Swasan two shot: The indescribable love of a pianist… (1)

~The three days love~

Sanskar was looking at the magnificient large bungalow. He was admiring it, his house was so small comparing to this, he sighed.. his student’s house was much more bigger than his.. student! And that mere thought made him feel proud and excited. He walked slowly still looking around the large garden and beautiful house. His father was a piano teacher, he loved the way his father plays the piano magically.. he had got that gene too! At his present so young age of just 10, he plays the piano like professionals. His father was currently ill and he was not taking any piano classes for now.. but Sanskar really had no idea why his father asked him to go to a rich family’s home and teach a little girl.. his father had told him that this girl was so enthusiastic and so innocent.. Sanskar had noticed the way his father’s eyes gleamed happily talking about that small girl, it was true that he got jealous too. He was their only son but both of his parents told him that they see this little girl as their own daughter but he had never met her. He kept walking slowly inside the house still lost in his thoughts.. “beta!” he looked up at the stairs hearing the soft voice and saw a woman standing there looking at him smiling.. “you are son of the pianist, right?” she asked descending the stairs and he just nodded to her. “you have to teach my daughter only. Come I will take you to her!” he went near her slowly and that lovely woman bent down to reach his level.. “are you scared of me?” her voice was a little teasing, though he nodded a no to her, he was actually scared of this new surroundings. That aunty caressed his hairs softly saying, “no need to get afraid.. whatever you want, you can ask me. Okay?” he again nodded to her as she again got on her feet and then she went somewhere while he followed her still looking around the house. Sharmishta opened a door letting Sanskar go in, he looked around the large room and there in the corner.. a little girl was sitting on the couch resting both her palms on her cheeks looking down sadly.. she had a small round face with big black eyes. She looked so beautiful and innocent.. “Shona!” the girl looked up at him sadly actually looked up at her mother hearing her lovable voice. Sharmishta went near her daughter and caressed her hair before taking her delicate daughter in her arms.. he wanted to do it too. She must be only 7 or 8 years and he really couldn’t control his urge of holding her soft hands. “shona, don’t be sad! Come on, you are going to learn piano now!” her mother said cheering her and the little angel smiled a little nodding to her. Putting her down carefully, Sharmishta turned to Sanskar, “do you need anything son?” he nodded a no to her. “will you drink a juice?” she asked smiling warmly, his fear was slowly going away, she was a very lovable aunty. He thought and then nodded a yes to her, he has come long way walking in the sun and would love to have something cold. Sharmishta smiled at him before turning to her daughter, she dropped a kiss on her forehead leaning to her and then walked from there.. she went and Sanskar kept staring at the little girl who was still looking so sadly at the floor. For a long time, he just kept staring at her, he felt like taking her in his arms.. she was too small and too cute. He cleared his throat finally getting her attention, she looked at him and then again looked down sadly. He sighed and went near her, she was too shorter than him. “look!” he said and she raised her head looking at him with her big eyes innocently. “why are you so sad? We should start the class now”. She nodded and went near the large piano in her room and sat on a chair in front of it. There was another chair placed beside her for him too. He went near her and sat on the chair. He looked at her, she was still looking down sadly. “I am Sanskar!” he said and saw her looking at him. “I am Swara!” she said slowly, at last.. he finally heard her voice which was too kiddish, innocent and sad. “but your mom called you Shona!” he asked remembering her mother calling her Shona before some time. “only she and papa calls me likes that!” he nodded to her, her voice was still sad. “you know about all the keys?” he asked. “a little!” she answered, he took her soft hands and started helping her in playing the piano. She was playing it quite well even without his support, though she looked so gloomy in the beginning, he saw her face slowly litting up with joy as she played the piano. He looked at the door hearing the click of the knob and saw Swara’s mother standing there with a glass filled with juice. She came near to him smiling and gave it to him. he gladly got it murmuring a ‘thank you’ sipping the cold juice with pleasure, it was so delicious. Sharmishta turned to Swara and saw her playing the piano, she smiled leaning to her.. “what does my Shona wants?” she asked slowly and he smiled looking at them. “you know what your shona wants!” Swara said sadly and slowly making her mother sigh and then she just went from there closing the door behind her. Sanskar continued to drink the juice but then saw Swara looking at him pressing her lips in a thin line. He drank the juice fast and kept it on a table near him. “if you want it, you could have asked your mother!” he said wiping his lips with the back of his hand. “I won’t ask her anything!” she said and then again started playing the piano. He looked at her confused, from the time he came, she is just looking very sad. “why?” he asked. “I will not eat anything so that she doesn’t take me there!” she said still playing the piano. He stopped her from playing it by holding her hands, she looked at him. “where?” he asked curiously. She sighed and said staring at the piano, “we are going to leave this city and go some where else, but I don’t want to go!” he saw her eyes turning moist and gets sad seeing her. “I will miss my home, my school, my friends.. everyone! I am telling to mumma and papa that I don’t want to go but they are not listening to me!” she sniffed and started hiccupping crying badly.. he immediately wiped her tears and lifted her up in his arms, he started patting her head softly as she rested her head on his neck. He felt her so soft and fragile, immense sadness consumed him seeing her crying so badly. After some time, she finally calmed and took her head from his neck looking at him.. her eyes were moist and red. He again made her sit on the chair beside him and wiped her tears. “don’t cry Swara!” he said slowly, she looked at him for some time and then said, “your name is a little difficult!” he gets confused hearing her. “San.. San..” he saw her pouting while she continued, “I am not getting it, San..” he laughed seeing her struggling with his name and said, “you have to call me sir!” he said proudly lifting his collar. Even while coming here, he was very excited as he was going to teach some one. “because I am your piano teacher!” he said. “but you are not so tall like my teacher!” she said innocently. “but still I am the one who is going to teach you!” he said carelessly before taking her hands and again making her play the piano…
Sanskar was walking to Swara’s room excitedly and happily. She was really so innocent and intelligent. He opened the door and saw Swara sitting on the bed, and as soon as she saw him, “sir!” she shouted excitedly. He chuckled and went inside the room near her. She looked so cute with her pink frock and her small hairs that reached till her shoulders were wet. She stood up on the bed itself looking at him happily, he then took her in his arms, “good morning!” he said taking her near the piano all set to start his class. “good morning sir!” she said keeping her small hand on the forehead saluting him and wishing just like wishing a teacher making him smile at her cuteness. “yesterday night, I was so hungry, I gave up my anger and ate the dinner. I actually planned to not eat anything, I don’t know how am I going to convince mumma and papa!” he saw her again becoming very sad and ready to cry anytime. He held her cheeks softly saying, “Swara! Don’t get sad, okay? Shall we practice now?” he asked and she nodded to him. She forgot all her worries soon after practicing the piano.. he just loved the way she pressed all the keys so beautifully.. she was happily playing it making him happy too…
“we are practicing for a long time now, shall we play?” she asked after a few minutes of their practice with a pout. He pulled her cheeks adoring her cuteness nodding a yes to her. She became excited and jumped from her chair holding his hand and caught his hand dragging him out of the room. He laughed and walked with her..
“I love these flowers so much!” she said touching the roses. “I feel like keeping all of them with me all the time, but mumma told me if I take them from the pot, they will become sad.. so I didn’t take them!” she said everything slowly and stressing every word.. each and every antic of hers screamed her cuteness and innocence making him just so happy. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling whenever he was with her. She went a little away and took the ball and threw it at him, he grinned more and started playing with her…
After playing and practicing the piano for hours, Sanskar was all set to leave his home. it was almost night.. he spent so much time with Swara. He had the delicious food prepared by the Shomi anuty and even convinced Swara to have it.. the rain has started with thunders and lightening. “it’s not safe Sanskar. you stay here, I will call and inform your parents!” Sharmishta said to Sanskar who was standing in the entrance of the home and looking at the heavy rain. “you go and play with Swara!” he turned to her and smiled nodding to her before running to her room…
Sanskar gets confused seeing Swara not in the room, but wherever she is, she will have to come here anyway. He thought and went to the piano and sat on the chair comfortably and started playing the piano happily. After sometime, he started feeling ticklish.. the way he was pressing the keys of the piano, the same way some one was pressing his toes as if they were the keys of a piano. He stopped playing and looked down.. he grinned widely seeing Swara peeping out from under the piano and looking at him smilingly. He pinched both her cheeks and asked laughing, “what were you doing under the piano Swara?” she signaled him to come near her and he got off his chair and went under the piano with her. “I was having my ice cream!” she said showing a bowl full of ice cream which she stole from the fridge. “my mumma never lets me have it when it is raining but I just love having them when it is raining!” she said and then offered the ice cream to him too. He smiled at her softly before sharing it with her. They both had the ice cream silently hiding under the piano. Sanskar giggled at the way she was licking her hands.. the door opened and they closed each other’s mouth stopping the other from shouting sitting so close to each other. “where have they both went?” they heard the worried voice of Sharmishta and they heard the door closing too. Sanskar peeped out and sighed seeing Sharmishta gone, he also helped Swara to come out.. he went near the window and saw that the rain has stopped. “I will go now.. bye!” he said waving his hand, she waved back at him smilingly as he went out of the room.. Sharmishta informed that as Swara’s father Shekhar returned from the office, he can go with him in the car. Sanskar went to his home with Shekhar in the car. And before getting inside the car, he looked up and saw Swara looking at him from the window and smiling. He smiled back at her and then went from there…
Sanskar came to Swara’s home almost by after noon and saw so many vehicles carrying so many things. He went inside and saw Swara sitting sadly near the piano. He went near her, “they have started taking the things, mumma told me that we are going today!” he sat near her and wiped her tears and took her hands to the piano to divert her from the sad things. He only loves her smiling face and this sadness of hers has always given him pain too!…
“what happened Swara? Only that note, THAT NOTE.. you are always missing it!” he said and then saw her still looking very sadly. “maybe I can never do it correctly!” his eyes softened hearing her sad whisper, has he shouted on her so much? “Swara!” he said softly and she looked at him. “you won’t miss me sir?” she asked as the tears flowed out of her eyes. He wiped them and immediately took her in his arms stopping himself from crying. “you won’t?” she asked looking at him, he nodded a no to her. But he knew that he was lieing, putting her down again, he turned around and rubbed his moist eyes stopping the tears. he again turned to her and gets confused seeing her doing something with a paper. She folded it neatly.. she came near him and lifted her hands up indicating him to lift her. He took her in his arms and she put that paper in his pocket. “see it after I go!” she said sadly, he was still so confused but nodded to her. He made her practice the piano and played with her and tried all the way to make her smile. She finally laughed aloud when he started tickling her, she was back into the form and they both played for a very long time…
Sanskar was coming out of the Swara’s home in the evening when he saw his father coming there with the support of his mother. He got shocked and ran near him, “you are fine papa?” he asked and his father just smiled at him nodding to him. he walked inside the home weakly and met Swara and caressed her hairs, “I know you are leaving Swara! Take care, you are my most favourite student!” he said caressing her hairs and then after spending some more time there.. Sanskar went from there with his parents, he looked back at Swara. Yesterday at this moment, she was very happy and was smiling at him but today she was just looking at him sadly…
The Gadodias left the city that night and he never knew where they went, he never met his cute angel after that.. he felt as if the next day never came.. he felt so empty and lonely. If Swara wasn’t there, nothing was there for him…
A young handsome man threw his bag on the couch after returning from his college.. he then went to his cup board and took a small piece of paper which just had two lines. Those two lines were not so good hand writing, written by the shaky and soft hand of a little girl of just 7 years with spelling mistakes. But now she must have grown up too! He has read those two lines more than a million times.. he knew to write that two lines exactly the same way it was written.. each and every curve, how it was written.. he knew everything! His eyes turned moist reading it a one more time…
“you really won’t miss me?
Am I not your friend, sir?”…

A/N- hey guys! it’s Raina.. i am writing a short story after a very long time..
hope you all liked it..
thank you all!
love you all..

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  1. Beautiful..loved it❤❤
    Baby swara was so cute..loved d way u hv described their innocence and friendship and baby swara calling little sanskar SIR..
    Concept is really good..waiting for the next part..continue soon..tc..??

    1. Raina

      the next is on the way kumu!!
      thank you very much dear..
      am glad you loved it..

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  17. Prashasti7

    Y u always have to make me cry with ur every story *pout*
    Its beautiful m living this soooooo much BT sadly its only two shot????
    Let’s see when they both will meet again
    Love u dii

    1. Raina

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      i am a very big fan of you..
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        Awww that’s so sweet of u.
        I had read second part and commented also. It was really nice story.

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  24. Sumayyah

    dear the starting of the two shots is itself telling me how wonderful it will be
    the description of Swara’s childhood is just aaAawww love her
    I’m going to read second part!!!!!
    loved it and u too ….

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