.. (sanskar smiles at her). Now what’s the delay bhai? Groom is here, bride is here also pandit ji is here. Now bhabhi have to get ready.. </span;>

<span;>San: no no uttu I can’t marry her.. </span;>

<span;>Lak: but bro… </span;>

<span;>San: wait lucky, let me finish. This day, this Mandap and that pandit came here for ragini’s marriage, not ours. Also I want to marry my sweety on tomorrow.. </span;>

<span;>Utt: but bhai tomorrow is 13th and it’s not good… </span;>

<span;>San: no uttu.. It depends on our thinking only.  Moreover tomorrow is best day in our life(swasan smiles at eachother.) 15 years ago we got each other on this day. So I want to marry her Tomorrow..  and… </span;>

<span;>Lak: and.. </span;>

<span;>Swasan: tomorrow is his/her birthday.. </span;>

<span;>LakUtt: what.   Wow.   </span;>

<span;>Sw: haa. Also it’s her birthday too </span;>

<span;>Sanlakutt: who??? ? </span;>

<span;>Sw: (roll eyes): u all don’t know </span;>

<span;>San: oh it’s my cuties birthday too(birthday girl is in cloud nine. ????)</span;>

<span;>Sw: sanskar (birthday girl: jealous at me???) </span;>

<span;>San: Arre sweetie she is like my sister, cute sister (birthday girl: ?..that’s not fair sanku. Ha it’s okay atleat I am his cutie naa) </span;>

<span;>Lakutt: oh it’s her birthday too??? (birthday girl: Ho everyone here knows me.. I will see who else know me???) </span;>

<span;>Dp and Ap smiles at them. </span;>

<span;>Ap: shomiji we r leaving our DIL here now. Hope she will be safe here. (eyeing ragini). </span;>

<span;>Sho: of course ap. U can peacefully go. Yes I wanted that ragini’s marriage will happen because I know no one can love sanskar like my shona. Now it’s the time to fulfill her long time wish and I will be with her only.</span;>

<span;>Utt: MA I  want to be with bhabhi today. Can I stay here? </span;>

<span;>Ap nods. Dp : OK sanskar beta, then we are also leaving. </span;>

<span;>San:  where? </span;>

<span;>Dp: we are staying at hotel beta,  so we… </span;>

<span;>San(cuts): no way u all are coming with me to Maheshwari mansion (Dp tried to protest but sanskar again cuts him) OK if u want to leave me alone u can go (made sad face) </span;>

<span;>Dp: that means Shobha maa.. </span;>

<span;>San(nods sadly) : one year ago…</span;>

<span;>Ap: don’t think you are alone beta. We are always with you. Now come. </span;>

<span;>They went from there. Swautt went to swara’s room. </span;>

<span;>Sw: uttara why did you want to stay with me,? </span;>

<span;>Utt: do u know Bhabhi, I wanted to write mehndi on ragini bha..  Ragini Didi’s hand with my own design. But she rejected me ??</span;>

<span;>Sw: so what?  My both hands are fully free for u.  U do whatever you want.   </span;>

<span;>Utt: thank you bhabhi.  </span;>

<span;>At midNight uttara woke up by hearing some sound and saw swara came inside and bolts the door.. </span;>

<span;>Utt: where did you go this time. </span;>

<span;>Swa: to give the surprise gift to ur bhai </span;>

<span;>Utt: that means u climb the pipe.. </span;>

<span;>Sw: Arre uttara u r watching movies so much.. </span;>

<span;>Utt: no no but I read fan fictions… </span;>

<span;>Swara laughs.  </span;>

<span;>Meanwhile Maheshwari mansion, laksh also wake up and saw sanskar came from outside. </span;>

<span;>Lak: where did u go bhai..</span;>

<span;>San: to give the surprise gift to ur bhabhi </span;>

<span;>Lak: that means u climb the pipe.. ???</span;>

<span;>San: Arre u r also watching movies. </span;>

<span;>Lak: I am not a rude, arrogant business man, I also sees movies. </span;>

<span;>Sanskar laughs.. </span;>

<span;>Lak/utt(at their respective places): bhai/ bhabhi… </span;>

<span;>Swa/san(at their respective places):arre, I went place gift on gate and come back.  He/she will see it tomorrow. This our routine when I am/he is here. </span;>

<span;>(u can imagine it them saying in splitting screen) </span;>

<span;>Morning 3 am uttara walked up hearing alarm sound, she checked the time and widen her eyes.. </span;>

<span;>Utt: who did this alarm (yelled)</span;>

<span;>Sw: Aww,  uttara I am sorry I didn’t think about u. U sleep. I’ll come now. </span;>

<span;>Utt: but where are u going now. </span;>

<span;>Sw: to get the surprise gift of ur bhai.. </span;>

<span;>Utt: but he didn’t… Its u na.. </span;>

<span;>Sw:what do u think about ur bhai (went out. Uttara also follows her). </span;>

<span;>Mean while in MM.. </span;>

<span;>Lak: what’s the hell(yelled)</span;>

<span;>San: Aww,  lucky I am sorry I didn’t think about u. U sleep. I’ll come now. </span;>

<span;>Lak: but where are u going now. </span;>

<span;>San: to get the surprise gift of ur bhabhi.. </span;>

<span;>Lak: but she didn’t… Its u na.. </span;>

<span;>San: what do u think about my sweety (went out. Laksh also follows her). </span;>

<span;>Swasan both got their gifts and a letter too </span;>

<span;>Letter(san): many happy returns of the day sweetie. Here is my last b’day gift to u..  Because next year I will give the gift to Mrs.  Swara Sanskar Maheshwari that too directly… </span;>

<span;>Letter(sw): many happy returns of the day sansku. Here is my last b’day gift to u..  Because next year u will get the gift from Mrs.  Swara Sanskar Maheshwari that too directly… </span;>

<span;>Utt: u both are very crazy.. </span;>

<span;>Lak:oh bhai u love her so much. </span;>

<span;>San: no no laksh it’s my friendship.. I don’t love her till now.  U don’t worry I’ll definitely fall for her. (he goes inside) </span;>

<span;>Lak: when will you realize bhai u r already in love with her.  </span;>

<span;>Morning mm  is fully decorated. After sometimes swara and uttara with shekhar and shomi came there.. </span;>

<span;>San: Arre why r u here. I said na we want simple marriage in temple. </span;>

<span;>Utt: Arre bhai ur marriage will happen in temple only. But we want you to do some ritual.</span;>

<span;>San: Arre my sweet uttu, my doll I don’t want it. U do it on ur bhabhi. She will glow as diamond.. </span;>

<span;>Ap: Arre my son also have to glow, come.. </span;>

<span;>San: maaaaa… </span;>

<span;>Swara laughs at him</span;>

<span;>Haldi went on smoothly. After that everyone came temple. Shekhar accepted him because he is connected to Dp. He wants to gain attention being Dp’s relative.. Some people can’t change. swasan gets married. </span;>

<span;>San: many many happy returns of the the day wify</span;>

<span;>Sw: many more happy returns of the day hubby</span;>

<span;>Family: happy birthday Mr. and Mrs. Maheshwari.. </span;>

<span;>Swasan thankfully smiles. </span;>

<span;>Swasan and family: many many happy returns of the day dear (birthday girl: thank you thank u ?????)</span;>

<span;>Ragini also came there and congratulates swasan. Because shekhar said her to behave nicely with Dp and ap so that she will get in their good books. But they didn’t even look at her.  Ragini pissed off and went with shekhar. Swasan and others came to mm and ap did arti. They did the post marriage rituals. Then sanskar about to go to his room,uttara stopped Him.</span;>

<span;>Utt: bhai one ritual is left name finding in mehndi.. </span;>

<span;>San:ok </span;>

<span;>But he couldn’t find his name on swara’s hand,  so laksh also helps him. But they didn’t get succeeded. They looks at each other. </span;>

<span;>San: uttara u don’t know my full name, so u didn’t write  </span;>

<span;>Utt:if I don’t know but bhabhi knew na. We wrote it </span;>

<span;>San: no </span;>

<span;>utt: yes.. </span;>

<span;>Lak:then where.. </span;>

<span;>Utt: here.. (but nick of time swara turned her palm) bhabhi.. </span;>

<span;>Sw: Uttu, they are trying to fool u.. </span;>

<span;>Utt: bhai (yells) u do it else.. </span;>

<span;>San: u won’t let me to go to my room.. </span;>

<span;>Utt: u can go to ur room, but u won’t see her till u go back to Army. </span;>

<span;>San:no…(he started to find his name. He is looking at each of the palm. Didn’t get anything. Suddenly something strikes him he joined her both palm and find his name in middle). Then swasan went to room and slept.  </span;>

<span;>After a week swasan are chatting with family. In this one week, Dp and ap decided to settle with swasan. Laksh migrated his business to this place. Uttara also came here to study. Sanskar got his family. Ragini tried to stay in mm to impress laksh. But swara clearly said her that she doesn’t like it. This increases ragini’s anger to swara. But she didn’t mind it. That time post man came there and give an envelope to sanskar. Reading it sanskar face became pale. </span;>

<span;>Dp: what happened beta </span;>

<span;>San: I have to go back now only. </span;>

<span;>Hearing it everyone’s face became pale. Swara went from there. Sanskar become sad. Sanskar went to pack the bags and came down.but didn’t see swara. When he turned to the entrance he stood there froze and family too. She is standing there holding an arti plate with a genuine smile. Sanskar and family proud to see her like that. Sanskar went to her and she did arti. He hugs her and bids bye to everyone. </span;>

<span;>2 months leap </span;>

<span;>It became 2 months since sanskar came back. Now only they became free. So his colleagues sahil and around came to him. Sahil is his same age, and arjun is younger than him. But these two are his best buddies. They know everything about ragini, even her betrayal. </span;>

<span;>Sah: hey sanskar the battle is finished, now we are free. </span;>

<span;>Arj: yes bhai. </span;>

<span;>Sanskar smiles. </span;>

<span;>Sah: how was wedding ?</span;>

<span;>San: amazing </span;>

<span;>Arj: she cheated u and her marriage become amazing to u??? </span;>

<span;>San: if it is my marriage then it will be amazing naa. </span;>

<span;>SahArj: what u married her? </span;>

<span;>Sanskar takes a photo from his wallet : she is my wife.  How is she? </span;>

<span;>SahArj angrily looks at photo. Their eyes widened seeing it </span;>

<span;>SahArj: SWARA…. </span;>

<span;>Then he explained to them everything. </span;>

<span;>Arj: that means my chance was gone. After ur marriage I was going to make swaArj. (sahsan looks confused)  don’t understand, Arre It’s swara+arjun.(sahil laughed and sanskar gets angry) </span;>

<span;>San: Arjun I always told u don’t talk about her like that. Now she is my wife. </span;>

<span;>Sah: Arre u r already in love with her and u r saying u WILL  fall for her. </span;>

<span;>San: sahil don’t talk like laksh. I didn’t love her, I loved her sister. </span;>

<span;>Arjun( hits his head. ): buddhuram…Sanskar glares at him. He holds his shoulder) sit here.. Arre sit.. (sanskar sits there) </span;>

<span;>Arj: why are u always get angry when my name is joined with sw… </span;>

<span;>San: because she is my wife.. </span;>

<span;>Arj: now only she is ur wife na.  Why were u angry with me before. When ragini’s name is joined with sahil bhai,  u r also joined wit us. But when it about to swara u were getting angry. </span;>

<span;>San: because I don’t like it, she is mine, my best friend. </span;>

<span;>Arj: OK I have a best friend in college.. Okay leave it.  I had a best friend in school (sahsan looks at him narrow eyes)  it’s not my story is happening here. So leave it. (sahsan nods their head in teasing). So what I was saying, ?? yeah my BFF.. because of she is my best friend she has no right to marry anyone?!? </span;>

<span;>San: but my swara is not like ur friend </span;>

<span;>Sah: swara is ur best friend and that girl is his. What’s the difference in this? </span;>

<span;>San: Arre why don’t you understand anything.. </span;>

<span;>SahArj: we don’t understand anything. U say why. Why. Why.., (both are standing each of his side and asked) </span;>

<span;>San:(frustrated by their questions, yells) I couldn’t, I can’t see her with anyone.  BECAUSE I LOVE..  (realization hits him. SahArj smiles) I  loved her,  I love my swara.  </span;>

<span;>Arj(pinched sanskar’s both cheeks): at last buddhuram become intelligent… Eyy.. (hugs him) </span;>

<span;>Sahil smiles at his childishness. Then he also hugs him.. After sometimes they broke the hug. </span;>

<span;>San:(sits there and covers his face with palm) : oh God because of my one misunderstanding how much pain I have given her…  U could have corrected me earlier Arjun</span;>

<span;>Arj: there is a time for everything dear</span;>

<span;>Sanskar then takes his phone and dialed a number. SahArj looks on. </span;>

<span;>San(on phone) : hello ragini (SahArj looks on) </span;>

<span;>Rag: I know sanskar, u.. </span;>

<span;>San(interrupted): thank u, thank you, thank you so much ragini thank u for rejecting me. (cuts the call) </span;>

<span;>SahArj looks at him Like what was that. But sanskar ignored them and turned back. </span;>

<span;>San(yells): I LOVE YOU MY SWARAAAA…. </span;>

<span;>At that time kolkatha MM. </span;>

<span;>Swara wakes up from sleep, she feels happiness in her heart. Then take sanskar’s photo and looks at it </span;>

<span;>Sw: Did u call me sanskar? Oh u r not here. But I don’t know why I am feeling happy.. (smiles) </span;>

<span;>Screen freezes on sanskar and swara… </span;>

<span;>THE END</span;>

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