Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 8)


Hi frnds here u go with 8th Chap.
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Everyone left after having bf.
Swara(thinking): I have to talk to lucky about sanky but when. Idea! I will ask rags to call lucky in her room nd there we will talk.
On the other hand lucky was thinking how to apologize to rags.
Lucky (thinking while walking towards his room): lucky do something u need to apologize to her but what to do yaar. So much I did I decorated my full bungalow just for her nd now she’s angry on me lucky u have to make your dream girl realize tht she loves me but how today I got to know tht she likes me but when will she get to know? Arre lucky where are u going for now just concentrate on apologizing to her.
Rags who was silently seeing his expressions was laughing at him.
Rags(thinking): how cute! Oh God lucky u are making me fall for your expressions. Wait wait wait wth are u thinking rags it’s been only 2 days nd how can u fall for him? No this is just infatuation I don’t love him.
When she was fighting her inner battle she got a call.
Rags: hello.
Sw: hello rags where are u?
Rags: wht happened di any tension?
Sw: no rags just wanted to talk to u.
Rags: wht happened di? We are staying ate the same place wht’s the need of talking on phone?
Sw: actually rags I wanted your help.
Rags: OK tell.
Sw: can u send lucky to your room nd tell him to wait for me untill I come.
Rags(feeling little jealous): but y di?
Sw: bcoz of sanky.
Rags(confused): sanky?
Sw: ha I’ll tell u later actually I also don’t know the whole matter that’s the reason.
Rags: OK I’ll tell him.
Rags went to lucky nd told him to go in her room.
Rags: lucky can u go in my room?
Lak(happy bcoz she’s talking to him): OK come.
Rags: no not me only u.
Lak(confused): but y wht will I do your room tht too alone.
Rags: no di wants to talk to u about something.
Lak(thinking): ha how can I forget she will ask me about sanky. Thinking about rags I totally forgot about my revenge.
Lak: ha I’ll go bye.

Rags(feeling jealous): ha go.
When he went rags started thinking.
Rags(thinking): y are u feeling jealous u should be happy for your di nd lucky but it’s not necessary tht she’ll talk about tht topic only may be some other reason but y I’m bothered about him so much? Is he more than a frnd to me? I really can’t figure it out I’ll ask di about it but wht will I tell her tht when she is talking to lucky I feel jealous may be she has feelings for him nd if she gets to know tht I think like this she will leave him. No yaar first I’ll ask about the topic then I’ll tell her. Good idea.
Lucky went into ragini’s room nd waited for swara nd after sometime she also came.
Sw: lucky I wanted to ask something.
Lucky: ya shona ask.
Sw(hesitantly): it’s….about..sa..sanky.
Lucky(controlling his anger): ha tell.
Sw: wht happened…bw you’ll?
Lak: u want to know?
Sw: ya.
Lak: but u have to promise me tht you’ll not tell sanky tht u know about this.
Sw(placing her hand on his): I promise lucky.
Lak: thnku. When lucky was about to tell her sanky stormed in the room nd took swara with him to his room.

In sanky’s room.
Sw(shocked): how u came to know that I was with lucky.
San(angry): I heard your conversation with lucky.
San(angry): how can u go to him huh?(clutching her shoulders)
Sw(angry): wth sanky!! Y u brought me here? Nd now you’re asking tht how can I go to him it’s my life Mr. Maheshwari so please don’t try to interfere in it nd leave me it’s paining (at the verge of crying)
Sanky realized wht he was doing nd was hurt by her words so released her.
Sanky: sry nd moved to the other side.
Swara could see pain in his eyes nd cooled down.
Sw(putting her hand on his shoulder): sanky I’m sorry.
She turned him towards her nd was shocked.
Sw(worried): sanky y are u crying?
San: I’m so sorry swara you’re hurt just bcoz of mm. I don’t have any right on u nd your life I’m sry I forced u.
Sw: no sanskar it’s nothing like tht please tell me wht happened?
San: u want to know the truth na then listen.(it’s only frm sanky’s POV this story has another side also which I’ll reveal in laksh’s POV)
*******************FB starts*****************
Lucky had forgiven sanky nd he was happy for tht but he was not happy tht swara left him. Lucky understood him nd always supported him, with his help sanky could come out of his guilt but not completely. Years passed lucky nd sanky both worked very hard to achieve their dreams but one day their lives changed completely. It was big project which could take their company to greater heights. Only 4 to 5 companies were capable including sanky nd Lucky’s companies. Both were working hard nd both had promised tht whichever company would get the deal it would not affect their frndship. On the day of the conference it was declared tht Lucky’s company got the deal everyone was very happy including sanky. While sanky was working in his office he got a shock.
Sanky(angry): wth kabir(sanky’s employee) lucky can never even in his dreams think to do like this. U are my loyal employee tht is the reason I’m letting u go but don’t ever do like this again now get out!

Kab: sir u don’t trust me right? Then see the CCTV footage you’ll get to know what’s the truth.
San: nd may I know tht y u checked the CCTV footage frm no where u cannot get an idea.
Kab: yes sir I got a call yesterday frm a private number. Even I didn’t believe at first but then tht caller sent a pic of ashmit(sanky’s PA) giving the full copy of our proposal to Laksh sir then I checked the CCTV footage of ashmit’s cabin nd in tht I saw tht he was making a full copy of our proposal nd tht wasn’t difficult for him being computer genius.
San: no way checking tht footage is doubting my best frnd.
Kab: I know about it nd y on the earth would I accuse Laksh sir? If just for the name sake of accusing I could have accused any1 else but y only Laksh sir after knowing tht you’ll never doubt on him? Not for u but just for my sake just for my satisfaction please sir.
San: OK but I’m doing this just for u not for me.
Kab: thnku so much sir.
Sanky nd kabir went to see the footage. Sanky was shocked seeing the footage. It was clearly seen that ashmit first copied the whole proposal nd then kept it. He was furious at ashmit but not laksh bcoz he thought that laksh was framed as he had full trust on him. He informed the board about this matter nd went to their office to see the proposals he was shocked to see that his nd Lucky’s proposals were interchanged. He stormed to his office nd ordered to come ashmit in his come in his cabin asmit was tensed as he thought that sanky got to know the truth by seeing his anger.
Asmit knocked the door.
San: come in.
Ashmit: sir u…u called..me.
San: yes please be seated. Ashmit sat.
San: now tell me who bribed u?
Ashmit (shocked): why are u saying sir?
San: don’t act smart nd tell me.
Ashmit: sir I don’t know anything.
Sanky lost his temper nd banged the table with his hand.
Sanky(angry): just tell me who the hell bribed u?
Ashmit (scared): sir if I will tell u then he might kill me.
San: nothing will just once tell me who bribed u nd I might forgive u.
Ashmit: sir he didn’t bribe me he threatened me tht if I don’t give him your proposal then he’ll kill my family.
San: u would have told me about we could have the help of police but for now just tell me who threatened u?
Ashmit: sir…
San: just tell me!!
Ashmit: LAKSH ROY.

San(angry): wth how dare u blame him?
Ashmit: sir I’m telling the truth he really threatened me. If u don’t believe me just ask the board nd you’ll see tht your proposal nd his proposal are interchanged.
San: I saw it but lucky can never do this. Just then a got a message form an unknown number he opened it nd was shocked to the photos. It was ashmit’s nd Lucky’s photos, ashmit was giving the copies of his proposals to lucky.
San: ashmit give me the number frm where u got tht threatenings.
Ashmit: OK sir.
Ashmit sent tht number to sanky nd sanky called police for help. Police tracked the number nd it was near Lucky’s office. Sanky was shocked to know tht all the evidences were against lucky. He was furious at lucky. He went to Lucky’s office in full rage with the police. The receptionist informed him tht lucky was in his cabin but he told tht no1 should disturb till he says. Sanky did not bother anything nd stormed in his cabin.
Sanky: Laksh!!!
Lak nd Abhi(shocked): sanky wht are u doing here?
Sanky went nd held Lucky’s collar.
San: how dare u?!?
Abhi: sanky leave him.
San: abhi please I consider u as my big bro so please don’t interrupt for now I’m talking to Laksh Roy!!
Lak: sanky wht…..be4 he could complete sanky slapped him hard.
San: how can u be so shameless huh? U know y I’ve come here right then y are u asking I considered u as my bhai. I shared everything with u then y did u betrayed me u always supported me na? Then wht happened now?
Lak: sanky I admit tht I only did it but just listen to me for……one more slap(bechara??)
San: dare u call me sanky I’m only Sanskar Sanskar Maheshwari. With this slap I’ve broken all ties with u. From this moment onwards I have no relation with u. Inspector please arrest him now he himself has confessed tht he only did this nd I don’t want any court case on this I just have one request he should be punished for wht he did.
Inspector: sure Mr. Maheshwari thnku they shook hands nd sanky left frm there without even talking to abhi about this. From tht moment he has broken all ties with lucky nd has only been in contact with abhi.

*********************FB ends*******************
Sanky was in tears nd to comfort him swara just hugged him.
Sw(crying): I…I didn’t knew tht you’ll had such dark past. I’m sorry but every1 should be given one chance don’t u think he also deserves a 2nd chance?
San(pulling back): I know tht every1 get another chance but I can see it in his eyes he hates me shona. Even if I want to give him a chance I cannot.
Sw(cuping his face): I’ll talk to him I’ll convince him to change nd I’m sure tht he will change. Now also he’s your lucky your bhai nd she kissed his forehead.
San: no shona please don’t talk to him he’ll harm u.
Sw: when u are with me doing is a different thing no1 can even think of harming me. Samjhe?(understood)
San(smiling): I promise tht I’ll never leave your hand always support u.
Sw: I know it my cutie.
San: I’m not cutie.
Sw: u are.
San: arre call me handsome or hottie but not cutie please.
Sw: I will nd I am going to call u cutie.
Before he could say anything she ran from there.
San(laughing): crazy girl(became serious) but I promise u shona I’ll never let lucky harm u.
On the other hand swara was thinking about Sanlak.
Sw(thinking): I have to do something. I don’t know but I fell tht lucky is not the culprit there is another side of this story nd only lucky can tell me. Swara called lucky to come to her room at night.
Lak: shona wht happened?
Sw: lucky now please tell me the truth y did u do tht? I know tht you’ll never hurt there is a truth behind this na?
Lak: yes shona there is a truth behind this. I admit tht I had threatened ashmit but I was also pressurized MD threatened by someone.
Sw: by whom?
Lak: idk but I still remember tht when I was in jail bhai, rohit(Laksh’s family frnd) nd karan(a lawyer, rohit’s bro nd laksh’s frnd) came to bail me out.
********************FB starts*******************

Abhi: lucky wht happened I know tht you’ll never betray sanky so tell me wht happened.
Lak: bhai someone used to call me nd threaten tht if I’ll not help him then he’ll kill sanky.
Abhi: u could have spoken to me about this we could have done something nd now everything would me fine nd instead of u tht person would have been in this jail right now
Lak: I know bhai but he always used to keep an eye in me. At first he called me nd threatened me I thought it was someone who was playing a prank but don’t u remember in bw sanky had an accident? Though it was not serious but it was a warning for me tht if I’ll not follow wht he says nd talk about this to anyone then it would be worse for sanky. That’s the reason I didn’t tell u.
Karan: lucky I’m sorry bcoz all the evidence are against u these bail papers have been rejected. U have to stay here at least for 2 weeks.
Lak: it’s OK yaar NP.
Abhi: y NP? Karan there’s no other option? how can he stay here? u know na media.
Karan: I know yaar but I’m helpless.
Rohit: guys leave all this we have to find about tht person.
Karan: ha once lucky comes out of the jail then we’ll investigate about this.
Lak: karan till then don’t inform media about this. If tht person comes to know about this he’ll try hurting sanky.
Abhi: lucky how can u care about him so much he’s the one who didn’t listen to u nd still you’re caring for him.
Lak: bhai he doesn’t knows the truth na if he comes to know then he’ll be the first one to come to me.
Rohit: I also wish this only but we have to tell sanky about this.
Lak: no not now he’ll not listen to anybody once I’ll come out I’ll talk to him personally OK?
Karan: OK dude nd if u want any help regarding court or law then I’m always with u.
Lak: I know tht you’ll will never leave me.
Abhi: OK I’ll go dad nd mom will be worried nd ha lucky tomorrow dad’s is coming to meet u I’ll go nd tell him everything. (Till tht time their parents were alive after lucky came out of the jail they died)
Lak: OK bhai bye.
*********************FB ends*******************
Sw: lucky haven’t u told this thing to sanky?
Lak: I’m sorry shona I couldn’t he hates me can’t u see?
Sw: no lucky he wants to give u another chance nd he is not been able to talk about this to u nd he thinks tht u hate him.
Lak: no shona I really want another chance nd I’m so happy tht u are with me.
Sw: yes lucky I’ll make him understand tht you’ve changed nd u need another chance.
Lak: I’m so happy shona.
Sw: I’m also happy for sanky.
Lak(teasingly): only sanky?
Sw(blushing): nd for u also.
Lak: o please shona I can see u both love eo right?
Sw(shocked): how do u know about it….. I mean
Lak: u mean tht u love him.
Sw: no
Lak: cmmon shona don’t hide it I can see love in your eyes nd his too.
Sw: how did u come to know?
Lak(teary eyed): cmmon shona sanky was once my bst buddy.
Sw: lucky he is your bst buddy u know him so well.
Lak: ya anyways I’m going if sanky will see na then I don’t know wht will happen.
Sw: ha chalo bye gn.
Lak: gn nd he went.
Sw(thinking): sanky I’ll make u realise tht still consider sanky as your bst buddy nd also bhai nd luck he has changed now I don’t have any doubt on him.

Precap: Laksh convinced rags. Truth nd dare game.

Will swalak be successful in their plan?
Has lucky really changed?
If yes then y he still feels angry when he thinks about sanky?
If not then wht is his plan nd y is he doing all this?
For the answers to these questions keep reading?(lol?)

Credit to: Kavya

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