Swasan two shot: The indescribable love of a pianist… (2)

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Swasan two shot: The indescribable love of a pianist… (1)

~The Reunion~

Getting off the train, Swara was extremely happy finally getting back to the Kolkata city. She smiled warmly seeing Ragini in front of her.. she was her childhood friend and they both had remained in touch and have also met few times as Ragini frequently visited Delhi but Swara was coming to Kolkata after a very long time for her college. She hugged Ragini and then they both were walking out of the railway station to Ragini’s home. Swara kept looking around, how much the city has changed!.. she looked at the flowers blooming near the road side. She went near it and caressed it lovingly.. she suddenly felt something.. so magical and indescribable shiver, she turned and just saw the busy road of Kolkata. She brushed away her thoughts and went with Ragini…
Sanskar was going to his college in his bike. He looked at a girl caressing the roses, he just smiled and continued to ride his bike. This day suddenly seemed so fresh and beautiful to him. roses. His Swara loved it a lot.. he just concentrated on the road and rode his bike fast to reach the college soon.. he wanted to stop himself from crying. He missed her terribly!…
“Surprise!” Ragini shouted finally taking her palms from Swara’s eyes letting her see the piano. Swara was just so shocked seeing it.. it is her piano which she used ages ago. They were unable to take her huge piano with them so they locked it in the store room of their house. Though her parents bought a new piano for her after reaching Delhi, she missed this one a lot. And now Ragini has got this for her from her home and have cleaned it.. it just looked like a new one. “do you like it?” Ragini asked her excitedly.. Swara curved her lips in a smile and looked at her. She was very happy but still she was having a fake smile.. Ragini went from there to get her something.. Swara looked at the piano, the tears blurred her vision.. she closed the door behind her going near it.. she touched the piano shiveringly.. it was hers! She loved this piano a lot.. she had a special connection with it. After touching it, she looked at her hands, how Sanskar used to touch her hand and taught her everything..

“you have to call me sir! because I am your piano teacher!”

She laughed dryly with tears remembering the things he said to her.. her Sanskar sir! He said he won’t miss her.. she pressed the keys slowly.. but she missed him, she missed him like anything.. time has passed a lot. But each and every second of her life is filled with his thoughts.. she closed her eyes tightly sobbing holding the piano tightly.. he used to take her in his arms whenever she cried.. he used to pat her head lovingly to stop her tears.. how she wish she can go back to the time.. she knelt down and went under the piano.. they had ice cream hiding under the piano.. she touched the piano. She wanted to go to those days and learn piano all over again and he should be her teacher, her not so tall teacher. She laid on the cold floor under the piano and closed her eyes crying letting her soul get engulfed by the memories of the three most beautiful days of her life…
They were meant to be together.. and maybe that’s the reason that their three days love is lasting for ages.. they have met so many people till date but their heart was only for one person..
Fate has finally planned the happiness of the two longing souls.. they both were in the same college now!

Swara was going to her class, she was lost in her own thoughts.. she was thinking to visit her piano teacher’s house today and check out whether they are still there, she also wanted to meet Sanskar.. he would have grown up too! She suddenly saw a wallet down, she took it and just gave it to the administration of the college and continued her works…

Sanskar was frustrated as he didn’t know where was his wallet.. god! He is so careless, he keeps looking down roaming around the ground.. it was not anywhere.. he kept his hand on his head and started thinking where all he went.. “Sanskar!” he looked at his professor calling him and went near him. “this is your wallet, right? I saw your parents photo in this!” Sanskat got the wallet and checked it. He sighed in relief finally getting it. “thank you so much sir. Where did you get it?” he asked. “a girl found this on ground and gave it to me!” Sanskar gets surprised hearing it. “who is she?” he asked. “I don’t know..” the professor started but stopped seeing Swara passing there.. “she is the girl!” he said pointing to Swara.

Sanskar looked at her, he remembered seeing her in the road.. he went to her to ask her a ‘thank you’. “excuse me!” Swara turned hearing the voice, “this is my wallet, thanks for giving it to sir itself!” she just nodded to him remembering the wallet she found on the ground. “it’s okay. Take care next time!” she said, “did you check it?” she asked and then he opened his wallet checking his money and cards. Her gaze fell on the photo he had in his wallet.. the photo of her music teacher and his wife.. she gets tears seeing it and looks at the man standing in front of her.. “everything is there!” he said looking at the wallet and then went from there without looking at her and failing to notice her tears too. She looked at his retreating figure.. happiness has choked her so much. Why is he having that photo? Is.. is he Sanskar? she smiled a little with tears.. maybe he IS Sanskar. she thinks to confirm and visit their home…
Swara looks at the house with tears, she always comes to this house and learned piano from her dear ram uncle.. she rings the calling bell still unable to control her tears.. Sujata opened the door and gets confused seeing her.. Swara looks at her happily as she recognized her. She clutched her dress tightly crying looking at her.. “what happened beti? And who are you?” Sujata asked shocked by the stranger in front of her house. Swara immediately hugged her bursting out in tears, “I am Swara!” she said choking with her tears.. “Swara Gadodia!” Sujata smiled remembering the little girl and broke the hug looking at her from top to bottom.. “you have grown up so much!” she whispered surprised.. tears formed in her eyes too and then they both hugged each other again very tightly…

Sanskar returned to his home. he entered and saw a girl sitting on the sofa laughing with his mother and father.. he looked at her confused, he remembered meeting her in the college. What was she doing in his house? Sujata looked at him and smiled, Swara followed her gaze and looked at Sanskar, she badly controlled herself from just running to him. she was right.. he is Sanskar! “Sanskar! she is..” Sujata started but Swara held her hand tightly stopping her, Sujata looked at her and stopped, she looked back at her son and said casually, “go and freshen up!” Sanskar was confused but still just walked to his room silently.. Swara looked at him going with tears blurred vision.. “he is Sanskar na?” she asked slowly struggling with her tears. Sujata looked at her crying and wiped her tears making her look at him, “he IS Sanskar!” she said and Swara looked at her laughing with tears and immediately hugged her…
Sanskar was sitting on the bed with his book.. he heard the knocking of his door and went and opened it. He saw Swara standing there looking at him smiling, her eyes were red, she hardly controlled her tears but couldn’t control her smile.. Sanskar looked at her and sighed, “you gave me wallet.. thank you! But what are you doing in my home?” he questioned folding his arms near his chest. “you don’t remember me?” she asked whispering in an innocent cracking voice. Sanskar gets sad hearing her voice but was still confused with her behavior. She closed her eyes controlling herself and then opened her eyes asking, “you remember Swara?” she asked slowly, he blinked his eyes hearing her.. his eyes became moist feeling a new ray of hope inside him.. “you know her? Where is she?” he asked with his tears, she looked at his tears and nodded..

she wanted to tell him that it was her but still she was so scared to tell her love for him so this seemed a good idea.. “she came back to Kolkata! She loves you a lot.. she told she will meet you if you want to!” Swara said everything slowly crying feeling like just hugging him right now.. Sanskar turned his back to her.. he slowly walked remembering his innocent angel. She looked at him going to his bed, her tears failed to stop with numerous thoughts rushing in her mind.. he was so happy at first but what happened suddenly? Doesn’t he love her? He went to his bed and took the small paper from under the pillow and looked at it.. the only memory of hers which he is saving like a treasure for years. He wants to meet her, he is dieing to meet her and now.. she loves him? this was so beautiful..

so mesmerizing and extreme happiness engulfed him to know that Swara loves him too! He immediately turned to her smiling and said, “I love her too! I love her more!” he shouted running near her, she blinked her eyes with tears hearing him. “where is she? I need to meet her!” he asked excitedly. She looked at him, the way he was crying.. he loved her too.. he had missed her too.. “you tell the place, I will tell her to meet you!” she whispered slowly and smiling with her red moist eyes.. “how do you know her?” he asked. He wanted to cry, he wanted to laugh.. he wanted to do both! She looked at him overwhelmed to know that he loves her. “I am her friend!” she whispered happily.. he nodded to her gulping trying to control himself. He then ran inside the room taking a paper, he wrote a address and gave it to her. “bring her here!” he said and she nodded to him still looking at the paper. “when?” he asked eagerly.. she looked at him and saw him.. how much desperate he was.. god! He loved her and she loved him too. “tonight!” she whispered, he closed his eyes sighing happily.. he was finally going to meet his angel, he opened his eyes and saw that the girl has disappeared, he became confused but then brushed his thoughts and gets immersed in his happy world.. the day was finally here!…
Sanskar was waiting outside a fully closed area.. Swara came there and he gets very happy seeing her. “where is she?” he asked excitedly. She smiled at him, “she is on the way!” she said slowly, he just smiled and looked around.. he had waited for her for years but now this moment seems like an eternity. Swara kept looking at him, how much happy he was. She then looked at the closed indoor cottage. “why did you tell to come to this place?” she asked confused. Sanskar smiled, “I have something very special for her here!” he gets lost in the memories of her.. how will she be looking? She loves him too.. she had missed him too.. “what is it?” she asked curiously. He looked at her coming out of his thoughts.. “please!” she whispered. He just smiled, and took a key opening the door. She entered inside.. there was no ceiling for that area.. she gets mesmerized seeing the place. There were so many roses.. red, pink, yellow, white.. numerous roses were growing from the ground and a large brand new piano was placed in the center. “Swara loves roses a lot!” her eyes gets moist hearing his voice behind her. “I bought this area few years ago and made this garden with a hope that she will come someday and she is going to come now!” she was not seeing him but she knew he was crying.

“and I brought this piano for her!” she closed her eyes happily letting her tears flow out of her eyes. She kept walking looking at the roses, her phone fell off her hand on a soft couch present there.. she couldn’t notice it. She is just so happy right now. “when will she come?” she stopped moving hearing his desperate voice. Wiping her tears she turned to him, “I will have to go now. But she will surely come!” Sanskar nodded to her and started moving around and when he turned, that girl has disappeared. She went? He didn’t even asked her name.. he brushed away his thoughts and started pacing fast waiting for his angel. He heard a phone ringing sound, he looked towards the source of sound and saw a phone ringing on the couch. He sighed, it must be that girl’s. she left it here, he went near the phone thinking that it could be Swara too but he was surprised seeing the caller id, ‘Sujata Aunty’.

He remembered the way his mother was so excited yesterday to tell him who she was. This girl was the friend of his angel and also knew his mother too.. who was she? He took the phone and answered it and before he could say anything, he heard his mother’s voice, “Swara! Did you tell Sanskar that it is you?” his hand clutched the phone tightly registering her words in his mind.. he blinked his eyes shocked. “mom?” he whispered slowly and Sujata slapped her head thinking what she had done. “what are you talking mom?” he asked slowly letting the fresh tears flow out of his eyes. Sujata closed her eyes and sighed, “the girl whom you are thinking as Swara’s friend is Swara only!” he took the phone away from his ear and started walking stumbling unable to hear the shouts of his mother from the other side who later cut the call frustrated hearing no sound..
“I am her friend!”
“she loves you a lot!”

He gets near the piano and sat on a chair. He remembered seeing her caressing the roses in the road. She is swara. She said she will leave now, did she really just go? Why was she playing with him like this? He looked around with tears in the fear of losing her again, his hand went to the piano. He just pressed the keys absent mindedly still just looking around praying that she should come right now, he felt someone pressing his toes as if they were keys of a piano. He stopped playing, his memories going back to the time when Swara pressed his toes like that. He again played the piano and someone pressed his toes too, he looked down and there she came.. finally! Swara peeped out of the piano looking at him, he cried seeing her. “remember me?” she asked sobbing, he immediately knelt down and went under the piano with her and took her in a bone crushing hug. She cried hiding herself in his embrace. “how can I ever forget you?” he asked closing his eyes and sobbing uncontrollably.

“why did you play like this?” he asked tightening the hug, she slightly took her head from his chest and looked at him but she was still in his arms.. he looked in her red moist eyes that held love for him. her round face, her black big eyes.. he held her cheeks and wiped her tears gently. She closed her eyes feeling the warmth of his hand. Sanskar smiled, she still looked so innocent.. “you are so beautiful Swara!” he whispered, his happy tears were still flowing endlessly.. were all these a dream? She opened her eyes and moved more close to him. “you met me even before, but you didn’t say this?” he smiled hearing her small innocent voice. “I didn’t notice you correctly, I actually don’t look at any girl because I love my Shona a lot!” she smiled with tears and again cuddled in his embrace.. his deep breathe soothing every bit of her. He was patting her head slowly, she smiled remembering the time when he took her in his arms and patted her head like this to stop her cries.

She closed her eyes snuggling into him to forget everything and just be in his arms for eternity. Everything seemed perfect.. she was finally with him.. her love.. her Sanskar sir! “these flowers are so beautiful. Thank you!” she whispered against his shirt, he smiled hearing it. He always dreamt of surprising her with these flowers whenever they met but she has surprised him more. The rain started pouring inside the cottage, they hugged each other more tightly hiding themselves from the rain under the piano.. “but Sanskar? you just believed me when I said that I am friend of mine!” he chuckled hearing her, friend of hers? God! “I had no other choice too na, Swara? I had no clue where you were!” he cupped her face, “never go away again.. I missed you a lot.. it was so horrible!” he whispered weakly, he was so tired of their separation. “I missed you too sir!” she whispered slowly making him smile. She interwined her fingers with him making a promise to never leave him again..
“I love you!”

They both said at the same time and smiled at each other, they both again hugged each other and had a peaceful sleep in each other’s embrace. They finally got their love…


A/N- hey guys! it’s just a very short story that i got in my mind.. and i have penned it down..
hope you people liked it.. thank you all very much!!
i will post Sword of love by tomorrow..
take care..
love you all!!

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