Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 6)


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Swara(thinking): oh so Mr Maheshwari is hiding something pretty gd but I’ll also find the reason nd reunite him wid his bst buddy. So now mission “Reuniting Sanlak” starts.
On the other hand Laksh was thinking about sanky wid swara.
Lak: I can see it in your eyes SANSKAR MAHESHWARI, now I know wht I have to do(smiling evily)
At tht time he heard a knock at the door nd he opened it. He was shocked to the person.
Lak: Sanskar? (The person is Sanskar) wth are u doing here?
San: don’t try to test my patience nd dare u talk to her.
Lak: she is my frnd then y have any problem huh?
San: just stay away I’ve told her already but she didn’t listen but I’m warning u dare u go close to her(showing his index finger)
Lak(smirking): wht will u do huh? Wht will THE GREAT SANSKAR MAHESHWARI do?
San: it will take me only one second nd u know wht happened last time to your your reputation nd respect still u want to continue it?
Lak: yes I’m not scared of any1 better u stay away frm her as wall as frm me.
When sanky was going to say something rags came there.
Rags: so what’s cooking bw these buddies?
San (fake smile): nthing much.
Lak: ya btw rags wht are u doing here?
Rags(lies): just roaming.
San: ok u guyz continue I’ve some imp work bye.
Rags: ok bye. Sanky went.
Lak: ok, so now tell me y had u come.
Rags(surprised): u knew?
Lak: yes.
Rags: how do u know me so well? U know wht till now there’s only one person who can catch my lie nd tht is di God knows frm where she comes to know what’s cooking in my mind nd now the nxt one is u. Actually u just went frm there nd your excuse was not tht applicable bcoz how much I know u is tht u never get tired so easily.
Lak: u also know me so well.
Rags: ya. Suddenly she saw a cockroach nd screamed nd hugged lucky.
Rags: aaahhh….cockroach!!!! Lucky saw her childishness nd smiled till then the cockroach was gone.
Lak(in a calming voice): rags see it is gone.
Rags(scared): no you’re lying.
Lucky decided to stay like this bcoz he knew tht she would be really scared. They were standing like tht for more than 5 mins then rags opened her eyes nd saw tht the cockroach was not there nd let out a sigh of relief then she realized their position nd pulled back the hug she was blushing nd this was noticed by lucky.
Lak: I know tht u girls are…..
Rags: are….
Lak: are cowards like seriously you’ll get scared seeing tht small innocent creature who gets scared hearing your scream.
Rags(angry): hawww that’s so rude you shouldn’t talk like this OK? When you’ll get scared of anything na then you’ll get to know idiot nd she want frm there.
Lak(thinking): oho lucky you made your dream girl angry shame on you. Now I’ve to go nd convince her.
On the other hand rv had gone out to see tht everything was fine or not bcoz lucky had made an excuse tht he was tired. He was going to cross the road nd he did not see tht a bike was coming frm his right side. The bike was going to hit him but the biker applied the brakes at right nd he was saved. The biker was going to take off the helmet but be4 tht only he started shouting.
Rv: u idiot don’t u have sense how to drive u were going to hit me.
Biker: oh hello Mr. it was not my mistake you were walking absent minded nd thank God tht I applied brakes at the right time otherwise u were gone.
Rv understood tht it was his mistake but still his ego stopped him frm accepting.
Rvc: ha so wht but u should also be careful nd if you would have hit me Na then automatically the blame would come on u bcoz everyone knows tht bikers are senseless just driving like there is no1 on the road.
Biker took off her helmet: I am senseless rv?(pouts)
Rv(shocked): ishu?(ishani)
Ishu: yes ishu nd I’m senseless right then I’m going.
Rv: jaan listen to me please.( both are in relation but know1 knows about it exept sanky)
Ishu: don’t call me jaan I’m going if this would be any other person then u would shout at them like this after knowing tht u are at fault nd y aren’t you paying attention while walking if something would have happened to u then wht would I do?(teary eyed).
Rv: first come at the side of the road we’re in the middle. Ishu realized tht he is right nd came wid him to the side.
Rv(cups her face nd wipes the tears): y are crying? U know na tht I can’t see tears in your eyes then?
Ishu: it’s just the fear of losing u I can’t live without u. If something happens to u I will die.
Rv: sshh don’t ever say like this we are inseparable. Not even in your thoughts dare to say like this ok?
Ishu(smiled): OK.
Rv kisses her forehead nd hugs her in assurance tht he’ll never leave her. After sometime they go in the Villa nd are greeted by every1.( they have not told any1 about their relationship)
Pia(hugging ishu): ishuuu I missed u soo much nd y are u late? I’m angry wid u(pouts)
Ishu: aww my cutie I had an imp work that’s y.
Abhi: cmmon pia she’s still in her final year.
Pia: I know tht you’ll take sister’s side only.
Abhi: arre so wht ishu is also rv’s sister na so he’ll also take her side only.
Rv(shocked): sister?
Abhi: u consider sanky like your bro then ishu will also be your sister only na?
Rv: arre if I consider sanky as my bro tht does not mean tht she’ll also be my sis.
Ishu(teasingly): arre what’s wrong in it?
Rv gives ishu a death glare so she keeps quite.
Pia: ha bhai what’s wrong in it?
Rv(angry): everything is wrong in it like I already have you idiots as my sisters I don’t want anymore nd he goes frm there.
Pia: arre wht happened to him nd on top of tht he called me idiot.
Ishu: arre don’t I’ll go nd see him nd she goes behind him. Rv comes to his room nd sits on the bed angrily.
Ishu: wht happened y are u worried don’t wry when time comes we’ll tell every1.
Rv(angry): wth were u doing out can’t u just stop them.
Ishu: it was a joke.
Rv(angry) : I don’t like such kind of jokes just get out.
Ishu gets teary eyed. When he notices it he calms down.
Rv(cups her face): I’m sry I just over reacted.
Ishu: just leave I’m going. She turns to leave but he catches her crushing her back to his chest.
Rv: I’m really sry please if u want to punish me then punish me.
Ishu: yes your punishment is tht u have to stay away frm me.
He turns her nd now both are facing eo.
Rv: don’t even dare to say this ok? I’m really sry I promise I’ll never over react please.
He catches his ears nd makes a cute face ishu melts seeing his face.
Ishu: nd make one more promise that you’ll never shout at me.
Rv: I promise.
Ishu: OK now I’ll go nd meet bhai. Bye
Rv: bye. Ishu goes to meet sanky.
[email protected] sanky’s room.
Someone closed his eyes frm back.
Sanky (smiling): ishu still your carrying on wid your childish behaviour what will bhai think ha?
Ishu: I’ve already met him ok? Now it’s your turn nd bhabi’s (ishu knows about sanky’s feelings)
Sanky (blushes nd pulls her ears): accha nd u were the one na who told ma about shona?
Ishu (puts her tongue between her teeth): so ma spoke to u about it but I did not do anything she just heard my conversation wid rv.
San (shocked): wth u told bhai about this!!!!!
Ishu(innocently): ha is there any prob?
San(angry): wht he must be thinking about me huh?
They were interrupted by some one’s voice.
Sw: who must be thinking about sanky?
Ishu(excited): hii bha……
San: arre shona what are doing here?
Sw: I was just going frm here. BTW ishu how are u(she forgot about the topic nd hugged ishu)
Sanky let out a sigh of relief nd ishu was smiling at his expressions.
Ishu: shona I’m perfectly fine nd how are u? U know what I listen to your songs daily nd they are awesome.
Sw: thnku sooo much ishu it means a lot to me. Come to my room I’ve a gift for me.
Ishu(excited): for me wow!!! Look bhai learn something frm bh…. I mean shona.
San: accha ji like I don’t get anything for u?
Ishu: yes u get nothing for me. Before sanky could say anything she ran frm there. Swara also laughed at her childish behavior nd went frm there.
San: God one day this idiot is going to kill me.
On the other hand rags was going to her room.
Rags: wth does he think if himself idiot nd rags y are u thinking so much about him? Just let him go idiot.
Suddenly some1 pulled her……..
Epi ends.

Precap: Swasan kitchen romance nd swara talking to lucky about her plan of reuniting him wid sanky.

Guys guess who is the one who pulled rags. I’m really sry for late update but I had gone out that’s why. I’ll try updating the next part early.

Credit to: Kavya

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