Swasan: Tum sang mehaknay lugay raastay (episode 2)

Salam everyone before writing I want to tell you one thing that im all the time silent reader but I read all the stories all r too much awesome and my salute to all those who wrote them because it is very difficult to write by your own imagination I know that many of us don’t like some stories but I thought those stories are also awesome because they wrote them with their mind not like me who actually translating the original track in English u know na I am the copycat 😉 beyshak tooti phutti he sai but im not coping any idea from the fan fictions because this original story is written by Pakistani writer in Pakistani digest in 2011 😛 im telling u the detail because I don’t want any fight between members and last I must say all the stories are awesome sorry to all for not commenting on any of them :’( a big big sorry and yes no story is bad in my point of view all r very very good.. no not good but actually awesome :*

And guy plz listen to my last bak bak as u all know that im translating the original track in English because the original track is in urdu so that’s why it is little difficult to make a long part because first of all I’ve to read the original story before translating I know the whole story orally but not with all few funny tracks that’s why I’m taking time to write the long part I never ever write any story sawayeee papers k 😉 I hope u all understand thankuuu n sorry for too much bak bak

Episode 2:

Aunty wow what a lunch im feeling very very happy eating homemade food after many days said laksh during eating the whole chicken dish in one attempt… Annupurna smiles after hearing this and said to laksh then why u don’t come and stays here don’t till then your parent’s arrival. But you don’t listen to me.

Aunty what can I do by staying with your son I also became senseless 😉 he said this by looking at sanskar at his left side who is bzy in eating with full concentration.

Laksh bhai don’t say like that I know k sanskar bhai is little serious but he is not rudee. Agham defended sanskar on laksh’s statement.

Littleeeeee????? Laksh opens his eyes wide and said not little but actually your bhaii is head to toe is serious heee serious..

Now everyone iss not a big flirt like youuu sanskar taunted laksh while drinking water…

Louu flirting is not a bad habit if god gave mee eyes and feelings tou why should I waste them.. 😛 Sanskar glares at laksh with narrow brows..
Sanskar: Like the way u use your feelings??

Laksh: what I doo?? Laksh ignores his question

Sanskar: don’t open my mouth.. by saying this he stands and goes to tv launch..

When he left laksh says to Annu aunty why don’t you get him married after listening this sanskar gave death glare to laksh…I doubt that there is a girl behind is behavior Annu after listening to laksh gave a suspisiouc look to sanskar.. And sanskar thought to beat laksh by his 11 num size shoe on his head 10 times and count that 10 as one..
Sanskar if u like any girl plz tell mee my only wish is to see u happy in your married life that’s it.. mom there is no girl laksh is just telling non sense..

Really u don’t like anyone?? Said annu

Sanskar laughs on the way in which annu asks and he says yess..

Annu says that I’ve a girl in my mind.. Who is she aunty laksh asks in excitement more than sanskar..

Beta it’s major rahul’s daughter kritikaa she is a doctor.. She is very matured and well-mannered girl..

Annu asks sanskar that if he is ready than she told them about proposal or not?
Sanskar said moms do what u wants to do but the girl should be matured I just hate the girl who starts crying in every tiny matters and behaves childishly…
Okay them I’ll ask them to come said annu… sanskar nodes..

Next scene:-

He is very much tied when he enters at home and going to take rest but just than he listened the laughing and talking sounds which is coming from drawing room his mom sees him and invited him. He goes and greets the guest the family is major rahul’s family and kritika is also present their.. Annu said to sanskar and kritika to go and talk with each other for some time. Both go outside and sit in the garden kritika starts talking very freely and boldly about his profession and his achievements sanskar only giving answers to her questions after talking about sanskar kirtika ask him that if he wants to know about her

Sanskar replied you tells me about you by yourself.. sanskar don’t like her extra bold behavior and after sometimes all the guest leave and annu ask him did he like kritika he said yes she is good..

Anuu : only good??

Sanskar: tou what can I say more?

Annuu : touu may l tell them about our acceptance of this proposal??

Sanskar: mom whats so hurry??

Annu : Sanskar she is having same qualities which u like mature and bold..

Sanskar: mom if you think it is right than I’ve no objection by saying this he walks out without seeing his mom’s reaction…
The dream is very horrible which forces her to wake up… there is all dark around the room she switch on the side table lamp which creates light in the room. She sees the sleepling shekhar beside her and signs..

Then she goes to ragini and swara’s room where there is a light of night bulb all around.. she looks forwar where both ragini and swara are sleeping by putting hand on each other swara hand is on ragini’s waist and ragini’s is on swara’s hand.. sumi smiles after seeing this and prayers for their safety..
When she came back she sees that shekhar is sitting on the bed and asks her where she went??

Sumi didn’t replied and quietly came and settle down on the bed.

Shekhar said whats the matter sumi??

Sumi : I saw a very bad dream in which there is a jungle with snakes everywhere.. Then I saw a girl who is running and the snakes following herr.. and the girl is surrounded by all the snakes and after few minutes a big black snake bites her..

U know who is that girl?? Sumi said by teary eyes and shekhar also become shocked after seeing sumi..
Sumi said that the girl was swara after saying this she starts crying by hiding her face in her hands.. shekhar u know na seeing snakes in dream is not a good sign..
Shekhar consoles her and said don’t worry sumi nothing happened to our swara have faith in Allah everything will be fine..
Soo guys this is the 3rd part in the coming episode u r going to see swasan meeting.. till than thankuuuu for bearing mee 😉


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