Swasan: Tum sang mehaknay lugay raastay (OS)

Hello everyone this is my first one shot story on swasan. Please pardon me on my poor English and grammar 

After hearing a loud scream a glass from a girl’s hand fall down. She runs to a room in a hurry from where the loud scream came. When she enters she saw a girl standing on a bed with a broom in her hand and peeping around the bed. Before the first girl asks the second girl that why the hell she screams a lady came to them in a horrified state because she also hears the scream. The lady looks to both of them questionably? The first girl points to the second girl and the lady looks to the second girl but before she asks the second girl said with puppy face that there is a cockroach in a room mom.

The lady yells swaraaaaaa what I can do to you… (yes the second girl is swara) and the lady is her mom sumii. Sumii to swara u r going to get married in few months but your behavior is totally non serious. The first girl how is standing there tries to control her laughter on seeing the swara’s facial expressions burst into laughter. Sumi looks to the first girl and said ragini (yes the first girl is ragini) give some wit to your sister as well saying this sumi storms out from the room.

Sorry guys actually this is my first time na that I writing any story like this so that’s why I have no idea how to write properly and I thought to write in one shot but it is very difficult so I decided to end this in 2-3 shot and ya one more thing this a story from a magzine because I like this story very much so I decided to rewrite it on swasan. in the next episode I gave u the complete info about the characters thankuu… n once again sorry for not any but manyyyy mistakesss…;)


  1. Isabel


    |Registered Member

    Nice one, loved it, waiting for the next part,
    Ramazan Kareem 🙂
    Keep smiling and have a beautiful day ahead.. Luv u, tc..

    • Rabia



      jiya first i thought to wirte one shot but thats not possible soo im wirting a short ff max 3-5 episodes and ramzan mubrik to u too 🙂

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