Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 5)


Hii guys sry for the late update. I just hope tht you’ll liked the previous Chap. Let’s get started.
Rags, rv nd ritzz went to meet pia nd abhi. Pia was coming with swasan then she thought to leave them alone for sometime so she left giving an excuse tht abhi must be calling her nd when they both insisted to come along wid her she told it is private.
Sw: oho now someone will have private talks nd will forget us right sanky?
San: right shona there will be no time for us.
Pia(blushing): stop it u both it’s nothing like tht.
Sw: haa we can see on your face only.
Pia: accha you’ll talk for sometime OK? Bye(avoiding the topic she went to abhi)
San: so…
Sw: so..
San: so wht? This is really weird
Sw: tht only I’m asking so wht?
San: accha OK howz your life?
Sw: nothing much just singing helping dad in business nd sitting at home.
San: so now also u are multi talented
Sw: any doubt?
San: no. After sometime they gave up holding it nd burst out laughing.
Sw: BTW wht about u?
San: just doing my business nothing else.
Sw: so now no dancing?
San: u remember?
Sw: of course.
San: ya in my free time nd what about u huh? I also still remember.
Sw: ya mee too in free time. She looked towards her watch nd said.
Sw: I think bhai, rags nd ritzz would be cumng.
San: wow! I’m excited to meet bhai- rv( guys as rv is the eldest they wall call him bhai.
Sw: nd to meet me?(pouts)
San(whispering in her ear): for u I’m ever ready. This made her blush a little nd this was noticed by sanky nd he smiled at her act.
Sw( changing the topic): nd u know ritzz is also pretty much excited to meet you’ll actually whenever you’ll used to meet, only bhai nd rags used to come not ritzz that’s y he was a little nervous also.
San: don’t wry when he’ll spend some time wid us automatically he will feel comfortable ok?
Sw: if you are saying then it’s OK. BTW don’t call him ritzz call him ritik once when he gets comfortable then only u call him ritzz.
San(bowing down): OK madam as u wish. Swara started laughing nd he was just admiring her.
San(dreamily): beautiful. Swara stopped laughing hearing tht.
Sw: wht?
San: nothing seeing u after a long time na so you’ve turned out to be beautiful.
Sw: as if u have never seen me in award shows or magazines?
San: no actually seeing u live is something else. India’s youngest singing sensation is right beside me I’m feeling so lucky.
Sw: stop it please.
At tht time they saw rags, rv nd ritik meeting pia nd abhi.
San( goes towards them nd hugged rv): hi bhai seeing u after long time.
Rv: hi sanky I’m so happy that my partner in crime is here.(winked nd looked towards pia)pia got to know about them.
Pia: look guys it’s my marriage please don’t do anything.
Abhi: how pia? How they can’t do anything? It’s your marriage baby?. Guys a yes frm my side just make this marriage memorable to all of us.
Pia: accha putting itching powder on my bat(they used to play cricket), or puting permanent colours in tht gulaal or glue in my shampoo or…(she continued saying some sillythings as everyone laughed) seems memorable to u?
Rv: omg! Pia u still remember all this God I really forgot these things.
Pia(scared): please guys.
San: are but seriously we were not talking about these things we were talking about special nd “good” surprises.
Pia: really?
Rv nd sanky: really!
San: accha OK now I’ve to meet everyone. He goes to rags nd hugs her( friendly hug) nd then goes to ritik.
San(forgot about wht swara said). Hii ritz…..
Swara knew tht he would forget so be4 he could complete his sent she stamped him on his foot without any1 noticing.
San: ouch( touching his legs)
Sw: hi RITIK( giving some stress to his name so tht he would get alert)
By hearing sanky every1 asked him why happened.
San( by searching some excuse): nothing guys something bit me on my leg.
Pia: but wht?
San: red ant
Sw: what!!
Pia: shona y are u reacting as if u are red ant?
Sw: no nothing just thinking tht frm where would the red ant come.
San(teasingly): are shona there are a lot of red ants nowadays.
Sw: really?
San: really.
Ritik: OK now stop it u both.(swasan were embarrassed) Hi sanky.
San: hi bro(hugged him nd pulled back) don’t wry you’ll mix wid us slowly nd now no1 will trouble u(by saying this he looked towards swara). Swara was vry angry. She went to him nd pinched him hard without any1 noticing. He looked at her wid a wth expression nd she just smiled nd went to rags.
Rit: I’m so happy tht you’re so friendly I mean although being a business tycoon you are vry humble. I’m sure tht now I’ll mix wid you’ll vry fast.
Rags: chalo guys we’ll go nd meet uncle nd aunty.
San: actually guys I’ve one imp work I’ll catch you’ll later.
Rags: OK bye.
Swara was tensed seeing every1 going nd she knew tht if she would stay wid him he was surely gonna finish her. So she saw the chance nd tried to go.
Sw: OK sanky I’ll also go. She was going when he pulled her back crushing his chest to her back. She was feeling butterflies in her stomach nd so was he.
San(whispering in her ear): so miss Mathur y did u pinch me nd made me fell embarrassed in front of every1?
Sw: bcoz I wanted to now let me go. She tried to go but again he pulled her.
San: you’ll regret for this later so the only solution is apologize to me nd I shall leave u.
Sw: y should I apologize I didn’t do anything.
San: accha you didn’t do anything?
Sw: no.
San(huskily) : now u are going to regret nd he gently kissed her cheek nd ear making her numb at the same time shocked. She turned to him wid a shocked expression but she was happy inside.
San: what I didn’t do anything just like u( winks)
Sw: sanky…(before she could say he placed his finger at her lips)
San: sshh ye to sirf trailer tha picture abhi baaki hai[this was only a trailer but the film is remaining ](winks)
This made her blush nd now she couldn’t stop.
San(smirked): shona there are lot of tomatoes here nd goes frm there leaving swara blushing hard. On the other hand pia, abhi nd every1 went to meet their parents. They were greeting them when laksh came. He was going to greet rv nd all then his eyes got stuck on something. His dream girl. He was just staring her when rv came to him nd hugged him but still his gaze was on tht girl. She came to him nd said hi.
Laksh( hardly audible): hii
Girl: hey lucky wht happened to your voice) Laksh looked at her questionably.
Girl: u don’t remember ragini. (The fact is tht when sanky came to any party lucky would not come nd he would come only in selected parties that’s y he has never seen rags nor asked rv about her)
Lak(thinking): omg I still can’t believe tht girl on whom I had a crush in childhood is my dream girl!
Rags(shaking him): wht happened lucky.
Lak(composed): hi rags nd took her into a friendly hug.
Both felt some butterflies when the touched eo. Rags just ignored it but lucky knew wht happened to him.
Both were hugging like tht untill ritik interrupted both wanted to rip him apart but couldn’t.
Rit: hi Laksh nice to meet u.
Laksh: hi nd u are?
Rit: ritik.
Lak: omg ritik nice to meet u yaar u were so small when u left nd now see you’re so big nd hugged him.
Rit: u know wht u are just like tht person vry friendly he didn’t knew tht they were bst frnds.
Lak: like whom?
Rit: Sanskar. This was enough to make him angry he didn’t came to them be4 bcoz he saw sanky going towards them nd he really didn’t want an encounter wid him so he left.
Lak: OK guys see u bye. He wanted to spend some time wid rags but he didn’t want to face sanky so he left. While going he bumped into swara nd recognized her but didn’t.
Sw: I’m sry vo didn’t see nd she was about to go when he called her.
Lak(softly): SHONA? Swara turned back nd saw him.
Sw: how do u know my pet name?
Lak: cmmon shona how can u forget your bst buddy? (lucky was shona’s bst buddy after sanky nd pia)
Sw: laksh?
Lak: no. She turned to go but when he called out to her.
Lak: I’m not Laksh I’m lucky nd smiled. Swara was vry happy thinking about sanky nd she totally forgot him.
Sw(excited): lucky!! Nd took him into a friendly hug.
Lak: how are u shona?
Sw: I’m fine how are u? I’m really happy to see u.
Lak: me too! There were talking about random stuff nd lucky was making her laugh. Then sanky came there nd saw them. He was fuming to see lucky. He came to her.
San: shona come wid me I’ve to talk to u.
Sw: so talk here only na lucky is also there. Both shot death glare at eo nd turned their faces swara felt something fishy but be4 she could ask sanky took her.
Sw: wth sanky y u brought me here I was talking to lucky na. This made him more angry nd he clutched her arms.
San: don’t talk to him again.
Sw: but y.
San(clutching her hands more tightly): bcoz I’m saying.
Sw(wid teary eyes) : sanky it’s hurting. Sanky realised tht he was taking out his anger at her nd left her.
San: I’m sry shona…..
Sw(placing her finger on his lips): I understand there is something bw u both I saw it. Tell me wht it is?
San(facing his back towards her): no swara there’s nothing like tht.
Sw: I understand sanky tell me when time comes OK?
Sanky was overwhelmed of her understanding nature.
San: swara just try to ignore him please for me.
Sw: OK but I’ll not literally ignore a casual talk is ok na?
San(overwhelmed): it’s your life still you’re asking me permission?
Sw: bcoz I trust u. He quickly pulled her into his embrace nd she also caressed his hair as a sign tht she understood
Sw(pulling back): OK now go nd take some rest ok? He smiled nd went.
Swara(thinking): oh so Mr Maheshwari is hiding something pretty gd but I’ll also find the reason nd reunite him wid his bst buddy. So now mission “Reuniting Sanlak” starts.
Precap: Ishani’s entry nd rags started developing feelings for lucky.
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Credit to: Kavya

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