Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 7)


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Epi starts wid some1 pulling rags inside the room nd when she was about to scream, she is shocked to the person.
Rags(shocked nd happy): ishu!!!! nd hugged her.
Ishu(hugging her back): so how was my surprise?
Rags: idiot my heart stopped for a moment nd they were interrupted by a voice.
Person: hey dare u say anything like tht.
Rags: dii!! U were also involved with this idiot.
Sw: ya nd if u say anything like tht Na then I’ll beat u.
Rags(hugging swara): awww my di is so scared of the thought of losing me I can also never lose u di nd swaragini will stay forever.
Ishu: uff done wid your drama arre let’s talk for sometime after a long time I’m wid you’ll so let’s just make this memorable ok?
Sw: OK mam! Every1 laughed nd called pia.
They were chit chatting for longtime nd went to sleep after some time. Next morning every1 woke up. Swara, pia nd preeti(pia’s mom) were preparing bf only for their gang. Every1 woke up except sanky.

Sw: ishu every1 came except this idiot sanky.
Ishu: arre shona u don’t know to wake up bhai in morning is impossible?
Sw: now also he’s kumbhkaran?
Ishu: yes, if he wakes up then it’s OK but if not then it’s impossible to wake him up.
Rags(teasingly): sanky should learn something frm my di.
Ishu (confused): why?
Sw(thinking): oh shit swara u hav to stop her.
Sw: arre nothing.
Ishu: arre shona u keep quiet rags tell na.
Sw: arre I told Na it’s nothing like tht.
Rags(teasingly): y arre u know di is also kumbhkaran.
Ishu(shocked) :wht!! (teasingly)Oho shona.
Sw: hav you’ll gone mad lilke seriously in childhood I understand like v were small but now?
Rags: oho di it’s just tht you’ll make a cute pair OK?
Ishu: ya nd now go nd wake him up.
Sw: wth now only u said that it’s impossible waking him up nd now u telling me.
Ishu: arre it’s okay just try once(before swara could say anything) please.
Sw: OK I give up I’m going to wake him up.
Ishu(pulling her cheeks): that’s like my shona.
Sw: bye.
Rags: bye.

Swara went to sanky’s room to wake him up.
In sanky’s room.
Sw(shaking him frm shoulders): sanky wake up.
San(sleepy): whoever has come to wake me up get lost.
Sw(thinking): this idiot does he even know he’s telling Swara Mathur to get lost Sanskar Maheshwari just wait nd watch. She picked up a jug full of water nd poured it on him making him full drenched.
San(shocked): aaahhh what the….
Sw(laughing): sshhh vry bad sanky no bad words.
San: u?!!?
Sw(laughing): ha me.
San(angry): I’m not gonna leave u.
Sw(laughing) : catch me if u can.
She was going to run but sanky caught her wrist making her fall on top of him on the bed.
San(huskily caressing her cheeks): now tell me what should I do? Yesterday also u got your punishment Na for troubling me nd wht should I do?
Sw(blushing hard): sanky……leave me.
San: no.
Sw:pl…please. Sanky turned nd now he was on top of swara.
San: I’ll leave u only on one condition.
Sw: which condition?
San: you’ll never do things like this wid me again got it?
Swara nodded her head vigouresly sanky smiled at her actions but hid it.
San: OK here u go. As soon as he got up she ran frm there blushing hard.
San(thinking): omg this girl will make me crazy. The things I didn’t wanted to do she’s making me do that.
Sw(thinking): y I didn’t stop if it was any other person then he would have got a slap but this sanky, this is the 2nd day I don’t know how I’ll handle this calm down swara ok? Now go down nd prepare the bf nd she went. On the other hand rags got a phone call frm an unknown number.
Rags: hello.
Caller: if u want to see your frnd alive then come to XYZ place.
Rags(tensed): which frnd?
Caller: Laksh!
Ragini’s heart stopped for a moment listening laksh’s name.
Rags(thinking): I should inform somebody.
Caller: dare u tell anybody nd your lucky boy will become unlucky.
Rags: dare u touch him I’m coming. She left frm the mansion to XYZ place. She reached there, it was a big bungalow which was completely dark when she entered.
Rags(scared): Laksh? Laksh where are u? Listen Mr. whoever u are I have come now release Laksh.
Suddenly she heard a sound nd got more scared.
Rags(crying): Laksh are u there? Please answer!
She started crying when suddenly the lights turned on nd the whole place was decorated like a palace. She was shocked to the decorations when suddenly some1 whispered in her ear frm behind.
Person(whispering): did u like it?
Rags turned nd was shocked to the person.
Rags: Laksh!! Nd she hugged him as if her heart started beating again.
Lak(concerned): what happened rags y are u crying?
Rags broke the hug nd started beating him.
Rags(angry): are u mad?!! How can u even think of doing such prank I hate u! I hate u.
Lak(thinking): lucky wht was the need of scaring her so much now look she has become more angry.
Lak(catching his ears): rags I’m really sry I didn’t mean to hurt u.
Rags(thinking): how can I be angry wid these puppy eyes but he should know his mistake.
Rags(fake anger): u thought you’ll convince me by doing this?
Lak: I’m sry I was just joking.
Rags: no no lucky boy now u go nd think of a better idea to convince me OK? nd btw the decoration is good but useless bye.
Lak: arre rags wait. Chi yaar lucky u thought tht she’ll be happy seeing u fit nd fine nd forgive u but now look it’s more difficult for me now.

[email protected] Vila.
Pia, swara nd preeti were preparing bf nd sanky came to wish them.
San: hi girls kya chal raha hai?(what’s happening )
Swara heard him nd was remembering her recent moments with him nd blushing.
Pia: Sanskar y u came here huh? Go nd let us do our work.
Preeti: arre pia is this the way to talk to our guests?
San: vhi toh look aunty only u have manners these both are just useless nd how can u allow them to cook do u want all of us to die?
Swapia opened their mouths while sanky winked at them.
Preeti(laughing): OK you’ll continue I’m going.
San(tensed): arre aunty where are….(before he could complete preeti went)
Sanky was tensed where as swapia were smiling naughtily.
Sw(moving forward): we are useless right?
Pia: nd you’ll will die eating the food made by us?
Sanky (moving backwards): no yaar your food is amazing nd which idiot said tht you’ll are useless you’ll are awesome.
Sw: really?
San: really.
Pia: so let us show our awesomeness. Swapia looked at eo nd winked nd started moving towards sanky.
San(tensed): hey what are you’ll…..(be4 he could complete both started tickling him)
San(laughing): guys please leave me.
Sw: never.
Pia: wht were u telling ma huh?
San(thinking): arre yaar they are not going to leave me soch sanky soch(think sanky think)
San: accha you’ll will also get punishment nd shona knows my punishment (looking towards shona) hena shona?
Swara knew wht he meant nd stopped tickling him.
Pia: arre shona wht happened u are scared of him nd which punishment he is talking about.
San: arre u don’t know which punishment?
Sw(tensed): nd she doesn’t needs to know.
San(teasingly): arre y she needs to know.
Pia: that only I should know sanky tell.
Sw: no piu nothing like the this idiot na he’s kidding.
San: nd y will I?
Pia: sanky u tell na.
Swara pleaded him through her eyes nd he melted seeing her eyes.
Pia: sanky for whom are u waiting tell na please.
San: arre pia nothing like tht swara was right I was just saying this to tease u.
Swara was relieved nd pia started beating him.
Pia: u idiot u were teasing me I’ll not leave u 2day.
Sw: leave him na piu next time he’ll not do this.
Pia: OK you are telling that’s y I’m leaving him. Accha come we’ll serve every1 nd she went.
Now swara nd sanky were alone swara remembered the morning incident nd was not able to face him so she turned towards the platform to take a plate. Sanky saw her blushing nd smiled nd thought to tease her nd went towards her. Her back was facing his front. He placed his both hands on her shoulders nd started moving slowly towards her hands nd intertwined his fingers in her all this while she was blushing nd breathing heavily.
San(whispering in her ears): ready for the punishment?
Swara was blushing hard nd was not able to say anything.
Sw: whi……which punish….punishment?
Sanky turned her nd now both were facing eo.
San(cuping her face): u don’t know?
Swara nodded her head in negative.
San: so I’ll show u. He caught her frm waist nd now their faces were inches apart. Swara who wanted to escape started giving silly excuses nd started blabbering.
Sw(tensed): Sanskar aunty is calling me.
San: I can’t hear any1.
Sw(tensed): That’s wht I’m telling u na u should get one hearing aid see aunty is shouting nd u can’t listen nd if pia comes wht will she think about us. nd sanskar if anyone will see us na they’ll misunderstand us. Sanskar we are frnds right so in frndship it’s OK on forehead on cheek also it’s OK on lips…no no noway.
San(placing his fingers on her lips): ssshhh how much u talk if u speak one more word na then I’ll kiss u nd that will be the punishment.

Swara widened her eyes nd nodded. Sanky smiled at her cute expressions. Sanky started leaning towards her. Swara who was scared nd at the same time was blushing closed her eyes tightly. Sanky smiled nd just blew some air at her forehead. She opened her eyes.
Sanky(smiling): I’ll never kiss u……
Swara was relieved.
Sanky (smiling naughtily): untill your permission.
Swara widened her eyed nd sanky winked at her nd left.
Swara(thinking): wht’s happening to me? Yes I admit tht I love him but still I could stop him….uuggghh shona just stop thinking about him nd go.
Swara was going when she saw pia standing at the door.
Sw: arre piu wht are u doing here I was coming na.
Pia: no just came to see wht was taking u so long to come.
Sw(covering): arre nothing now come nd they left.

Precap: Swara talking to lucky about reuniting him with sanky.
Sry guys I could not add about mission ‘Reuniting Sanlak’ bcoz it would become too long.

Credit to: Kavya

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