Swasan Two Shot Love Story (Shot 1)

He is in soldiers den waiting for the alert of war. Neighboring country is going to attack our country. So everyone is alert to Protect the people. At that time he got his Love’s letter. He got very happy. His friends teases him. He attracted towards her whenever he went to meet his best friend. She is her sister. But after reading that his face became pale.



U said u r going to be a part of the war. So baba told me that there is no guarantee for ur life. So as to our life. Baba fixed my marriage with his friend’s son. It will be on 12th January. I know u can’t come. Bye.


At that time major alerts them to the war.. So he dropped the letter on ground to join for battle.

12th January 2018 Kolkata gagodia mansion..

We can see gagodia mansion is fully decorated. If we go inside we can see in one room there are 4 people are standing and arguing. A man, a lady and 2 girls. But exactly 3 people are arguing with 1 girl who is standing there in casual churidar.

Man: swara.. What is this? It’s ur sister’s wedding and u r wearing this dress ?

Lady: ha swara go and get ready.

Girl1: ha swara u r my sister. If u came like this what will people say? What will laksh think about us?

Swa: ragini for u, for ur sweet baba and sweet MA it’s a wedding not me. For me it’s a BETRAYAL…

Rag: I did this because I thought about my future..

Sw: yeah future.. Ur, ur ma baba, me, the people around us and whole people in our country including ur laksh’s. Securing all of their future they are doing this job. For his job u r rejected him.

“what ” a voice came behind them. They looks behind. There laksh and his family are standing looking at them.

She: nothing laksh beta.

Lak: I am not asking you. Say swara what are you saying?

Sw: ragini loved my best friend. Now she rejected him by saying he has no guarantee of his life because he is a soldier. He can’t give her a perfect life.

Lak: if you can’t live with a soldier who r fighting and giving his own life to secure our life. How can u live with a common man.

Rag: no laksh but now I love you..

Lak: then what about ur love for him..

Rag: but laksh there is no guarantee for his life na..

Lak: do u have any guarantees for my life. Do u have any guarantees to say nothing happens to me in future. That means u will leave me if my business get loss in future. If I hurt by any accidents u won’t be with me or my parents. He na.. Sorry I can’t live with that type of girls. This marriage won’t happen now. I called off this marriage. (he is about to go, shekhar stopped him)

She: u can’t go like this. U have to marry my daughter..

Lak: oho. OK then.

Dp: laksh…

Swara also looks at him shocked. Laksh came to swara kneel down. Swara and others looks at him shocked.

Lak: swara… Will u marry me.??!(dp and ap looks at him smilingly)

Rag(clapped): wah swara.. Wah. I know u did this much drama to get laksh. How can u play with your sister’s life??

Laksh and others looks at her disgustingly.

Sw: I am sorry laksh I can’t do this.

Ap: don’t fall in her words swara beta..

Sw: it’s not about her. It’s about me auntie (looks at laksh) I love someone..
Ragini looks at her surprised
lak: who??
Sw: (looks at ragini) I love him childhood. He is my best friend.. He is a soldier and his name is sanskar Maheshwari..

Hearing his name ap and Dp looks at each other with different expression.

Lak: but swara whatever ur father asked ragini is also applies to u too naa…

Sw: hmm but I have an answer for him. I liked him from childhood. But his decision to join army grew respect for him in my heart.. Slowly it turned to LOVE… I love him and I proud of him… Because of him and his colleagues we r secured here. Like u said any human being can’t guarantee for its future. Then what is the special for soldiers. Till my last breath I WILL LOVE HIM ONLY…

Lak: I wish sanskar would be here..

” I AM HERE MR. laksh” a voice came from behind. Everyone looks behind. There he standing., our handsome hero, dashing Sanskar Maheshwari…

Sw: (whispers) sanskar .(in mind) o God if he heard everything, what will he think about me.. (she looks at him tensed)

Sanskar walks towards them

San(looks at Swara and smiles) : hi sweety..

Swara relieved thinking he didn’t heard anything.. She smiles at him. Sanskar went to ragini..

San: hi ragini I came here to join ur marriage and give u the GIFTS. But it seems it will not happen now…

Rag(xtra sweetly): I am sorry sanskar now I understand ur importance in my life. Now marriage is broken. Will you marry me now? (holds his hand)

Swara looks at her shocked. Laksh and family, even guests looks at her disgustingly.

Sanskar smiles at ragini. A lone tear escaped from swara’s eyes..

To be continued….

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