Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 4)


Hii frnds kavya here I just hope tht you’ll liked the previous part thnku.

[email protected] villa
(Swasan r frm girl’s nd boy’s side but as there r more relatives of abhi they staying in the girl’s vila)
Swara’s pov
Nobody dared to question on my character but tht day u did nd I was really heartbroken.
***********FB starts***********
One fine day at evening they were playing a game( In this game if the diner catches any1 then tht person is also a diner nd then both of them hav to catch every1)
Every1 was playing(swara,pia,rags,ish, kav,sanky,lucky,abhi,rv nd veer) sanky was the diner, swara nd lucky were hiding 2gether. Just then swara saw sanky she nd lucky were going to run but at tht moment her leg slipped nd in process of saving her lucky also fell on top of her. When sanky came he saw them nd misunderstood both of them. As swara always used to be wid sanky he thought that there was something in her heart but at tht moment he felt betrayed swara never confessed but it was seen in her actions. His eyes become red bcoz of anger nd tears were flowing frm his eyes. He went frm there without uttering a single word. On the other hand lucky nd swara felt awkward bcoz of recent incident swara said sry to lucky nd also said sry to her nd then they behaved normal nd forgot about tht but there was one person who was not able to forget it nd yes it was sanky he behaved normally wid every1 but he was behaving rudely wid lucky nd swara he told veer about it nd they both were cracking cheap jokes on them loudly so tht they can hear them. Now every1 came to know about the incident nd every1 was talking about them lucky nd swara supported eo nd ignored their comments lucky was heartbroken that his best frnd was talking like this nd swara bcoz her the person whom she loved thought about her like this. Swara was really stressed out wid the comments. She ran to her room nd cried her heart out her eyes became puffy bcoz of crying all night. Nxt day when every1 came they were informed tht swara was suffering frm high fever she was not eating anything nd bcame more weak nd dull only few days were left nd her parents called every1 at home. Every1 came except sanky bcoz of his guilt, he also resolved his matter wid lucky.
Every1 came to her home for cheering her but her eyes were only searching for sanky she didn’t knew tht he did not come bcoz of his guilt but she thought bcoz of his anger nd she became more sad nd disturbed. Her parents were worried about her. They asked her frnds but they did not tell anything about sanky bcoz thy did not wanted parents to involve in this. After one week on Saturday sanky came to know tht he had to go on an adventure camp competition (don’t know there is such or nt but just created?) he had to go frm Tue to Thurs nd swara was about to leave on Fri. His parents forced him to take part in it that’s y he went unwillingly. He told his frnds not to tell anything to swara he will surprise her on Fri. But to everyone’s surprise shekhar’s meeting was scheduled on Wed so they had to leave. Swara did not inform any of her frnds. Sanky came on Thurs hoping to meet swara but was hell shocked nd shattered to know tht the love of his life went without forgiving him nd he could not see her beautiful face be4 leaving. He was really vry depressed he won the competition but hi did not win in his real life he did not get to meet his shona for once be4 leaving. Swara nd sanky both were depressed for 1 month. Sanky’ frnds nd family tried cheering him up nd swara’s family was doing the same but it did nt make any difference. Each day both were craving to see eo but did not know how. Swara never went to parties held by him or where he would be there bcoz she knew tht if she would go then she wouldn’t be able to stay away from him that’s y she never went. On the other hand sanky was thinking tht she is angry on him. After sometime both dedicated themselves in studies and after tht in work. Swara nd sanky were respectively busy in fulfilling their promises made to her bp nd his father. They did not had time to even look at any other girl or boy.
****************FB ends***************
Both became emotional to see eo they had tears of happiness in their eyes. Sanky came to swara. Both were speechless at the same time happy. Sanky was mesmerised seeing her.
Sw: hii
Sanky: I’m sry?(that was all he could say)
Sw(smiled at him): hey sanky it’s nothing like tht I forgave u long time ago.
Sanky: then y u never met me.
Sw: bcoz I was scared to face u.
Sanky: I should feel scared to face u after hurting u nd u…(he was at the verge of crying bcoz he had hurted his swara). But to his shock swara took him in her embrace. At first he was a bit shocked but after sometime he too reciprocated wid same intensity. They were not ready to leave eo bcoz after so many years they had felt eo. They stood hugging for more than 5 mins tears were rolling frm their eyes nd they could not stop it as they were of happiness. They were interrupted by pia.
Pia: swara sanky I’m so happy tht you’ll cleared your misunderstandings but in such less time.
Swara nd sanky felt embarrassed but at the same time happy nd they did not show it to any1.
Swara: some things only need your eyes to talk nd the same happened nd I had forgiven him years back it was nt needed.
Sanky: thnku so much swara for……….(before he could say anything swara placed her fingers on his mouth)
Sw: sssshhhh u are forgetting something. Dosti mein no sry no thnku.
San: but swara…..
Pia: OK now stop it now just start afresh ok?
Swasan(looked at eo nd smiled): yes!!
Pia: now cmmon let’s go. The trio went down to meet every1.

[email protected] airport.
RV,rags nd ritik hav arrived.
Rv nd ritik were looking damn handsome nd rags was looking stunning.
Rags: bhai u know the address right?
Rv: ha rags I know the address don’t wry we’ll reach safely. Pia has also sent a car.
Ritik: bhai can u give the driver some money so tht he can go home alone?
Rv(suspiciously): and why.
Ritik:(in one breath): bcoz I want to drive promise there will be no accident plzzzz.
Rags: no ritzzz if u are driving then I can’t sit Bhai please u drive.
Rv: ritzz promise me there will no accident bcoz it’s nt our car.
Ritik(childishly): promiseee.
Rags: bhai wth are u doing don’t u remember last time di shouted at him so much nd more than baba she cares for him if she gets to know tht u allowed him to drive she’ll kill u.
Rv: so wht I’m elder than her?
Rags: but in ritik’s case??
Rv: I can’t take chance sry ritzz next time.
Rit: nooo please bhai??
Rv: I want to help but I can’t I’m sry.

Rv nd rags laugh seeing his expression. They went to the Vila. Rags entered the Vila as rv nd ritzz were bringing the luggage. She was stunned to see the Vila it was really vry beautiful. At tht time laksh entered the Vila he went to see tht everything outside is OK or not, he really wanted tht his brother’s wedding should be memorable to him nd he also didn’t want to meet sanky(he has some reason will be revealed after some chaps). As soon as he entered his eyes went on something else. She was really very beautiful her dark brown eyes, a small curve on her lips nd her hair which were long nd silky were enough to take his breath away. He was just staring her until karan nd rohit came they were abhi nd his bst frnds other than their childhood gang.
Rohit: lucky wht are u doing here??
Lucky:……(he was lost in tht girl)
Karan(shaking):lucky where are u lost???
Lucky (came to his senses): ah wth are you’ll doing here?? ( he was really angry on them for disturbing him)
Rohit: tht only we should ask wht are u doing here?
Lucky( stammering): ah….vo…vo… nothing was just seeing tht everything is fine or not?
Karan: God u really love him right?
Lucky: yes after tht incident…you’ll are everything to me.
Rohit: ya lucky we will be always there for u OK? Now come we have to go in.
Before going lucky thought to steal a glance of tht girl but she had already gone. He really wanted to beat his frnds for disturbing him but at the same time he was happy tht they were always there for him. On the other hand rags, rv, ritzz went inside to meet swara, pia nd abhi.

Precap: Lucky comes to know about his dream girl………swara gets to know tht sanky nd lucky have a bitter past nd she wants to reunite her love wid his bst frnd?

Sry guys there was no swasan bonding in this chap but I promise tht in next chap it will be seen. Guess guys who was Lucky’s girl?

Credit to: Kavya

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