Swasan Tum Hi Ho (Chap 9: Part 1)


Hii friends I have to new entries they are also swasan’s childhood frnds only u might remember their names but if u don’t then u can refer to 1 Chap only there I’ve mentioned their names.
Veer sharma: swasan’s frnd nd was in sanky’s gang. Loves his sister. Carrying on with his father’s business. (He is just like supporting doesn’t has a bigger role.)
Kavita sharma: veer’s sister. Loves sanky from childhood but he never liked her. She was never included in swasan’s gang bug swara always used to convince sanky nd he couldn’t deny her that’s y she hates swara. (She will try to separate them)

Sw(thinking): sanky I’ll make u realise tht u still consider lucky as your bst buddy nd also bhai nd lucky he has changed now I don’t have any doubt on him.
Next morning at the bf table.
As usual preeti, pia nd swara were preparing bf for the whole gang. Lucky came down thinking about rags.
Lak(thinking): how to apologize to her? Lucky u have to think something wait I’ll ask shona about this.
Lucky: shona can I ask I something?
Sw: ha tell.
Lak: it’s about rags.
Sw: ha why happened?
Lucky explains her everything.
Sw(smiling): God you’re dumb.
Lak(confused): y why happened?
Sw: duffer she’s just pretending.
Lak: wht?
Sw(laughing): ha she would have forgiven u at the bungalow only but to get your attention she’s pretending.
Lak: now wht should I do so that she would talk to me.
Sw: make her feel special.
Lak: that’s what I tried to do earlier also.
Sw: but u played a prank right?
Lak: hat toh
Sw: once u do the decorations again without any prank then it’ll be good.
Lak: ha you’re right I’ll do that only.
Sw: vaise lucky can I ask u something?
Lak: sure shona.
Sw: y are u doing all these? I mean y are u thinking so much about her.
Lak(covering up): um…no…I mean…
Sw(teasingly): u mean u like her?
Lucky: ya….no I mean tht she’s a good frnd nd I don’t want to lose a frnd like her that’s it OK? Miss Jagga Jasoos?
Sw: wht jasoos I didn’t do anything.
Lak: really then who was asking me questions.
Sw: o hello u came first(mimicking lucky) shona..I want to apologize to rags. Huh?
Lak: accha OK OK bye I’m going.
Sw(smiling): bye.
Sw(thinking): o toh lucky is in love with rags wow! I’m so happy I should confirm about ragini’s feelings.
She went to ragini’s room.
Sw: hi rags. Rags just came out of the shower.
Rags: ha di wht happened?
Sw(thinking): arre yaar I can’t ask her directly what to do?
Rags(thinking): this is the right time to ask di about lucky.
Rags: accha di wht happened yesterday?
Sw: yesterday?
Rags: ya I mean u wanted to talk to lucky na so wht happened? Actually I was with ishu nd u said tht u are going to tell me.
Sw: arre ha yaar. Swara tells rags everything.
Sw: rags don’t tell this to sanky lucky himself will talk to him.
Rags: ha di I’ll not tell sanky anything. I’m really proud of lucky tht he did all this just for his frnd.(teary eyed)
Sw: now you’ll stop your acting?
Rags(shocked): how do u know?
Sw: idiot I’m your sister u cannot hide anything from me. BTW y did u react like tht? I mean it was only a prank y did u waste your priceless tears for tht idiot?
Rags: di don’t talk like this about him.(blushing). He’s very cute.
Sw(teasingly): cute?
Rags: no no I mean he behaves like a kid that’s y he’s cute nd coming to the topic of reacting like this I don’t know but when I received tht phone call nd I heard lucky’s name for one second my heart stopped when I was I was being threatened, though it was a prank but seeing him fine my heart started beating again. I really don’t wht is this feeling but can’t ignore it. I’m always thinking about him. When I was acting to be angry with him whole time I was thinking tht how will he convince me but u know what I don’t want any decorations, or surprises I just want him to be fine nd in return I want a promise that he will never do like this again.
Sw(thinking): both are madly in love with eo but the difference is tht lucky has understood nd she’s not understanding. Oho my dumb sis?
Sw: rags do u love him?
Rags(shocked): wht? Di how can u say like this?
Sw: arre I’m just asking do u love him?
Rags: idk. Wht happens when you’re in love?
Sw: when you’re in love u can’t see tht person in pain. Saying or listening to their name u get an unknown smile on your face nd u always keep thinking about them.
Rags: in my case when I goth tht prank call I was not able to imagine lucky in pain, an unknown smile comes on my face nd the whole day I was only thinking about him means….
Sw: means..
Rags: I love him di?
Sw: Dumbo tht you’ve to ask your heart close your eyes keep your hand on your heart nd think about love whom do see in your dream?
Rags did the same nd she opened her eyes in shock.
Rags(shocked): I saw him.
Sw(curious): who?
Rags(shocked): sanky.
Sw(shocked): wht?
Rags(laughing): just kidding yaar.
Sw(beating rags): u idiot u were troubling me. My heart stopped for a moment….(stops when she realized wht she said)
Rags(confused): y?
Sw: arre u said tht u liked lucky nd suddenly u thought about sanskar that’s y I was shocked nd stop this nd think about lucky.
Rags: oh ha now I’ve to think that how should I confess my feelings.
Sw: he is planning a surprise for u nd now for God sake stop this acting OK?
Rags: OK bye di.
Sw: bye nd she went.
She went to wake up sanky.
Sw(shaking sanky): sanky wake up na.
San: are ha only 1 min.
Sw: what is this sanky wake up or else…..(be4 she could complete sanky pulled her nd she was on top of sanky)
San: or else?
Sw: or else I’ll never talk to u.
San: common shona stop kidding.
Sw: sanky i’m serious I’ll never talk to u.
San: OK bye nd he went to sleep.
Sw(thinking): now just wait nd watch Mr. Maheshwari now I’ll only talk to u when you’ll plead me this is Swara Mathur’s promise nd she went.
While she was going she dashed with a small girl nd the girl recognized her.
Sw: oh i’m so sorry are u fine?(bending on her knees)
Girl: yes I’m fine are u Swara Mathur.
Sw(smiling): yes nd wht is your name little princess?
Girl: divya.
Sw: wow divya such a cute name.
Div(scared):you’ll not shout at me?
Sw(confused): but y?
Div: mom tells tht people like you’ll have much attitude.
Sw: tell your mom tht some people are nice also OK?
Div: OK can I have your autograph?
Sw: of course but I don’t have pen or a paper.
Div: I’ll get it from my room nd she went to her room nd came back. Swara gave divya her autograph. Before going divya kissed her cheeks nd ran.
Sw(laughing): such a cute girl.
Just then she heard a voice.
Sanky: not more than u.
Swara looked at him questionably nd smiled inside bcoz he told her cute.
Sanky: arre y are u seeing me like this as if you’ve never seen me. I’m sanky.
Swara looked at him angrily nd went without uttering a single word.
San(thinking): oh shit! She’s seriously angry with me. Sanky Babu now you’re gone.
Sw(thinking): wht does he think of himself I told him right tht I’ll not talk to him nd he took it so lightly nd now he just forgot about it idiot!
All were sitting at the bf table swara served everyone nd sat on her chair. Sanky came nd sat besides swara.
San(thinking): arre yaar she’s not even looking at me how can I apologize?
Sw(thinking): I know u must be thinking of apologizing to me but it’s not tht easy Mr. Maheshwari (smirks)
San: shona pass me tht butter na.
Swara looked at him nd gave him the butter.
San: shona can u pass me tht bread?
Swara again gave him bread angrily.
San: shona pas me water na.
Swara looked at him angrily.
San(puppy eyes): please.
Swara melted seeing him nd passed him water. Same way sanky kept on irritating her nd she kept on ignoring his behavior. Finally pia spoke.
Pia: sanky y are u irritating shona?
San: arre when did I irritate her it’s her problem tht she’s sitting near the things I want.
Sanky wanted to irritate her so tht she could speak to him but to his disappointment she finished her bf nd went frm there. Sanky went behind her. Swara entered her room nd was murmuring to herself.
Swara: wht does he think of himself. I know the reason why he must be irritating me so tht I could talk to him but no sanskar it’s not tht easy to convince me. As she was talking to herself sanky came in her room. She was about to speak but then she remembered her anger nd kept quiet.
Sanky: wth is wrong with u? I’m sorry swara for whatever I did. I’m really nd I’ve realized it please (catching his ears making a puppy face)
Swara melted seeing but wanted to tease him so she kept quiet.
San(crying): OK so u don’t want to talk to me then it’s your wish but I’m dying to listen to u. (Cuping her face)Shona your voice is medicine for my soul. If I don’t get this na I’ll die…….
Sw(crying): ssshhh how dare u even talk about it. I’m warning u Mr. Maheshwari if u again talk about death na then I’ll slap u.
San: then please slap me. U have full right on me.
Swara nd sanky both had tears in their eyes as now it was impossible for both of them to stay away from eo.
Swara hugged sanky tightly nd sanky reciprocated with the same love nd affection.
Sanky(whispering in swara’s ears): please never be angry at me it kills me.
Sw: nd u don’t shout at me. I don’t like shouting frm my loved ones.
San: ok nd tightened the hug. After sometime they both pulled back nd sanky kissed her forehead nd swara blushed. While going swara turned back.
Sw: I wanted to give u something for making me so happy.
San(confused): wht?
Swara came to him nd kissed him on his cheeks shocking sanky. Sanky was numb. Taking the opportunity swara tried to run but sanky caught her nd pulled her by waist nd pinned her to the wall.
Sw(blushing): sa….sanky…wht..
San: sshhh. Sanky caressed her cheeks nd kissed them went near her ear nd whispered.
San: this is your return gift. Swara was blushing hard but pushed him.
Sw(blushing): shameless
San: arre wht shameless on the first day only I gave u the challenge tht I’ll make u nervous nd you’ll accept your defeat still you’re tht stubborn tht you’ve still not accepted your defeat.
Sw: nd I’ll never accept bcoz I don’t like losing.
San: accha?(he was coming closer)
Sw: ha ok bye nd she ran.
On the other hand lucky had called rags to xyz place nd rags reached there.
Rags: this is only the place but where is this lucky?
Suddenly all the lights were turned on. The full place was decorated very nicely.
Rags: wow beautiful.
“Just like u” a voice came from behind.
Rags turned looked at the person who was none other than lucky.
Rags: lucky u did this?
Lak: no my ghost(laughs) ofcourse madam I’ve only done this.
Rags: but y?
Lak: I think u have a memory problem. Don’t u remember u were angry with me.
Rags: but what was the need to do all this? I mean these decorations are nothing but the thing tht matters the most is u.
Lak(disbelief): wht did u say?
Rags(stammers): nhi..vo.. I meant tht..
Lak(going closer nd cuping her face): u meant wht?
Rags: I meant tht you’re my frnd nd I can’t see tht my frnds are hurt that’s the reason.
Lak(disappointed): oh.. okay anyways are u still angry at me.
Rags(laughing): idiot I forgave u long back but I was only acting.
Lak(acting as if he doesn’t know tht): wht? U were acting?
Rags: ya.
Lak(fake anger): rags I don’t like girls who play with someone go from here.
Rags(shocked): lucky I was just joking. I didn’t mean it.
Lak: no rags just go.
Rags(at the verge of crying): lucky I’m really sorry I shouldn’t have hurt u so much. I’m very bad.
Lucky turned to her nd was shocked to see her crying.
Lak(worried): arre rags I was just kidding it was a joke.
Rags( kiddish crying): no lucky u were right I’m very bad.
Lak: no rags you’re the best girl in the world.
Rags(smiling): really?
Lak: ya.
Rags(hugging him tightly): thnku so much for this surprise I love it nd I…
Lak: I….
Rags: I’m really sorry.
Lak(tightened the hug): forget it.
Rags(thinking): thnku God u saved me wht was I going to say now. He would have also broken his frndship with me. Lucky I’ll tell u when the right time comes.
Lak(thinking): she loves me but she’s not able to say it. It’s OK every girl feels nervous but lucky u have to confess your feelings be4 it’s too late.
After sometime they pulled back.
Lak: accha now come with me we’ll have lunch
Rags: ha chalo nd they had their lunch while having some masti nd went to their Vila.
[email protected] Vila.
Sanky was standing in his room when someone came nd hugged him from back.
Sanky(thinking the person as swara): hey wht happened?
Person: no response…
San: wht happened swara?
Person: I’m not swara.
Sanky jerked nd turned to see the person nd was shocked.
San(shocked): Tum!!!
Swara who was coming to sanky saw this nd was teary eyed as well as jealous bcoz tht girl was hugging ‘her’ sanky.
Part 1 ends.

Precap: truth nd dare game.

Credit to: Kavya

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