Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 3)


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[email protected] mm
Sanky has received the card and he is seeing it.
Sanky: hmmm Jaipur here I come( it’s a destination wedding in Jaipur) I just can’t wait to see her.
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Swara nd others came from shopping.
RV: omg swara 2day Na your fans were like anything. U should never go with us for shopping.
Ritik: ya di u should do online shopping.
Swara: what is my fault in it I also wanted to spend some time wid you’ll.
Rags: swara tht u can do at home but nxt time no shopping wid us.
Swara:?? I also want to spend some time wid you’ll.
RV melts seeing her crying nd goes to her.

Rv( to lighten mood) : I know y u want to spend time wid us bcoz next week u are going to be wid ur bestie Na.
Swara: nothing like tht but I’m sooooo happy for her tht she is going to marry abhi. U know why I always used to think tht there is something bw them but never shared my thoughts wid you’ll.
Rags: haa nd y u will share your thoughts Na u are getting your bestie next week nd you are going to forget us. Both RV nd rags pout swara gives them a side hug nd says you’ll will always be my first priority.
Ritik: nd I’m not in this picture only Na (pouts)
Sw,RV,rags: sorry ritzzzz
Ritik: accha here it is fine but don’t call me ritzz anywhere else I hav a reputation yaar.
Rags: accha baba sry we’ll try nt calling u ritzz anywhere else?
Ritik: plz rags??
Sw: hey rags don’t trouble my cutie. We promise tht we’ll nt call u ritzz.
Ritik: thnku di look only she cares about me you’ll both are useless.
Rv: aacha we are useless then see what these useless do.

They start chasing rit. Swara prays tht her family be like this only. 1 week passes nd every1 is busy in shopping or other things. Sanky is also thinking about swara nd listening to her songs when he is free. Finally the wait is over they were going to meet tht day every1 was coming directly to her place as it was a destination wedding in Jaipur they had arranged two villas one was from boy’ side nd other frm girl’s. But pia had come to take swara as she was her bestie. Abhi had also come wid her.
After few mins swara came alone. She was wearing black jeans with sneakers nd a lose toop with a boat neck nd her hair were left open she was looking vry simple at the same time beautiful. Swara cam to pia nd hugged her tightly.
Swara: piaaaaa I’ve missed u sooooo much.
Pia: accha then u would hav come to our other parties but u were never in touch wid any1 other than me.
Sw: sry piu(swara calls her piu) but I never had time for such parties I was vry busy in making my career nd fulfilling bp’s dream.
Pia: accha frm bp I remember where is RV,rags nd ritzz.
Sw: hey don’t call him ritzz in front of him he’ll get angry nd bhai nd rags are cumng a little late.

Pia: accha hai tht idiot(rags) is cumng late I’ll get to spend some time wid u.(pia doesn’t likes rags frm childhood as she was a little show off but now she has changed)
Sw: cmmon piu now she has changed she doesn’t behave like tht anymore.
Pia: accha ok ok. At tht time abhi comes to take her luggage frm him.
Sw: am sry I don’t know who u are??
Abhi: actually I am….(before he could complete)
Pia: he is my frnd?. Abhi looked at her wid a questionable look.
Abhi: I am your frnd? Pia winked at him nd he understood. Ya I’m your close frnd.??
Sw: hii..
Abhi: hii
Swara whispered to pia: u should hav brought jijz wid u Na y u brought him?
Abhi: shona it’s nt gd to talk about some1 like this.
Sw(tensed): AA……actually…vo..vo..I’m..(just then

something strike her mind nd tht was SHONA how did he know about it?) Who are u?
Abhi: abhishek!!!
Sw: abhiiiii!!!!!
Swara hugged him nd he too hugged her back but after sometime she realised nd started beating abhi.
Sw: u idiot u teased me nd started chasing him they were running all around.
Abhi(laughing): are shona tht was this devil’s plan(pointing towards pia)
Swara looked at pia nd gave her a death glare nd said): I’ll see u afterwards nd went away.
Pia: omg this little devil is planning something please God save me frm her.
Abhi: baby I can also save u by not letting u go away frm me(naughtily).
Pia(blushing) u idiot she is planning something nd u R ready for romance let’sgo otherwise she’ll tease us now come. And they went.

[email protected] Vila
Swara nd sanky reached at the same time but they did not meet eo it was a hit nd miss for both but both felt eo in every moment they felt tht the other one was present but could not find eo.
When they were about to go sanky met his frnd nd was talking to him by tht time swara entered the villa. It was huge nd vry beautiful it was decorated like marriage was on tht day only. Swara was astonished to see such a decoration. She told pia tht she is going to see the decorations nd she went in. Just then sanky entered nd he hugged pia nd abhi tightly nd said the he was vry happy for them.

Sanky: guys you’ll are really vry lucky tht ur marriage is happening to the person u’ll love. Pia understood tht he was missing swara so she smiled she always thought tht there was some connection between them but she never shared it wid any1 .
Pia: sanky u go nd see the Vila it’s really vry nice.( actually she wanted swasan to meet)
Sanky: OK bye TC guys. Sanky want to see the Vila. As he was going he felt tht swara was also there but then he rubbished tht thought nd went on. On the other hand swara also felt like sanky was there. And finally when they were seeing the 3rd floor their eyes met nd they saw eo.
Sanky’s pov
Omgggg!!!!! Shit she is damn beautiful all these years for whom I was waiting is now in front of me. I can’t believe my eyes. I’m seeing my angel after 9 years. Her eyes having the same innocence in them nd honesty. Her smile is the thing tht I’ve longed for these years nd 2day she is here. In these 9 years everyone’s lives changed but only I knew tht how I was. My heart had stopped tht day when u left me nd now after seeing u it is beating once again I’m feeling tht I’m reborn.???

Swara’s pov
His brown eyes just make me fall for him once again the thing tht I was fearing is now standing in front of me nd smiling at me I again want to go to tht moment when he first smiled at me nd made me fall for him. I was attracted to him but never noticed but on tht day I realised tht he is the reason tht I’m living, he is the only reason for my smile nd he is the only reason for my pain?. (Swara is remembering something)I had only few days in my hand nd after tht I was going tho leave I knew tht only my body was going to leave but heart would be wid him always. I don’t like people who question on my character but tht day u did.

Precap: Swasan’s bonding becomes stronger?

Guys wht sanky did to swara 9 years ago to know plz keep reading my ff nd do comment.

Credit to: Kavya

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