Swasan: Tum sang mehaknay lugay raastay (episode 3)

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Salam everyone actually now-a-days im totally waili thats why im writing the third episode for you 😉 but it’s a not a very long one because you know na that ramzan is going on that s why…
So let’s start:-

Swara looks to sumi in a very angry mood. She said that one week before I told you that my school trip is going to Islamabad. (Actually guys this story is on Pakistan so that’s why I didn’t change the cities also swara is living in Lahore and sanskar is in Islamabad)

That day you gave the permission now tomorrow I’ve to go n u r telling mee that u r not allowing me what’s dis mom??
Swara don’t argue with mee I already told you my decision now go to your room. Said sumi
Swara sees her for sometimes on her direct answer with teary eyes and goes to her room by stamping her foot.

Ragini feels sad on seeing her sister she wants to say something to sumi but after looking at her serious expressions she keeps her mouth shut.
She is lying on the bed by facing her back when she heared a knock on the door.
Swara beta open the door plz said shekhar.

When the door continuously knocks she get up and opens the door and again sat on the bed.

Why my daughter is angry? Said shekhar after seeing her red angry face (like angry bird) 😛

Swara looks at shekhar then again starts crying and said dad I told u n about my school trip but mom is not allowing mee. Dad I’m not a child who get lost anywhere my all colleagues are going then why not me??
Shekhar thought to told her about sumi dreams but he thought that she may become tense in the same time ragini came with a food in tray. Shekhar said chalo beta eat something but she remains like an angry bird with a pout 😉

U want to go for a trip na?? shekhar said swara looks at her papa

Shekhar said now eat something I will talk to your mom
Really??? Swara said in excitement
Shekhar nodes in yes

Swara: I luv u dad u r great and give hima tight hug

Your mom is right u r totally a kid in one min u became angry and in the next second u beame happy..

Ragini is smiling by seeing her sister happiness and said now eat dinner because of u I’m also hungry said with a said pout 

After listening to ragini she runs and sat in front of the tray n said really im veryyy much hungry
On her this antic ragini and shekhar smiles by looking each other.

They are in a meeting room with D.I.G. when they came out they are very serious infact laksh who always in a jolly mood is also very serious.
There junior kashif looks to both them and walks behind them. They are not going to their room but they came inside the cafeteria to discuss about the topic which they are discussing in D.I.G room.

There is a gang whose moto is to kidnap the children and ladies of elite class for money is a very active gany from the last 2 years.
And police are unable to arrest any of its members that is why it came to the Islamabad police.

Sanskar and its team solve very difficult and dangerous cases very smarty that is the reason D.I.G called them and handover this case to them. After discussing important points sanskar order to collect all the reliable information about the gang and head towards its room.

When he is going laksh came to him running and said how’s your yesterday meeting with kritika is?? And winks 😉

Sanskar is walking fastly but stops after listening to laksh’s sudden question and looks to him with open mouth..

Laksh: why u looking at mee like this?? I don’t know any magic or I don’t have any Mr. india’s watch by whom I was listening to your talks aunty itself told me.

Sanskar jerk his head and goes to his room and sits on his chair.

Laksh said with excitement so tell me do u like dr. kritika??

Sanskar: if mom told u about meeting it means she also told u about my liking..

Laksh: its nothing like that actually I want to see how u looks after praising a girl

After listening this sanskar smiles.

Ohh soo this is the matter that u r smiling I think I should meet to dr. kritika laksh said with a wink

Don’t talk rubbish laksh its nothing like that she is a good girl that’s it

Okayyy  laksh said with a sad face.. so it is only your liking not your love

Sanskar open the file and keeps in front of his face.

Laksh understand that he don’t talk know.


By singing this laksh goes out.

TO be continued…
Guys this is the end of episode 3 swasan meeting is in the next episode Thankuuu 


  1. Bhargavi

    Hey today only I have read this ff. In each episode you were mentioning that they will meet but you were not showing their meeting only. When are you going to plan to meet them

    • Rabia



      Actually first i thought to end it soon but the original story contains many short sub parts so thats why it takes time to translate them properly im soo sorry i’ll try my best to show there meeting in next episode

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