Swasan Tum Hi Ho (intro)

Hii frnds this is kavya. I am new here and this is my first ff so please pardon me for my grammatical mistakes. Thanku Let’s start!

Overview: This is story of swasan childhood frnds. They loved each other from childhood but got separated. (Guys they had not confessed their feelings but they knew it with eo’s actions) Destiny has played it’s role and they both meet once again at their frnd’s wedding. Will love blossom between them once again or it will now also be an unspoken love story that you will get to see.

Swara mathur(SW): A cute,sweet,bubly girl. Never ready to give up vry determined. The youngest singing sensation of India. Helping her father in business, multi talented a very good dancer and cook also. Better than her sis ragini(rags). Very close to her father. Her father is her idle. Can do anything for her family.

Ranveer Mathur(RV): An awesome brother. Loves his both sisters and his brother. Handles the family business. Dedicated to his work and family. Flirt type of a guy but does not play with a girl’s dignity.

Shekhar Mathur: A great business man. Attached to swara a lot. Can do anything for his daughter. Hard-working man. Loves his family and his elder brother Ram prasad(RP)a lot.

Sharmishtha mathur(sumi): Wife of shekhar. A loving mother. Pampers ranveer alot. Loves both her daughter and son equally. Loves her family.

Ramprasad mathur(Rp): Elder brother of shekhar. Loves his family and shekhar’s family a lot. Treats swara nd ranveer like his own. Really hard working. Dedicated to his family and work.

Sujata mathur(suji): Wife of Rp. Loves her children. Does not like swara nd her family. Jealous of swara bcoz she is better than rags. Always planning to brainwash her children nd hubby against their family but is never successful. (Chill guys now she is neg but after sometime understands that every child is diff she will accept every1 as her family.

Ragini mathur: A cute nd pretty girl. More beautiful than swara but swara has her own charm that is why every1 is mesmerised seeing her nd ignore rags sometimes. She is really pissed off with this thing. She always thinks that how can she beat swara but is always unsuccessful. She will also change.

Ritik mathur: A handsome hunk. Girls drool over him nd he likes it but he has never fallen in love wid any1. Love his sister’s nd his bro. Ranveer is his best buddy plus bro. Never hides anything from ranveer.

Sanskar maheshwari(sanky): India’s biggest business tycoon. Very hard-working. Loves his family a lot nd can do anything for them. Girls drool over him also but he is least interested in them. He only has interest in our heroine loves her truly after the separation they never met he has only seen her in award shows and magazines loves her like anything.the Has some hidden qualities plays guitar vry well nd also dances like a pro. He is vry down to earth. Every1 in his family give his example to kids.

Ishani Maheshwari(ishu): Younger sis of sanky. Vry pretty but not proud of it. Vry down to earth just like her bro. She has many bfs nd that are bks. Cannot get over them. Least interested in boyz.

Durgaparasad maheshwari(DP): Father of sanky. Runs Maheshwari industries. Rivals of S&R companies (owned by shekhar). Both companies are 2nd best nd karma industries (owned by sanky) is number 1 in India. Love his family a lot. Vry proud of both his children.

Annapurna maheshwari (ap): Wife of DP. Mother of sanky nd ishu. Pampers ishu more then sanky bcoz she is younger.

These are the main characters nd other characters will be introduced during the story. Guyz it will be a short story of about 15 to 16 chaps or can extend frm it. Plz guys comment if you’ll nd if you’ll think that the base of the story is not gd nd I should not write this ff then also guysz plz com

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  1. Good concept buddy do continue soon……

    1. Thnku soooo much ria

  2. Awesome…continue n post asap..

    1. Yes I will post on alternative days

  3. Nice intro kavya… Ya make it short and sweet and pls update regularly….

    1. I will try to update regularly as now my exams are also over

  4. Superb… Continue Soon

    1. Thnku so much kavita I will post my 1 epi tom

  5. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Good continue with this ff

  6. nice continue….

  7. Awsome

  8. Plz continue

  9. Keep going girl….intro is pleasing. … 🙂

  10. Awesome yaar….
    Please make swara beautiful and stunning yaar than ragini…swara and sanskar nyc…waiting for next part…

    1. Yes anushka although ragini is more pretty but swara has her innocent nd loving charm tht pleases every1

  11. superub continue yaar

  12. Nice intro … Continue

  13. your intro is nice.. but swara is mpre beautiful.. i hate when someone writes ragini is more beautiful than swara.. please don’t hurt others..

  14. Thank everyone for their support I’ll surely post my 1st epi tom. Once again thnku sooooooo much??????

  15. without any make up swara looks like an angel.. she is a beauty queen.. you should respect that fact. if your ff demands you can make her less beautiful . but in your ff it is not needed. so please don’t play with others feelings. swara is gorgeous than any other.

    1. I know I also like her vry much but swara has her unique inner beauty of being humble nd caring,which ragini lacks. That is y I told tht may be ragini would be little pretty frm her but her soul is really beautiful.

  16. Nice intro di….do continue it…♡♡

    1. Thank soo much aanya I really got a sweet sissy here??

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