Swasan Tum Hi Ho (Chapter 20)


Heya! Back with the next? Hope you’ll like it. And at the end there’s a bigg speech please read it don’t skip it;)

Swara after finishing her song went towards everyone and everyone was complimenting her.

Rag: di your song was awesome!! I loved it.
Sw (smiling): Thank you ragz (Thinking) You’re so happy what will you do when you’ll get to know about laksh? You’ll be broken but don’t worry your sister is with you. I’ll not let anything happen to you.
Rag (shaking her): di what happened?
Sw: nothing just thinking about something.
Rag (whispering): jiju?
Sw: Ragini!!
Rag: OK OK sorry by the way where is he?
Sw: he’ll be here only.
Abhi: Ohoo shona awesome
Sw: Thank you
Pia: Shona song was really good. Come with me I need to talk to you?
Sw: what happened?
Pia: are you coming?
Sw: OK wait I’m coming.

They went to a corner.
Pia: shona is something wrong between you and sanskar.
Sw: piu let’s not tall about it now we’ll talk about this later OK?
Pia: shona please I’m your best friend. Don’t hide it from me sometimes we need to share our problems. Always it’s not about bearing the problems alone.
Sw: piu it’s your engagement, don’t stress yourself now. Abhi must be waiting.
Pia: he’ll wait shona but right now you’re telling me what happened.
Sw: I’ll tell you for sure but after the engagement OK?
Pia: OK but you need to tell me.
Sw: I promise I’ll tell you, now let’s go. Your engagement is still left madam. Come.
Pia: OK come and they left.

Pia’s engagement was done with Abhi. (I’m not dragging that part because I want to move a little fast)

During the ceremony swara tried a lot to get sanskar’s attention but he just ignored her. Swara didn’t like it that he was paying no heed to her talks. He walked by her, looked straight through her as if she never existed, as if he never loved her. But she didn’t lose hope, she was determined to talk to him after engagement. Till then she tried talking to him.

After engagement everyone went to their rooms. Pia told swara to tell her the matter next morning. Swara followed sanskar and went to his room.

San: swara what are you doing here?
Sw: I need to talk.
San: there’s nothing left between us.
Sw: There is sanskar. I love you, you love me then what is the problem.
San: problem is that you are lying.
Sw: I’m not I really love you.
San: how can I believe.
Sw (coming closer to him): don’t you feel anything when I come close to you?
San: NO
Sw (keeping her hand on his heart): but I can feel your heartbeat raising.
San (turning his face): swara just go.
Sw (turning his face towards him and cuping his face): sanskar I can see that still you love me so much. Why are you hiding it? (Keeping his hand on her waist) Sanskar I know that you still love me. (Teary eyed) Please look at me I can fix everything .

Their breaths were fanning each other’s face, sanskar was loosing his control every passing second.
San (closing his eyes tightly): you can’t.
Sw (kissing his forehead): I can.

Both had tears in their eyes.
Sanskar gathered some strength and pushed her away from him.
San (shouting): you can’t swara because you’ve come here on laksh’s order because you’ll want to destroy me more.
Sw (shocked): why will I destroy you?
San: because I met laksh and he told me that you’ll will not back off without destroying me.
Sw: when did you meet him?
San: after your performance, I went out in the garden and he told me everything. How you’ll met before coming to this marriage, how you’ll fell in love and your plan to destroy me.
Sw : Sanskar he’s lying.
San:  swara now need of acting.
Sw (crying): I love you, I really do and I know you love me.
San: swara leave before I do something I shouldn’t have done.
Sw: sanskar if you listen to me. There will be no problem.

This was enough for sanskar, his anger had no bounds at that time. Yes it’s true that he loved swara more than anything but it’s said that anger overcomes love. When you’re angry you don’t know what you’re doing and same happened with sanskar, he didn’t knew what he was doing at that moment. He dragged her towards the door, while dragging her she got hurt by a sharp edge of something and got a cut at her hand. It was deep and her hand was bleeding but she didn’t care about her wound all she cared about at that time was sanskar. How he wasn’t believing her. How his anger had overcome his love for her.

When he pushed her out he noticed her wound. Tears formed in his eyes but he turned his eyes and closed the door on her face. Swara was broken, she had full confidence that sanskar was going to trust her but when he pushed her out she lost all her hope. She sat near his door and started crying he too was crying at the other side. Both didn’t knew what they should do.
Sw (crying): I love you sanskar please open the door. I’m your shona sanskar.
San (shouting): swara just go away from my life. From now onwards no shona exists in my life. There was never a person named shona in my life. My shona is dead for me, you are not my shona. She was pure but you are Swara Mathur a betrayer. I don’t love you.

Swara went numb listening his statement. The only thing that was revolving in her mind was ‘My shona is dead for me, there was never a person named shona in my life’
She cried even more after this. She never thought that the person she loved the most would hurt her till this extent. She thought that her whole world finished at that moment. She then noticed her wound, it was paining but the pain in her heart was nothing compared to this pain. Whole night she kept thinking about his words. She was hurt by his words.

(Guys I asked you’ll should I give sanskar’s POV, you’ll said yes so here comes his POV)

Sanskar’s POV

Swara, the most beautiful name in the world for me. We had grown up together. I liked her from childhood. Swara had every quality in her, she had so many shades. Sometimes she was calm, sometimes crazy, sometimes mature and sometimes childish. I thought this was just infatuation but I was wrong. I realized it when she went away, when I misunderstood her. But then I realized my mistake and I went to ask for forgiveness but she had left everyone, everything, ME. She had left me and I knew I was at fault. I never wanted to hurt her but I wasn’t mature enough to understand the situation. And now it’s today that I again lost her because this time I understood the whole situation. When she came back and forgave me, my happiness knew no bounds. I wanted to embrace her and give her all the happiness she deserved but I didn’t knew that she loved me back or not. I debated with my feelings and then I finally let it out and guess what it was kind off easy. She loved me back at that moment I was the happiest person on the earth. Everything was going smooth, but there came a test for us. That night changed everything, I never knew she would hide all this from me, I never knew she would betray me for that laksh. At that night I got to know that they loved each other and there I was left all alone again with she going away from me. I felt that I was losing my life at that moment, I wanted to hide in a corner and cry my heart out but I didn’t want to break down in front of them so I left from there. She came to me for explaining me but I didn’t listen maybe I was too hurt to listen to her. But that night I saw her sleeping on the floor, my heart sank at the sight. I never wanted to hurt her like this, I never wanted to see her in such state, not even in my wildest dreams. I couldn’t sleep that night all I was thinking was about swara. The next day I woke up and I just wanted to forget what happened last night. I decided to take a stroll at the garden. It was quite early, when I came out I saw swara was gone. I breathed in the fresh air of morning, I felt this place so soothing. While I was going back to my room I saw swara and laksh. They were so close just about to kiss. I turned my eyes and went, I’d determined to ignore this girl. But in the evening she turned my whole POV either she was making an excuse or what she was telling the truth, I couldn’t decide and then her song. I couldn’t stop myself from loving her. She was so pure but my mind always told me that I had to hate her. It was suffocating for me in that hall and swara looking at me. I went to my usual place, the garden. Suddenly laksh came there and started talking rubbish, I ignored and was going but what happened after that was shocking for me. After what happened there at the garden I can’t, I can’t love swara even if I want to, I can’t believe her even if I want to, I can’t tell her even if I want to. I can’t.


OK so what happened at the garden that sanskar can’t tell swara that he loves her? Is he still mad at her for not telling him anything?

What is going on in his mind?
Well sanskar can only tell that and certainly I’m not sanskar so go ask him? ok that was lame??

So coming back to the story all this will be answered in coming chapters. Many people requested me to clear their misunderstanding soon so I’m lessening some things.

I’d planned to torture them more but I didn’t want you’ll to kill me? so on your request I’ll try finishing off their misunderstanding soon.

And I wanted to tell you’ll that I’m planning on winding up this ff soon because two stories are a pain to handle and I don’t get enough time to write so my pattern will be like if I post on Mon I’ll post on Thurs after two days on the third day and I’ll try my best to keep up with this pattern and not be irregular in this.

I just wanted to finish this because when my tests will start and the schedule will start getting hectic I wouldn’t get time and I didn’t want to put this on hold so I decided to finish off this fast as j have another story waiting ‘Broken soul: A Swasan FF’ Do read it if you’ll have time. I’ll truly appreciate it 🙂

Thanks for reading big lonnngg speech. Bye:) 

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    N if u disapt me at dat m gonna kill u ?

    1. Kavya_08

      Thanks? I agree with you laksh created such situations for him. OMG!!? I need to hide? but don’t worry you’ll not get a chance for killing me because laksh is going to suffer?

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