Swasan: Tum sang mehaknay lugay raastay (episode 1)

Hello everyone thanku soo much for liking it one more thing in this story everyone is muslim because the original story is also on that. So let’s start first I’ll give u the complete intro of the characters.

Before that link of the previous episode: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-tum-sang-mehaknay-lugay-raastay-os/

Swara gadodia: age 22 (engaged with her cousin) cute bubbly a school teacher n always scolded by her mother due to her non serious behavior

Ragini gadodia: age 23 swara elder sister (engaged)

Shekhar gadodia: Swara and ragini’s father always save swara from sumi’s scolding

Sharmishta/sumi gadodia: a strict but lovable mother always scolds swara but only because she thinks that swara is very childish.

Karthik: swara cousin and fiancé

Leela: karthik mother and hates swara because she wants her sister’s daughter for her son but due to her husband she don’t say anything but always taunt swara.

Arnav: shekhar cousin and karthik father loves swara as her own daughter.

Now the intro of our hero’s family and friends

Sanskar mehashwari: ACP by profession age 28 very strict n doesn’t like girls with non-serious attitude and with childish behavior.

Annupurna Mehashwari: Sanskar’s mother and loveable lady and a housewife and a widow

Agham maheshwari: Sanskar’s younger brother age 20 doing engineering.

Laksh Gupta : Sanskar’s best frnd and also his junior loves sanskar and its family like its own.

Shaurya: villain

One more thing guys in this ff ragini and laksh are not the couple they are the supporting characters for both the swara and sanskar.

So let’s start the story:

Karthik enter’s in the kitchen and ask’s ragini that today’s temperature is very hot outside. He is asking about the swara because when he enters in the house swara is bzy in watching tv with angry face and didn’t respond to him. Ragini smiles and says that she is not talking to anyone because she he scolded by mom.
Karthik said ooo so that’s the matter he said you just see im going to force her to talk.. and winks

He goes out and said to swara that papa is missing her. But she doesn’t pay any attention. After seeing this karthik stands up and say okay than im going and I’m going to tell him that your (chahitii/ladli) didn’t pay any attention on that you r missing her. After listening this swara burst into anger and said karthik u r such a big lair. When a said this. Karthik who is controlling his laugher with great difficulty says that if u don’t answer then it means that u don’t want to meet him. Swara said shut up and said you don’t interfere in my and chachu’s matter I’ll talk to him.
Karthik said to ragini that it is very easy to make your sister a fool Ragini says that don’t fly speak slow if she listens then u r gone. Swara sees both of them with doubtful look and said what u both whispering. Karthik said that your sister is talking rubbish about u she is saying that it’s very easy to make u a fool. Ragini eyes widened and say that karthik u r such a big lair swara is right. Swara it’s not me it’s him who is saying that u r a fool. But before karthik says anything swara throw’s all the cushions on him and one cushion lands on sumi’s face who is coming from the room. Everyone freezes on their places and sumi is staring swara angrily. Karthik says thank god tai ji u came see your daughter is torchering mee and winks at swara. Swara after seeing this runs into the kitchen for making the tea for karthik. Karthik greets sumi and settle down beside her and after sometime swara came from kitchen and handover the tea to karthik. Firstly karthik get suspicious because swara never makes a tea for him. After taking the first sip karthik eyes become red and he gave the death glare to swara who is seeing him with narrow eyes with controlling her laughter. Karthik hurriedly goes out and comes back with red eyes and says to sumi that tai ji I’m going I’ve an important work. Sumi says at least drink the tea beta he says no tai ji its very urgent Allah Hafiz. Sumi sees him going with confused look and says that chalo I’ll drink this tea swara who is smiling after listening sumi said mom no nooo plz don’t drink this tea. Sumi says why and glare he…. swara says with closes eyes that there is red chilli in the tea and runs before sumi starts.

At night:

Swara is standing in the (adalat) of her mom and dad. And her mom is complaining to shekhar about her today’s behavior she said that you r seeing her na how she treat’s karthik im already tensed due to leela and she is behaving more childishly day by day.
Shekhar after listeing to sumi says to swara that beta why u mix red chilli in karthik’s tea very bad he is elder u should give’s respect to him. Don’t mix red chilli again in his tea and winks to swara 😉 and controls his laughter and gives a serious look.
Swara who is smiling said to her dad in whisper that if not a chilli what I should mix next time: D

Sumi who is seeing both father and daughter said in anger that it’s useless to talk to u both and storms out after she left swara and shekhar burst into laughter and gives hi-fi to each other.

To be continued…

Guys in the next episode I’ll show u the sanskar side and this story is going to end in max 2-3 episodes I know it’s not very interesting but im not able to write the complete story in one shot it’s very difficult for me so please bear me for only 2-3 episodes thankuu once again 


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