Swasan: Tum sang mehaknay lugay raastay (episode 4) maha episode

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Epi # 4
How I’m looking? Ragini smiles on swara’s question and look at her she is wearing black suit with white embroidery on it. You are going to a school trip or a fashion show? Ragini interrupts.

What is this ragini now u don’t start like mom, swara don’t do this don’t do that bla blaa said swara with angry pout.

What you know how other teachers are coming I only wear simple suit with lipstick u kniw I feel awkward sometime swara said with her as usual angry bird face.
Okay okay I not saying anything but mom definitely comments on your dressing 😀

Swara your school bus has come. Said sumi.

Swara brush her hair in hurry and make a pony tail and run outside after grabbing the bag.but she stops after seeing sumi sitting outside on a sofa.

Sumi stares her from head to toe and said your r going on a school trip or in any marriage function? Sumi taunted her by seeing bangles in her both hand
Swara becomes sad after hearing this.. sumi sees her sad face and said what is the comeback timings?
Swara: it may take night to come back. Zara said that she drops me.
Sumi: ragini give shawl to her

Swara: mom u r still angry with me?? Sumi sees her and thought im not angry on u swara im just afraid of my dream. Sumi smiles and said im not angry on you swara after hearing this swara smiles brightly and hugs her suddenly she hears the bus horn and runs outside. Ragini runs to give her a shawl but she already left. And ragini start smiling on seeing her in a hurry and came back.

Teacher did u see Islamabad before? See is bzy in seeing the outside scenes when her favorite cute and bubbly student PIHU asks her a question.

Teacher can we go outside the country for a trip? Pihu ask again
Swara signs.. pihu is a daughter of a big businessman and her Chachu is a politician.

At the back seat her colleague gave her a chocolate swara says thanks to her and said tell mee how much is remaining to reach?? Swara asks in irritated voice and colleagues laughs and said only 1 and half hr is left may be but suddenly the bus stops with a jerk.

All the people starts seeing outside and trying to see what happened in the meantime 3 men enter in the bus. How can u enter in the bus?? Said a teacher… see mam we want to go nearby place that’s it..

Teacher says that it is a school bus not a public transport you may leave
U calmly sit we said na that we only go to nearby place 1 man said and asks the driver in angry tome to start the bus.
The teacher is staring that man angrily..

Don’t you get that what are we saying?? Sit down or else I thor u out from the running bus said the man agrily to the teacher..
On his angry tone all the people get scared.

Bus starts again and all the people are unable to find out there real motive.

All the three man are examining the people suddenly one man out of three takes out a picture from his pocket and looks at the back seats and then said something in ear of his mate.

Other guy out of three whose age is around 27-28 he talked on a call with someone sometimes before. All all three are standing from the last 15 minutes and the one who talked on a call is staring swara continuously.. swara got some doubt on him he is gud looking but his eyes are saying something else.
Swara get scared and covers her face with her dupatta.

After sometime one man signals the other and he put the gun on drivers head by seeing thi scene all starts to panick and start shouting.
Keep quite or else we shoot his head. By listening all in the bus shut their mouths.

Driver stops the bus right there one of the three ordered driver. And the other man goes to the back seats and grab pihu hands very tighly but swara shouts and grabs the other hand of pihu and said don’t touch her the man put gun on swara’s head and said stop your non sense otherwise I’ll shoot you swara become numb.. the other man comes back and snatches mobile phones from all and goes out after sometime the man who is staring swara comes back and said his other man to grab her also.. swara get scared and tries to free her hand but failed.. the man who grabs her hand said shauriya why u want this girl?? (yes the man who is staring swara is shauriya)

Shauriya said nothing and orders the bus driver and people if they want their lives then they should go from theire by keeping their mouth shut.. when they are going out swara’s school sports teacher standsup and said leave them and grabs shauriya hand but shaurya beats him with the gun and goes out.. when coming out swara sees 2 more men who is coming out from the next bus.. buses goes and swara only seeing them with teary eyes.
Shaurya we kidnap this girl for money but why u grabs this girl?? One man ask shaurya after seeing swara from head to toe.. I like her we gave back this child once aour work complete but I’ll take this girl with mee..

Swara who is crying stops crying and look at shauriya with shocked face… she became numb she got his point what he means she understand the meaning of a gangster who is trying to take any girl..

The area is very isolated.. and there is a jungle around it.

Shaurya if this girl creates any problem?? Noo she is staying with we that’s it..

Shaurya ordered one of his man to get the car and goes to swara and grabs her by shoulder and said don’t look at mee like this how can a stop myself and laughs evilyy… suddenly they hear police siren all become shocked the siren’s voice is coming from not so far.. swara use her mind and grabs pihu hand and start running inside the jungle without any idea about the direction she only running to save her and pihu’s life shauriya after seeing her running they all also starts running behind them..

Swara and pihu are running but suddenly pihu’s slips and fall down swara turns back to pick her up but she hears the running sound of the men she sees pihu with teary eyes and start running without looking back.. after sometime she hides at the back of a tree.. shaurya came with his men pihu is with them shaurya is searching for swara one man said shaurya lets go police is coming we have to leave but shaurya is only searching but in the insistence of others he goes..

Swara comes out and starts running on the road which is going upward with teary eyes because the police siren is coming from there.


After getting the info they captured the whole jungle area. Laksh and kashif are already present there they are justing waiting for sanskar’s arrival.
Suddenly kashif shouts: sir that girl he pointed towards swara who is running very fastly and coming toward them

After listening kashif laksh turns around and they both run toward swara and says who r u?? and what r u doing here?? Laksh asks by deeply examining her..
Im here…. That buss… pihuuu… she is panting heavly and due tou continuous crying she is to able to answer properly but by listening word pihu they somehow understand the situation..

How do u know pihu?? Ask laksh
Swara: im her teacher said in between sobbing
Laksh: kashif water plzz

Please stop crying and drink this water

She drinks few sips with great difficulty
Please be relax and tell me where they people gown said laksh.. swara point towars the left side… laksh look at her for some moment and signals kashif and he nodes and calls someone

Laksh goes toward kashif and asks did you call sanskar?? Kashif said yes he already left

Laksh : hmm he nodes and goes towards swara after reaching near her he saw that she he standing with great difficulty with the help of jeep and shivering also..
You sit in the car said laksh to her… swara who is in her own thought got scared and sees toward him he again said after realizing her situation to sit inside the car..
She quietly sits inside the car and looks outside there are 2 men and another jeep is standing there

She looks at the dashboard the clock is showing 7’o clock she becomes said and thinks what must be dad mom and ragini doing they all are must be worried..

Who is she??? He reached there now and ask laksh about swara who is sitting inside the car

She is Pihu’s teacher when we reached here she met us here

Did she tell something?? Said sanskar… noo she is very much scared she only told us that they went inside the jungle and pihu is with them
Hmmm half hr gone sanskar said after listening to laksh.. he order the other officer to go towards the jungle

But the question is why they bring this girl?? Said sanskar while seeing swara

He knocks at the window with his finger swara jerks after listening knock because she is lost somewhere.. when she saw towards window she sees a man staring her with his big brown eyes..

Come out said sanskar and by saying this he open the door swara gets scared..

Laksh who saw sanskar angry standing near the door runs toward him and sanskar becomes iiritated and said is she deaf and dumb??

Laksh said plz mam come outside we are policeman so don’t need to be scared.. with listening laksh soft word she comes out quietly..

Now can you open your mouth and tell us how mang people are they?? Sanskar ask in a very harsh and rude tone by pressing each and every word very hard..

Three swara said by gulping but in the next moment she said 5 because she remembers the other 2 men from the next bus..

Madam kindly pressurizes your memory and says clearly 3 or 5?? Said sanskar

5 she said in a very low tone by bending her head down..

Why they take u out from the bus?? He asks her but afer listening to sanskar her eyes again become teary
I ask you something?? Said sanskar
I don’t know said swara

Laksh after seeing her pale face said to sanskar cool down yar she already scared and now let’s go its already latee

Let’s go said sanskar by turning on his torch.. what we do about her?? Said laksh

What do u mean by what we do about her?? Sanskar asks in amusement

We don’t leave her in this isolated place like this in this night

So what do you mean that we should take her with us? Oo come on laksh we are going there to catch the culprits not for any picnic party… said sanskar with a frown

Sanskar sir is sayiny right laksh sir said by kashif who is standing there silently… laksh also agreed with him but he is thinking about swara and swara is standing there silently and waiting for their decision..

I call to shravan and said him to take her from there said by sanskar and he starts calling someone while walking and kashif also starts walking behind him

Laksh turns toward swara and said u go and sit in the car our officer comes in sometime and takes you from here.. swara looks at him with teary eyes in this dark night he can easily see her shining tear but he is helpless and by removing this though he also goes behind sanskar..

Swara sees going them far from her site till then they disappeared and she start shivering by looking at the surrounding..

She runs and sits inside the cars and covers herself with her dupatta she realize that sumi said to ragini to give her shawl which she forgot to take in hurry and now she is feeling very cold and getting scared and tears rolling don from her eyes continuously..

The policeman who is coming to take her is not reached yet and she is sitting alone and thinking about shaurya that he is around this area she becomes more scared and thought for a while and open the door and starts runninggg…..

Guys this is the 4th episode sorry for mistakes because im very tired while writing this big part because I want to show sanskar and swara’s meeting.. that why I wrote maha episode and one more thing this story is having many sub parts that why im writing all the sub parts to give u the complete story


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